Reader’s Comment: Most women don’t want a top job

In response to The Laura Perrins Interview: Feminism has starved men of sex, says Dr Catherine Hakim, english_pensioner wrote:

Although the feminists make a lot of noise, I have grave doubts as to whether they are representative of more than a small percentage of the female population. Certainly, I've never met any of these die-hard feminists among my friends or my daughters’ friends. Most seem to feel that feminism has done its job, women now get equal pay, job opportunities and most of the things that early feminists campaigned for.

I'm glad that I'm not the only person to hold the view that we will never have equality of numbers in jobs because women make different lifestyle choices. Both my daughters are well qualified (one has a doctorate) and could hold down high level jobs, but they prefer not to do so and have chosen stress-free rather mundane part-time work. The net result is that many women in senior jobs are not up to the work, but have simply been appointed as part of the 'numbers game', which, of course, 'proves' to men that they are superior!

  • Lagopus scotica

    Too true, English Pensioner. Any form of quota inevitably leads to unsuitable people doing those jobs, to the detriment of capable people from whatever background.

  • Nockthesheeple

    Reads like a veiled attack on Maggie Thatcher. This country would be in ruins without her but some on the left always feel “entitled” to belittle what she did. Did you vote for Michael Foot? Or perhaps you’re too young to remember.

    • Busy Mum


  • Greenlander

    In would say most men don’t want a top job either, like women they want job security a fair days pay for a fair days work and the chance to progress if they choose to and are found able.

    • Groan

      By their nature “top jobs” are very rare. As you say probably most men don’t even consider that they will have such a job. I caught a bit of a opinion programme (the one on Sundays) in time to see a female Prof. from Bristol University Gender something unit set out the argument. Firstly she complained that top jobs were all about masculine qualities “rational, analytical, confidence, competition and aggression” interesting that a professor would not want rationality and analysis nor confidence even if perhaps academe might pretend not to be competitive and cutthroat (I suspect its not really as lovey as that really). Then went on to say it all should change completely so that female qualities were what should be required, she didn’t actually say “irrational” but the picture was one that no business large or small whoever runs or staff it has or could run on.
      Of course what completely escaped her was the feminist notion that women and men are “social constructs” so in fact she could suggest women simply adopt the “winning” behaviours and then they’d: a. Stop being “masculine” because now women show them. b. Actually get the promotions they seek and beat the men at their own game.
      Rather than her actual suggestion of Quotas for people who are irrational, diffident, emotional, uncompetitive, passive and want to go home a 5.
      How this isn’t insulting to women who do get top jobs, and women in general I don’t know.

  • Alaric the Vis

    Today’s privileged-sister feminists really have nothing in common with most women and they are poisoning the well for them.

  • Bonce

    Its interesting that the female quotas that are being implemented only apply to the high paid jobs like Politician, CEO, Doctor, engineer. But it does not apply to jobs like Refuse collector, street sweeper, sewage operative. Surely, if we are talking about equality there should be equality in all professions.
    We also already have equality of opportunity, what we cannot support is equality of outcome, because that leads to discrimination purely based on identity. White men always seem to lose out which is of course the point- to destroy the family.

    • John P Hughes

      Dustmen as one still calls them are always men (and in the South East tend to be Russians, Latvians, Bulgarians and not even British). Drain clearance and maintenance, and sewage treatment, are necessary services where you don’t find women wanting to have a quota of the jobs.
      There have been attempts to impose quotas on the fire & rescue service and there are a few women in that profession. But generally the need for strong staff who can lift and carry, and can cope emotionally with awful road accidents, and see death and injury among those they are called to rescue, means that this will always be a male profession. It tends to be a family tradition with sons following father and uncles finding a place for a nephew. Look at other countries and it is no different.
      And any sign of women joining that toughest of British professions, trawlermen fishing the North Sea and the Atlantic? A sector of the economy in which Brexit will hopefully bring expansion and ‘a sea of opportunity’ as the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation has called it.

  • c50

    This is biological determinism akin to the racist arguments black people have smaller brains. I can’t believe anyone with their own brain can believe this stuff after Lacan et al.

  • Vera

    My daughter who has a good degree in construction married a man who worked in a private medical lab in the north. In her field she was responsible for the North East of England, had a company car and earned 3 times as much as her husband. He worked 8.00 till 4.30, she worked all hours and often because of the travelling involved, well into the night and sometimes weekends. She asked herself who was the fool, gave up her job to take something with less responsibility. Since then she has followed the same path, balancing her private life with her job. By choice she has no children. Feminists like to denigrate men but try doing a man’s job, it’s no picnic.

    • Busy Mum

      It is very concerning that capable, intelligent women are deliberately choosing not to have children. Breeding has become the preserve of the ‘least fit’…. the opposite of natural selection if you like….

  • I would certainly love to get a top job. I love languages and I want to have a stake in reversing the tragic educational decline in this country, as well as being a multi-lingual editor/translator. That being said, top jobs are not for the faint-hearted, and I don’t think that most men are capable of accessing them, either.

    • Busy Mum