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‘Rebel Priest’ Rev Jules Gomes: The empire strikes back against our global abortion crusade


Europe is committing mass suicide. Demographically, morally and culturally we are killing ourselves. There is a noble side, though, to this self-annihilation. Our extermination is entirely voluntary and self-inflicted.

We are not blaming anyone else for coercing us into this novel sport of national Seppuku, this ritual suicide by disembowelment invented by the Japanese samurai. We are not holding an invading Genghis Khan or marauding barbarian hordes or a conquering seventh-century religion culpable, for even the mass immigration of Muslims into Europe is our own mea maxima culpa.

‘O happy dagger! This is thy sheath; there rust, and let me die,’ is our stoic lament as we repeat Juliet’s words, pick up Romeo’s dagger and plunge its blade into the bowels of Western civilisation.

But just before we collapse and die why are we hell-bent on homicide as well as suicide? Why are we single-mindedly set on killing other civilisations – demographically, morally and culturally? And why are we spending £ 1.1 billion to exterminate the most vulnerable of other races and cultures – people who most emphatically do not share our death wish and who choose life over death?

Our so-called Conservative Government has just announced that it will spend over £1 billion of foreign aid money on abortion and family planning overseas in the next five years. At the recent Family Planning Summit in London, International Development Secretary Priti Patel, put on her Santa Claus persona and decided to stuff the hard-earned money of the British taxpayer down the stockings of pregnant African women in order to bribe them into murdering their own babies.

‘It’s truly astonishing that in today’s world there are still 214 million women around the world who do not want to get pregnant, but who are not currently using modern methods of family planning,’ Ms Patel told the conference. Let me tell you what is truly astonishing, Ms Patel!

It’s truly astonishing to see a Conservative minister promote a culture of death. Does she not realise that there have now been at least 9 million abortions in Great Britain since the 1967 Act was passed – a figure higher than the Holocaust?

It’s truly astonishing that such ideological imperialism is still acceptable – is it not blatant racism to prescribe what African women most need without asking African women what they really need?

It’s truly astonishing that Priti Patel claims to know what 214 million women around the world really want and has the arrogance to speak on behalf of them.

It’s truly astonishing to hear a minister lecture Africans and Asians on family planning and contraception, when we have one of the highest rates of teenage pregnancies in the UK.

It’s truly astonishing that Ms Patel is pushing this proposal when 65 per cent of the public oppose UK taxpayer money being spent on abortions overseas, according to a ComRes poll.

It’s truly astonishing that Theresa May’s Government has £1.1 billion to squander on overseas abortions, when it has frozen salaries for British doctors, nurses, and others below inflation for 7 years and when NHS trusts are reporting a £886 million deficit for the first 9 months of the financial year, forcing them to cut beds across UK national hospitals.

It’s truly astonishing that the UK is funding abortion programmes abroad when the US has just cancelled support for such schemes in other countries.

It’s truly astonishing for our government to prattle on about diversity when it is all about hegemony over cultures that find abortion an abomination. According to a 2015 Pew Report, 92 per cent of people in Ghana, 88 per cent in Uganda and 82 per cent in Kenya say they find abortion morally unacceptable. If you look at Asia, the figures are as high as 93 per cent for the Philippines, 89 per cent for Indonesia and 85 per cent for Pakistan.

Having said that, it’s NOT truly astonishing that the BBC World Service is backing this cultural imperialism. Have you ever noticed how the Left rails against colonialism even when the British did a lot of good by abolishing the evil practice of Sati in India – a barbaric custom that forced the bride to immolate herself on her husband’s funeral pyre if he died before her? Have you noticed how the sistahood never spends a penny to protect young girls from genital mutilation (FGM) in Muslim countries because it hates cultural imperialism?

But when it comes to imposing its own ‘moral’ agenda on the huddled masses of humanity, the Left waves its magic wand and open sesame evil ‘imperialism’ becomes ‘basic human rights’! This time, BBC Newsday presenter Babita Sharma got an African tongue-lashing from Obianuju Ekeocha, specialist biomedical scientist in haematology and founder and president of Culture of Life Africa.

‘My lifeline out of poverty was education. It was not contraception. And there are so many other women who have walked the same path as I have without ever having to take recourse to some contraception provided by the British government or the United States government,’ Ekeocha blasted the BBC.

‘If we’re talking about abortion, well, I don’t think that any Western country has a right to pay for abortions in an African country, especially when the majority of people don’t want abortion…that then becomes a form of ideological colonisation,’ said Ekeocha. Sharma responded by saying, ‘the fact remains that hundreds of millions of women don’t have access [to contraception] and should.’

‘Well, you’re saying “should,” but who are you to decide, if you don’t mind me saying?’ asked Ekeocha. Shell-shocked Sharma didn’t quite know how to respond to this articulate, black, intelligent, British-African woman who wouldn’t swallow her lefty feminist claptrap. Ekeocha labels this ‘the dictatorship of the wealthy donor.’

In an open letter to Melinda Gates, who was also present at Patel’s conference, Ekeocha writes about the African attitude to childbirth. ‘Growing up in a remote town in Africa, I have always known that a new life is welcomed with much mirth and joy. In fact we have a special “clarion” call (or song) in our village reserved for births and another special one for marriages. The first day of every baby’s life is celebrated by the entire village with dancing (real dancing!) and clapping and singing – a sort of “Gloria in excelsis Deo.” All I can say with certainty is that we, as a society, LOVE and welcome babies.’

‘With all the challenges and difficulties of Africa, people complain and lament their problems openly. I have grown up in this environment and I have heard women (just as much as men) complain about all sorts of things. But I have NEVER heard a woman complain about her baby (born or unborn),’ she writes in her letter to Mrs Melinda “Microsoft” Gates.

In an article titled Abominable Evil: An African Perspective on Planned Parenthood, Ekeocha compares abortion to human sacrifices practised by witch doctors, before Christians drove such practices out of Africa. ‘Even at the tender age of 10, I could classify these particular practices as primitive, inhumane, incompatible with civilised society.’

Emil Hagamu, Director of Human Life International, Tanzania responds with an argument from cultural linguistics. ‘While investigating whether or not any African language has any word or phrase that would correspond to the English word “abortion,” I have yet to find a single example. You would think something so “widely accepted” in our culture would be named.’

What is truly astonishing is that the Left does not know what where to look when the Empire strikes back! If Africans are bringing the sanctity of life back to our shores, Ekeocha and her ilk may yet save us from committing mass suicide – demographically, culturally and morally.

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‘Rebel Priest’ Rev Jules Gomes
‘Rebel Priest’ Rev Jules Gomes
The Rev’d Dr Jules Gomes, BA, BD, MTh, PhD (Cantab) is a journalist and academic.

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