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Readers’ comments special: Boris, we’ve got you sussed


BRUCE Newsome’s article on Thursday, ‘Boris, the Blair in Tory’s clothing’, prompted a torrent of comments. Here are some extracts:

ibnezraster wrote:

All the evidence so far is that Boris is indeed a ‘choker’, he loses his nerve and buckles. He has given way to Whitehall mandarins and their chums in the big blue chip corporates. He insisted the WA was dead, but then agreed it and put us into vassalage for a year. He did not take the chance of rolling out of the EU by default when he could have done, thus avoiding the WA. He is not firing back at the EU demands with counter demands, eg for French and German cars to meet UK standards – remember the VW diesel cheating not spotted by EU regulators? Yes, Boris is just easing back in business as usual, all his rhetoric is just bluster.

Newman Noggs wrote:

My doubts about Johnson are being proved correct. The ‘Conservative’ party is New Labour kitted out in blue, to fool the electorate. HS2 will be pushed through (maybe just a remote chance of not being in the event of some Tories proving to have backbones). And worst of all, BRINO, Treason May’s dirty little ‘agreement foisted on us at last. No hope of curbing immigration, and paying a massive sum to get out of the wonderful EU ‘club’. Some club if you have to borrow billions just to leave the beastly thing! Meanwhile, what is the fate of our fishermen and armed forces? Sold down the river, surprise, surprise!

grammargrub wrote:

If Boris puts his globalist chums first with things like Huawei and HS2, he’ll very soon lose his newfound Friends in the North.

JohnB wrote:

I’ll only consider our departure from the EU to be truly a transformational political event once it has killed off Labour and the fake Conservative Party for good.

Peter Evans wrote:

Boris and the ‘liberal Conservatives’ anatomised with forensic precision – bravo, Bruce Newsome.

I recall Boris, after the election, thanking the Northern working class voters whose ‘pencils might have wavered over the ballot paper’ for placing their faith in him and the ‘Conservative’ Party he now led. In a rhetorical flourish, he promised to ‘work round the clock’ to repay that trust ‘with a parliament that works for you.’ Their concerns, he earnestly promised, would be heard.

What were the voter concerns Boris had in mind when he promised they would be heard? Lower taxes for the wealthy? Cuts in corporation tax? Improving GDP? I don’t recall Northerners expressing worries like that.

I recall the voters who delivered the Conservative Party’s spectacular election victory being passionately concerned about achieving Brexit. But what was the Brexit concern chiefly about? People didn’t vote to leave because of trade deals. They didn’t particularly take issue with the inner mechanisms of the European Parliament.

I don’t think Brexit was chiefly about the EU itself. I think it was a spontaneous expression of patriotism, a desire amongst the British people to put the British people first again in their own ancestral homeland. Brexit was about identity. And therefore it was about mass, uncontrolled immigration and the baneful effects it is having on that pre-political ‘we’ Sir Roger Scruton spoke so eloquently about.

The British people are remarkable: without expressing any malice toward the migrants themselves, they want – and have wanted for decades – immigration to be drastically curtailed.

It turns out that they don’t like having their hard-won earning potential undermined and slashed by cheap imported Third World labour, they don’t like seeing their children’s schools turning into foreign institutions where English is the second language, they don’t like the strain on their public services imposed by mass immigration, they don’t like the massive, forced transformation of their once-settled, high-trust communities into unintegrated, dangerous, low-trust enclaves of New Globalist Britain, or ‘Absurdistan’ as it should be called.

I think Boris believes that the working class voters who gave him his victory are thick-as-mince, ‘racist’ gammons. I think he imagines they won’t notice that he is already betraying their concerns and has no intention of acting on them, even if, cynically, he has ‘heard’ them – just enough to get their votes.

Just to be clear, Boris: the British people know what you mean when you talk of a ‘fairer and more equal immigration system’ and ‘putting people before passports.’ It means you’re entirely relaxed about flooding your country with vast numbers of unskilled Third Worlders who will never integrate and will irretrievably change the very nature and soul of Britain.

On Boris’s first day, he and his fellow Tories tore up their former, serially reneged-upon, target to cut immigration to the tens of thousands each year. Boris’s ‘liberal Conservatives’ will remove the former (feeble and largely unenforced) crackdown on foreign students and allow them two full years to find work here. And of course he’s cutting the £30,000 per year minimum earning requirement for non-EU Migrants.

Boris’s liberal Conservativism isn’t conservatism. It is liberalism, in the sense that Bruce Newsome describes it – not classical liberalism, but the progressive-multiculti-degenerate liberalism of the globalist elite. He intends to do nothing about mass immigration, and the agonised alienation it has inflicted on British people in their own country. Boris’s Brexit is a globalist Brexit, not the nationalist one the British people wanted.

This man and his government are NOT to be trusted under any circumstances. We have a duty to our children and grandchildren to hold these treacherous scoundrels’ feet to the fire with every globalist-multiculti move they make.

Invest in your own people, Mr Johnson, invest in homegrown talent, train your people and give them opportunities. Don’t import vast numbers of unskilled Third Worlders to slash their living standards even further and turn their communities into Third World and Maghrebian hellscapes.

If you do, you will never be forgiven or ‘trusted’ again, and the party you briefly led will go the way of Corbyn’s Labour – down the toilet.

English Outsider wrote:

The EU is a house of cards, for all the bluster from such as Selmayr and Verhofstadt. The real blockage, as it has always been, is our own political/administrative apparatus. We now find out whether Mr Johnson is part of that, or whether he’s set on overcoming it.

derekandclive wrote:

There was a brief period of hope in November and December last year that the globalisation plans were going to come unstuck and that we would once again become a self governing nation that looked after its own people – Boris is still out there spouting his Churchillian boll@cks but we now know that he is as far removed from Churchill as you can get. They will now simply go back to hiding our EU involvement behind Whitehall closed doors, safe in the knowledge no pesky MEP can advertise what they are up to and Britain will continue to be a low cost, low productivity, high immigration labour camp for corporations to bleed dry. The establishment have managed to play out another grand deception on the British public.

Machiavelli wrote:

Thank you Bruce. Crystallised my thoughts and feelings about this sham perfectly.

I never quite bought into Boris coming out for Brexit at the eleventh hour, but decided to give him the benefit of the doubt. My first instincts were correct, as affable and likeable as he makes himself out to be, he is politically an ego-driven menace, just like Blair.

Now he has signed the surrender treaty and metaphorically thrown the fox into the hen house and locked the door. Expect carnage.

Malachy wrote:

Nigel . . . HELP!!!!

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