Rev Jules Gomes: After Nice multiculturalism is finished

Multiculturalism as a fad is going the way of bellbottoms, broad belts with shiny buckles, and the dodo bird. Multiculturalism is going out of fashion. Last week, Poland’s Interior Minister Mariusz Blaszczak laid the blame for the Nice attack on the altar of multiculturalism. Declaring the basis of European values and culture as Christianity, Mr Blaszczak argued it cannot coexist with the culture and values of newcomers to the continent. Multiculturalism is ‘wrong’ as a concept, he said.

I should be the first to protest. My first name ‘Jules’ is French, my middle name ‘Paulinus’ is Latin, and my surname ‘Gomes’ is Portuguese. I hail from an Indian Brahmin background, but the Portuguese intruded into my genetic makeup when Vasco da Gama’s Sat Nav set him off for India. My flesh and blood spoke Portuguese in the living room to the guests and Konkani in the kitchen to the servants. At home, my wife and I eat everything from rump steak to flaming hot curry. With my credentials I could be a mascot for multiculturalism.

But multiculturalism must not be confused with culinary cosmopolitanism. For decades, integration was celebrated as America showed the world how to become a ‘melting pot’. This was the title of a play written by Israel Zangwill. Zangwill grew up in London’s East End, the son of Eastern European immigrants. “America is God’s Crucible, the great Melting Pot where all the races of Europe are melting and re-forming!” says the protagonist David Quixano in the play.

In October 1976, Jimmy Carter turned the pot into a salad bowl when he declared in his presidential address: “We become not a melting pot but a beautiful mosaic. Different people, different beliefs, different yearnings, different hopes, different dreams.”

The melting pot and salad bowl are limited analogies because the success of both depends on the culinary compatibility of the ingredients. You don’t add pork liver to a salad. Both analogies do not allow for an already existing indigenous cultural base—either in the pot or in the bowl, as well as a binding element—the curry or the salad dressing.

Of course, Britain has never been a ‘monocultural’ society. “A Scotsman, for instance, does not thank you if you call him an Englishman,” wrote George Orwell. But despite all its differences, he adds: “Still, it (Britain) is a family. It has its private language and its common memories, and at the approach of an enemy it closes its ranks.” The same could be said for the nations of Europe.

Until very recently what held Europe together was a metanarrative that had its taproot in the Judeo-Christian tradition, its secondary roots in the Greco-Roman civilisation and its prop roots in the Christian Reformation and the secular Enlightenment. Such is no longer the case. Because British culture is so inextricably woven with Christianity, atheistic secular humanists waging a war against Christianity can no longer tolerate traditional British culture as the dominant culture of this country. Multiculturalism is their answer to a Christian culture they seek to subvert.

The consequences are clear. When we no longer own our culture and are no longer proud of our country what are we going to invite outsiders to participate in? Lord Jonathan Sacks writes, “But what are immigrants supposed to integrate into? A culture of moral relativism and disrespect for traditions of all kinds? How are they to admire Britain’s institutions—politicians, Parliament, the Royal Family, the established Church—when they see them treated with disdain by the British media? How can you love a society that has fallen out of love with itself?”

Prescriptive multiculturalism is as old as the Bible. It was imposed by rulers to keep colonised subjects apart. In the biblical book of Kings, we read how the Assyrians conquered the northern kingdom of Israel in 721 BC and depopulated the capital Samaria by sending the Israelites into exile and then resettled other conquered peoples in Samaria (2 Kings 17). There was no way such a diverse multicultural group would unite and fight back. Instead, they would fight among themselves. Babylon would adopt the same foreign policy and the prophet Jeremiah warned the people of Judah about the dangers of a simmering cauldron.

Prescriptive multiculturalism is patronising at best; pernicious at worst. It assumes that immigrants are so different that we are unable to, or unwilling to integrate into our host country. It assumes that immigrants are so different that we must stay different. It assumes that my primary identity is my cultural identity and I would like to have it that way.

Prescriptive multiculturalists suffer from historical amnesia. They forget that significant numbers of foreigners are Anglophone and Anglophile rather than Anglophobe. They should visit Mumbai and wait at the British Council Library on a Saturday to see people queuing to get hold of a P. G. Wodehouse book.

Multiculturalism perpetuates the oppression of women when cultures that practice forced marriage, honour killing, dowry, etc. are allowed to live in Britain as they lived in their countries of origin. Multiculturalism does not ensure the protection of minorities. It is the vocal and visible majorities among the minorities who benefit from multiculturalism by shouting the loudest.

Multiculturalism is the great get-out clause for some immigrants who do not want to integrate and for some elements of the host culture who cannot be bothered to work hard at welcoming outsiders. Ironically, it is racist! This happened when the Church of England failed to welcome Anglican immigrants from the Caribbean who wanted to be part of their local Church of England. They were directed to the Pentecostal Church down the road. With all its blah on inclusion the hierarchy of the Church of England is still male, pale, stale and now female.

The best advice on citizenship and integration was given by the prophet Jeremiah exiled from his Israel his home country and sent to live in Babylon.

This is the message from Israel’s God, to all the exiles I’ve taken from Jerusalem to Babylon: “Build houses and make yourselves at home. Put in gardens and eat what grows in that country. Marry and have children. Encourage your children to marry and have children so that you’ll thrive in that country and not waste away. Make yourselves at home there and work for the country’s welfare. Pray for Babylon’s well being. If things go well for Babylon, things will go well for you.”

God bless the British Isles! God save the Queen!

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Rev Jules Gomes

  • Genie Balham

    Well after Nice, we seem to now have Bavaria……

    • Tricia

      Yes. One of the “child migrants” has attacked people with an axe on a German train. This young man is 17 – in the middle east you are an adult at 14. Our political class are wilfully stupid.

      • Outraged Tunbridge Wells

        Assuming he was 17 as claimed, many allegedly seem to work in Dog years

      • Coniston

        According to reports he was from Afghanistan. If true, then, having the views he seems to have, why is he in Europe and not back home serving with the Taliban?

    • Politically__Incorrect

      These attacks are becoming more frequent as the attackers turn to less sophisticated ways of killing.

      Enough is enough

  • Vox Populi

    In the early church in his letter to Diognetus a Christian apologist writes: “[Christians] though they are residents at home in their own countries, their behaviour there is more like that of transients; they take their full part as citizens, but they also submit to anything and everything as if their were aliens. For them, any foreign country is a motherland, and any motherland is a foreign country.”

  • Liberanos

    Allah has imposed upon muslims…in writing… the solemn duty to destroy the infidel. I still find it astonishing that we display such shock and surprise when one of them carries out that binding duty.

  • A strange mental illness has taken over the Western establishment. This illness manifests itself in the perverse belief that a civilisation built on Greco-Roman, Judeo-Christian foundations can peacefully share its territorial and cultural space with a “civilisation” built on the ideology of a 7th century warlord who viewed all non-Islamic cultures with a violently supremacist eye.

    When will our political leaders, media elites and school teachers finally admit to the reality of Islam? And will they do so whilst there is still time to avoid the clash of civilisations which could well resemble 1990s Yugoslavia on a global scale?

    • James Chilton

      “When will our political leaders, media elites and school teachers finally admit to the reality of Islam? ”

      To answer your question: Not enough people have been murdered yet by the “reality of Islam”.

    • Coniston

      I’ve just been reading Alister McGrath’s ‘The Twilight of Atheism’ (pub. 2004). He writes that atheism became common in the West with the rise of Modernism, but now we have Post-Modernism in which there is no objective reality and all values & beliefs are relative, have equal validity and everything is to be tolerated. But if he were writing now he might say that the Post-Modernism of the liberal metropolitan elites has its limits. While they insist that everything is relative, beliefs & values must be within politically correct parameters, as determined by these elites. Anyone opposed to such things as multiculturalism, transgenderism & same-sex ‘marriage’ is to be anathematised. So in practice their relativism and tolerance has strict limits.

      • Yes. It is totalitarianism basically. We must respect and tolerate everything the Left believes in, but we must hate and criminalise everything the non-Left believes in.

      • Vox Populi

        McGrath is spot on. He was an atheist who was converted to saving faith in Christ. As a scientist with an Oxford PhD and a genius of outstanding theological breadth and depth he is always worth reading.

  • Angry old bird


  • Craig Martin

    You mentioned P G Wodehouse – 10 points sire.
    If eveyone thought as that chap did, the world would be a far happier, and much more colourful place to be.

    • Vox Populi

      Right ho, sir!

  • Politically__Incorrect

    Spot on Reverend Gomez. It’s good to see you writing for this site.

    I suspect that most citizens of France know what their leaders refuse to acknowledge; that the integration of Muslims and Muslim culture has failed spectacularly. The unpredictable nature of these attacks, using everyday things like a truck, by people not on the radar of the security services, is a deeply disturbing development. It means that anybody from the Muslim community is potentially our nemesis, We’ll never know until it happens. Like some commentators I suspect the bubble is about to burst in France. Citizens will step in where government has failed to act. The aggressive and intolerant nature of Islam finds an easy home in the moral vacuum of Western society. It is a truly toxic combination that could cause parts of the West to self-destruct.

  • guestwho2

    Even if multiculturalism were a legitimate cause – and it isn’t – government can never be trusted to implement it since it simply becomes another club with which to bludgeon opposition to state power.

    • Vox Populi

      Actually the governments of Europe have been adopting and implementing what the author calls ‘prescriptive multiculturalism’ as policy and bludgeoning indigenous white/Christian people with it!

  • chiltern lad

    After Nice we are in the same place; where man has always been between riot and war.
    Ancient Rome had similar problems and the ruins and also the time enduring positive aspects of that culture can be perceived today.
    Multi-culturalism works for the intelligent, affluent, law abiding, ethical and moral population.
    It little serves the poor, dispossessed morally ambiguous or legally challenging.
    The sequestered cultural groups can the hotbed of opportunity for exploitation by insurgent, racially divisive/manipulative, immoral/unethical groups.
    But the rulers can exploit it too to serve their ends. Think Blair and parliamentary consent.
    Surely one answer is tolerance and enjoyment of cultural diversity in the context of integration into British socio-cultural law and norms of conduct. The Anglo-`Caledonian enlightenments elevated humanistic philosophy;secular law takes precedence over religious law and it is acceptable to be an atheist humanist. This requires tolerance, education and socio-cultural oughts. The melting pot tends towards the lowest common denominators (America is not truly a melting pot, it is a sub grouped mosaic with a crust of establishment winners who may or may not be ethical or uphold civil society).
    it took us time to achieve our perceived/fantasized ‘ideal’, in my parents lifetime eugenics coloured fascist ‘lawful’ genocide,ethnic and sexual cleansings together with widespread mental health practice within western culture. In my lifetime we had the death penalty,homosexuality was a crime and foreign policy was often primitive, punitive and could spectate disaster and death with little political concern.
    Perhaps our sense of a golden time or golden culture is too time bound and subjective.
    When was this wonderful period exactly? 1930s.1940s 1950s 1960s…2000
    On analysis every age has had different issues and problems that act as a projection for the
    displacement of societal angst.
    We are over populated, resources are getting thin and national debt increasing. The cultural benefits of immigration are now displaced by the problems and competing demands of consuming rivals and pressure groups.Socio-mobility is at an all time low, we have a white british social structure that is a de facto caste system with an ill cared for underclass. The melting pot ‘now’ has a fiscal and socio-economic lid. The media/social media heat is on at an intensity governments cannot suffuse.
    Western culture is neither salad nor melting pot it has become a bombe surprise as recent events have highlighted. Reduce the heat, lift the lid,engineer a better social flux are some options to reduce risk.
    This has been accomplished historically in transitioning cultures albeit now the speed of communication, societal change and numericals are more challenging.
    But before there can be change there needs to be the aspiration and the presence of governing questions and principles.
    This needs leadership and cultural renewal. Think of romanticism after the enlightenment, modernism etc.
    Sadly our ‘culture’ and leaders are devoid of answers let alone vision and as elitists despise the vulgar population they ‘serve’ or nourish. T Mays pledge, The Northern Powerhouse, HS2, Heathrow will subtly maintain and serve the status quo.They lack creativity and are answers to the wrong question.
    Brexit; Cameron’s pandoras box of ills, heightens the multi-cultural dilemma and relies on hope. it can be a success or fail depending on whom is sabotaging the development of hope.
    Real strategy and change will emerge from the diverse collective .

  • ButcombeMan

    Young man becomes mentally ill at the age of 17 when living within his own culture, maybe partly drugs use, maybe partly confusion about sexual identity.

    Later in life living in another culture, after separation from family, still using drugs and still with confused sexual identity and feelings of personal worthlessness, he commits a horrible crime which he does or seems to do, partly to draw attention to himself and maybe is partly copy cat.

    Remote commentator draws conclusions about “Multiculturalism”.


    Drawing any solid conclusions from this event, YET, seems premature

    • Vox Populi

      ‘But we know that the man driving the truck was called Mohammed. Of course that doesn’t mean there is any connection to Mohammed Atta, Mohammed Merah, Mohammed Bouyeri, Mohammed Sadiq Khan, Mohammed Abrini or the most famous Mohammed of all – Mohammed. On the contrary, the striking prevalence of people called Mohammed going nuts and slaughtering everyone is just an unhappy coincidence. It could just have easily been people called Gary or Nigel,’ writes Douglas Murray in The Spectator. He also shouts out Allahu Akbar, which, by the way, does not mean ‘He’s a jolly good fellow.’ I wonder how many young men who are mentally ill at the age of 17 and confused about their sexual identity walk around with bombs strapped to their bodies or hire lorries to drive through pedestrians on Bastille Day.

  • UmUmUmUmUmUm

    Excellent piece. Multiculturalism was at best misguided and at worse, was intended to be corrosive. That was certainly the case with the hard left.

  • Lagopus scotica

    Rev Jules, I do hope so, for all our sakes. And political correctness too. Time for the “snowflake generation” to grow up.

  • Bonce

    Another excellent article by Jules Gomes.
    We are purposely encouraging new migrants to live completely separate lives.
    We are teaching new migrants that everything British is racist, stupid, unimportant and something to be ashamed of.
    Then we wonder why we have ghettos of people who hate the UK and never ever integrate.
    The sheer volume of migrants coming since the mid 1990’s also means its impossible for us to absorb them and help them to integrate.
    The modern immigration policy is more akin to an invasion.
    This is all by design as we have Marxist internationalists in charge who are cynically using immigration to destroy western civilization. Create a borderless world and a global government.

    • SeriouslyChristian

      Spot on Bonce!

  • SeriouslyChristian

    The liberal lie that all men are inherently good and that all societies are morally equivalent is finally starting to crumble. Some cultures cultivate murderers and some cultures nuture philanthropists. To be a culture that creates philanthropists we must denounce and separate ourselves from those cultures and ideologies that spawn murderers. They can join us and our ideology but we must never join them and theirs.

  • Birtles

    This is what will return to France unless multi-culturalism is buried, and the right of Europe to be European is asserted.