It is rape of the innocents on an industrial scale. First they came for white, teenage, under class girls in Rotherham, and we did not speak out – because we did not want to be called racists.

Next they came for white, teenage, under class girls in Oxford, and we did not speak out – because we did not want to be guilty of cultural imperialism.

Then they came for white, teenage, under class girls in Aylesbury and Bristol and Banbury and Derby and Halifax and Keighley and Peterborough and Rochdale and Telford and we conducted investigations, appointed commissions and published reports – because we did not want to be called Islamophobic.

Now they’ve come for white, teenage, under class girls in Newcastle and we have still not learned our lesson – we are still terrified of being labelled Islamophobic. A blind man in a dark room looking for a black cat can spot the common denominator among these despicable predators and their defenceless targets.

The major factor uniting the rapists and child abusers is their religion. The major factors common to the abused girls are their lack of religion, ethnicity and class. All the men without exception are Muslim. All the girls without exception are non-Muslim, white, and come from the under class of our society.

In the latest Newcastle sexual abuse scandal, 17 Muslim men were found guilty of 87 sex and drug offences. The men come from different ethnic backgrounds – Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Indian, Iraqi, Iranian and Turkish. The exception, who proves the rule, is a 22-year-old white woman, Carolann Gallon, who lured younger girls to the groomers.

There is another common factor – the attitude of the abusers towards the “other” – the “other” defined as non-Muslim, woman and white. ‘White women are good for only one thing – for people like me to f*** and use as trash,’ Badrul Hussain, one of the rapists told a white female ticket inspector when caught travelling ticketless in 2014.

Predictably, the chattering classes are in ostrich-headed denial. Home Secretary Amber Rudd insists that sexual predators are ‘not restricted to any single ethnic group, religion or community.’ This has little to do with individual predators, Ms Rudd! This is systemic, organised and methodical sexual abuse perpetrated exclusively by close-knit groups belonging to a particular religion.

Northumbria Police Chief Constable Steve Ashman says the police did not ask about religious background since those arrested were from different cultural backgrounds. If Chief Constable “Sheerluck Holmes” is so stupid or so obtuse as to confuse religion and culture, we are in very deep doo-doo indeed.

The Bishop of Newcastle should know better. She’s allegedly studied theology. But for Christine Hardman, community relations trump protection of white, under class girls. Well they don’t go to her church, which is largely white, elderly, and middle class – so she couldn’t give a flying fig.

If these teenage girls were prevented from gender transitioning to boys, woe betide, every bishop in the CofE would be taking the next Flying Scotsman train to Newcastle. There are now 11 or 12 of these overpaid women-bishops and Rachel Treweek, Bishopess of Gloucester, is into self-esteem for white middle class anorexic girls. But not a peep out of the female mitred gaggle when white under class girls are systemically abused and raped by Muslim men.

Bishopette Hardman has signed a ‘community statement’ (what an obnoxious term!) along with other well meaning but good-for-nothing religious leaders. The weasel words would put Alastair Campbell to shame. ‘We are also conscious that members of all communities are among those who are most disturbed and devastated by these crimes.’ Rubbish! Are Hardman’s Anglicans shattered by the wholesale victimisation of Geordie under class girls?

‘It is important now that we do not compound the profound suffering that victims of these crimes have endured by casting blame on entire communities…’ PC code for don’t blame Muslims. This is post-truth par excellence.

The BBC, of course, trots out its in-house imam. ‘We can’t racialise this issue. We can’t focus on just one community. Perpetrators come from all backgrounds and all communities need to be vigilant and all communities need to be working together to protect our children,’ says imam Alyas Karmani.

There are none so blind as those who will not see and none so blind as those who refuse to see the Muslim elephant in the mosque of multiculturalism. Instead, all Asians, including myself, are being tarred with the same brush. Thankfully, Islamic theologian Dr Taj Hargey from the Oxford Centre for British Islam smashes the political orthodoxy.

Writing in the wake of the Oxford rape scandal, Dr Hargey admits that the abuse is ‘bound up with religion and race: religion, because all the perpetrators, though they had different nationalities, were Muslim; and race, because they deliberately targeted vulnerable white girls, whom they appeared to regard as ‘easy meat’, to use one of their revealing, racist phrases.’

‘Another sign of the cowardly approach to these horrors is the constant reference to the criminals as “Asians” rather than as “Muslims.” In this context, Asian is a completely meaningless term. The men were not from China, or India or Sri Lanka or even Bangladesh. They were all from either Pakistan or Eritrea, which is, in fact, in East Africa rather than Asia,’ comments Dr Hargey.

Can we ask why is there no Asian rape-gang comprised exclusively of Sri Lankan Buddhists or Korean Presbyterians or Hindu-Indian corner shop owners, or Sikh taxi drivers or Pakistani Pentecostal Christians?

It goes without say that not all Muslims are rapists and not all Asians are predators. Nevertheless, all the evidence points to Muslim men targeting white girls. And yes, although the predators hail from many ethnicities, many happen to be Pakistani. There are at least three religious and cultural issues to confront.

First, rape is endemic in Pakistan. Professor Shahla Haeri, author of No Shame for The Sun: Lives of Professional Pakistani Women, says that rape in Pakistan is ‘often institutionalised and has the tacit and at times the explicit approval of the state.’ A Human Rights Watch study reports a rape every two hours and a gang rape every eight hours. What is particularly significant is the high percentage of Christian, Hindu, Sikh and other women from minorities raped by Muslim men in Pakistan. The British incidents reflect a perilous import from Pakistan.

Second, sexual promiscuity is endemic in Britain. The depressing fact is that the complete breakdown of sexual mores in the West has contributed to the stereotype of white women as ‘worthless trash’. This stereotype is prevalent among men (not just Muslim men) in Asia and Africa. No one is blaming these victims, but why was there no parental oversight or moral stricture that prevented these girls from being preyed on in so many parts of Britain?

Third, Islam views rape as a particular method of humiliation. Islam is centred on the home and family. The primary task of the father and brothers is to safeguard the mother and sisters. If they are sexually assaulted, the honour of the entire family, especially the man, is at stake. So what do you do if you wish to humiliate the Western man and Western society?

You rape their women! This has less to do with sex than with power, domination and humiliation of the ultimate enemy – the kuffar. Last year, Professor Suad Saleh from Al-Azhar University, provoked a storm when she said that ‘Allah allows Muslims to rape non-Muslim women in order to humiliate them,’ particularly during a ‘legitimate war.’

It is a war. We are fighting religious predators who have imported a culture and religion from abroad that is trashing Western civilisation. We are fighting secular Leftist predators who have spawned a culture of self-loathing for Western civilisation and have celebrated what the Cultural Marxist Herbert Marcuse called ‘polymorphous perversity’ – and the most vulnerable of our society are now paying the tragic price.


  1. Well said Dr Gomez! The weasel words are fooling no one anymore. Our political class undermines itself every time these linguistic gymnastics come into play. We need to get tough on Islam. We need to intern, deport and punish severely. We need to close down mosques and break up large communities before it is too late.

    • Honestly we need to get tough with our political classes and sadly also our Bishops. From both; the confused and distorted thinking and cowardice is shocking.

      • Tell me truthfully – for whom did you (or any reader who agrees with you) vote at the last election? If it was any party, possibly with the exception of UKIP, then YOU are part of the problem. I apologise to you beforehand if you abstained – as I did.

      • Re Islam etc our governing classes, (who need largely replacing) pose as being
        tolerant, but are in fact, cowards.

    • It already is too late. Who in this country in mainstream politics is going to have the guts to campaign on that manifesto? They will not even be put forward by the party machine as a candiate, and independents will be dubbed racists and extreme right wing with the full force of the neo-liberal/Marxist cultural machine descending on them.

      Will local councils do it? Not on your nelly, Rochdale and others’ reaction to the problem proved their spinelessness.

      Anyway, even if it was possible – break up communities and place them where, exactly? I don’t want them, I never did, no one asked me, I was just presented with immigration, mass or otherwise, as a fait accompli. I love other cultures, I have travelled widely and experienced them in depth, but I don’t want to be surrounded by them at the expense of my own culture or feel overwhelmed by their numbers.

      I recall a when I moved to Ealing, west of London, in 1981and first drove through Southall High Street – my jaw dropped, I really struggled to see any non-Asian faces the entire length of it, and that was 36 years ago.

      No, get used to it, because it will only get worse; I truly believe we will have huge cultural and religion-based unrest in this country at some point, possible even a religious civil war in a few decades time.

      • History suggests that violence is the inevitable outcome of a people
        humiliated in their own land.
        However, our younger people have been miseducated as to our history
        & even as to our existence as a people.
        The poorer classes may be driven to violence, but they’ll probably attack
        the wrong targets. Anyway, as a people we tend not to be violent.
        Check any regional newspaper, or the contents of our overstuffed gaols
        disproportionately non indigenous.
        As it stands the muslims have been winning since our politicians’ cowardice
        over the Satanic Verses, in the face of muslim brutality.

  2. Thank you for speaking out so clearly on this issue, Dr Gomez. You are a brave Christian soldier: it is a pity you are in a minority.

    God bless you and the work you do.

    • I have no religious beliefs, but like most Westerners I support brave campaigns
      against evil waged by Christians.
      Christianity is one of the strongest pillars of our civilisation and so the ideal
      religion for those who have religious inclinations.

      • I am a atheist, and I agree with you, and though I do not believe Christianity has a monopoly on morals, virtue, and so on, I am happy to be described as a product of a Christian values- based upbringing, I just have never been able to take the leap of faith into believing a God could exist, or if he does, that he would make such a hash of things simply to test us; it makes no sense to me.

    • His predecessor would hand the whole problem over to sharia courts.
      With the result that the girls would be punished.

    • The wimp in Canterbury and his partner in York are probably on holiday; if not literally, they have their heads buried deep in the mire of political silence.

  3. Denial is never any solution. It is just another form of lying. I still don’t see how this abuse will ever be tackled when there is a culture of such denial that is now cemented in our political, media and even religious elite. The very groups that are notorious for never admitting that they were wrong. Vigilantism is one of the greatest fears of the ruling elite, but they seem to be actively encouraging it. Otherwise, I don’t know where decent people can go with this. Having to lock our daughters in chastity belts before we let them out of the house and encasing them in blast-proof armour before they can attend a pop concert, is not my idea of a “progressive” society.

    • The problems we face or have encountered have come about because some – lefty politicians, social engineers, neo-liberals, Marxist culturalists, and others (it seems a endless roll call) have facilitated their progress. Politicians of all hues in government have aided and abetted, either by act or omission. In short, they – any community of immigrants, but most certainly the Musilm one – have only ever heard ‘Yes’; the even greater and more pressing problems, and the friction and unrest that will come with it, will be IF someone dares to say ‘No’.

    • Vigilantism is one of the greatest fears of the ruling elite…”
      And they are ensuring that it will happen.

      • Indeed. All forcing me to accept something achieves is it ensures that I rail against it even more. This is not petulance nor immaturity, it’s simply that as a citizen with so-called equal rights I would like my rights to be as equal as ‘theirs’.

  4. I wonder if the recruitment of Asians, well, okay, Muslims into the ranks of the police to, ahem, ‘ better reflect the communities we serve’ – some of whom are now senior officers, and the steady rise of Muslim councillors have any influence on stymying any investigations? Or if they will in future? Strings pulled, favours called in, political pressure here and there. Religious, tribal and family loyalties are strong, even the cultural pull of their ancestral homeland is embedded deep!y and I suspect they have their form of ‘Omerta’ within their, er, communities.

    When the first scandal broke – Rochdale, I believe – I thought then it was unlikely to be a isolated incident as such people have relatives and friends in other places, so why should it not have spread? Now we see that where they proliferate, it has has happened. Has any checking been done to see if this is a nationwide grooming network?

  5. The only trouble with the Niemoller Formulation is that it often actually works out this way in practice:

    “First they came for the white underclass girls in Rotherham.
    “I was not a white underclass girl in Rotherham, but I DID speak out.
    “For my trouble, the Gestapo made an example of me as they beat me senseless in public.
    “Now NOBODY speaks out, including me.”

  6. Words I have come to despise: Community. Embrace. Multi-culturalism. Diversity. Richness (as applied to M-c and diversity). Gay. Inclusive. Racism – because it is so often used to shut down a argument or concern. Clearly – much beloved by politicians who use it as a euphemism for ‘can’t you understand what I am saying is correct, stupid’ or when it is anything but clear. There’s more, but you get my point. Anyone care to add to the list?

    • “Intersectionality”– that much-beloved grievance-dick-measuring term, exemplified by “I’m black…” “Raise– I’m black and GAY!” “RE-raise, I’m a black lesbian…” and the like. It’s a way of saying, “Shut up and just stand there and look stupid, oh white male heterosexual able-bodied ‘ally’!”

      • ‘Intersectionality’ eh? Never heard of it, thanks for enlightening me. Now I’ll see it everywhere…

  7. The bizarre contortions and mental gymnastics our self anointed arbiters of behaviours, of what is and what isn’t and how to say it, in its arrant denial of this serial barbarity is truly a thing to behold.

    I harbour a fine contempt for the likes of and usually though not exclusively those of ‘gentler sex’ the ‘unspeakable’ who make excuses for, prevaricate, waffle on to deliberately deflect attention away from these awful deeds and hence act as apologists for the these malignant enforces of what will be the new order, step forwards one Amber Rudd and her mate currently in Germano Alpine foothills.

    Moreover, the hate, maltreatment and barbarity unleashed on Christains and Yazidis very recently in the ME differs but only slightly by degree with what is being perpetrated on our children right under the noses of the indubitably observing and blustering but not registering UK authorities. Indeed, all of it begs a very frightening question.
    That, if they’re [UK authorities] doing a ‘Nelson’ and turning a blind eye to rape and serial grooming on a countrywide and quite depraved and heinous scale – just what will it take for them to react? What will it take for, the UK HMG to act or, have they already washed their hands, even surrendered and to the latter I can only conclude the answer to that is, affirmative.

  8. One of the most fascinating things about the woolly thinking of the left is that they have convinced everyone else that Muslims constitute a race. It’s also one of the most dangerous.

  9. Wake up England, Wake up…before you are ravaged, raped and plundered and destroyed utterly by the barbarians of different names and species called radical Muslims who rape your young girls, the Leftists who tell you lies, the Feminists who are not bothered about suffering women, the Liberals who have gone beyond any true liberalism… wake up England and start a revolution before you are crushed under the feet of the elite politicians colluding with the complacent state church hierarchy. Let us go back to the roots of our Judeo-christian heritage and once again do away with the paganism that is prevalent.

    • I do believe UKIP tried to do that, tip-toeing its way through the p.c. and legislation minefields as best it could, trying to avoid the carefully laid traps set by The Establishment, lefty newspapers – well, you know, the ‘usual suspects’ who perch, vulture-like, primed to scream ‘racist’, ‘**phobic’ – well, you know, the ‘usual suspects’, but for some reason many voters who agree with you, who, if the UKIP manifesto were read to them in a political blind ‘taste test’ would agree with every utterance cannot seem to drag themselves away from the teats of the Conservative Party and ‘Buggin’s Turn’ government.

  10. Steve Ashman is either lying, being lied to, or my preferred option, incompetent and over-promoted: if they were in custody for interview they would have to have been fed, and for that to happen any food objections would have to be observed, so that would mean all at some point would have said they were Muslim.

    In addition, they would have almost certainly said prayers, and that would involve the police being asked to indicate which way was east in the cells – I know that from when I was a custody sergeant.

    That aside, given that all the other scandals have been Muslim men, are the police there that thick or unaware that it never occurred to them it might also be the same in this case? Or was it it they were afraid to even consider the possibility and pulled their comfort blankets over their eyes in the hope it would go away? Answers on a truncheon to…

  11. Well Frederick Douglass said this, and said it truly:

    “Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have the exact measure of the injustice and wrong which will be imposed on them.”

    Well said, Dr Gomes, as usual. Time to stop submitting, I think. He also said:

    “Those who profess to favor freedom, and yet depreciate agitation, are men who want crops without plowing up the ground.”

  12. I have not seen the statistics but am sure it happens in the states as well. However, the percentage of Muslim men is much lower and the enforcement (and legal consequences) of child sexual abuse is much tougher.

      • That is what I am talking about. Enforcement is much less with protected groups. We call it reverse discrimination.

  13. I cannot think of a greater scandal. In Newcastle again many of the victims were actually known to supposedly protecting services and on “at risk” registers or care orders. As with so many cases it shows our child protection arrangements are innefective in protecting children due to paralysis of the institutions when faced with contradictory “victim” groups.
    If my region is at all representative it is far more widespread than the high profile cases in national news suggest. The local news has reported a dozen smaller cases in Lancashire Mill towns with large populations from Pakistan and Bangladesh. Of course each carefully reorted “ring of taxi drivers” “ring of Fast Food and Drivers” etc. but as aways the pictures and names speak the truth carefully avioded in the reporting. This attempt to conceal is actually far more damaging to community relations than simply addressing the crime as it is. For it looks like the authorities collude with crime and the “muslim” community support it.

  14. Many politicians are Cultural Marxists…

    ‘A communist inspired political movement intended to undermine and destroy capitalism and Western civilisation by promoting socially destructive policies, unreason, contradictions and irrationality through the pursuit of illogical and undesirable causes’..

  15. It is now too late. Sometimes this happens. Events occur and the results follow come what may. Well meaning and generous minded people will have no say in the matter. People will not speak openly because there is no point. We face the growing Balkanisation of England and there is no way of stopping it now.
    Once it could have been stopped but the political and governing class failed us. Start to look at where the frontiers will be drawn and at London in particular. That this has come to England after endless generations of toil is so appalling that I cannot bear to think further about it. We have broken that compact that is at the heart of a people. The past the present and a future .

  16. I wish I could give this six stars.

    My only quibble is with the headline: it’s not “islamism”, it’s islam.

  17. 5695 underage Sikh and White victims spread across 48 English towns and cities to date.
    High time the punishment was full physical castration and hormone implantation followed wherever possible by deportation.
    Negligent public servants must loose their pensions.

  18. Where are the stats to support these allegations? I just want hard evidence, not panic-mongering speculation, or undue inference. E.g. the 1400 of Rotherham was over 17 years. Each and every incident is a terrible one, I know, but that is 7 a month. In any town like Rotherham of 240,000 people we know that a couple of hundred girls were being abused every month by their own fathers, not only (sorry) 7 a month by a street gang. I am not trying to avoid the problem, or gloss over it, I am trying to put this into perspective.

  19. In a country with only 5.02% of the population identifying themselves as Muslim, statistically most instances of paedophilia in the UK, are almost certainly attributable to members of the 94.98% of the population who are non-Muslim, not a few of them affiliated members of various Christian churches if articles in newspapers and on the web are to be believed.

    Identify and punish the guilty whatever their race, creed or religion.

    And most of the guilty who have committed such awful sex crimes are not Muslim truth be told.

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