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Our round-up of the best, most pertinent and amusing comments of the week that have caught our eye.

In response to Michael Smyth: Why we must get out of the Geneva Convention

Uusikaupunki  wrote:

The most hard-working people-traffickers at the moment appear to be the Border Force and the RNLI.

In response to Chris McGovern: Punished, head who told the truth about lazy teachers

I’m Old Fashioned wrote:

‘Bringing the school into disrepute.’ Was there ever a charge which better exemplified the notion that in a world of lies, telling the truth is a revolutionary act? Tailor-made as an indispensable Swiss Army Knife tool for enforcing a culture of bullying on to anyone who falls foul of the all-powerful teaching unions.

Much like so-called hate speech, ‘disrepute’ is a purely subjective judgment which allows the authorities to punish anyone they choose and at the same time posture and pretend that they are simply acting out of a moral imperative to preserve the good name of a school.

In response to Meredith Brent: Demonstrators haven’t a clue, but they are having fun 

Hugh Bryant wrote:

Identity politics is what you get when middle-class Leftists get rich – usually having done nothing at all to merit it – and no longer want to talk about money. It’s a deflection. After all, if you are a BBC journalist, the last thing you want discussed is the equitability of paying a salary of £250k + per annum extorted from pensioners and single mums to someone whose major talent is the ability to read an Autocue.


In response to Weaver Sheridan: The Shipping Wokecast  

Reuben Wade wrote:

‘Faroe’ hints at blonde hair and light skin, and might be renamed, although I would hesitate to suggest an alternative. 

In response to Bruce Newsome: Manners matter in the age of Covid 

Suze Burtenshaw wrote

I mourn the loss of simple manners in this ‘sceptr’d isle’ of ours, but not because I think that loss is linked to the Contrick-19 (hat tip to John Ward) deaths. Manners are wonderful things that make life nicer by virtue of encouraging each of us to acknowledge our fellow travellers on the path of life. They cost nothing but are priceless. 


In response to Elizabeth Smith: The Covid brat pack: Has lockdown turned adults into children? 

Groan wrote

What has struck me most about the overall response to the pandemic is not so much big brother as big daddy/mummy. Endlessly individuals and institutions have looked to ‘the Government’ to solve in some magical way every conceivable bump in the road with the wide-eyed belief in omnipotence I recall when my children were young and conceived me as the fount of all (the rot set in when they went to school).

In response to Karen Harradine: It’ll be hell if Johnson becomes as woke as turncoat Trudeau

 UKCitizen wrote

Last time I looked, Canada was a democracy so Trudeau is merely an expression of the people themselves, so even if Trudeau were to go, they would just replace him with much the same as we seem to be doing throughout the West. Trudeau is a symptom of the malaise in Canadian society just as Trump is the last knee-jerk response of a dying demographic and Boris the coward’s choice for a demoralised populace. None of these leaders really indicate a strong and vibrant civilisation, in fact just the opposite.

In response to Timothy Bradshaw: TCW’s Brexit Watch: Fears are growing that we might chicken out 

Nockian  wrote

We aren’t leaving. When Theresa May insisted on a ‘custom’ deal, the seed was sown.

I have been at odds with my Brexiteer brethren since the referendum for suggesting that we should have taken the Norway option that was offered to us. It was a ready-made package that would have been an actual departure from which we could have increased our distance over time. The mandarins in Whitehall sowed that seed of a custom deal. The Civil Service is a master of subterfuge and sabotage. It was always going to feed the Government ministers a spinner guaranteed to fool them.

In response to Kathy Gyngell: Is Boris’s war on real weddings the final straw for marriage?  

Des wrote

Marriage reflects a society’s willingness to commit selflessly, and stick at things for the greater good. Weakening marriage reflects our selfishness and lack of desire to stick with it. The results of this are seen in the chaos and breakdown we witness in society today.

David wrote

The law on marriage has been totally hollowed out and now they are making a mockery of the wedding ceremony. What a far cry from when many still believed that it is a sacrament of the Church!

Aaron  wrote

It’s a sign of the Establishment’s weakness that they impose pettifogging regulations on the law-abiding, while ignoring rampant law-breaking on beaches, city centres and parks.

In response to Weaver Sheridan: Jogging Johnson and a load of physical jerks 

SiberianRhod wrote

Boris Johnson ‘fitter than a butcher’s dog’? he actually looks more like the baker’s dog that ‘ate all the pies’.

In response to Kevin Donnelly: The Groupthink Left hijacks our language  

Martin Adams wrote

I was always particularly troubled by the use of ‘gender’ instead of ‘sex’ – almost as much as by the appropriation of ‘gay’. The history of the change of ‘gender’ and ‘sex’ was harder to discover. Thank you for doing that. I persist in the old usage; and when people correct me, I explain why. That is also why I refuse to use the word ‘lockdown’ – the very word is calculated to achieve an effect on the mind. I much prefer ‘confinement’,  or ‘house arrest’.

blackbox2 wrote

‘Community’ is another word hijacked by the Left, as is ‘bigot.’ ‘Diversity is strength’ could have come straight out of 1984, but the Left are not self-aware enough to realise that.

In response to Will Jones: Now the proof is out there: This disaster of a lockdown has harmed, not helped  

Martin Adams wrote

I am not convinced that the evidence presented here or elsewhere demonstrates that the article’s headline is true. I am not a statistician, but, knowing how differently various countries have assembled and used data, I suspect that a definitive answer might be unachievable, or achievable only after a long time.

In response to Simon Knight: Oh, for God’s sake archbishop, of course Jesus can be white 


What Welby should have said: ‘Different cultures portray Jesus in their own image. They do this to feel a greater closeness and affinity to Jesus as a person, and this has greatly assisted in the spreading of his teachings. Portraying Jesus in the image of a European helped spread his message so well that it embedded Christianity as its dominant religion. That was a good thing, because their Christian belief was a great influence on those who fought to end the slave trade and other social injustices over the centuries. What is important is that people accept Jesus’s teachings, not the triviality of his physical appearance.’

I don’t for one second believe that Welby has any religious faith. He is a charlatan using his position to spread Leftist dogma.Chis Marley wrote

Jesus? Wasn’t he the first chap to suggest that ‘all lives matter’?

In response to Dr Campbell Campbell-Jack: If church leaders will not lead, then the people of God must

Oaknash wrote

Totally agree. A good first start would be to clean out first those church leaders who apparently believe in the sanctity of every other religion (including the NHS) but not the one they purport to actually represent and seemingly spend their days with rod and staff directing their flock over the cliff edge of utter irrelevance and faithlessness. Welby has to go.

In response to Anthony Webber: Leicester’s lockdown, keeping us cowering to cover up a failed coronavirus policy 

 Ken  wrote

If you test more people, you will find more infections. Has there been a spike in people admitted to ICU? Has there been a spike in deaths due to C19? That is the data you need to examine.

Royinsouthwest wrote

At the Guido Fawkes website yesterday, there was an article about conditions in the factories in Leicester at the centre of the outbreak, which were highlighted six months ago by a Conservative MP, and the strange silence of Labour MPs and councillors in Leicester who are not interested in ‘modern slavery’, only the slavery which we abolished about two centuries ago.

Bonce wrote

It is absolutely impossible for the authorities to know what the R rate is and how many people each infected person infects. All because they have only tested five per cent  of the population. So they have absolutely no basis for the lockdown to begin with and no basis for locking Leicester down.

Of course this suits the narrative that it is deadly virus, because if we have no idea how many people had it and didn’t die or became seriously ill, then that narrative can continue. UK Coronavirus death numbers are highly inflated. We know they have been assigning deaths to Covid for people who have died of terminal cancer or a car crash. They have assigned as many deaths as possible to coronavirus to justify the lockdown, so people with coronavirus or suspected as having it are added as deaths due to coronavirus.

I am certain there are other agendas at play here. Some of the possible agendas include the following: Coronavirus vaccination, immunity certificates, health passports and a tracking application so every citizen can be monitored.

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