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In response to Ann Farmer’s thought for today: Would you Adam and Steve it? 3aple wrote:

So which one was made from the other’s spare rib?


  1. I think I should point out that the creation myth in the book of Genesis is wholly fictional and that human beings are in reality only sophisticated primates which evolved, over millions of years, from simpler carbon based life arising spontaneously from the primeval ooze when conditions on the early earth made the organic chemistry possible.

    Adam and Eve never existed; creationism is a hoax.

    Thank you.

    • Matter is eternal, you cannot create something from nothing.
      I don’t believe I was created from Adams rib but neither do I believe I
      evolved out of the sea or that I was one an ape. That maybe
      a human superiority complex – I have no idea.
      But in the words of some random philosopher ” I exist so therefore I am “.
      Beyond that we really don’t know- Just one of life’s mysteries is existence.

      • I think the answer to all this is who cares? I mean what difference does it make to anybody? If God existed he could at least do a bit of smiting to let us know. As Woody Allen remarked…..”If God exists, the best that can be said is that he is an underachiever.”

        • I like the Woody Allen approach and also the Monty Python films.
          Humour is important when speaking of someone wearing a white
          sheet sitting on a cloud. At least we are allowed to joke, unlike a certain

        • “If God existed he could at least do a bit of smiting to let us know”

          The late Sir Robert Anderson addresses this question in his book, ‘The Silence of God’.

      • Not according to modern physics. The universe came from nothing and eventually will return to nothing. Neither matter nor energy or anything else is eternal.

    • Actually, genetics show an “eve” is quite likely.

      And there are many ways to interpret the Bible, it’s not (and never has been) seen as purely factual.

    • “Adam and Eve never existed; creationism is a hoax”

      That’s a very large statement. Can you prove it?.

  2. A past acquaintance of mine, Revd Robin Ward ( Principle, St Stephens, Oxford) believes the Adam and Eve story was a myth – Genesis is fictional.
    like Jonah and the Whale. The Old Testament are full of these
    type of stories but he believes people can believe in them If
    they chose to – everything is a matter of faith anyway.

    I don’t believe that myself either. But neither do I believe in
    Darwin’s Theory. Victorians liked exotic pets, maybe he just
    resembled his. If he were right, then why did evolution

      • Human achievement in terms of science forever evolves, but mortality doesn’t
        which is why we forever speak of creation and thereafter.

      • Micro evolution – variety within a kind has always been present, but one kind changing into another, i.e. macro evolutiion, for example the ape transitioning over millions of years into man, has never been recorded. There are no fossils to prove this. Neither is there any proof of millions of years, for that matter. It was an invention of Hutton.

  3. so much for the Conservative Woman. seems like the authors , with their constant flow of anti women propaganda are intent on keeping you ladies in thrall to domestic servitude , hitched to the washing machine & cooker . consult your Conservative Man for his opinion. you know it makes sense . it always does , doesn’t it

  4. Well, thank you, but I’m a little embarrassed by the attention.
    Though an atheist, I remain grateful to Christianity for creating so much of what had made the best cultures in the world. If forced to choose a religion, I cannot think of another I’d prefer to follow, though if I were a young man today, Islam would at least defend me from the misandry of modern Feminism.

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