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In response to Laura Perrins: The rape culture created by the Left Groan wrote:

I really do think that ‘Rape Culture’ and all the attendant training, education and campaigns is simply trying to put the genie back in the bottle. Paradoxically for feminists by making men responsible for managing sexual behaviour. Working with Public Health over many years there has been an obvious contradiction. For if sexual expression and behaviours are simple and important expressions of a healthy humanity, so much so that legal constraints on age should be ignored, how is it that sometimes it’s not good? The ‘solution’ being the idea of ‘consent’ derived from a medical model of conducting a potentially risky procedure. Yet actual feminist campaigning is knee-deep in moral outrage, demanding revenge, exhumations of dead ‘saints’, hounding of sex offenders and kangaroo courts. Thus in a complete turnaround, boys and young men are treated as ‘criminal’ rather than in need of learning the social etiquette of forming partnerships, because ‘criminal’ is all we’re left with having eschewed moral or ethical values. And girls must be all victims, as they just wouldn’t ‘consent’, would they? Although we’re simultaneously telling them that all sexual experimentation is good and healthy. 

It appears incoherent because it is, because in reality even the sexual liberationist feminists actually believe there should be rules, etiquette rather than total licence. So rules are made law and the police interview boys of six.


  1. Made me laugh when I heard that actress Jennifer Lawrence was MADE, in her words, to pose in the nude during her early career. The fact is that many people will do just about anything to climb the economic and social ladder.(actually she wasn’t nude but had little coverings in three areas)

  2. Good Lord, what has happened to this webshite? You ought to rebrand to:

    The Conservative Transgender Pages

    • I’m guessing your attention span didn’t extend to the end of the quoted comment, or to the middle of the second line, for that matter.

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