‘Wherever St Paul went, there was a riot. Wherever I go, they serve tea,’ quips the scholar-bishop N T Wright, drolly stating the foremost qualification of a bishop in the Church of England.

The CofE has just monumentally outdone Bishop Wright’s criterion for selecting bishops by appointing an über-bureaucrat to England’s third-most important ecclesiastical throne. Wherever the new Bishopette of Londonistan goes, people will serve not only tea, but chunky slices of gooey chocolate cake swathed in the swaddling clothes of the icing of niceness. Dame Sarah Mullally might as well wear a tea cosy instead of a mitre!

The 55-year-old ‘woman’ (of that, she is certain) describes herself on Twitter as a ‘poor potter’. Pottery is her hobby. She should describe herself as a ‘poor theologian’. Theology is (allegedly) her profession. The most important word in the Christian vocabulary is ‘gospel’. Mullally bafflingly cannot define ‘gospel’.

In her depressingly bland maiden message telling us how ‘surprised’ she is to be Bishop of London (every bishop fakes ‘surprise’ when their appointment is made public) she waves two white flags of appeasement to the orthodoxies of ‘safe spaces’ and ‘safeguarding’. She then proceeds confusingly to conflate ‘church’ with ‘safe spaces’ and claims that ‘safeguarding is at the heart of the gospel’.

She parrots this mantra from an earlier blog, where she fires off a string of nebulous phrases and non-sequiturs. ‘As the body of Christ we are called to reflect the nature of Christ, the nature of God and I believe that as churches, part of the body of Christ we are called to be places of safety, places in which people can take refuge. This is why I believe that safeguarding is at the heart of the gospel.’ Huh? I always thought the death and resurrection of Jesus were at the heart of the gospel. Silly me!

A former senior civil servant in the Department of Health who became Chief Nursing Officer for England, Dame Sarah is fluent in her first language of NHS-speak, but stutters when it comes to her second language of biblical Christianity.

London has a bishop who doesn’t have the foggiest idea about the biblical gospel. Her episcopal raison d’être is ‘safeguarding’, not the salvation of souls! ‘ . . . I will seek not only to exercise responsibility for safeguarding but I will continue to ensure a safe culture in which abuse has no place, and where those who have survived abuse can flourish,’ she hollers. Nothing wrong with having a bishop prancing around with pom-poms and cheerleading the church’s Safeguarding Stasi Team, I suppose, but isn’t the CofE already infested to the rafters with safeguarding bureaucrats?

One of the cardinal qualifications of a bishop as laid down in the New Testament is that he should be ‘an apt teacher’ (1 Timothy 3:2). ‘He must hold firm to the trustworthy word as taught, so that he may be able to give instruction in sound doctrine and also to rebuke those who contradict it’ (Titus 1:9).

Looking for a meaty exposition of a biblical text by Bishop Mullally is like searching for the Loch Ness monster using an ultrasonic submarine detector and finding nothing. But, hey-ho, Mullally compensates for her inability to teach by her ability to tweet! She is known as the bishop who tweets the most among her peers in the exclusive mitred mafia club of the CofE. Despite joining Twitter just 18 months ago, she has sent almost 3,000 tweets, the liberal Left-leaning Premier Radio website breathlessly announces.

If you are a bishop in the CofE belief in God is ‘an optional extra’, Sir Humphrey Appleby tells Jim Hacker in the true-to-life British sitcom Yes, Prime Minister. But supporting a football club is a non-negotiable dogma of creedal faith. Acting Bishop of London Pete Broadbent (don’t read too much into his surname!), who was suspended after making anti-royalist foot-in-the-mouth comments on social media, declares he is ‘a lifelong supporter and season ticket holder at Tottenham Hotspur FC’. Bishop of Sheffield Pete Wilcox wants us to know he is a big Newcastle United fan. The women bishops have yet to learn this trick of coming across as ‘cool’.

But the best way to come across as ‘cool’ in the CofE is to be singularly skilled at box ticking and doffing your mitre to every single Corbynist cause – here the bishopettes can teach the bishops a lesson. The First Epistle of Madame Mullally to the saints of Londinium makes Welby look like an amateur. Like elastic from old underwear she stretches herself to fit the entire spectrum of the ‘diverse’ Diocese of London.

Mullally says she believes that marriage is between a man and a woman (at least for now). That’s a sop to wealthy St Helen’s, Bishopsgate, who have threatened to sever ties with the CofE if the new bishop is not conservative on sexuality (Tick Box). By the same Houdini-esque attempt to reconcile irreconcilable opposites, she concedes that sexuality ‘is a challenging issue not just for diocese of London’. That’s a sop to the LGBTIQ alphabet soup lobby (Tick Box).

Mullally stacks up the hierarchy of intersectionality and smartly feeds each of their insatiable appetites for attention. She tell us the church needs more black and minority ethnic clergy (Tick Box) and better representation of disabled people (Tick Box), as well as women (Tick Box), in order to better represent the communities (Tick Box) it serves. She speaks of deprivation (Tick Box) and inequality (Tick Box) in London, where some people feel ‘marginalised, voiceless and angry’ (Tick Box—is that for Remainers?) Mullally will visit a food bank (Tick Box – a visual demonstration against heartless Tory bastards) and will be introduced to leaders from the Tower Hamlets interfaith forum to discuss the challenges faced by London’s faith communities (Tick Box – a symbolic cuddle with Muslim Mayor of London Sadiq Khan).

Two tips for the Church of England. First, learn from bookies when appointing bishops. William Hill did not list Bishop Mullally among the top eight candidates. The bookies know the Bible better than Caroline Boddington, the master chess player manoeuvring her pawns and bishops, who has ‘disproportionate power’ over top CofE appointments. The bookies sincerely expected the Crown Nominations Commission to appoint a bishop who would in some measure meet some aspect of the job description of a real bishop.

Second, educate clergy on the basics of the gospel. Tell them the gospel is more important than safeguarding or moral grandstanding. St Paul’s succinct summary might be a good place to begin: ‘For I delivered to you as of first importance what I also received: that Christ died for our sins in accordance with the Scriptures, that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day in accordance with the Scriptures.’ Simple, innit, Ms Mullally?

Not so simple, if you understand CofE politics. Eavesdrop on this conversation between Prime Minister Jim Hacker and Cabinet Secretary Sir Humphrey Appleby from the episode entitled The Bishop’s Gambit. ‘So, the ideal candidate [for a bishopric] from the Church of England’s point of view would be a cross between a socialite and a socialist?’ asks the puzzled Hacker. Sir Humphrey offers a one-word reply: ‘Precisely.’


  1. Churches in London have a financial obligation to fund the hierarchy called “quota”.

    I suggest that they place this to one side and refuse to release it.

    Perhaps then the tick of biblical orthodoxy might be displayed.

    If not, think of it as down payment to fund the split that has been inevitable for many years .

    • They guy got removed from his post by the COE for misconduct. Since then he’s devoted his life to rants like this. It’s actually rather sad.

      • Rev’d Gomes was stitched up by Cultural Marxists that could not tolerate the vigorous and virile authority of Biblical Christianity.

        Rev’d Gomes delivers more integrity in a three-minute allocution than the current Archbishop of Canterbury has delivered in one hundred Sunday sermons.

        • I agree, Godfrey. The proof is in the pudding. By their fruits you shall know them. The Pharisees and Scribes stitched up Jesus through false accusations they could not substantiate. I will laugh loudly at a Church that tried to false accuse and malign the great Bishop George Bell. Mr Welby continues to defame Bishop Bell despite the verdict of the Carlile Report. Scoundrels, the lot of them!

      • Again why don’t you engage with his arguments and the evidence he provides rather than name-calling, Mr Toddington? Or can you do no better than ad hominem?

        • Although you are correct that it comprises nothing more than mud-slinging and name-calling, Homer, there is nothing ad hominem about it that I can see. Nowhere does Mr Toddington attempt to suggest that there is a causative link between the Rev Gomes’ falling foul of the CofE and his production of what Toddington concludes to be rants. Toddington’s merely throwing two discrete pieces of mud, with no attempt to justify why he considers such throwing to be justified.

          Not an isolated example of this feature of life’s rich tapestry in glorious 21st century Britain, I’m afraid.

          • I love the way you explain this in such succinct philosophical language! Thank you! Sadly, logic is not a forte among many in today’s Britain.

        • Ad hominem is a good approach; using your opponent’s own assumptions to bring down his argument, as Jesus did.

      • “It’s actually rather sad.”
        Gosh, you have an annoying way of expressing yourself. Smug, “what fools these mortals be!” superiority. It wouldn’t surprise me if you were a Lib Dem or a Quaker.

          • The turtle and the usual moronic multi-sockpuppeteer are not actually the same person.

            The rest of your post though, spot on.

          • I wasn’t meaning to suggest that they are the same person, even though Toddington tried to peddle that in his usual attempt at irony. What I meant is that they all adopt exactly the same superior, judgemental, sneering style.

          • I honestly think some senior CofE bishop pays Sean Toddington anything between £ 25-50 for every comment he makes against Dr Gomes depending on how vicious, how long and how inane his comment is! Toddington, being an unwashed half-wit, who is no doubt sitting sadly in some council basement with three days of growth on his face, on benefits, and alternating between the Conservative Woman and some seedy webbsites which offer Russian women, has taken up this very generous offer from his local bishop. Aww….bless! Christmas is coming and he needs a few quid to smoke some pot.

      • Gomes was persecuted for being an orthodox, conservative, Bible-believing Anglican priest, and for speaking his mind to the liberal revisionist powers that be in the CofE. He is a real hero following in the footsteps of Jesus and John the Baptist. They were hated by those in ecclesiastic power as well. At least Gomes is unlikely to be crucified or beheaded. May God continue to bless his assorted ministries.

        • I thought he was dismissed for bullying church staff, and for using foul language. He made the national press described as the ‘potty mouthed vicar’. I’m not a Christian, but hey, if you say that’s following in the footsteps of Jesus, I’ll take your word for it. He is, indisputably, perpetually angry, and, in my experience an angry person is not a happy person. He really needs to move on.

          • The entire case against him was fabricated because he took the Bishop of Sodor and Man to Tynwald and presented a public petition seeking to change the law with regards to clergy tenure and seek protection for clergy from bullying and harassment. A number of clergy were bullied, harassed and falsely accused by the former Bishop of Sodor and Man. Parliament would have picked up Gomes’ petition and appointed a select committee. Witnesses would have been able to give evidence. Legally, the only way to stop this was to file a counter-suit against Gomes. This bishop did this by accusing him of shouting at a church cleaner and using foul language in a private phone conversation. Come on Sean you and I both know this is laughable! No clergyman in history has been legally disciplined for this! This is not adultery or sexual abuse or theft!!! The bishop was forced to resign three years before his retirement. The entire case is in the public domain. So please read it carefully without your animus against Gomes. If you hate him so much, why do you keep coming back to his writings? I don’t understand. Perpetually angry? He is one of the very few clergy speaking against the rot in the CofE. What do you expect him to do? Spout false lovey-dovey rhetoric? Have you read any of the writings of the biblical prophets? This man is a modern Martin Luther King Jr! Get over your hatred of him and move on.

          • Great comment, Homer. I can vouch for every word. Jules’ experience is the embodiment of what the CoE really means by ‘mutual flourishing’.

          • Thank you, Sir. I have listened to Jules’ sermons online and have been greatly blessed by them. I have also surveyed Bishop Robert Paterson’s record. He is the bishop that got sin and Satan kicked out from the baptismal service of the CofE. Choosing between Paterson and Gomes is not rocket science if you are a Christian who believes in the authority of the Bible.

          • He’s made the national press again, the same Daily Mail has quoted him today: However Reverend Jules Gomes, pastor of Church of England St Augustine’s in Douglas, Isle of Man, said: ‘Conservative evangelical and Anglo-Catholic churches will struggle to accept a woman bishop, but will find it even more difficult given that Bishop Mullally is completely unremarkable as a theologian, biblical scholar, preacher, evangelist or pastor.’ And you said he was dismissed?
            Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5190457/Former-NHS-chief-nurse-female-Bishop-London.html#ixzz51jgpHvb5

          • Speaking as a psychologist, that sounds like pure projection on your part. Why are you even here since you are not Christian? You are the one who seems perpetually angry. YOU really need to move on.

          • I’m sorry Bruce but if you can’t see that there is something a little off in the rev’s unending stream of bile, bitterness and downright nastiness, then you aren’t much of a psychologist. Speaking as a layman.

            Speaking as a non Christian, the spectacle of Christians heaping vicious abuse on other Christian is most unattractive.

          • But if you say you are a not a Christian, why are you even bothered? If you hate Gomes so much, why do you even keep coming back so obsessively to his writings? As a psychologist, Bruce is right. You have a real problem — pathological, in fact. Is some senior bishop paying you to troll Gomes?

          • Because it’s something I have an interest in, and some knowledge of – the established Church is still important in England. On a personal note, I have a cordial relationship with our local vicar, and have several close and long standing friends who are COE priests. In fact both my son’s godparents are vicars, one sadly removed from his position a la Gomes.

            I find his articles of interest as they are an extreme expression of some of the currents of debate within the church. It’s not so much his view point I dislike, but the biliousness with which it is expressed, and the complete absence of Christian charity.

          • Sadly, you seem to be journalistically illiterate. Read other columnists (like the Rev Peter Mullen) and you will find Gomes mild. The reformer Martin Luther would be non-publishable. If you read many of the statements of Jesus, Paul, John the Baptist and the biblical prophets, Gomes’ writings pale in comparison. You really need to get a life, buddy. You know Gomes’ style of writing. You can see how many people enjoy reading his columns. Clearly he’s not taking any notice of your jumping up and down like a spoilt child and throwing toys out of your pram. Grow up and quit your job with the Thought Police. Don’t try and control how other people write or speak. It’s called freedom of speech and expression, in case you didn’t know. And it applies to reverends as well.

          • Well now! How have I in any way restricted Rev Gomes freedom of speech? I’m just not under any compulsion to like it or agree with it. Incidentally I saw our local vicar last weekend and was more than happy to accept a blessing from her.

          • Thanks Lydia – I will. And I hope that whatever our differences, Christmas is going well for you, and that you have a good one!

          • Fortunately, you cannot restrict Gomes freedom of speech. You are just playing the false ‘moral superiority card’ and only besmirching yourself in the process.

      • There is a difference between rant and a humorous, well-written, carefully argued, evidence-based column. Your comments are rants; Gomes’ columns are a work of art. If the reverse were the case, Sean, you would be writing columns on such websites and Gomes would be ranting in the comments. So let’s see you take up your pen and get published!

    • Depends on your definition – if your definition is “niceness” you are on the wrong track. The C of E is becoming the Pharisees – Jesus told them they were “a brood of vipers”. So Rev Jules is actually more Christlike.

    • That depends whether you think Christian writing ought to be Biblical.
      The problem with our beloved Church of England is that its senior clerics have embraced a concept of Christianity is no longer Biblical.
      I choose actual Biblical Christianity and I reject Cultural Marxism that merely purports to be Christianity.

      • Excellent form. I do wonder, though, whether Christianity should be ‘Biblical’ or one’s interpretation of the Bible, Christian? As in the teaching of Christ.

        • Christ is the fulfillment of Old Testament prophesy. In this sense, His causation is teleological. Hence, the teaching of Christ must be Biblical.

        • The teaching of Christ is Biblical, since Christ is the fulfillment of God’s message that the Old Testament prophets foretold. There is no contradiction whatsoever. Something that ‘Liberal’ readers of scripture ought to keep in mind is that Christ was a conservative who was teaching other conservatives. Note that this ‘conservative’ context of the New Testament is not explicitly stated, since this conservative mindset was taken for granted by Christ, by the Apostles and by the Jews to whom Christ preached his message of redemption and salvation. The modern ‘Liberal’ who reads scripture must make every effort to discount the current world-view that is shaped by Marxist and Communist doctrine. The Marxist & Communist world-view is only 200 years old. To understand scripture, one must read the Holy Book with the mind of a conservative.

    • You are probably another idiot who can’t tell the difference between Christianity, sanctimony and politics.

  2. Spot-on article by my favourite priest!
    And extra kudos for starting off with N.T. Wright (when writing for academe) or Bishop Tom when talking to us lay folk. His NT commentary series ‘ … for Everyone’ are a necessity if one wants to survive the current CofE …

  3. I have read her CV and it appears she has been fast tracked everywhere and expects to be fast tracked to replace the useless Arch-Bishop of Canterbury. Why we wonder at the disappearance of church attendances amazes me when this is a glaring example of one of the reasons.

  4. Doh! Just noticed she forgot to tick the box of the Gospel of Global Warming! Never mind. We’ll forgive her for that–she has plenty of time–55 years until she retires at 70–by then she’ll have finished off the Diocese of London with hot air from her vacuous sermons. Or as ancientpopeye says, she might be Archbishop of Canterbury! Moral of the story: The more mediocre you are; the higher you climb the greasy pole of power in the CofE.

  5. I am told by someone in a position to know – their job is a consideration in what I say – that female ministers will destroy a parish faster than a cow pat slides off a shovel. And that a parish in a position to fund its incumbent is willing to wait the two years or so that it takes to get a male priest; the first things a female minister does are a) offend the volunteers and b) default on the quota.
    It is unfortunate that the CofE did not deal with female ministers in the way the Orthodox Churches have dealt with married priests. In a nutshell, they are not promotable.

    • When women were first allowed to be ordained, I predicted that it would only be a matter of time before we had a female Archbishop of Canterbury pronouncing that God was a woman. Which act would mark the ultimate demise of a once-great institution.

      My prediction remains bang on target.

    • Some female Ministers will also destroy a country, but the process is slower. I never thought to see a political era in which Caroline Flint would appear grounded and sensible.

    • The CoE is failing because it’s becoming feminised. By that I don’t just mean the appointment of female clergy. CoE congregations were already hemorrhaging men and I predicted that female clergy would accelerate the trend. The CoE would become a stronghold for women, led by women, filled mostly by women. Wavering male congregants and men outside the church would look in and see a female and feminised institution without masculine role models. As diversity-speak puts it, they do not see themselves represented.

      No wonder Islam is the fastest growing religion here. Young men who want the strong boundaries in life religion provides see in Islam a muscular, masculine faith in which their gender is given pride of place. And so, the gentle boundaries of Christianity which say that man and woman are equal but different are replaced by the harsh, vindictive patriarchy of Islam.

    • The answer may be pew straps to allow the congregation to sleep without embarrassing falls into the prayerbook shelf.

    • Faster than a forest fire can destroy a forest! All you are left with is Kumbayah and touchy feely worship services. Kathy Gyngell wrote in her column some time ago: With their predictable pudding basin haircuts these female clergy are, in my experience, particularly graceless. … And guess what, as the wimmin have risen, church attendance has fallen.’ Her piece on ‘wimmin’ vicars is brilliant! I couldn’t stop laughing because it was so funny and couldn’t stop crying because it was so true.

    • I suppose she could be asked to “identify” as Samson. Even without the muscles she might succeed in bringing the walls of the temple down.

  6. Rev Gomes really is going to have to stop this. Every time I read one of his articles, it strikes such a chord that I have to bookmark it for future reference. My bookmark list is becoming unmanageable.

    • I’m probably going to get flak for this, but taking the “Obey” out of the marriage vows accelerated the rot. I hope my wife doesn’t see th

      • There isnt really any way that a couple can stay together long term if ‘obey’ is not respected. By allowing men to have the final word in a relationship, it means women do not get too carried away with ’empowerment’ and life can be conducted together mutually. As soon as the ‘obey’ part goes, then she will say what she likes, lose respect and walk away.

      • That, and the requirement that husbands must serve their wives.

        Mutual service and obedience if taken away simply destroys the nature of Marriage, even civilly.

  7. Got here via a link from Cranmer’s blog. Thanks Homer!!
    What a superb piece of writing! All is not lost as long as the likes of Rev. Gomes have the liberty to counter the equality, diversity and pervert bandits.

    • Thank you, Ian. I am in total agreement. The twisted cultural Marxists are getting a real thrashing from Rev Gomes. Incidentally, some comments on the Cranmer blog superbly substantiating Gomes’ point about Mullah Mullally not having the foggiest idea about the gospel:
      ichabod • an hour ago
      I heard Sarah Mullally preach at an induction service for new rector shortly after she became a bishop – so a lot of people there you would not normally see and an opportunity for a gospel message. She spoke for 10 minutes without saying anything – it amazes me how some people can do this – and concluded with her only item of content that we should “show people God’s love”. No explanation of what that might be, or how she thought it might be shown. No message of what Jesus Christ has done, or need for faith in Him. Says all you need to know.
      Martin Marprelate ichabod • 39 minutes ago
      Absolutely right!
      I heard her giving a talk at a Bible Society meeting in October which purported to be celebrating the Reformation.
      She is a nice smiley lady and a fluent speaker, but I’m sorry to say that it did not appear to me at the time that she knew the Gospel.

  8. Of course, back in the day, 1/3 of all Anglican priests were Freemasons, and God alone knows how many on the benches in the House of Lords wore aprons in the Lodge. So how was it any better then?

    The sooner this zombified, Frankenstein’s monster of a nationalised “church” animated by the spirit of the age, stumbles to a lifeless halt, the better.

  9. Did the silly bint say who or what she was safeguarding, and from whom, or what?

    I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that we would be an immeasurably better country entirely shorn of London, its pretended lady bishop, its lying BBC, its ghastly Mayor, its unctuous EU-loving politicians and its prancing metrosexuals.

      • Perhaps British citizens could be offered EU citizenship in return for not voting in UK elections and for taking an oath of allegiance?

      • And take Sadiq Khan, Sarah Mullah and Justin Wobbly with them. And then we should build a wall like Trump to keep them out forever. Oh, by the way, if Tony Blair is still alive, he could go too!

    • London’s our capital, though. It belongs to us, the English, above all, wherever we are. So, I propose a reverse Dunkirk, where spirited Brexiteers gather their fishing vessels and yachts and transport the treacherous lot over to northern France.

      Could this idea float?

  10. Its amazing how they presented women being ordained as being inclusive and about ‘equality’ to make it appear that they were trying to appeal to more people, but they knew that it would only accelerate the Church’s long term decline as people would not be attracted to something so wet and flimsy. Its very much the same sort of thing with all the gay priests such as Chris Bryant and Giles Fraser. They were change agents, pure and simple, and I bet you that Mulally is too.

    • Pope Saint John Paul II, infallibly in Ordinatio Sacerdotalis : Wherefore, in order that all doubt may be removed regarding a matter of great importance, a matter which pertains to the Church’s divine constitution itself, in virtue of my ministry of confirming the brethren (cf. Lk 22:32) I declare that the Church has no authority whatsoever to confer priestly ordination on women and that this judgment is to be definitively held by all the Church’s faithful.

          • Your chatechism will tell you the difference between the Ordinary and the Extraordinary Magesterium of The Holy Church.

          • tum te tum


            Dubium: Whether the teaching that the Church has no authority whatsoever to confer priestly ordination on women, which is presented in the Apostolic Letter Ordinatio Sacerdotalis to be held definitively, is to be understood as belonging to the deposit of faith.

            Responsum: Affirmative.

            This teaching requires definitive assent, since, founded on the written Word of God, and from the beginning constantly preserved and applied in the Tradition of the Church, it has been set forth infallibly by the ordinary and universal Magisterium (cf. Second Vatican Council, Dogmatic Constitution on the Church Lumen Gentium 25, 2). Thus, in the present circumstances, the Roman Pontiff, exercising his proper office of confirming the brethren (cf. Lk 22:32), has handed on this same teaching by a formal declaration, explicitly stating what is to be held always, everywhere, and by all, as belonging to the deposit of the faith.

            Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, October 28th 1995

            The Sovereign Pontiff John Paul II, at the Audience granted to the undersigned Cardinal Prefect, approved this Reply, adopted in the Ordinary Session of this Congregation, and ordered it to be published.

          • To be fair to you, the Charism of infallibility was given a little unusually to this dogma.

            It is not infallible by virtue of having been given ex cathedra, simply because it was a doctrine established via what’s technically an Encyclical by Pope Saint Gelasius I in 494 AD rather than having been promulgated “from the throne” as such.

            After 1500 years of continuing thought on the matter, Pope John Paul II declared the doctrine as being dogmatic, and it is the language that he used in that promulgation that established that Pope Gelasius’ teaching is infallible. Cardinal Ratzinger’s intervention as head of the CDF was simply a clear black & white confirmation for those who retained some doubts.

  11. The only cleric more woeful than a female vicar is a female bishop.
    God save us from these contemptible harridans of preachy, holier-than-thou, small-minded mock-piety.
    Biblical Christianity is muscular Christianity.
    Woman has an unique and powerful role in spiritual life, but her role is not the role of the priest.

    • Women have the most important job in the world (far more important than being a Bishop), bringing up children in the love of God and man. A Bishop is NOTHING in comparison.

      • I agree that a woman’s unique role in family and in spiritual life is very powerful. I too fail to understand why she would wish to renounce her birthright in order to become one of the clergy.

    • I moving to an area where the local church is Anglo Catholic – St Martins Bletchley – a proper church. Very pleased.

      • Good for you!
        If every conservative Anglican supported his nearest conservative Church, the Liberals would soon be driven out the CofE.

    • I actually thought that she is Sarah Mullah! I am quite sure that she will get a mullah to do some services in one of the most loved cathedrals in the country… shame!

  12. As I wrote on the Archbishop Cranmer blog
    “I feel sorry for all the dedicated clergy who have devoted their whole lives to the Church who find these posts filled by some up-start newcomer. Are we so sure that there wasn’t one person who has served the Church for a lifetime who wasn’t suitable for filling this role?”

    No way will she replace Richard Chartres.

    The general feeling there seems to be that she is one of those women who can talk for hours without actually saying anything. We’ve had several of these as curates at our church and the Rector had to keep telling them to ‘cut it short’.

    I’m beginning to think that the RC church is correct in the matter of female priests.

  13. safeguarding is at the heart of the gospel

    What absolute and utter ROT.

    God Himself as at the heart of the Gospel, not this inane political babble.

    • It is a very bizarre thing to say, to put it mildly. ‘Safeguarding’ – that is a new word, created from a noun, and thoroughly ugly with it.

      What does it even mean? Ticking boxes on a compliance sheet.

  14. A split in the church seems inevitable now. I’m interested to see how the Anglican Mission in England develops as a result of the CofE’s continued slide into secularism.

  15. Well, I must say, this is a real eye opener. I hadn’t realised that so many had so clearly missed the point entirely. Outrage, anger and abuse; that’s the spirit. Although not, I think, the Holy Spirit. I wonder what you all thought your beloved ‘institution’ was for? Nothing more than than an old king’s divorce it would seem.

  16. And while we’re at it. Cultural Marxism appears to be the least of your worries at the moment. Most of you seem fundamentally challenged by simple common decency. No wonder the rot set in on your watch.

    • No such thing as “common” decency now. Common Purpose maybe. And while you are busy with your little sheriff’s badge and so much sanctimony in your gunbelt and holsters you ought to toddle off to Momentum or Class War or half a hundred other vile, violent, militant organisations and lecture them about “common decency”.

  17. The fact that Sarah Mullally is incapable of delivering an sermon worth listening to is a secondary issue.
    The primary issue is:
    “But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence. For Adam was first formed, then Eve. And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression.“ -1 Timothy 2:12-14.

  18. Another nail in the coffin of the Church of England. Will there be any churches still open in twenty years time? The entire congregation in my local church is over over 50, with no sign that the younger generation wish to join, despite the fact that my town in increasing in terms of population each year.

      • Faith can play an important part in the life of any person, and today’s young people might later come to regret the absence of it in their lives.

        • Maybe they’ll find faith later, as I did. Maybe they won’t. But I’d rather be in church next to three people who want to be there than 50 who are doing it for the sake of social convention.

  19. Why do men feel so threatened by female equality?

    Whenever we storm another hitherto male bastion, you feel your masculinity is being compromised.

    I have no sympathy for you. It’s 2017 FFS. We now have a female Prime Minister, First Minister of Scotland, Home Secretary, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, and Head of the Met Police – to name but a few.

    The future is female.

    Deal with it, boys.


          • A troll is one who comes on to an online comment section just to criticize the author and cause trouble. Why else are you here? Perhaps for the attention you crave in your loneliness?

            You have always been a trouble maker on this website. This is the definition of a troll. Barry got it right.

          • Apart from the fact that you lurk in every single forum under the same third wave feminist related handles which continually get blocked, despite all being from the same man, who has plainly too much time on his hands and is plainly desperately lonely and craves attention by saying something not just controversial, but bordering on parody, so obviously over compensating?

            Nothing. Nothing at all..

    • “threatened by female equality”? Not at all; it’s a good thing as long as it’s genuine and not forced on us by ridiculous quotas and so-called “positive discrimination”.

      “We now have a female Prime Minister” Newsflash; we also had one quite some time ago, and she happened to be one of the best this country’s ever had. The current one alas, not so much…

      You see, normal people really don’t care about the gender of people in public office; they just want them to be good at their jobs regardless. The problem with your rather strange and unpleasant mindset is that you view everything through the prism of your misandry, this article being a case in point. The author doesn’t have a problem with the Bishop Of London being a woman; he has a problem with the Bishop Of London being dismally unsuitable for the role, for the reasons he lays out.

      • You are right. Not once is there a single reference to the gender of the Bishop of London. Dr Gomes is simply asking questions about the fundamental competence of the person for the job.

    • Your claims are absolutely hilarious. Good try of proving your masculinity!!!! After all the modern day feminism is all about how superior women are to men, and what sad victims they are, and what a miserable life they lead because of men…. all these claims are false claims and stupid claims. I detest female clergy.. they have no theology, no communication skills, no charisma.. no depth and no brains.. How much I loath them for defaming womenkind.

    • Because that’s what it’s about, isn’t it?

      It’s not about equality. Its not even about emancipation, it’s about emasculation.

      Which is fine for you, Nick in another one of your “wish I’d been born female”/anything to undermine the pale, stale,.male.establishment that you wish you were part of, but what you’re too busy to see is that not all males see it that way.


    • ‘grrlpower’ – whosoever she or he is – every post of hers is the most utter drivel.
      Little wonder that she (or he) is unwilling to use her real name.
      Why does ‘grrlpower’ not put her (his?) proverbial ‘money where her mouth is’ by using her real name?
      So easy to sling mud behind the cover of a pseudonym… Why not stand up like someone who actually has the courage of his convictions?
      Feminism is cancer.

  20. This piece hits the nail on the head brilliantly. I’ve just found this transcript of an interview given by Ms Mullally on al-Beeb. Look at how she cannot answer a single theological question backed up by scripture. Here we have a woman of absolutely no convictions — except, of course, her culturally Marxist drivel. MH is Mishal Husain and SM is Sarah Mullally:
    MH: Would you bless a same sex marriage?
    SM: At the moment there is no provision to do that
    MH: Would you like there to be that provision?
    SM: As I said there is a period of reflection that is going on at the moment, and I am part of that…
    MH: Have you not decided how you feel about blessing a same sex marriage?
    SM: I think that, what we have to recognize is a real diversity within the Church of England, and if we are going to take seriously the wish of the two Archbishops to take a period of reflection, then we need to allow that process to go ahead, and I have been very encouraged by those who wish to work with us on that. And at the same time we do have to recognize that this is a challenge for all people, and we do this as we have always done it in the past, we manage difference…
    MH: [Interrupts] I recognize that this is difficult…a sensitive issue…[continues, then mentions] St Helen’s Bishopsgate where the vicar has said he is looking to the new Bishop to condemn homosexual relationships as sinful, otherwise there will be some kind of break. [Deep breath]. Do you think homosexual relationships are sinful?
    Says it all, doesn’t it?
    SM: Er, well, the comment came across in the press, and one the things I’m doing is meeting those people that reflect the whole diversity across the Church of England. And in a sense it’s not avoiding the subject but it’s recognizing that there is a difference, that the Church of England, um, is taking a period of reflection, and recognizing that it does involve people, so there is a sense in which you have to compassionately, um, deal with these issues, and, er, I am forever encouraged that the church across London is undertaking a whole series of things in communities, to be, er, welcoming to that diversity. And one of the wonderful things yesterday was being out in Hackney, and seeing, er, a church that is welcoming people…

    • You’re getting angry with a minister in a church that was founded for political reasons being a politician? Hilarious.

    • It makes me so sad.I actually finf prof Jordan B Peterson on you tube a wonderful antidote to all this c of e bland, pap.

    • I heard that interview and while no practising Christian myself her evasive rambling made my toes curl in embarrassment.

      It’s bizarre that in a world where interviewers are increasingly likely to badger their interviewees with seemingly endless interventions mid-response they seem afraid to actually press for a coherent answer and call out such meaningless waffle directly.

      I found myself saying to the radio for her to ‘just answer the bloody question you cowardly bureaucrat’.

    • All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness.

      She must know the Bible and answer from it and she will be know as a Christian leader and teacher and not a mealy mouthed politician. If she isn’t brave enough to quote the Bible perhaps she isn’t brave enough to be in the job she’s in. I’ll make that point to many male clergy too.

      • All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness

        Sorry, but that’s one of the most egregious Protestant misquotes.

        It’s : “All divinely inspired writings are useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness.”

        • “Divinely inspired” is the point. There are a number of ways to say this. “God breathed” says the same thing. Either it comes directly from God the Holy Spirit or it is not divine. What is your issue? Virtually all the commonly accepted English translations from KJV forward say essentially the same thing (whether Protestant or Catholic approved). Your prejudiced bias (assumption of superiority) is obvious and unhelpful. Modern versions of the Pharisees need to look in the mirror more closely.

  21. I saw a tweet from her fellow rev who was gushing about a female bishop, I am female ,so I replied asking why she was so happy as I did not care.The reply was , in short, because she was a female.But what about taeching abot the bible I asked.The reply was , well the bible(or god ?) is about equality…
    I replied the story of Cain and Able did not seem to be about God caring about equality.Reply was there lots of postive news from the C of E , I replied please send me some.No reply…
    I could have been really naughty and mentioned bishop Bell but did not.
    With vacuous vicars like this the people have no reason to go to church and the logos is lost…

    • Clergy like the one you mentioned are the ones without a backbone, they are partly responsible for filling CofE with such worthless female clergy who in turn are emptying CofE churches.

      • Yes, it is the reason many of us turned away from the church and the church does not care one bit why, does nothing to inquire why people leave.

  22. For one who purports to be a man of God [this is a presumption only that comes from his use of the word ‘Rev’ – I see little evidence of it], time and time again I decline to circulate his writings because of bad language and a worldly outlook.
    A journalist and an academic he may be, and we are generally on the same side regarding our world view, but there is nothing in the least reverential about him.
    This, I am afraid, leaves him open to the charge of hypocrite when chastising others.
    He may have forgotten himself of the scripture which commands us to ‘Let your speech be always with grace, seasoned with salt…’ (Colossians 4:6).
    May I suggest the following sermon as an appropriate and godly way to address women usurping authority in the church – done with reverence and godly fear.

    • Amazing! You are offended by Gomes’ writings. Yet, you write, ‘time and time again’ you ‘decline to circulate his writings because of bad language and a worldly outlook.’ This tells most of us on this site (who are incidentally Gomes’ fans) one thing: you keep coming back time and time again to read Gomes’ writings! Gor blimey! You are either deranged or have a seriously pathological animus against him. I don’t like stuff most liberal preachers preach or write. Guess what? I don’t even waste my time going to their pages and feeding on them like a sick, neurotic Christian. Sadly, you’ve probably not read your Bible and noticed the mountains of bad language used by the biblical prophets, Paul, John the Baptist and even Jesus.

      • I agree, Homer. It is sanctimonious Pharisees like Mr Coram Deo who bring Christianity into disrepute because they have no sense of humour and are perpetually straining at gnats. Also, they only read the ‘nice’ bits of their Bibles. Since our friend is so obsessed with Gomes’ writings I’m sure he has read Gomes’ Reformation Sunday piece ‘In Defence of Offensiveness’ https://www.conservativewoman.co.uk/rebel-priest-rev-jules-gomes-defence-offensiveness/ where as you’ve pointed out Gomes deals with the shocking language used by Martin Luther, the church fathers, and of course, by the prophets, Paul, Jesus and John the Baptist. If Jesus or Paul were preaching a sermon, Coram Deo would run a mile.

  23. I see she is a possible future A of Canterbury. I wonder what the African bishops will think of that . Not the most progressive of churchmen.

        • The Lampstand of Anglican leadership has shifted to Nigeria. I believe that the Lord has spoken. The church at Ephesus was one of the most successful early on; but this is what the Lord said to the Ephesians through John the Revelator: “Nevertheless I have this against you, that you have left your first love. Remember therefore from where you have fallen; repent and do the first works, or else I will come to you quickly and remove your lampstand from its place– unless you repent.” (Rev 2: 4-5)
          I do not see Welby and company repenting of their lukewarm liberal ways, do you?

  24. The Bishop was interviewed by the house Muslim on Today earlier this week. It’s true, the theological element never came into it. And Sarah was a pure politician, either not answering questions with style or giving incompatible positions within seconds. God help the C of E because they need all the help available . They are now all about pc and niceness. Muslims must be gleeful to hear such drivel . Demographics make a Muslim takeover a certainty. Such supine uselessness from our nominally Christian leaders just assists this process.

  25. Is it too much to ask to have a Bishop who actually preaches the Gospel. I find the way out current Clergy carry on from the A of C down quite distressing.

  26. I left the CofE 20 years ago for a variety of reasons. Even then it wasn’t the Church of my childhood and now it is almost unrecognisable as a Christian Church – at least at the top.

  27. The C o E is a “safe” place for people with a left–leaning philosophy. Jesus is not important to them. It’s a secular religion.

  28. LOVE is not safe. And if love is not safe, as Plato could have taught this very silly woman, then the Gospel sure ain’t, either.

    • REAL love is safe. The REAL Gospel is safe. But a pretend love and a false gospel are terribly dangerous.

  29. Want a safe place? Put on the belt of truth, the breastplate of righteousness, the shoes of the gospel, the shield of faith, the helmet of salvation and the sword of the spirit and you should be safe no matter what space you occupy. Even the poorest theologian should know that, we must pray for her that she can perform her duties righteously and without fear working for God.

    • If she had believed what you have suggested, she would never have been allowed to become a member of the clergy of the Church of England.

    • Rather, the liberal left has long since bought the Church of England … and now owns it. In fact, we could say that the CofE is a typical representative of the liberal left— and no longer a representative of Christ.

  30. Jesus has left their buildings, He`ll not be back either in our lifetimes. If the church were either relevant or a threat to the Left or Islam, then it would have been persecuted at some time in the cultural pinch points we`ve lived through. But it hasn`t been-it employed the likes of David Jenkins and Giles Fraser/Lucy Winkett-and removed the likes of Michael Nazir Ali, is embarrassed by your likes Jules, as well as Peter Mullen. The last prophets they`ll be getting.
    NIl desperandum however-He has taken the brand and franchising rights from the oatmeal Guardian mop up that is the “established Church”. But he will not give up on his gospel believing freelancers and entrepreneurs who will now be unfettered to deliver and preach-act and fight as they were intended to.
    Stop funding them, stop going and get out of state volunteering roles as foodbanks, hospitals and schools. Those ships have sailed.
    Let them find out what a Christless life now looks at-and begin to ally with the black hose of Islam, who-at least-DO care about how crap schools and universities are-who wont pay for tattoo removals on the NHS-and even belleve in a virgin birth and a relative primacy of Jesus. Unlike the Church of England as far as I can see.

  31. These people are not Christians in any way shape or form,they are cultural Marxists in drag, hollowed out figurines putting out the welcome mat for Islam. Meanwhile in the real world where Christians are being ethnically cleansed, yes that’s London…London now the acid attack capital of the Western world with more acid crime than Pakistan (the spiritual home of the acid attack) but does the CofE ever ask why, as it welcomes ever more of its most deadly enemies into our once pleasant land? How many acid attacks were there on London’s streets before Tony Blair wedged our borders wide open to Pakistan and Bangladesh and dished out more than two million British passports to illiterate Islamic peasants? (read:”2030: Your Children’s Future in Islamic Britain” by David Vincent, Amazon and Kindle). Look at Dewsbury in West Yorkshire and you are looking at a snapshot of life as it will be lived by all of us in our Islamic cities after 2030.
    Once famous for the manufacture of woollen products, Dewsbury is now famous for its production of jihadists and suicide bombers, including three out of the four members of the 7/7 London Tube atrocity which killed 52 innocent people. Dewsbury also produced their leader, Mohammad Sidique Khan, the six Asians convicted of plotting to murder members of the EDL and Tahal Asma, Britain’s youngest suicide bomber. Everywhere you look on the streets of Dewsbury are women dressed from head to toe in the nicab and mosques. The massive Markazi mosque, financed by Saudi Arabian cash and built on the grounds of a cricket club, now dominates the town. Savile Town, in Dewsbury, is the equivalent of a French Muslim ghetto with the number of Pakistani-Muslim residents living there at 100%. The mosque is dominated by Tablighi Jamaat, a radical Islamist movement dedicated to erasing British cultural influences from Muslims. The sharia court in nearby Thornhill Lees dispenses Islamic justice to the residents of Dewsbury with English law regarded as incompatible with Islamic culture. Dewsbury is now racially segregated on Islamic and non-Islamic lines with ever greater numbers of jihadists emerging from it in ever greater numbers. These people are going to take over our country if there is no immediate stop to Muslim immigration and with them will come not only acid attacks but monthly suicide bombings, daily rapes and constant harassment of the dwindling non Muslim population. Is this the legacy we are going to leave our children as they gradually become enslaved to this death cult? Why is the church not leading a crusade to save their own religion, a religion that has Jesus Christ as its savior, a real historical figure rather than the gibbering death cult it is surrendering to? Like the teaching profession the clergy have been totally corrupted by their false doctrine of multiculturalism. I for one, will be praying for a miracle this Christmas.

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