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Our round-up of the best, most pertinent and amusing comments of the week that have caught our eye.

In response to Michael Fahey: Our heritage belongs to us, not rioters and political chancers,

Pitchfork Revolt wrote:

It’s interesting that as the BLM protests built and broke over the country, Extinction Rebellion activism disappeared from our streets.

I suspect that the shadowy Marxist figures behind the BLM movement (leadership deliberately anonymous in the UK) come from the same fairly small group of people who are behind XR climate emergency activism and various intersectional protest movements.

It’s probably no more than 250 hard core Marxist activists across the UK who are driving so much of the unrest and division, and I suspect they use these ’causes’ in the same way a parasite uses a host – moving between them at will and sharing skills and resources.

The supporters overlap heavily too, giving the impression of separate groundswell movements in a range of causes. But if you had BLM and XR demos the same day in London, the attendance at each would be halved.

In response to Alice Williams: Clergy kneel to those who’d trample over them

mudlark2 wrote:

Alice has expressed the utter frustration and disgust which many Anglicans now feel towards the established church. The faith which I was brought up in and to which I have tried to remain true throughout my life has now been perverted beyond all recognition. The notion of the clergy at Wells kneeling for BLM is deeply ironic, given the fact that in many churches up and down the country congregations have been encouraged to rip out pews in an effort to be more ‘inclusive’ and ‘informal’, making it almost impossible to kneel in prayer before God.

In response to Jane Kelly: Colourless comedy,

I’m Old Fashioned wrote:

One of my favourite moments in Clare in the Community was the scene where she had heard a rumour that Tesco was planning to open a new store in the vicinity, so she launched into an impassioned, cliché-ridden speech against the very idea of supermarkets and how they sweep away all the local specialist shops, destroy choice, etc when a colleague interrupted her with, ‘Actually I think it’s going to be a Waitrose’. ‘Oh, a Waitrose? Well, that’s different. We need a Waitrose!’

In response to Dr Benny Peiser:  Britain isn’t wet and rainy – official,

derekandclive wrote:  

Let’s see, mass uncontrolled immigration encouraged and enabled by bureaucrats on behalf of their EU and globalist chums, whilst the building of new reservoirs is prevented by bureaucrats at the behest of their EU chums and a pack of lies and deceit is then spread around by bureaucrats to pretend that the reason for water shortages is ‘climate change’ and not the direct and very deliberate consequence of their own actions – Whitehall is an establishment cesspit that needs an urgent dose of ‘climate change’ to clear it out and disinfect it from top to bottom.

In response to David Kurten: Marxism, the cruel creed that has only ever blighted lives,

Nathan Harrison wrote:

What’s the difference between our mainstream media, who wilfully omit facts from their coverage and spout woke nonsense, and the state owned media of China and Russia? I’m struggling to see a difference.

SeriouslyChristian wrote:

Superb article! We really are setting ourselves up for some seriously bad times unless as a nation we wake up to the lies and deceptions of ‘progressivism’/Marxism. This article focuses on the ‘cultural’ Marxism of ‘progressivism’ which is extremely important, but we must also realise that most ‘progressives’ also support a lot of the economic/political aims of Marxism, particularly the destruction of the middle class and their traditional way of life. Manufactured crises like Covid-19, Zero Carbon initiatives, quantitative easing etc all have the power to cripple small/medium business which is the beating heart of the middle class.

Deb-on-air wrote:

Another excellent and searching article from David Kurten. Exposure of the true nature of the BLM movement must go on. Do the black lives of the disabled children in Africa, the FGM victims, the women dying after three days in obstructed labour (all of which I have seen) really matter to any of the protesters in this movement? No evidence of that. 

ALL lives matter. That is what motivated the Christians in ancient Rome who helped the plague victims whose compatriots (the Christians’ enemies) abandoned them. David is right: Marxism is a cruel creed and must not be allowed to gain traction in the UK.  
Unfortunately, Christianity, the bedrock of our society and its organising principle, is being undermined, not least by this non-conservative government and the missing-in-action national church. It is not surprising that various intersectional groups are filling the vacuum.

In response to Kathy Gyngell: Culture war, not class war, as US racism bandwagon rolls on,

Groan wrote:

I think Mark Corea’s article contains an important point. That the left’s and Labour’s strategy has been to fuel the culture wars by forming an unlikely alliance between the ‘anywhere’ middle class and various ‘minority’ groups. The obvious tensions in this, that hit the headlines, are the conflicts between feminists and trans and many Muslims and Jews over Israel. However there are others that could be exposed. As Corea points out, parts of the BAME group get left out: the educationally and economically ambitious and the socially conservative. Rather than simply leaving Labour to pose as the representative of all BAME groups, it would do Conservatives good to highlight their offer to the more dynamic groups under that umbrella, which also tend to be socially conservative too (and in the case of Black African Christians much more so than the C of E for instance). Certainly locally Poles and others who have come here are far more church-going, family-centred and industrious than many other groups. Labour has ditched the ‘working class’ in favour of the intersectional Marxist culture wars. As well as paying attention to the ‘somewhere’ aspirations of the working class, it would be sensible to actively connect with the more ambitious and socially conservative parts of BAME communities to disrupt the Labour strategy that these communities will form uniform voting blocks.

In response to Mark Corea: For British Hindus, Labour is a letdown,

MaximusChunkatron wrote:

Just the concept of a BAME group is inherently racist, both to all those lumped together in that group, and to their presumed enemy, we whites whose land this used to belong, as is the idea that BAMEs should be socialists because Labour owns them.

In response to David Owen: BBC’s £100m fund for yet more virtue signalling (sorry, yet more diversity), 

Groan wrote:

Good grief. Just signed a petition as requested by a commenter here. Turns out the licence fee yields £3.8billion. No wonder the BBC is arrogant. £3.8billion, like being a small country. I simply had no idea. I doubt many do as I’ve never actually seen the overall amount stated. Perhaps not surprisingly.

Bristol_Humbug wrote:

Riddle: If the Beeb want diversity and inclusivity, why is there a Woman’s Hour but not a Man’s Hour?

Martin Adams wrote:

Thank you for a well-written article. Thank you also for the evidence it presents – a strong dose of empirical sanity to counter those who witter on about the BBC being under attack from the alt-right, and thereby shoot the messenger so as to evade valid criticism.

That the BBC has allocated even more money to furthering the fault rather than eliminating the cause is typical of one the most remarkable aspects of ‘progressive’ or woke culture – its lack of self-awareness. One of the most striking instances is that infamous ‘interview’ where Cathy Newman tried to take on Jordan Peterson. When it became obvious to just about everyone with half a brain and an open mind that she’d made a fool of herself and that the interview was a disaster for her and everything she was attempting to stand for (from the pay-gap to equality of outcomes as a desideratum), there was a complete inability to see it, from her, from her bosses in Channel 4 and from the very few commentators who put their heads above the parapet in an always-vain attempt to support her.

Added to lack of self-awareness is the inability to give balanced consideration to opposing views. Their programme Black and British: A Forgotten History could not possibly including arguments from someone who might balance the entirely predictable, always-woke orthodoxy of Professor David Olusoga. There is no shortage of capable critics within and without academia. But such non-woke thinkers are only ever presented as part of an attempt to demolish them, typically by using one or more of the towering intellects of Leftie thought, such as Ash Sarkar, Laurie Penny or (slightly better) Jon Snow.

I see no hope for the BBC or any of these MSM organisations short of a pretty complete clean-out of personnel, from top to bottom.

In response to Sally Awdry: High Street destroyed by distancing diktat,

Keith wrote:

I will add that all restrictions should be removed and replaced by wise and sensible recommendations. When outside, as a matter of courtesy, I have always given other people plenty of space and time and I find others reciprocate. Former PM Callaghan rightly warned of the dire consequences of decisions taken in panic and the extreme difficulty of trying to reverse them. This Government panicked, and with the compliance of the MSM, have repeated dubious propaganda messages to create unrelenting fear in the populace about an unpleasant (for some) virus. Public sector organisations have amplified the messages and fear. Really, to justify the levels of fear and concern that have been generated, people should be collapsing in the streets. Attempts to reason and apply facts are drowned out. It gets personal. I’ve been accused of showing signs of dementia. Maybe, after all I am 71, but I still remember the gut-wrenching worry of being out of work with a mortgage to pay and a family to look after. Soon a lot of innocent hard-working people with similar personal responsibilities will be condemned, unnecessarily and unfairly, to unemployment.

Normally, about 1,500 people die each day in the UK. The highest daily death toll for COVID was 890 and is now down to tens. So far the total deaths in the UK, for 2019/2020, are about the same as for 1999/2000 when the MSM and general public appeared not to notice. It was never necessary to destroy the world as we knew it when there was data available, in March, from Stanford University about the behaviour of Covid-19 in the Far East. Professor Levitt analysed real-time statistics from China and warned Professor Ferguson that his projections were about ten times too high . . . as it has proved.  

It will be a long way back now, if ever, to normality for a worried, petrified and cowed populace. Even if the virus dies out within a month, we can expect endless dire warnings by ‘experts’ about spikes and the so-called second wave to manipulate the populace into believing, despite the negative ‘science’, that our courageous politicians are taking brave decisions. A syringe will be held to our heads until a vaccine (real or imaginary) is available to enable the Government to get out of one of the numerous deep holes that it has dug for itself.  Meanwhile, I’ll be regularly checking, on Worldmeter, Southern Hemisphere Covid statistics, particularly NZ and Oz.

In response to Ann Farmer: Rowling stands firm in battle against trans bullying,

Colonel Mustard wrote:

Maybe JK could give the spineless Johnson cabinet a few tips on what standing firm and resisting the wokist bullies means.

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