When the Anglican priest John Wesley was drawing huge crowds with his preaching and becoming a real pain in the Church of England’s posterior, the hierarchy called a meeting to discuss how to silence him. The envious clergy floated a number of proposals but realised that none would work against a man of iron convictions. Finally, a hesitant hand went up. ‘Why don’t we make him a bishop? That will silence him,’ suggested an archdeacon. There was stunned silence followed by thunderous applause. The archdeacon was right.

They must have lamented the fact they did not. His departure gave birth to Methodism.

Today Justin Welby and his cronies must be banging their heads wondering why they did not make Gavin Ashenden, the former Queen’s Chaplain, a bishop. That would have paralysed his spinal cord, lobotomised his high-speed brain and silenced his impressive pen. If Luther had the printing press Ashenden has YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and his website.

His latest blog, The Anglican Christian Resistance and the Resignation of Lorna Ashworth, brilliantly analyses – and highlights – the reasons behind the latest big-time resignation in the C of E. Lorna Ashworth, the prominent conservative evangelical, has publicly resigned from General Synod and the Archbishops’ Council leaving behind her a stinging rebuke to the hierarchy who are infecting the C of E with the most pernicious forms of the feminist and gay agenda under the Welbyism of ‘good disagreement’.

‘She is a clever, transparently good woman, powerful in her integrity and clarity of purpose,’ writes Ashenden. ‘She is just the kind of person feminists hate. She is a rebuke to the whole thrust of feminist propaganda. Here is someone who has no problems with masculinity, no fear or jealousy of it, no bitterness or anxiety, no need to engage in the secular neurosis of power-play, but is dignified, potent and to the feminist project, dangerous.

‘She came to the conclusion that the Church of England has passed the point of no return, and is no longer worth spending time in or over, at the level of General Synod.’

Ashenden has been there as a loyal soldier of the C of E. He’s been a member of General Synod. He’s seen the light on the road to Damascus and has headed for the Internet highways and byways with his message of a church of the resistance.

He quotes from Lorna Ashworth’s last speech to the General Synod of July 2017. ‘As a corporate body we have become unable to articulate the saving message of Jesus Christ which fully encompasses the reality of sin, repentance and forgiveness – without this message we do not teach a true gospel and people do not get saved.’

I am so grateful for his analysis. He says: ‘Within the culture and context of General Synod, the language of Christianity has been changed. Words no longer mean what they did, and where they do, they are no longer used.

‘Although the process of decay began with the ordination of women to the priesthood (a move that Lorna along with the many other orthodox women on Synod have long been opposed to), the implications of ignoring the Biblical teaching on gender remained hidden to most Anglicans.

‘Feminism rather than the New Testament has formed the mind-set of most. But with gay marriage the implications of the challenge posed by secular values to the New Testament are much harder to hide.’

He goes on to identify the ringleaders of the feminist rot. ‘For many of us, watching the conflict with care, last July’s Synod was a turning point. The über-feminist, media-savvy, misandrist Jayne Ozanne led an attempt to test the theological clarity of Synod and its commitment to either the New Testament or the spirit of the age, which she represents and endorses.’

The problem is that ‘feminism doesn’t like the Bible,’ he observes. ‘The Bishop of Gloucester, Rachel Treweek, finds the fatherhood of God so offensive and personally difficult that she urges the Church to drop calling our Father “father” and call Him “it” instead.’

Lorna has done what is meet and right. ‘In light of this revisionist agenda and the heretical teaching that comes with it, I am no longer willing to sit around the table, pretending that we, as a governing body of the Church of England, are having legitimate conversations about mission. I refuse to be mistaken as one participating in the fanciful notion of “good disagreement”,’ she has announced.

Ashenden himself issues a clarion call to faithful Christians to ‘leave the dead to bury the dead’ and withdraw ‘allegiance from heretical bishops, time and energy from the committees that serve it, and your money from being used to promote the sub-Christian heresy of syncretism.’

Ashenden’s Morning Prayer relayed live on Facebook from his two very special chapels in Normandy or Shropshire have around 400 people watching them (and no doubt participating in prayer). How many C of E cathedrals get more than a dozen people each morning joining in for Morning Prayer (including members of Chapter)? He also does a weekly interview on Anglican Unscripted that is hungrily watched by more than 1,500 regular viewers where, with grace, he takes apart the heresies and the lunacies of the current regime in the C of E.

Justin Welby really must be regretting not making Gavin a bishop.



  1. ‘His departure gave birth to Methodism’. And now the Methodists are declining even faster than the Anglicans.

    • Whilst neither a member, nor an attender, I rather suspect that the decline in number has come about or been accelerated by the mutual accommodation between the Anglicans and Methodists. It may also be questioned whether the galloping feminisation of both Clergy and liturgy has provoked the emptying of pews.

  2. Strangely enough, only a few weeks ago a Roman Catholic friend sent me details of a vision that Pope Leo XIII had on 13 October 1884, in which he foresaw a century (or more) of turmoil in the Church (presumably the RC Church), when Satan would nearly destroy it. Being curious, I looked at the following websites. Anyone interested can check them. I still don’t know what to make of it, but perhaps it could apply to all the Christian Churches, which certainly today seem to be under direct attack from Satanic powers.

    • I’ve come to believe that he did indeed believe it was the Catholic Church, but I wonder if it was not rather the visible church. In any case, he instituted a prayer to St Michael the Archangel (well, as a Lutheran, I don’t really payer to angel (arch or otherwise) but it’s a good prayer for us all,

      “Saint Michael Archangel,
      defend us in battle,
      be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil;
      may God rebuke him, we humbly pray;
      and do thou, O Prince of the heavenly host,
      by the power of God, cast into hell
      Satan and all the evil spirits
      who prowl through the world seeking the ruin of souls.

      Along that line, I haven’t a clue if it is true there, but here the churches that have hewed to our traditional teachings, LCMS, Conservative Anglican of Church of North America, parts of the Roman Catholic Church, and various evangelical churches, are holding their own or better, while the modernist variants are in all cases losing membership, mostly quickly

        • I agree, it’s just harder for me to see where the lines are in Britain. I’d guess the results are similar, at least that what the pilgrimage results at Walsingham (Anglican, Catholic, Orthodox, and other) would indicate.

  3. It is not just these problems which have emptied the pews. Across Western Europe the same process has happened. Look at the Netherlands where their churches are as empty, if not more so, than ours. Militant secularism after the last war has done for Christianity in Western Europe. Add to this trendy Bishops who thought they could write as well as Cranmer or Tyndale and you have a liturgy that sounds like a shopping list for Waitrose. The church as all but committed suicide.

  4. The decline in numbers is a good thing. However, not that it’s really any of my business, but the continuous eroding of Christian religious principles by the modern church and it’s total refusal to maintain a stable moral framework has made it irrelevant. Might as well stick a Bishops Mitre on Theresa May at this point as its no longer clear what exactly the Church stands for.

  5. Gavin Ashenden is a godly man and is a beacon of light in a dark world. His sermons and talks are a lifeline for those of us struggling in the C of E in its death throes. Today has been another awful day, waking up to news of the failure of the church to defend children in Church of England schools from the LGBTQQI lobby. Children will now be coerced into believing that a boy can become a girl and vice versa and will be ostracised if they do not do so. Never mind the confusion this will engender in all children. And what about a girl who does not want to share a changing room with a so called girl? According to the Scottish Government she must go and use other facilities, not the one causing the problem!

    • Justin Welby has not stopped digging the grave of CofE. He is digging the grave for his own family. If this is what he is recommending for the children he does not know and does not care then surely he must be having the same standard for his own grand children? He does not care if his won grandchildren become transgender… undergo painful operation to change their sex and commit suicide as a result of complete messing up of their minds… Who do you think he is?
      I hope and pray that parents start home-schooling. I wonder how muslim and Hindu parent who send their children to CofE schools for good moral education will react to this?

      • Two words describe the leadership of the CofE.

        Liberal Elite. If you look at what they stand for, this is the new religion and it ain’t Christian

        We know who is behind it

      • I sense in my spirit that the Bishops are now under dreadful judgment. In Matthew Jesus makes it clear what will happen to those who let these little ones stumble – “it would be better for them to have a millstone put round their necks and be thrown into the depths of the sea”.
        Justin Welby is in my area at the moment and there is an event in Leicester tomorrow night for prayer. I had already decided that I could not attend a prayer event led by a blind guide; who is he directing prayer to? To be the Archbishop who completes the destruction of the C of E is a dreadful epitaph.
        I am praying for Christian teachers – how can they continue in this environment? It will be interesting to see the response from Hindu and Muslim parents. Certainly when OFSTED have tried to promote LGBT issues in schools Muslim parents have turned up en masse at school. The secularists have been trying to shut Church schools for years – there will be no need as they have crossed over to the dark side.

        • ”If the foundations are destroyed
          What can the righteous do?” The Psalmist asks.
          I join you in prayer for the teachers in CofE schools. I am grateful that there are Bible based evangelical churches who have not bowed before Baal and continue to fight the good fight of faith.

  6. If we were to ban all young males from wearing a tutu or princess dress where on earth would we get the next generation of Bishops from?

  7. Who would have thought that Feminism was a creation of the CIA, and its early founder Gloria Steinem a CIA agent.

    Not wild conspiracy theory but something both protagonists openly admit to. The CIA even funded ‘Miss’ magazine.

    I bet now they wish they hadn’t !

  8. I have met Lorna Ashworth a few times. She seemed to me to be incredibly capable in meetings , with strong convictions and would voice her opinion and back it up with the Bible. This is stark contrast to the rest of the CofE who seem to base both morality and policy on “feelings”.

    The good ship CofE has had so many conservatives jump off the right side of the ship, it is now tipping dangerously to the left. It won’t be long now before it turns over completely and sinks beneath the waves.

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