Conservative Woman readers

In response to ‘Rebel Priest’ Rev Jules Gomes: What has the Archbishop got against marriage? Charles Dawne wrote:

So we have a church organisation that over the years believes less in scripture and indeed in God. It openly courts people who are not Christian or have an obscure interpretation of the Bible (usually through the prism of Marxism – ie the oppressed/poor). So Antonio Gramsci’s idea has prevailed in this institution (and many others).
What I find interesting is that Leftists are so dedicated to their cause they are willing to work towards taking jobs in organisations they don’t agree with. The level of dedication occasionally amazes me. You do not find it in conservatives.
You would not find a conservative deliberately joining organisations such as AbortionRights.Org, Stonewall or the Labour Party with the aim of changing them from the inside. A conservative prefers to hear the opposing opinion and challenge it openly. It’s another clue to who is the more tolerant and liberal.