‘Rebel Priest’ Rev Jules Gomes: Can’t Ofsted distinguish between a Sunday school and a Salafist madrassa?

Sunday School is getting scary. Not because freckle-faced Poppy and dopey-eyed Jack are trembling with fear as Miss Josie regales them with nail-biting stories of Daniel in the lion’s den. Poppy and Jack are fearless. They watch creepy Harry Potter videos more than they read the Bible. What then? Sunday School is getting scary because they are churning out jihadis by the thousands! Ofsted is worried.

On Sunday morning after the 7-year olds at St Dodo’s by the Wardrobe have sung their ‘action song’ on Noah’s Flood, ‘The Lord told Noah to build him an arky arky, build it out of hickory barky’, they make little plasticine models of Jurassic animals marching two-ey two-ey into Noah’s arky barkey.

Then comes the scary bit. Like nimble-footed ninjas, Miss Josie and the girls, dart behind a screen and drape burkhas over their faces. Joey and Jack—the only boys in the class—pick up toy AK-47 rifles and fire blanks into the air—like Palestinians celebrating a suicide bombing. ‘Whaddya wanna be for Jesus?’ yells veiled Miss Josie, emerging from behind the screen. ‘I’m gonna be a Jihadi for Jesus!!!’ shout Joey and Jack. ‘Who-ya-gonna-kill for Jeee-sus?’ yells Miss Josie. ‘I’m gonna kill infidels for Jesus!!!’ shout Joey and Jack.

Breathless with excitement, the class settles down to watch an Omar Bakri Salafist video in Arabic with English subtitles. The class ends with the kids singing a revised version of a popular hymn accompanied by a twanging ukulele.

Jesus loves me this I know

For the Koran tells me so

Shariah law by far is best

We will wear a suicide bomber’s vest.

Now you know why Ofsted inspectors have been prowling round and round like the hosts of Midian inspecting Sunday Schools in bulletproof vests? Quite right. These madrassas are not conforming to ‘British values’! ‘If you are teaching intolerance, we will shut you down,’ says the government!

These draconian laws would apply to any institution in England that provides instruction to children for more than 6 hours a week. They would also apply to youth groups, holiday Bible clubs, church weekends and summer camps, as well as to a vast number of different voluntary groups, warns the Christian Institute. Last month Christian Concern said that the government is to push ahead with its nefarious plans to inspect church youth groups and other youth activities.

So Ofsted Obergruppenführer Otto Smith could walk into Jihadi Street Baptist Church in Bradfordstan and question children without their parents present, as has already happened in some schools. He could ask little-lisping Mary to name the gender of the animals waltzing two-by-two into Noah’s ark. If Mary’s answer did not include at least some of the animals being transgender, cis-gender, bi-gender, a-gender, pan-gender or at least some of the 58 gender options listed on Facebook, Obergruppenführer Smith could report Mary and her teacher and Jihadi Street Baptist Church Sunday School could face closure.

The story of Adam and Eve could be deemed offensive to same-sex marriage unless accompanied by a more inclusive narrative of the gay couple Adam and Steve or the lesbian couple Madam and Eve. And any teaching that Jesus is the only way to salvation would be highly unacceptable. How dare you offend those Hindus in Neasden and Wembley who believe in 33 million gods?

Ofsted will be looking for any ‘emotional harm’ to children, says a consultation paper. So even if Bart Simpson considers hell to be ‘cooooooooool’, Ned Flanders could be banned from teaching Sunday School because Lisa Simpson, Bart’s sensitive sister, has had her feelings hurt and her safe space invaded by the micro-aggression of hate speech because Mr Flanders implied that Buddhists might go to hell without first giving the class a trigger warning.

So why is the government using a steamroller to flatten a pancake? When Sir Michael Wilshaw, Head of Ofsted, was asked why he could not just focus on the real problem of Muslim madrassas, he said there needed to be an “even-handed” approach. Is Mr Wilshaw a multi-culturalist gone mad? Does this over-paid, under-brained, Quango-heading bureaucrat who grew up Roman Catholic and was head teacher of St Bonaventure’s Catholic School in Forest Gate, London, not know the difference between a Sunday School and a Salafist madrassa?

If only he would drop in on a liberal Church of England Sunday School class, he would be lost in wonder, love and goo because he would find his multiculturalist curriculum already being taught by the loony luvvy lefty feminist ‘wimmin’ vicar with Sunday School modules on the religion of niceness, and the fifth gospel according to St Marx and a more recent module on ‘How to Feel Good about your Bodies’ for anorexic girls in Gloucester produced by the Bishopess of Self-Esteem Rachel Treweek.

If Sir Michael can comprehend serious writing, I sincerely recommend that he read the book titled The Strange Death of Moral Britain by Christie Davies of Reading University. Prof Davies breaks the social history of Britain over the last century and a half into three periods. The first period, from 1860 to 1905, saw rising religious observance, falling crimes of violence and dishonesty, and falling birth rate outside marriage. The second period, from 1905 to 1960, saw religious observance falling slowly, illegitimacy remaining low (except during wartime), and drug and alcohol abuse continuing to fall. The third period, from 1960 to the present, shows religious observance and church membership falling rapidly, crimes of violence and dishonesty rising rapidly, birth rates outside marriage also rising rapidly, and drug and alcohol abuse rising as well.

What has been responsible for the moral ascent and decline? Davies’ research points to Sunday School attendance. While Sunday School did not result in an increase in church attendance, it indisputably produced generations which valued “comparative cleanness, truthfulness, kindness and beneficence” as the leader of the Sunday School Union described the people of Great Britain in 1910.

It was the people who emerged from this teaching that fought two World Wars and survived the hardships of the inter-war years. Robert Raikes, founder of the Sunday School, did not start this movement to convert young people to Christianity necessarily but rather to save them from a life of crime.

If Ofsted has its way, the very movement that kept children from crime will run the risk of being criminalised itself. And that is far more terrifying than Muslim madrassas indoctrinating children with jihadi ideology.

(Image: NoirKitsuné)

Rev Jules Gomes

  • weirdvisions

    Just another insufferable nitwit who hasn’t yet registered the fact that the tide is turning against this toxic brand of divisive PC wibble.

  • Uusikaupunki

    One must seen to be even-handed about these things….surely it’s no different to eighty-year-old white grannies in wheel-chairs getting the full-on search treatment at airports whilst black-clad bodies of indeterminate age/gender are waved through…or have I missed something?

  • Groan

    Two things occur: Has Ofsted so little to do it can afford the resources for such an inspection regime? We still have a public debt problem it seems some pruning of Ofsted. The second is there is already a huge programme of inspection and registrations for “Safeguarding” children. A programme that made no difference whatever to the many abusive rings operating for decades

    • Busy Mum

      ‘cancer of distrust’ – very good description. I complained about the NSPCC posters up at our primary school which breed distrust just like this. They are aimed at children in the name of ‘safeguarding’ but would actually just give the children the idea that every single other human being with whom they come into contact is going to abuse them. Even worse, these NSCPCC and Childline posters never, ever mention parents as a suitable source of support; the nearest it gets is ‘family member’.

      • Phil R

        Go to Germany and you will see a diferent approach. Anyone can walk into schools and often you will find footpaths that go through school grounds.

        Paeophiles however, are not auomatically released at the end of their sentence. They have to prove that they are no longer a threat. Many have failed to do so and so are still in jail or only out with chamical castration etc.

        The EU has tried many times to stop this abuse of Paeophiles’ “Human Rights”…………

        So far the German Gov is holding out.

      • Groan

        I am not one to idolise the past. But growing up in the sixties we had “lessons” on safety in primary and junior schools. These had simple messages, no sweets and gifts from strangers, don’t get into a car with someone you don’t know etc. People were not naïve. However these simple messages were allied to trusting the adults especially parents who were there to look after us, if in doubt find a police man. So one knew to take some precautions but carry on with life!
        As we know almost all the “historical” abuse cases from that era are in fact about institutions, mainly children in care, without family. Indeed even now the main abuse scandals are again youngsters “at risk” in care or chaotic families. As you say the conditions that breed abuse are well researched but rather than target where the risk is we feed a general anxiety.

  • Politically__Incorrect

    When OFSTED (Office For Stupidity In Education) talks about being “even handed”, what it is really saying is that it does not have the courage yo single out the real threat for fear of being labelled Islamphobic. So they create this smokescreen about “British values” though nobody seems to know what those values are. It is the sign of a coward when he goes for the soft (and usually the wrong) target.

    • Groan

      Indeed. I cannot think of a greater stain on this nation in recent times than the cowardice shown in so many towns and cities in the face of ring after ring of abusers. In those cases that have been followed up with more “public” investigations (as opposed to serious case reviews etc. which will not be available publicly)the number of known victims runs into many thousands. Think of that, with all the huge investment in safeguarding children, all that financial and human investment stood idly by watching while boys and girls young women and young men were abused “in plain sight”. Time and again in the reporting of these cases we are told the gang members felt themselves “untouchable” a feeling based on their actual experience of being untouchable. Almost all of the young people and children were at least on child protection registers, the majority in state care or under protection orders, children that in our law were protected by the agents of the state, the very children that had a stated need for protection!.
      Perhaps because of the enormity of this, the scandal is played down; hidden beneath platitudes, obscured by PC double speak. I wish I could believe this is due to a deep sense of shame. A can of worms that bravery is needed to look on with clear sight and learn where institutional moral cowardice leads.

      • Colkitto03

        Well said. Stain is a good word. I have sympathy for the many good police officers and social workers on the ground who had to look on in dismay and frustration at what happening knowing that their superiors would not support them. The establishment ensured the stain covers all of them.
        Just like the Stafford Hospital Trust the senior management responsible, scuttle away into the shadows, with their fat pay offs and pensions.

  • Bonce

    This article misses the most nefarious element of OFSTED. It is an anti-Christian and Anti-Western Pro-Marxist ideological organisation- reflective of the extreme elements of the teachers unions.

    The only “Sunday schools” or “religious schools” that will be the target of closure and heavy censorship will be the Christian ones. As we have seen OSFTEDs approach over the past few years to various schools- we see its Anti-Christian and Anti-West Pro-Marxist bias becoming ever more flagrant and rampant. The Christian Churches must oppose this, they must completely and utterly oppose this.

    • Charitas Lydia

      Very true. Christians ought to protest against this wicked plan of leftism and multiculturalism to do away with Christian sunday schools.
      All those who are not natives of the UK ought to abide by the dominant culture of this country and the Judeo-Christian values upon which it is based. Look at India, Pakistan, Burma. Hindoos, Muslims, and Buddhists rule these countries and anyone who does not agree with them are either persecuted or asked to leave. The UK is bending backward to please Muslims and it is to its own peril. If the UK government is ashamed of their Judeo- Christian heritage, let them declare the country as an atheist country, deny everything that God so mercifully bestowed on them and behave as if they are hedonists. Then we will have riots on our streets, and moral anarchy and Islam taking over. That would be good, wouldn’t it? Woe unto you Ofsted and all those who support such life denying ideologies!

  • Shaunr19

    Rebel Priest? Just watch out if they start calling you Turbulent Priest. 😉

  • Pudding on my Top Hat

    OFSTED just another Common Purpose Quango designed to sabotage any remaining vestige of any Judeo-Christian morality & tolerance in our society.

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    • weirdvisions

      Your finger is sooooooo on the left wing pulse. Your vision is uncanny.

      Big grin.

  • Colkitto03

    I wish Ofstead would shout out louder about the underperformance of boys. To be fair they have tried over the years, but it never gets the traction with Media and Politicians. The media picks the stories it fancies and ignores the rest. Or are some stories pushed harder? There always seems to be a ready supply of stories about other demographics.
    Mary Curnow Cook has the same problem at UCAS. She has been trying to highlight the lack of boys applying to university for several years now.
    Im sure both organisations have their share of embedded cultural Marxists and that ensures the initiatives regarding boys issues struggle to get oxygen.

    • Groan

      Not wishing to “harp on” but just think how successful the abuse ring “cover up” was in defence of “multiculturalism”. If such a widespread concealment of crime is possible(the first whistle blowing MPs did so over a decade ago yet for 9 years nothing at all was done) it is less surprising to see the same energies easily burying less dramatic but similarly embarrassing information for orthodox feminism. Similarly so with the huge mass of research and data on the protective nature of the traditional family structure and the widespread “attachment disorders” associated with “chaotic” families.

      • Colkitto03

        Its not harping on. Its an ailment which sits in the heart of our society.
        We have an establishment elite at all levels and positions now that came into their posts under Blairism. As ever it is all about money, (The gravy train) fat grants, wages, pensions, expenses and largesse from the tax payers. They protect each other and themselves. They persecute whistleblowers. They happily will throw front line workers under the bus. They promote lifestyles they would never accept for their own families.
        I only wish our ‘press’ and media would doorstep these people and demand answers. The BBC wont do it as it is full of them.

    • Vox Populi

      Now even the underperformance of ‘black’ boys in inner cities? Where is their preferential option for the “ethnic minorities” of this country? Ooooo! What a shame!

  • I’m surprised that Ofsted woks on Sundays. I thought they only worked Monday to Friday lunchtime like all good Civil Servants.

    • weirdvisions

      Presumably they like to knock off early on Fridays so they can avoid nosing around madrassas. Sunday would mean overtime so they are probably queueing up to grab it.

      • I never ever managed to get any overtime; time in lieu was all that I was ever offered.

        • weirdvisions

          I used to enjoy working flexi-time. The trick was to keep it in balance. Occasionally we would be offered weekend overtime. All this is about to change with the new contracts and the new call centres. A lot of people have or are about to acccept redundancy because working up until 9pm at night might be “customer” friendly but it isn’t popular with CVs with young families. When the PTB start offering promotions to tempt people into signing the new contracts you just know there’s something wrong. It’ll be popular for the unattached who don’t need to be somewhere else. But then they’ll be slightly better off, working less favourable hours in a grindingly boring job whose highlights are getting an abusive earbashing from irate “customers”.

          I left to raise a family because I was in a position where I didn’t have to pass my baby to a childminder. My sister just quit after 25 years service in a job that was becoming more and more oppressive and back-stabbing in an attempt to thin out the herd and reduce the workforce. People being sacked instantly, marched off the premises for both major and minor infractions to save on paying out redundancy.

          People think that employment by the Government is a cushy number. The government is good at telling employers in the private sector how (not) to run a business but when it comes to itself it is spiteful and fickle and downright heartless to the lowly grease that keeps the cogs running.

          • I’ve worked both flexitime and shifts 24/7 as an engineer. If you are happy with night work, shifts are great; you can work at weekends and have time off in the week. I was researching family history and few of the record offices opened weekend so I didn’t have to take leave for research. Shops are less crowded. A friend had weekday membership of a golf club saving money and playing on a less crowded golf course.Why people like doctors are opposed to it is a mystery.

  • Vox Populi

    The best way to protest against Ofsted’s madness of political correctness is to find a good Bible-teaching church (none of this wishy-washy C of E gospel of cultural Marxism) and send your children or grandchildren to the Sunday School there! We have lost two complete generations and we need to get the Bible back into our children. If not, we are doomed as a nation!

    • Rosalind Taisia

      At St Augustine’s Church where Rev Jules is Pastor the Sunday School children receive meat, solid Biblical teaching, not milk.

      • Vox Populi

        Be bold and keep up the wonderful work, Mrs Taisia and the people of St Augustine’s Church. I would love to visit you when I come to the Isle of Man. God has placed you there for a purpose. I am also so glad you are with FIEC as it is very much holding to the truth of the gospel. Your work with Sunday School children is invaluable. It is the only hope our children have before they are brainwashed by the cultural Marxist agenda of the Left. God bless you!!!

  • Mez

    Sunday school way back when, was also the sole opportunity for some children to learn how to read and write, maybe as different thinking has become more widely available (a lot of which criticises religion, and the “facts” in the bible), numbers have reduced accordingly.
    A Christian Sunday school which is teaching basic morality (as described), based on the precepts of self respect, care and consideration, can’t be a bad thing, the issue is when it’s aimed at converting adults who then use use religion as a permanent crutch to avoid addressing the problems which are the realities of living, or by those who just use it as a word by word pre-thought out rule book without consideration for any of the wider consequences.
    For Christian morality to work, it has to become a generally accepted standard for living, otherwise the Christian child becomes a “sitting duck” when mixing with the street savvy rest of the population. The former, or crutch etc, is (in my opinion), the Catholic path to Islam/jihadi connection.

    • Phil R

      It is OK then for Sunday Schools to teach basic morality as defined by you….an Atheist. …

      Communist governments have always sought to control this way.

  • OFSTED can distinguish perfectly well between a Salafist Madrassa and Church Sunday school. One provides a welcome excuse to destroy Biblical Christianity in the next generation of voters (and under the banner of national security), and the other dares suggest that there is a higher standard of morality than the Government & OFSTED. Salafist Madrassas are the dream of the progressives who run education – the perfect excuse to increase government manipulation of the opinions and beliefs of the voters of the future! In a democracy as old and successful as ours this is utterly shameful!

  • Tricia

    I will be surprised if they find many Sunday Schools running now. Many churches are running on grandparent generation. My church has a Sunday School, sometimes there are 10 children, sometimes 2 and sometimes 0. Most churches, certainly in rural areas, have no Sunday School.
    Open the Book is the best way for congregations to reach children as it is a school based project.

    • Vox Populi

      Open the Book is a really great means of reaching children in schools as well. Let’s hope Ofsted don’t ban it!

      • John Thomas

        – If it’s great in our (ie Christian) view, then they’ll surely ban it … got to be “even-handed” you know …

        • Vox Populi

          They’ll ban it and make sure a new programme called ‘Open the Koran’ is introduced in schools–all in the name of tolerance and multiculturalism.

    • Groan

      Here in Gt. Manchester there are many “Sunday Schools” attached to the various lively “evangelical” churches of all sorts. I expect it is these that will get hit as they aren’t remotely apologetic about their values or beliefs, unlike the state church which surely now is so anaemic as to resemble “the authority” in the His Dark Materials trilogy.

  • Bosanova

    What a refreshing blast of common sense from a churchman. Can we have more like him please?

  • UKCitizen

    You knew that this was what the Liberal authoritarians wanted all along. They couldn’t care less what goes on in the local Madrassa.

  • Phil R

    You cannot have any more than one worldview in a country.

    The dominant religion in this country is Atheism and worship of self.

    OFSTED are just making sure that this new worldview is taught. Atheism is a very intolerant religion as we continue to witness

    • Bogbrush

      Atheism is not worship of self. It involves no worship by definition. The clue is in the word. It can’t be a religion by definition.

      You’re confusing stupid, self-obsessed behaviour with a lack of belief in a deity. They might be simultaneously held by a person but they aren’t logically connected.

      • Vox Populi

        As a thinking Christian, I must confess, I agree with the logic of your definition. I am grateful for clear and rational thinking. Putting atheism with the stupidity of Ofsted together is a non sequitur. There are certainly times atheism has been intolerant, but so has every religion. I think it would be more accurate to put cultural Marxism alongside the crass stupidity of Ofsted. Having said that, many cultural Marxists tend to be atheists; but so do many Christians, particularly of the more liberal variety we see in the C of E and other mainline denominations.

        • Bogbrush

          I certainly don’t see atheism as a badge of kindness or ethical behaviour!

          I have all the time in the World for people who hold all sorts of opinions about how the World came into being, the only people I cannot tolerate are those who seek to impose their views on others; aggressive religious cults and cultural marxists are the two who seem the most troublesome at the moment.

          • Vox Populi

            Amen to that! I most heartily concur.

      • Phil R

        I would define a Religion as a worldview. Your way of making
        sense of the world is to believe that there is no God. It is a belief none the
        less and atheists are constantly trying to insist that people behave according
        to your worldview. The most obvious is the insistence that Christians should
        not bring their beliefs into say their public office or business and that society
        should conform to those religious values.

        Atheists it seems don’t see irony or inconsistency in this.

        • Bogbrush

          No, realising there is no God doesn’t in tstelf make sense of the World. It just clears out of the way a distracting falsehood.

          It isn’t a belief, it’s the absence of a belief. Hence the fact it is “A” – “theism” – the absence of theism.

          I couldn’t care less if Christians wear their crosses or whatever, it’s no skin off my nose. All I insist is that they don’t try to impose their rules on me, or indeed on anyone. Please explain where I require anyone else to conform to my opinion, other than to not impose themselves on me.

          Atheists can’t see the irony or inconsistency because there isn’t any. You will never, ever, find me being inconsistent in this debate, not on any of the many comments I’ve made here on this subject. Please feel free to prove otherwise.

          • Phil R

            “Atheists can’t see the irony or inconsistency because there isn’t any”

            If you had, you would end up standing with Nietzsche. You would accept that you are a random irrelevancy in a naked deaduniverse surrounded by nothing but the will to power. It’s the only consistent end-point for your arguments. You can’t substitute self-interest for Good. You can’t substitute process for Truth. In the end, it all reverts to power.

            That’s really all I want from atheists. I want consistency. I want them to own the implications of their world view; to admit that killing a man is no more significant than burning a lump of coal. After all, in the naked dead universe, it’s just a matter of rearranging atoms.

            So lets hear it from the guy who claims never to be inconsistent.

            Admit that for a true Athiest, killing a man is no more significant than burning a lump of coal.


          • Bogbrush

            I just got through explaining why “moral” behaviour is intelligent self-interest. Didn’t you read it?

            Ok, so look at it this way. We’ve been evolving for millions of years. Our particular branch of organisms are largely social, seeking personal reproductive advantage through groups with high interdependence & loyalty in-group, and competitive behaviour out of group.
            Over this time the individuals lacking this behaviour have tended to be shunned leading to a strong norm. Some, however, have got very good at hiding their instincts so have been able to get the advantage of socialisation but retain selfish behaviour. In truth we all do, it’s just a matter of degree. The others don’t like this (it disadvantages them) so they seek to limit it.

            Thus you end up with a general set of understood principles of behaviour (good morals) with a clear idea of those with opposing ones and a sense that this “other” should be sought out or excluded at every opportunity.

            To the Universe in general there’s no difference between the lump of coal and the human. To the humans it matters because instincts have developed to reinforce this more successful behaviour, strengthened by reproductive success (aka natural selection).

            Happy to comment if you think you can spot any inconsistency there.

          • Bogbrush

            Since I answered your question on the source of morality, would you please return the compliment by answering this question:

            How do you know God is good?

  • cerberus

    The problem is that in order to put an end to this nonsense we would have to have a government that took the view that the death cult was not A Good Thing and needed to be dealt with appropriately. Unfortunately our government does not take such a view, quite the opposite. Everything that goes on here nowadays, from the above, from “sharia is good for you” (May), to Bojo going to Trump to tell him to oust Assad not ISIS, strongly suggests our government in Londonistan takes its orders daily direct from Riyadh, and acts on them.

    • Bogbrush

      It’s funny how Trump acts as if the child who pointed out the Emperors lack of clothes.

      The logic that if Russia bombs the Hell out of ISIS then go right ahead; that a wall securing the border and criminal illegal immigrant expulsion were essential pre-requisites to possible amnesties; these are actually perfectly reasonable, but they thrown the liberal mainstream into turmoil for that very reason.

      I’m sure I’m going to disagree with Trump on much – trade protectionism is one for sure, if he really means it – but on these things he is speaking plainly as things are, and once the froth settles down I think he’s going to make permanent, beneficial change to the way these things are discussed.

    • Phil R

      Remember one thing. Islam is still very much an alien presence in the West. You can’t advance the ball in the culture war by attacking it. You have to attack the culture you are trying to displace. That would be the residual influence of Christianity in Law & Society. You win by keeping your focus on what is important. It’s not important to attack Islam. If you are Liberal, you will assume that Islam will be safely castrated by secularisation anyways. You will assume that religion is weak and getting weaker. There would be no reason to attack Islam. You would assume you would neutralise it for free by secularising the country.

      Now, that’s not to say that Liberals aren’t afraid of Islam. They are. Loaded AK47s tend to concentrate the mind. But that fear isn’t necessarily the driving factor in excluding Muslims from this list. There are sound strategic reasons for focusing on Christians only. The Christian faith is what they are trying to displace.

  • Vox Populi

    One of the ironies of our times is that while Sunday schools are either dying off or being dumbed down–especially in the Church of England–with the introduction of idiotic stunts like Messy Church and Godly Play; Muslim Madrassas are stepping up their acts by rigorously teaching children Arabic, learning the Koran by rote, apologetics against Christianity and the Bible, and how to defend their Islamic faith and proselytise the non-believer. Thus Muslim children will go out into schools considerably empowered, while Christian children will become progressively enfeebled. Even worse is the trend of Christian parents merrily carting their children off to football and other sport events in lieu of Sunday School and letting children stay at home if and when they wish to because they are afraid of “putting children off.” Thus Christian children in the West are now brought up to believe church is optional, while Muslims children are being brought up to believe precisely the opposite. You don’t need to be a sociologist or a statistician to figure which religion is going to be the winner in this country!