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Readers’ round-up: The blackness descends


WHILE media attention was trained on Westminster’s latest dramas last week – in particular on the more, as well as the less, principled party political defections – the most depraved of child murders passed by almost unnoted. Laura asked in response: ‘Can nothing shock us any more?

Her question catalysed a considered debate about the whys and wherefores of the ‘insignificance’ of such an shocking act to today’s media, and what it says about the current moral state of society that we need to address.

It is these comments we’ve chosen to focus on today:

Mark Forsyth wrote:

It doesn’t make MSM news, because (1) it is over 50 miles away from the centre of the world (London); (2) it doesn’t fit with the liberal narrative that young children should be allowed to do want they want; (3) the MSM are more concerned with kiss-and-tell stories from Strictly Come Dancing, Love Island etc. Feed the proletariat entertainment and you keep them happy. It gets more like the Hunger Games every day.

PierrePendre wrote:

There was a time when Alesha’s tragedy would have been all over the media because of its rarity. Now that it is, if not commonplace, at least not surprising to us, it attracts only momentary attention before we are diverted by something else – another fake Trump scandal, a politician’s gaffe, some celeb triviality on Twitter that has ‘gone viral’.

Before Alesha, there were James Bulger, Martin Brown and Brian Howe (killed by Mary Bell), Holly and Jessica and little April and others who are also dim memories. Alesha is dead, a six-year-old subjected to a sexual assault of which she didn’t have the remotest concept, but the issue of the day is the potential damage to her killer’s future by giving the public his name.

One of the things I noticed about the Rotherham and Telford grooming scandals was that we learned nothing personal about the hundreds of girls who were abused. They were never humanised as flesh and blood children trapped in a nightmare by adults who should have protected them. They remained a nameless and undifferentiated group, as anonymous as an army regiment or a football fan club, too many to see as people like us.

Each had a story, each shocking in itself, but none emerged as an individual who had suffered a life-changing trauma. No journalist monitoring Twitter for a quick and cheap scandal to write up without ever leaving the office has troubled to find what happened to these girls. And we never asked. The victims had no life before they were abused and apparently have no life afterwards.

They are dispensable, abstract examples of where evil leads, like the nameless teenagers stabbing each other to death in London. Maybe the ubiquity of television violence and video games is partly responsible but the real reason probably lies deeper within each of us and we don’t want to look for fear of what we might find.

Reuben Wade wrote:

The problems with a left-liberal approach to crime and punishment that takes the position that no criminal is really to blame because the root cause is always an imperfection in society, are:

i. Colossal resources are wasted on the unachievable aim of creating a perfect society instead of being directed towards the more achievable goal of improving individual human character;

ii. Society sinks into a stinking morass of immorality and crime abetted by the liberal paralysis of so-called enforcement authorities;

iii. We eventually get to the place where the proportion of human characters who have been permitted to grow up criminal and depraved reaches a level that necessitates the imposition of severe and ruthless punishments . . . exactly what the left-liberals were opposed to in the first place

Colonel Mustard wrote:

Of course society has been de-sensitised to graphic violence. You only have to compare the films Appointment with Danger (1950) with something like Hitman: Agent 47 (2015) to understand that plot, acting and nuance have been replaced with non-stop graphic violence and special effects, where one violent killing after another is depicted almost with relish. And there are plenty like that.

Advocating censorship is no good, as that just plays into the hands of the authoritarian nannies incapable of governing, but something has gone seriously wrong with the wiring.

Abominable_Yeoman wrote:

To be honest, I’ve heard quite enough of this unspeakably evil crime. It defies comprehension and it fills me with revulsion and sadness.

There’s much suffering to come for the child’s parents and grandparents, for whom I have the utmost sympathy (though there are questions to be answered by the father). I’ve heard mention about the boy’s rehabilitation. I’m not interested in his rehabilitation; where do you even start to rehabilitate someone who has done such a thing?

There is the not insignificant matter of the father of the little girl selling drugs to the damaged young man who committed this brutality. I don’t know all the details but what parent with a six-year-old daughter sells drugs to a teenager?

Phil wrote:

The real story was the boy was out of his mind on drugs and disturbing video games.

The police, social services, courts and virtually everyone in authority were not doing their jobs (furthermore not expected to do their jobs) in the communist utopia of SNP land.

Even in rural Wales a schoolboy a few weeks ago attacked his mum with a hatchet after taking drugs. I know kids who knew him. They described him as appearing to be a nice well-adjusted lad.

We need to sort out the drugs, violent games and we need to elect governments that will get the job done. That will undoubtedly mean ‘draining the swamp’ of the police, social services and judiciary.

To be honest, I am getting to the point that I don’t even care how it is done. I want people to be made to do their jobs (or face consequences) and for little girls to be safe sleeping in their beds at night.

Ravenscar wrote:

For civilised men and women, it is hard, nigh impossible to understand this – another child killer case, who’d want to even countenance harming one single hair on that poor child’s head, the unconscionable enormity of that dreadful, inhuman crime is quite beyond my scan and I’m sure most of my fellow Brits, indeed the world.

Or, does the nation indeed become desensitised but is it just that?

We only see on our screens and in ‘our’ press what the ministry of disinformation requires us to see and the press is a lazy lamb compared with previous eras, say circa before Leveson. And when the country can look in and see real time, a caged Jordanian pilot being roasted alive, western aid workers having their heads removed from their necks, pitiless brutalisation is just a click away.

Christian morals and even humanity, hey these days, that’s for old fogeys and so yesterday – man, propaganda or is it all a game of Thrones?

Mind you, when A Clockwork Orange was released, they said it would be the end, it just took a while longer and we don’t have need of fictional horror any more, when goggletube will deliver the real thing.

In the end, godless does beget forsaken and the blackness descends.

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