Dame Louise Casey’s review into integration is not about integrating Indian Hindus or Punjabi Sikhs or Polish Catholics or Sri Lankan Buddhists or Chinese Taoists or Afro-Caribbean Anglicans or Jewish Haredi into British society. It has to include these nationalities and religions for the sake of political convenience. But once you see through the window dressing and strip down the padding, The Casey Review: A review into Opportunity and Integration, published yesterday is really about the failure to integrate Muslims from Pakistan and Bangladesh.

That is why East African Gujaratis with surnames like Patel or Desai, running your pharmacy or the convenience store are not griping about the review. That is why the BBC and the Guardian are not frantically running stories featuring a ‘black lives matter’ narrative of Nigerian Pentecostals from Kingsway International Christian Centre, London’s largest black church with over 10,000 black worshippers. After all, their services are in English, not in Hausa or Igbo!

In stark contrast, it is Bangladeshi and Pakistani Muslims who have the highest numbers with poor English language proficiency compared to Chinese, Asian, Arab, or African groups. Again, it is the Muslim population with the highest numbers of adults who cannot speak English well or at all, compared with Hindu and Christian immigrants, says the Casey report.

Indigenous Brits don’t have a problem with Indian worshippers banging drums, clinking cymbals and singing bhajans at Britain’s largest Hindu temple in Neasden. So why is there an ‘increase in community concerns and tensions’ when 2,000 mosques start mushrooming all over the country? The review mentions a street in North West England with ‘four mosques along a stretch of road less than a quarter of a mile long, each serving a slightly different Muslim community or offering prayers in different languages’ all built in a short period.

‘When we spoke to members of the white community in the area, they felt they were unable to express any concerns about the growth in the number of mosques because they would be accused of being racist and ignored by the authorities,’ Dame Casey candidly reports. Welcome to the real Britain not the leftist make-believe pie in the sky inter-faith utopia!

‘I wanted to consider what divides communities and gives rise to anxiety, prejudice, alienation and a sense of grievance…’ Casey writes. She certainly has opened a can of worms. No wonder the Muslim Council of Britain has lambasted the report as being championed ‘by those who pursue a divisive agenda and a hostile attitude towards Muslims.’

But there is good reason for concern, as demographically, the exponential growth of Muslims is the most significant—a staggering 72 per cent increase of 1.2 million people, making up the largest non-Christian religious population in the UK, compared to Hindus, Sikhs, Jews and Buddhists.

And these Muslims import brides from Pakistan. In one northern town ‘all except one of the Asian Councillors had married a wife from Pakistan.’ At the Bradford Royal Infirmary 80 per cent of babies of Pakistani ethnicity had at least one parent born outside the UK. This was creating a “first generation in every generation” in which ‘each new generation grows up with a foreign-born parent.’

Not surprisingly, this ghetto mentality results in segregation with parts of places like Blackburn, Birmingham, Burnley and Bradford having between 70 – 85 per cent of Muslim populations. The situation is so bleak that a non-faith state secondary school found that ‘pupils believed the population of Britain to be between 50 – 90  per cent Asian such had been their experience up to that point.’

I read through the 199 pages of the report, which became more distressing as it got to the section detailing genital mutilation, forced marriage, honour killing and about 30 to 85 Shariah courts in Britain ‘that have been supporting the values of extremists, condoning wife-beating, ignoring marital rape and allowing forced marriage’ with ‘100,000 sharia marriages in the UK, many of which are not recognised under UK laws and leave women without full legal rights upon divorce.’ Any feminists visiting Bradford or are they all partying in Islington?

After reading the report I remembered the story of Rip Van Winkle. I had fallen asleep during a dull maths class in school at the age of eight. My father punished me by making me read through Washington Irving’s story of Rip Van Winkle who sets off on a journey to the Catskill Mountains. On the way, he stops at an inn by the Hudson. At the front of the inn, there is a sign bearing the picture of George III, King of England. Rip falls asleep for 20 years. When he wakes up, everything has changed. His wife is dead, his daughter married, the sign at the front of the inn has been taken down, and another put in its place. This one bears the picture of another George: not George III, but George Washington, first president of the USA. The point of the story is not that Rip has slept for 20 years but that Rip has slept through a revolution!

Britain has been fast asleep through the most significant revolution in centuries. Dame Casey’s review is a wake up call. By George, it has come too late, I fear!

(Image: Dave Collier)


  1. Why on earth is most of the Great Britain blind, deaf and ignorant of this reality of demographical, cultural and religious Jihad Islam is waging agains her?

    • It’s not the ‘people’ who are blind, deaf etc but the politicians. Ordinary people are all too bloody aware of it – but what to do without shrieks of ‘islamophobia’ from the media and left-wingers?

      • Do not be afraid of them. Start a movement that would defeat all the leftists, media… support financially and promote alternative media like The Conservative Woman. Let us stand together to defeat our common enemy.

          • But make sure we don’t include the hierarchy of the Church of England, or for that matter most of its clergy, because then we’ve lost the movement from day one. They will come in with all their lovey dove loony leftism and shed copious tears for the poor Muslims of Bradford and Burnley who are ‘victims’ of white Western colonial racial oppression and bigoted xenophobia, which, of course, Jesus came to challenge, so they claim!!!

      • Good point. The people are not blind but have been silenced by the political elite, who incidentally, often live in quiet suburbias where none of this applies. All the more reason why democracy, freedom of conscience, and freedom of speech should be given back to the citizens of this country. It is what has been labelled “populism” and is a welcome revolution that is happening across the West.

    • I think the people have been aware of what’s happening, as it’s happening on their doorsteps. However, politicians and well-meaning fascists in Islington have labelled anyone who brings it up as bigoted, or worse.

      • Yes actually the very concentration highlighted in the report and the fact that these concentrations occur in many of the poorest and forget towns and cities helps a feeling in the wine bars of the Westminster village and Guardian reading suburbs that the complaints and warnings are from ignorant and backward regions far from their lives.

    • Why?

      They have had a very poor standard of education delivered to them by Left wing fanatics who through ‘their long walk through the institutions’ have successfully indoctrinated generations of ‘white guilt’ devotees who view history through their revisionist doctrines.

      Hoi polloi are constantly fed a diet of trash tv, ‘sleb culture, football and the ‘news’ deliberately and carefully crafted by the likes of BBC etc. to reflect their warped views of society and how it should behave.

      When trying to raise awareness of our impeding doom to younger members of family/friends I have been ridiculed and met with eye rolling antics – the last time this happened I mentioned to Mr Shazza that no longer would I attempt to lift their heads from their iPhones etc. and make an effort to critically analyse world events – I have tried and failed.

      As ye sow, so shall ye reap. They have been warned.

    • There are millions who waste or dismiss the education – formal or informal – they have been offered.

      Tolerance, open-mindedness, etc. offer a cheap endorphin rush. As with any addiction, being denied a fix – in this case by those who point out the danger and madness of a retrograde cult colonising their home nation while the nation pays a staggering financial price – produces desperation, panic and anger.

  2. Is there any way of this problem resolving, between the poles of Muslim takeover and mass deportation? I hope so, but I can’t see any effective action either before or after this report.

    • If they are not forced to integrate somehow, repatriation is the only answer. How they could be forced to integrate I do not know.

    • It’s very hard to tackle now, steps can be taken and I think the first must be the banning of the Hijab, Niqab and Burqa in public. The government also need to give assurances to Police that these new laws must be taken seriously and they’ll have the full backing.

      Of course I’m sure various “human rights” lawyers would take issue with this but the government should ignore them out of hand. Extreme problems call of extreme measures.

  3. This utter catastrophe has been warned about for years. As we digest this report The Supreme Court will probably put another obstacle in the way of Brexit. Treasonous MPs, those that created the disaster, will try to overturn the Brexit vote. This will allow untold millions more Muslims into the UK, filtered through illegal migration and subsequent EU citizenship.
    We are the authors of our own present calamity but to remain in the EU guarantees our demise as a nation.

    • That was one of the primary objectives of the ECSC, the Common Market, the EEC, and then the EU. People should read what Monnet, Schumann and Spinelli said, all quite openly and cheerfully frankly.

  4. “Indigenous Brits don’t have a problem with Indian worshippers banging drums, clinking cymbals and singing bhajans at Britain’s largest Hindu temple in Neasden. So why is there an ‘increase in community concerns and tensions’ when 2,000 mosques start mushrooming all over the country?”

    The answer is very simple and is obvious to anyone with a passing acquaintance of the history of Islam up until the present day.

    Most immigrants come to integrate with what we have and share what they have.

    All muslims are bound by faith to take what we have and impose what they have.

    It really isn’t difficult.

    • “Indigenous Brits don’t have a problem with Indian worshippers banging
      drums, clinking cymbals and singing bhajans at Britain’s largest Hindu
      temple in Neasden”
      Actually I do have a problem with it!

      • Yes, there is nothing British about this behaviour and as a professedly Christian nation, we should be as concerned about their polytheism as any other anti-Christian rituals. Having grown up in London, I would say that it was the push to embrace Hinduism, Sikhism etc that opened the door wide enough for Islam to march in unimpeded. There were no Muslims around when I was at school in the 70’s and 80’s.

        • As an atheist I guess I’m not British either then?

          Come on, Britishness is about behaviour, respect for a single rule of law, not about whether or which God you worship.

          • Whose law, though?
            Which God made this land ‘of hope and glory’ mighty?
            The men who built Britain were God-believers.

            You have the good fortune to be British, a subject of a Christian monarchy. You do not have to believe it to appreciate it.

          • No God made it, people working to sound principles (eventually) built it, after an awful lot of bad things by other men who also believed in God.

            Parts of the Bible are useful, others are mental. The good is made by selection by men with sound intent.

          • They did not fight in the name of their God, did they? How many of them used the Bible for fighting? May be they were nominal Christians.

          • The Roman Catholic Church has a history of unChristian behaviour. I do not recognise its claims to be the only true church and I would say that its history suggests rather that it is just one form of the anti-Christ..

          • From where did they get their sound principles? Why did Englishmen develop ‘sound principles’ more quickly than anyone else? What was Queen Victoria’s response to the Indian diplomat who asked her to give the reason for Britain’s greatness?

            True – men who believe in God are capable of bad things. The Bible itself tells us that the devils also believe. And the Bible also tells us that we are all bad and therefore all capable of bad things. I would say that this principle – that all have sinned and come short of the glory of God – is the soundest one for building an equitable society – and that is exactly what our forebears achieved. The abandonment of this principle, replacing it with the idea that we are all equally good, rather than all equally bad, is what I perceive to be the root of today’s upside down justice.

          • With respect to Queen Victoria, she can only express a personal opinion.

            If we go back to, say, Magna Carta, can we say that was signed because of religion, or because the nobles were pretty fed up of the monarch abusing his power? Or did Parliament chop Charles’ head off because he sinned against God or because he rode roughshod over the rights of the Commons? Or when the country stood firm against the threat of Hitler and his war machine? Or what about when the British people rose up and chose to ignore all the instructions of their “betters” and vote to leave the EU?

            These are the great formative moments of Britain and I don’t see any credit for them in the Bible. If anything they all seem to show that humans get pretty cheesed off with supreme rulers who presume everything.

            PS Ideas of equal goodness are as stupid as equal badness.

    • Sooner or later they are going to go to war against the rest of us. It’s going to happen all over the west too.

      How could we have been so stupid?

  5. “The rise of the Muslim ghetto amounts to an alarming social revolution”

    If it so alarming why is the Conservative Party so commited to a policy of immigration from islamic societies?

    • Our new PM is currently visiting Arab countries in the ME including Saudi Arabia and I believe is discussing making it easier for their citizens to obtain visas to work etc. in the UK……….

      • She calls herself a committed Anglican – I wonder if she is standing up for Jesus whilst making deals with the anti-Christ?

    • Two reasons; Firstly, most of the Conservative party are the same detached political elite that like to tell us what is good for us (though it is probably not good enough for them). Secondly, business trumps community. So when your local culture disappears down the multi-cultural toilet you are meant to console yourself with the knowledge it is good for the economy.

      • Agree. We are left with a false consolation that Immigrants are necessary for our economy. This is another delusion created for us. If our own young people decide to work hard and are ready to do any job… we will not need immigrants. They come over because we have holes in our economy all over. We fill them with immigrants. Why can’t our own people take up the job opportunities that are available… we need to think differently and let go of the system of social benefits for young and able persons, make education compulsory and make efforts to leave no gaps in our economy to be filled by the immigrants.Get rid of the Leftist ageda and many things will fall into place to make Britain a great country again.

  6. Thirty years ago, as editor of the Salisbury Review, I began to
    receive short articles from a Bradford headmaster, relating the dilemmas
    faced by those attempting to provide an English education to the
    children of Asian immigrants. Ray Honeyford’s case was simple. Children
    born and raised in Britain must be integrated into British society.
    Schools and teachers therefore had a duty, not merely to impart the
    English language and the English curriculum, but to ensure that children
    understood and adhered to the basic principles of the surrounding
    society, including racial and religious tolerance, sexual equality and
    the habit of settling conflicts by compromise and not by force.

    It’s not as if this is anything new but at least thirty years ago, ‘we’ and by that I mean the ‘UK authorities’ and very much so inclusive of local councils could, could have done something about it. Margaret Thatcher as was her wont on many things concerning social policy – did nothing and multiculti and “cocking a deaf un” as they used to say up in Bradford and surrounds…………..ie ‘nothing’ was the policy.

    I see no reason to think anything other than, doing ‘nothing’ will and firmly continue to be, the incumbent UK government policy.

    • The Thatcher government achieved economic success but on balance was a disaster. She surrendered to the cultural Marxists and gave far too much away to the EU. In short a flawed legacy.

  7. ‘Britain has been fast asleep’. Absolutely not. But the many of us who are concerned cannot say anything since it shows we are Islamophobic &c. The supporters of Multiculturalism have sown the seeds of their (and our) own self-destruction; the seeds have germinated and are growing.

    • Unfortunately, political correctness is also brainwashing and destroys critical thinking. It has become the new religion of the West with its own high priests and a cast-iron grip on people through the use of fear. It perpetuates the deception that Islam is not a threat. Some muslim individuals clearly are a problem because they also hold grievances against the west, some justified, some not. They fuse the violently oppressive dictats of Islam with personal hatred to justify their acts of violence.

      • Political correctness is indeed brainwashing of a very insidious kind, not to mention the MSM having succumbed to it and given up lol pretence of actual factual unbiased reporting.

  8. “Any feminists visiting Bradford or are they all partying in Islington?”

    Quite. I think you know the answer to that already.

    • Because Females (I think it’s still OK to call them that although I understand that nowadays not all Females are Women if they are Binary or Non-Binary whatever that means) are Victims and Muslims are also Victims. And Victims cannot criticise another Victim’ Group. At least I think that’s the thinking behind it…

      • There is a hierarchy of victims. A Muslim woman trumps, so to speak, other women who might believe themselves to be victims.

          • I don’t share that absolute view. My understanding is that some women will play the victim card if it suits them.

          • I don’t think that that is RingedPlover’s point. I take it as not referring to individual women but the group identity politics of feminism that insists that all women are victims. Individual women be damned.

  9. They are from Pakistan and Bangladesh……These countries only exist in the first place because Muslims did not want to integrate. They did not want to integrate with other cultures in Asia so there is no rational reason for thinking they would want to integrate with any other cultures in the British Isles (or any other region in the world for that matter!)

  10. Gosh imagine my surprise at reading this. Oh hang on since I have actually been to these third world places Bradford, Somalia, Leeds, Bangladesh, East London it comes as zero surprise.
    The only surprising thing is that Politicians need to be told this. Still nice work for Quangocrats producing a report that can be shelved and forgotten in a month or so.
    So can we expect robust urgent forceful direct action form the politico’s? Er no. At best some limp wristed hand wringing. Nothing changes for the better in this country.
    On a totally connected point…Any news on being able to control our borders yet? Or is it still possible to buy a inflatable canoe and paddle into this Fortress Britannia from other countries? Or casually stroll though the chunnel?

    • Politicians know this, they either do not want to cause a civil panic and are ignoring it or are explicitly driving it for reasons unbeknownst to me (I mean stats say Islamic communities are routinely the highest for unemployment and benefits so it can’t be economic reasons)

      • It’s for short-term political reasons rather than long-term economic reasons. Communities with high unemployment and dependent on benefits will vote for anyone who is happy to keep them that way. It’s a symbiotic relationship which sucks the life-blood out of the taxpayer. The non-working class – Muslims and politicians – live the high life on the back of the working class – taxpayers. Which is why I say that only taxpayers should have the vote and why MP’s should not be salaried.

  11. This should not come as a surprise, particularly not to any Conservative Party publication. After all, one John Enoch Powell MBE, a former Tory MP, warned us about this years ago.

  12. The pass was made in 2004 when unfettered immigration was let rip
    Our previous controlled immigration had been quite successful
    Because if you were coming to a job, you had to integrate and speak english

    Now people who come in do not integrate and are funded by taxpayers to produce ghettos that look remarkably like the communities they came from
    Or even worse, the one they escaped from because it was part of a failed state

  13. ‘Britain has been fast asleep through the most significant revolution in centuries. ‘

    Britain has not been asleep – many ordinary Britons affected by an irresponsible mass immigration policy that has helped create the ghettos in towns and cities across the country – have attempted to express their concerns but they were silenced by a deliberately orchestrated program to create an environment of fear that saw witch hunts unleashed when those who were brave enough to voice their concerns were branded as rabid racists.

    To say Britain has been fast asleep is to let the political establishment who were directly responsible for creating this startling situation off the hook.

    Good article by the way.

    • Quote from Roy Hattersley, ex Labour MP and Minister….””For most of my 33 years in Westminster, I was able to resist Sparkbrook’s demands about the great issues of national policy – otherwise, my first decade would have been spent opposing all Commonwealth immigration and my last calling for withdrawal from the European Union.”

      • People like Hattersley are still running the show. That’s why the Casey Report will make no difference.

  14. If your pessimistic conclusion is the truth then people will reluctantly conclude that the only way to save their country is through force.

    We haven’t had a civil war in this country for hundreds of years. I certainly don’t look forward to another but the way things are going it’s hard to see how this situation can continue indefinitely The Government’s increasingly draconian policy of criminalising anyone who publicly expresses dissent is simply pushing people towards the revolt such policies claim to seek to avoid.

        • It was not only predicted but actively encouraged for ideological purposes. Here’s a relevant quote from Migration Watch:

          “The strongest evidence for conspiracy comes from one of Labour’s own. Andrew Neather, a previously unheard-of speechwriter for Blair, Straw and Blunkett, who popped up with an article in the Evening Standard in October 2009 which gave the game away…..

          Immigration, he wrote, ‘didn’t just happen; the deliberate policy of Ministers from late 2000…was to open up the UK to mass immigration’.”

  15. I think a few have mentioned it before, Ray Honeyford for instance, and the messengers were metaphorically shot. The author could have mentioned the lack of Hinduphobia, Buddhiphobia, Sikhophobia, although not anti-semitism, the rise of which mirrors this issue.

    • Ray Honeyford was a wonderful guy.

      I can’t think of too many people who I can name-drop and far fewer that I would want to, but I am honoured to have known him.

    • The Saudis are pumping unbelievable amounts of money to build mosques and for proselytising. The money also goes towards indoctrinating Muslims in their mosques and children in their madrassas but is spent at red-brick universities like Oxford and Cambridge in funding chairs of Islamic studies or more subtly Abrahamic Religions.

      • In which case the cavalry is on its way. Oil prices will never again rise above 50$ per barrel thanks to fracking. Likely even that figure will drop as fracking becomes more efficient. That should bankrupt Saudi Arabia and thus cut off the funding.

  16. Yesterday, Adrian Chiles on his radio programme for Radio Five Live, introduced a short discussion on this report. Not surprisingly, his interviewee was a Moslem man, who spent most of the time attacking the report on account of it being hostile to the Moslem Community. Why not a female representative from that community? Again it shows that the BBC will go out of its way to defend this community, irrespective of the subject matter, rather than initiating a well-researched and balanced account. Chiles barely touched upon the main issues of concern raised by this report. We have to pay a licence fee for this poor journalism!

    • Adrian Chiles is a featherweight on the journalistic scale. A useful idiot used by the BBC for its propaganda objective.

    • Totally agree with the poor journalism – its what the BBC leaves out which is of more interest. We have finally made the decision to do without the Beeb and are dumping our license fee. Plenty of options out there to get unbiased, open news.

  17. Dame Louise Caseys review is long overdue, yet says nothing that has not been common knowledge for decades, there is little chance of this review actually changing anything as muslims simply have no intention of changing their cultural practises, when has there been a succesful FGM case in court ?
    We have neither the resources nor the government will to implement even the most basic of British law in these “closed cities” and that which is implementd is kept from public gaze as long as possible as in the endless grooming cases where the culture of those guilty is shielded as we, or actually officialdom have no wish to upset those communities by upsetting community cohesion whatever that means.
    This report will be soon forgotten a few words of approval and the waste paper bin beckons, but eventually the country will have to make its mind up over these matters and the longer it is left the more difficult it will be to actually do anything, a lot of those in power have already a lot to answer to.

    • The only prosecution was against a doctor repairing the damage done to a woman’s genitalia following FGM inflicted on her as a child. Illustrates the mentality of the CPS.

  18. It’s an asymmetric conflict. The West is losing, with the acquiescence of our elected “representatives”. One must ask, what’s in it for them?

  19. Lets face facts! Despite the success of the BREXIT vote the UK as we know it is finished. We are subject to a population churn of one million people per year. Immigrant communities are reproducing at a much higher rate than the indigenous British ( who have aborted 8 million of their potential citizens) only to replace the loss with immigrants. There is absolutely no way that in 30 years time that our country will be remotely recognizable.
    There will continue to be massive funding of the Islamic community by the Saudi Arabian government. Sharia courts will be the official courts of the land in vast swathes of our country. Homosexuality will be illegal, women will have to cover up in public, pop music banned, Alcohol banned. think you get the picture. in contrast the indigenous population that remains will be decultured, cut off from their past and with no future!

    • That is why although Dr Gomes’ ending is utterly depressing, I have to agree with him and with you, that the Casey Review, “By George, it has come too late, I fear!” We all know that the Review will be buried by the left-wing bureaucracy at Whitehall and will never be implemented and things will only regress from bad to worse. Never was a truer word spoken. Reminds me of the prophets of the Old Testament.

    • You can’t outbreed an economical problem which has politics as it`s origin. The law would have to be altered to stop all British people from marrying foreigners, which includes men chasing Philippino brides. The alternative is to ban Sharia law.

  20. I predict that within 30 years Homosexuality will be Re -Criminalised in the UK. Possibly within 15?

    • I agree, but it may not be muslims that force this through. I guess it might be data on outcomes from children of homosexual couples. So far we have little data, but the little we have seems to suggest that non standard parenting seems to have adverse effects on children. In time we will have more data.

        • The Left will suppress the data. The Muslims will be so powerful that they will ‘democratically’ push through the re-criminalisation of homosexuality. What is utterly bewildering is how the Left and Islam is in bed together. Of course, Islam sees this as a clever strategy–use the useful idiots of the Left and then dump them in Islamic gulags. And then take over and impose their own brand of Islamic Totalitarianism.

          • And wow!! Are they idiots !!

            Totally useless and worse to the rest of us. But to Islam they are very useful. And stupid.

        • Like food production in the USSR.

          Officially it will all be wonderful.

          Anyone who dares to disagree with the “consensus” will be dealt with.

      • The problem is the liberals see children as commodities.

        I don’t think that they will give up on gay rights just because a few get terribly damaged by it.

        • The law covering adoption isn’t the same as that covering homosexual partnerships, the adoption law can be altered without it affecting gay other than their ability to adopt, and the issue is the same anyway, child access to both heterosexual parents.

          • But adoption is a major issue for them. In fact it was the final straw that led me to leave the Conservative Party.

            Cameron had announced that while Blair was dithering over whether to give Catholic (and presumably other Christian) adoption agencies an exemption over the need to treat gay partnerships as equal, there was no way he was going to vote to allow such an exemption.

            On reading that I walked over to my computer, accessed my bank account and stopped my DD to the Conservative Party.

            There is no way that the liberals are going to do anything that will negatively affect the gays right to adopt.

  21. Great response to a superb Casey review…but guess what? Millions of us have been feeling and saying EXACTLY these sentiments for many years, but as with everything else the political left does our voices have been overlooked, suppressed and silenced on the alter of political correctness. Things will get very ugly indeed. Decisive action is needed on this Muslim problem and it is needed NOW.

  22. ‘Britain has been fast asleep through the most significant revolution in centuries.’ I would say that the people at the sharp end of this multicultural experiment have not been asleep.

    I have spent many years working in the Middle East as a service man and a civilian. The best thing about the Middle East is the flight home. However some places in the UK now look like the place I have just come from.

    Is the Church finally waking up to the problem?

    • Most mainline churches, especially the C of E, are part of the problem. The left-wing leadership of these churches regard Islam as a benign force. These leaders are all about inter-faith dialogue…which is a soppy get together for a cup of tea and a carefully orchestrated chat about niceness.

  23. islam does not want to integrate, its all about ruling. you bend to their will. And at some point, sooner or later there is going to be a bloody religious war in this country with muslims on one side and EVERYONE else on the other.
    Winner strings up the liberal left either for having caused the mess or because they are no longer needed as useful idiots.

  24. The issue of Muslims of Indian Sub-Continent origin (Pakistani, Bangladeshi since 1971, and Muslims from post-1947 India) bringing brides from the Sub-Continent has been a concern for fifty years; it was identified as undesirable in the 1960s. Louise Casey has brought this to our attention again.

    Successive governments meandered around the problem, instituting the ‘primary purpose’ test and making noises about preventing sham marriages. But they never tackled it effectively and still do not seem to be able to. Margaret Thatcher’s governments failed on this, just as much as those of Harold Wilson, James Callaghan, and Tony Blair. It appears that the Home Office gave up trying to limit it.

    Historians of immigration policy can no doubt tell us why, not least as some of the discussions inside the Home Office on it will now be accessible in the Public Record Office. (And the 30-year rule is gradually reducing to a 20 year rule, so that the Major Government papers will soon be available.)

  25. No doubt the existence of ghettos is due solely to white flight – at least according to the Guardian (they have pushed this line explicitly in the recent past).
    It is worth remembering that Islington and other fashionable districts (Camden, Notting Hill, etc) were once working-class ‘ghettos’. The process of ‘gentrification’ began with middle-class voortrekkers buying up what was then cheap property. As the process continued, local businesses, pubs and so on became orientated to the needs and desires of the newcomers and the old working-class communities were priced out.
    Now, since media types and other well-heeled professionals are so righteous about diversity isn’t it strange that they don’t take advantage of the relatively low property prices found in certain vibrant inner-city areas in London, Manchester and Birmingham, and replicate the process that changed Islington and the like 50 years ago?

  26. Lots of people have protested, but been ignored by our catastrophic political classes. It has suited Labour especially to change UK culture and get a tame voting block. This is no accident, as the article assumes. We don’t have the politicians to respond to critical concerns. And the Blob: that is crucial in demonising as racist any who complain, along with Ms May’s beloved Equality Act and its chill factor. The 1997 Cultural Revolution was all about this massive change, done by demography and cultural importation, when socialism became unelectable

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