Civil war has erupted in the church. This time it is not over women’s ordination or same-sex marriage. This time it is not between Protestants and Catholics or evangelicals and liberals. The civil war among 21st century Christian leaders is over the immigration of Muslims to the post-Christian West.

The catalyst for the civil war is President Trump’s 90-day moratorium on immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries and his preferential option for Syrian Christian refugees over Syrian Muslim refugees.

In Britain, leaders of seven Anglican mission societies have signed a statement expressing their ‘profound concern’ over Trump’s recent executive orders on immigration. Philip Mounstephen of the Church Mission Society, Janette O’Neill of the United Society for the Propagation of the Gospel, Sam Richardson of the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge and Mark Russell of the Church Army are among the luminaries leading the Charge of the Left Brigade in the civil war on this side of the pond.

These leaders are speaking out with the complete support of the Archbishops of Canterbury and York and the bishops of the Episcopal Church in the US who favour Muslim immigration.

In the US, leaders of eight evangelical mission agencies have written a letter to President Trump and Vice President Pence expressing similar concerns. They include Leith Anderson of the National Association of Evangelicals and Shirley V. Hoogstra of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities.

The irony is unbelievable. These are leaders of mission agencies! They claim to be ‘evangelical Christians…guided by the Bible.’ Their raison d’être is to propagate the gospel not to promote Islam! Do they want Mr Trump to welcome Muslims to the US so their agencies can convert them to Christianity? That’s not what they’re telling the churches and the President!

In the rival camp, Christian leaders are telling political leaders to do exactly the opposite. ‘Everyone in Italy and the rest of Europe will soon be Muslim because of our stupidity,’ warns Monsignor Carlo Liberati, Archbishop Emeritus of Pompei in a recent interview. Cardinal Raymond Burke echoes this concern. ‘It is clear that Muslims have an ultimate goal: conquering the world.’

The head of the Czech Roman Catholic Church, Miloslav Vlk, puts his finger on the demographic threat. ‘Muslims in Europe have many more children than Christian families; that is why demographers have been trying to come up with a time when Europe will become Muslim.’

The leader of Catholics in Lebanon, who brings the costly lessons of the Islamisation of Lebanon, supports his concern. ‘I have heard many times from Muslims that their goal is to conquer Europe with two weapons: faith and the birth rate,’ Cardinal Bechara Rai says.

These Catholic leaders are speaking in complete defiance of Pope Francis, who is one of the big guns in the pro-Muslim side of the civil war.

There are two approaches to resolving this civil war. We look at the past and the present. We learn from history and from the “signs of the times.” Both approaches lie at the core of the Christian faith. Hence, both methods should be acceptable to both sides in resolving this civil war. The winner wins on the strength of the evidence from historical and existential arguments.

Christianity is rooted in history. When I taught a course in Islam at Liverpool Hope University, I placed two sets of maps in front of every student. They were shocked to discover that much of the Middle East and North Africa—Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Algeria, Iraq, Armenia, Tunisia, Turkey, Sudan, Libya, Ethiopia, Yemen as well as parts of Iran, Jordan and Arabia were pre-dominantly Christian, Jewish or Zoroastrian before Islam nearly wiped them out.

Efrem Karsh, Director and Emeritus Professor of Middle East and Mediterranean Studies at King’s College, London, documents the relentless march of Islam in his book Islamic Imperialism: A History. Many Westerners assume that “imperialism” is European or American and that Muslims are its victims. ‘Contrary to the conventional wisdom, it is the Middle East where the institution of empire not only originated…but where its spirit has also outlived its European counterpart,’ he argues.

Within a decade of Muhammad’s death a vast Islamic empire, stretching from Iran to Egypt and from Yemen to northern Syria, came into being in one of the most remarkable examples of empire building in history. Here endeth the history lesson.

Christianity is also grounded in the existential present. ‘You know how to interpret the appearance of the sky, but you cannot interpret the signs of the times,’ Jesus tells the Pharisees and Sadducees. What do the signs of the times tell us? Every single European country—be it Sweden, Germany, France or Belgium—that has welcomed large number of Muslim migrants is facing a crisis it cannot handle. Here endeth the existential lesson.

Neither lesson will convince the supporters of Muslim immigration. Neither lesson will resolve the civil war. Why? Many of our Christian leaders are suffering from collective historical amnesia and mass self-delusion. As shepherds, they have begun to speak well of the wolf. As hirelings, they have begun to tear down fences that once protected their flocks.

Monsignor Liberati is echoing the words of the prophet Jeremiah: ‘It’s because our leaders are stupid. They never asked God for counsel, and so nothing worked right. The people are scattered all over.’


  1. The word ‘Islam’ means submission or surrender.
    It comes from the root word ‘salam’ which is the root word from which ‘ peace’ and ‘saftey’ also are derived.
    Many liberals wrongly try and equate ‘Islam’ with peace

    • I suspect that many Anglican priests are not really Christians at all.
      They like the life, but as in the 19th century, researched & believed ideas
      that ran counter to their religion. Then, vicars interested in, for example, the
      Earth sciences, were very useful citizens.
      They all agreed that islam was a heathen, inhumane, anti Christian religion, & thought
      all other religions weird & misguided. They even supported Christian missionairys
      who attempted to bring God’s word to the heathen.
      Today, they have now come to respect all “faiths” ( how I hate that
      mealy mouthed Blairite word). & instead of calling for a Crusade against muslim
      aggression & savagery, they support islam.
      You see, as long as it’s a “faith” & practiced by dark skinned non Europeans, it
      would be “racist” to be honest.

    • As we all know, “islam” means submit or submission.
      As long as inmates submitted & were in no way challenging to their
      new masters, any prison or concentration camp was a peaceful place.
      In the UK, the residents of Rochdale, Luton, Tower Hamlets, & Leicester etc
      have been peaceful & submitted to their quality of life being destroyed
      & their children groomed & gang raped.
      The fact that no one complains & very few prosecutions follow for the most serious crimes imaginable shows the success of non resistance to the colonising &
      spreading of this ideology; that was invisible in the UK 50 years ago.
      In the early 20th century, the only mosque in the UK, was going to be demolished
      & replaced by flats.
      An Indian lawyer got up a petition & it was saved.
      Today, more people attend mosques than Anglican Churches in the UK.
      Submission really works & does not have to be violently imposed.

  2. The hour is late. But that Doomsday Clock is seemingly more concerned with the election of Donald Trump than the demographic nightmare.

  3. The latest BBC contribution to the Islam-worship – and the undermining of Christian/Western culture – came in Andrew Graham-Dixon’s opening to his series on French art. He claimed that the remarkable development of the Gothic at the cathedral of St Denis in Paris is the result of Islamic influence. He stated: ‘…St Denis’s master masons borrowed from Islamic architecture, boldly synthesising Eastern ideas about structure, volume and form, with native innovations from Normandy and Burgundy. So, yes, Gothic was French, but spoken, you might say, with an Arab accent.’

    Earlier he had also declared that the French are a ‘mongrel race’. And there we have it. One by one, topic by topic, they are preparing the way….

  4. Sabotage of Christianity by Christian “leaders”: and we thought that Alice in Wonderland was fiction!

  5. Knowing what I know about the evangelical US presidential vote I am very surprised by the following from the article:
    “In the US, leaders of eight evangelical mission agencies have written a letter to President Trump and Vice President Pence expressing similar concerns.”
    In the US presidential election, 81% of evangelical Christians voted for Trump. Only 16% of them voted for Hillary Clinton, with 3% voting for another candidate. This is the highest support for Trump of any other religious or demographic grouping for any candidate.

    Mike Pence who is Trumps vice president:

    I just do not buy that the evangelical Church in the USA is anti Trump given the voting of its members.

    I am not at all surprised by the weak, limp wristed left wing CoE and their political grandstanding over Trump.

    • The evangelical church in the US is not anti-Trump. It is ONLY the stupid leaders who are playing the hymn of political correctness. They are the elite. They are doing exactly what the political elite do–looking with disdain at the ‘basket of deplorables.’ Just wait and see, the laity will soon vote with their feet.

      • Yes, this is true throughout most of American Christianity. The leaders are almost never on the same wavelength as the people in the pews, and it’s been that way so long, that it is no longer remarkable.

  6. Top class again.

    Just one point though, and I am pointing this out as a Catholic.

    Whilst the Catholic Leaders are very much split over this and therefore there appears to be at least some hope for the Catholics, I note that you have had to go overseas to find anyone to oppose Pope Francis.

    You have not and, I believe, will not, find any senior Bishop in the U.K. Catholic Church to express anything other than the “Religion of Peace” story.

    • I am not sure what Bishop Egan has said about this. He is normally reasonably sensible, being the opposite of the nonsense that spews from Westminster and the Bishop’s conference.

      • Certainly he used to be, I agree.

        But it appears to me that he has gone somewhat quiet since getting “reprimanded” very publicly for saying that pro-abortion and pro “gay marriage” politicians should be excommunicated.

  7. These Christian leaders might want to revisit the book of Daniel, and Balthazar’s feast.


  8. Far too many organisations, set up years ago with good intent, seem after a while to move to the left and adopt trendy causes, presumably in the hope of publicity. It is not only Christian organisations like those mentioned who have lost sight of their original aims but numerous others. In some cases, this is because ‘the job has been done’ and rather than wind-up the organisation, it looks for other things to do. The National Trust appears to be similarly afflicted, seeming to have apparently lost interest in old buildings and becoming more interested in land acquisition for “green” purposes.
    Meanwhile the organisations you mention should get on with their stated purposes. Unlike of old, they don’t need to go on expeditions to darkest Africa, just a bus or train ride to darkest Rotherham.

    • And as always, the leadership of these organization, whatever perhaps good thing they were set up to do, always end up most interested in projecting their virtue and not coincidently fattening their wallet. It’s very hard to go wrong trying to underestimate the want to do good of most non-profits, although there are, I’m sure exceptions, I’m not aware of any.

      • I feel that all charitable organisations along with a lot of state organisations should have an end-by date after which their mandate should be renewed. I wonder how many of the organisations mentioned above would be set up today if they didn’t already exist.

  9. An excellent article !
    This conservative Biblically-led Christian, who happens to be Anglican, is very well informed regarding the theology, nature, history, intentions and dangers of Islam.
    I also believe that most of the people of the UK, as drawn from many faiths and none, are intuitively aware of the nature of Islam. But it is, as ever, the liberal brainwashed, history unaware, elite throughout society that are cheering on disaster.
    But fear not ! For we’re getting Brexit, which was a type of revolution, so now we need our
    Trump !

  10. I have sympathy with all the refugees in this crisis. That notwithstanding, what is missing from the debate is how Western countries have turned a blind eye to the suffering of Christians in the Middle East and North Africa, whilst focusing on the suffering of Muslims only, presumably to give the impression that only Muslims are victims of Islamist extremism. Of course, Muslims do form a significant percentage of those victims, but even before the rise of Da’esh, many Christians were facing discrimination which has now escalated to the point where the Christian populations in these lands (whose presence there predates Islam by several centuries) is now at risk of being permanently lost. It has taken a long time for Western nations to admit to the plight of Christians and now even longer to offer to do anything about it. One thing I will point out from this article: many Syrian refugees HAVE fled to neighbouring countries. Iraq alone has taken in around 1 million, and Jordan around 800 000. They DO flee to neighbouring countries before deciding to flee further afield.

          • One of the keys to our recent action, and why it will, I trust, be reinstated is that with the exception of Iran, all are failed states, who have no means of providing reliable information. Iran tends toward the enemy side, and therefore has little inclination to. Saudi, and Pakistan, for that matter,while hardly the good guys, is a more or less reliable ally, in most things, and can provide such information, and therefore a quite different case.

          • In the case of Europe, my major concern is the large number of fit young men. Few females! Not only could they be a fighting force, but in the absence of female companions, the prey on our women. I would tend to give family groups (husband, wife & children; not parents, cousins, uncles etc) a certain preference. They are perhaps most likely to settle peacefully.

          • I agree with that. Why are military age young men not fighting for their freedom, but instead running away? There’s obviously more to the story.

            In truth many, most, most likely here have been fine. They mostly came for all the old reasons, and mostly want to succeed. Not all that different from the Scandinavians, or Italians. But the exceptions to that are not simply hoodlums, as before, but terrorists. And that demands different measures.

      • The Saudis have said they will not take any because they are a
        “security risk”.
        Other muslim states have refused to take any because they cannot integrate
        with the indigenes.
        Yet we are expected to take these completely alien people.

    • The UK has put more into funding refugee camps in Syria and neighbouring countries than the rest of the EU put together.

  11. Rev Gomes highlights a key point in the first paragraph when calls the West “Post Christian”. Those calling themselves “Christians” in the West (if they openly side with cultural mores of the times rather than with the eternal teachings of the Word of God) are actually themselves “Post-Christian”.

    A great many of these CINOs (Christians in name only) occupy the positions of power within the institutional Church and thus present Post-Christian doctrine as though it were the teaching of Christ. The reason the Church is seemingly “at war” over the Islamic immigration issue (and many other issues within our culture) is because the institutional Church has been utterly infiltrated by “wolves in sheep’s clothing.” True Christians will either need to “drain the CINO swamp” or leave themselves.

    “Come out of her, my people, lest you take part in her sins, lest you share in her plagues;” Rev 18:4

    • i believe that is what all true Christians who believe in the authority of the Bible should do. Leave the churches which are governed by hirelings and bosses who have no concern for the welfare of their flocks. And the worst thing is they do not even fear the Final Judgement that is to begin with the house of God. I do not know whether to laugh at their stupidity or to cry at their plight in future when they will ultimately face their Creator and Judge of the universe.

    • “A great many of these CINOs (Christians in name only) occupy the
      positions of power within the institutional Church”.

      These might be thought of
      as CappucCINO Christians. Their Christianity is a light decorative dusting on
      top of a thick frothy mug of Liberalism.

  12. The seven Anglican mission organisations mentioned by Dr Gomes abdicated their calling to preach the gospel a long time ago. They are now no more than left-wing political lobbyists engaged in social action and environmentalism. They keep the Christian flag flying because the money has to come from somewhere and it comes from the pockets of gullible Christians who don’t see their real agenda unless it is exposed in such articles.

    I first heard Mark Russell preach at a conference and I was hugely impressed. However, I lost all respect for him when he so blatantly sided against Pastor James McConnell in public when the latter was so tragically paraded in court for speaking against Islam in his own pulpit. It was shameful and disgraceful to watch the head of Church Army speak against a brother in Christ and a fellow worker in the gospel. Mark Russell has recently revealed his true liberal colours in the gay debate in the Church of England.

    USPG (United Society for the Propagation of the Gospel) gave up preaching the gospel a long time ago. I used to receive their glossy magazine and it was full of do-gooder social action that failed to preach the gospel. Some time ago to be more trendy and to avoid talking about ‘propagating the gospel’ which they never did in the first place in recent times, they changed their name to “Us.” Yes, as daft as that! Just, “us”. That didn’t go down very well with the donors so they are back to USPG.

    Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge (SPCK) should change its name to Society for Promoting Leftist Knowledge (SPLK). Most of its books are tracts for leftism and liberal Christianity. And so the circus goes on and on….

  13. As a self professed CINO, I have one or several issues to debate with this article(By all means please disagree)….firstly the most striking is the prolific fear of those humans who follow the Islam faith falling upon us in waves, abusing and brainwashing our flaccid Christian minds with their excessive Islamic beliefs, (jihadism and sharia law, just to clarify.) Never mins that many of the Great Minds of The West helped to understand our evolution on this Earth and ways to ensure our affirmation as dominant species.
    Secondly, the beginning of a certain paragraph that states “Christianity is rooted in History,” as though Islam has sprung like a geyser from the ground in the last twenty years….Yes, the original roots of the official Islamic faith sprung its roots roughly two centuries after Christianity….although might I add Zoroastrianism and Judaism surpass both by 2000 years.
    Thirdly, (oh no, he has more to say)….this rooting of Christianity was obtained largely by Roman conquest and the subsequent change from Roman Gods, to the Christian Faith…all through the decree of an Emperor….and the amalgamation of many Heathen faiths to accommodate its newest members.(winter solstice, spring equinox, etc) And this can only conclude the disillusionment of ulterior faiths to join theirs as a result of strikingly similar celebrations.
    Lastly, (yes, finally) is the final statement of Muslim sympathy…I only need to state the amount of civilian deaths from the “War on Iraq”, and other Western wars on Middle Eastern Countries…. to a majoritively Muslim nation(approximately 4 million)
    I must stress that I do not forget the terrible loss of life of The British or American armed service men and women who gave their life, nor the civilian casualties of Christian countries (as I’m sure many here will attempt to convey, as though I am a Muslim sympathiser and enrollee of Islam)….yet the idea that anyone could sympathise with the sheer number of civilian deaths caused by Western influence and warfare is completely founded.

    • Hi Jordan, I’ll try not to say too much as I think the comments will probably close pretty soon on this article. As a “self-professed Cino” I think you are buying far too many of the anti-Christian pseudo-facts that are trotted out by progressive narrative formers on a daily basis. Your first objection creates a straw man argument for those against mass Muslim immigration saying they are afraid that Muslims will “brainwash” gullible Christians. The actual Christian concern is that essential values to Christianity (and I would argue the fabric of our nation) such as freedom of conscience/religion and equality under the law will be gradually eroded by the incorporation of a people group who do not hold these values as precious.

      Your 2nd point misunderstands the nature of Christianity by claiming Judaism is older. That is no argument at all as Christianity is “Judaism fulfilled” ie believes that Jesus Christ was the Jewish Messiah.

      Your 3rd point misunderstands the claim that Western culture has its roots in Christianity since it is not Christian statism and imperialism that is the driving force behind our laws and culture but the Christian doctrine that man is created in the image of God and thus all human life is of inestimable worth. Our laws and culture are based around that principle not Christian imperialism.

      Finally, I agree that we should have sympathy for Muslims since they also are human beings and of great value in the sight of the Christian God. The problem here is that atheist progressives are doing their very best to make it illegal for Christians to debate and attempt to show Muslims the love of the Christian God for them in this country by implementing (anti-British) hate speech legislation.

  14. It is good to note that some Christian Societies can see how things are going. For instance, The Protestant Truth Society would never join in with the foolish grandstanding of these other groups.

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