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In response to Karen Harradine: UN’s green dream robs the poor to feed the rich, Owen_Morgan wrote:

The UN’s climate posturing is worse than perverse. It is abundantly clear that hardly any advanced economies can rely on so-called ‘renewables’. I can think of Norway (hydro-electricity) and Iceland (geothermal), but both of those have rather special geographies. South Australia tried to commit itself to solar and wind power, with literally dismal results; the lights went out. South Australia, by the way, is very nearly twice the size of Spain, with a population smaller than Hampshire’s.

In the name of a preposterous scam, the UN proposes that advanced economies follow South Australia’s example. China and India are conveniently not classified as advanced yet, so they are permitted to burn through as much fossil fuel as they can get their hands on. Undeveloped economies are told, effectively, to stay undeveloped. Even if the money gouged from Western taxpayers were actually spent on ‘clean energy’ in poor African countries, rather than on keeping Mercedes-Benz busy with Maybach orders, solar power and other renewables would never enable an undeveloped economy to grow into a developed one.
Take into account the numerous ways in which supposedly clean energy is, in reality, extraordinarily destructive to the environment and the UN’s hypocrisy is even more apparent. I do not believe the UN as a whole, or any one of its subsidiaries, serves a useful purpose.