Modus, the Swedish crime drama currently running on BBC 4, presents a crude caricature in linking the central symbol of Christianity, the Cross of Christ, with murderous violence against homosexuals. But its portrayal nonetheless represents a vital challenge orthodox Christians in the West need to meet.

The crudity of Modus’s politically correct agenda is particularly glaring in the scene when the sinister church leader in the United States, who incites a former Marine to murder homosexuals in Sweden, is shown standing in front of a large wooden cross denouncing the sins of Scandinavia.

Christians should never apologise for the traditional biblical teaching that the expression of sexual love should be reserved exclusively for the God-created institution of heterosexual marriage. There are actually powerful socio-political arguments for the recovery of this ethic in Western countries but it is not the purpose of this piece to advance them.

The pressing issue Modus raises is the need for orthodox Christians clearly to dissociate themselves from hatred against a targeted group of transgressors. The reason we need to do this is because the self-righteous focus on one particular sin fundamentally undermines the essential message of salvation we should be proclaiming.

That message as set forth in the Christian Bible teaches that every person is a sinner in desperate need of the redemption that God’s Incarnate Son, Jesus Christ, achieved through his sin-bearing death on the Cross. Christian people, being sinful, are no less in need of Christ’s redemption than anybody else. To target one group of sinners as meriting special condemnation thus undermines the loving message we Christians should be humbly cherishing in our own souls and communicating to the world.

Modus may be crude in linking the central symbol of God’s saving love with violent hatred against one group of transgressors. But unless we Christians are careful to explain the biblical message that all sin is deserving of God’s condemnation and that Jesus Christ is the Saviour all people need, whatever they have done, and to dissociate ourselves from the fanatics obsessed with one particular sexual sin, then the Modus caricature could gain currency to the detriment of public Christianity in the West.

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  1. Modus is also displacement propaganda intended, I suspect, to divert attention from the real, pressing cause of terrorist threat in Scandinavia and across the whole of Europe.

  2. I normally like Scandinavian noir but I turned this rubbish off. The reality is it’s not Swedish Christians that Swedish homosexuals need to be deathly afraid of.

    • Indeed. I imagine the Caliphate of Sweden will outlaw scandi noir, but the Icelanders should still make Trapped, so we’ll be okay.

  3. We as Christians are therefore accused by implication of hypocracy. Not loving your neighbour by passing judgement on homosexuality etc. However, hypocrisy only exists relative to the self. Virtue on the other hand is external and therefore makes general claims about all people. We live in a culture that has rejected the concept of external morality. Does it surprise then that the principle sin of the modern world and modern church should by hypocrisy? That world us primarily interested in establishing its own autonomy. It isn’t interested in virtue lest it find its own conduct restricted. And yet its obsession with hypocrisy is a testimony to its own moral impoverishment.

  4. In short: “Who are we to judge?”: I couldn’t agree more. Nonetheless traditional Christian teaching on homosexuality (not to mention the even less tolerant Wahabist view on this subject) does give the Church a big image problem in a world where we are highly tolerant, welcoming even, to gay lifestyles.
    Of course, I defend your right to preach what you believe. I just think you’re wrong – mostly because I’m not a big subscriber to the literalist view of the Bible, but also because I’ve seen the pain caused when a less tolerant (evangelical) viewpoint pitches parents against their own children. To whom then can those children turn for spiritual succour? If we can accept that the world wasn’t created in seven days then surely we can find a way to bring Gays into the fold too – more in the spirit of biblical teaching if not to the exact letter.
    If we’re honest, many see homosexuality as a threat to the institution of marriage – but modern divorce rates would suggest that heterosexuals are the prime drivers in the decline of that institution.
    Still, I can support the jist of this article. From a personal perspective those other biblical “abominations” of envy, lying and gossip (to list but a few) have been more detrimental to me than any gay has ever been.

    • Sure, and we should, and in many cases do. If Pope Francis has shut up after saying “The church is a hospital” he would have done everyone a service. That’s exactly what it is, a hospital for wounded spirits, maybe that’s why the church has done so well establishing hospitals for the wounded body.

  5. “Christians should never apologise for the traditional biblical teaching” .. well, after a depressing week on here it appears that some Christians (though hopefully not all) will defend literally anything.

    When I highlighted the fact this week that a ‘supposed’ christian had been found guilty by an independent jury of indecency offences against women, certain individuals rushed to his defence claiming either
    (a) It was a “trivial” offence and therefore not worthy of note
    (b) We should allow the guy to continue as normal because let’s face it, to sin is human (yes it is, but we are not all woman-gropers)
    (c) It was a tinfoil hat conspiracy theory and a set-up
    (d) I should be banned from these boards for pointing it out

    And then you wonder why the church got away with abuse in its ranks for so long

    • “…some Christians (though hopefully not all) will defend literally anything provided you stick a “Christian” badge on it.” I suspect you are attacking me with the above comment – despite the facts as per usual.

      I can’t really spell it out more clearly for you than I already have but once again – I most certainly do not condone any form of sexual assault whether you stick a Christian or an atheist badge on it. Credit where credit is due as there is the vaguest hint of fact in your point C as I did suggest ‘a set up’ – which is your C ‘tinfoil hat conspiracy’ I suppose – but I already discussed why I believed that was not an unreasonable position. My main issue was with the holier-than-thou vitriol and scorn you poured on a Christian man who fell into sin (if he actually did). I presume the irony of rekindling this attack in the comments of an article titled – “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone” is lost on you.

      • I didn’t mention anyone by name, and actually there were several people, but you seem to have put your hand up.

        • Hehe ok fine, I’ll put my hand down! Seriously though, let me extend a small olive branch to finish our heated discussion, if I may (forgive the Biblical reference)! I completely understand and indeed share your outrage at the idea of Christians saying people who commit crimes should have a pass because they are Christian. I also wholeheartedly agree that we must do everything we can to prevent any form of abuse occurring and then being covered up within the institutionalised church. Both of those evils are anathema to the teachings of Biblical Christianity. I hope both atheist and Christian can come together to oppose these evils.

  6. Yes, I’ve noticed this with the pc Scandinavian tv series. When the police go to question someone, there’s often a crucifix or picture of Jesus on the wall – then you know immediately who has done the crime. Sometimes they play with you by giving lots of possibilities that someone has done it … who has, one notices, an Arabic name – a Muslim – and you know immediately that this is a red herring, and he’s as innocent as could possibly be. (Meanwhile, in Scandinavian real life, reality, dozens of white indigenous women are being raped by … people with Arabic names). The first duty of western tv is to denigrate Christianity; the second is to reverse the truth.

  7. I have been watching Modus and find myself rooting for the bad guy.
    Only because of the unrelenting political correctness of the good guys.
    Also to make this series at all feasible you have believe that Sweden is devoid of CCTV and has less than five detectives.

  8. This is Sweden !. Nothing of interest to see there anymore except snow I suppose. An irrelevant people in a cursed land. Ignore everything that comes out of it.

  9. Bravo. Say it loud and often. Far to often, some of our brethren worry overmuch about the sins of the flesh, and not nearly enough about many of the others, equally, and perhaps sometimes more, dire for our salvation.

  10. When I was very young there was a family at Church. They were there regularly, pretty much every week as far as I recall or knew. Family members still attend.

    It was widely known that he had been imprisoned for burglary. And not just once and that she too had been convicted of involvement.

    Being me then as now I wanted to believe that they regretted what they had done. That they prayed that they would find an alternative and honest way to provide for their family and that they would never break into anyone’s house again. Of course they might reoffend.
    But I desperately wanted them to want not to. If they come to Church (or even if not), I want them to at least try to do what’s right as that is what ultimately is what God wants.

    Of course I may have been wrong. (Allow me a little licence as it was long before mobile phones but it doesn’t change the point). The father may have sat in his car for five minutes after the family went in to Church on the phone confirming the details of his next “job”. But I really wanted to be right even then, and now too.

    Do you sit in Church excited about going to the newsagents across the road to by the next copy of Playboy or do you plan not to look at it again? Do you promise yourself that you won’t gossip about the burglar ever again, or do you stare at them wondering whether your friend sitting next to them knows what kind of people they are sitting next to and plan to tell them at the end?

    If you have had casual sex do you thank God that you have had the experience or do you regret it and commit yourself to avoiding it in the future ? If you drink and drive, or take drugs and neglect your children, or you beat someone up.

    I could go on but no need I am sure. In all of these cases you can genuinely plan not to sin again. You can do something to reduce the chance of falling into that sin again. You can genuinely say to God, “with the help of Your Grace I will not sin again”. Of course you may sin again, indeed you will sin again, but you can and must try not to.

    What if you are in a gay relationship? Your partner is sitting next to you. Or waiting outside. How do you genuinely intend not to sin again?

  11. As ever-the lazy drive-by cliches of “Christian violence”.
    Equivalence and equivocation are catch-all bucket lists for the atheist and marxist liberal godless types. A refusal to speak in anything but restricted codes that won`t name THE religion that threatens them most. That would be judgemental and discriminatory after all.
    That these oafs have only ever known or believed in Lefty Thesausus versions of defining such language suits all of them. No need to think, to check-and now they no longer have the skills or vocabulary to talk with the Judeo-Christian world. So Islam does the speaking for us.
    We should let Islam and Marxism fight it out and we should be always funding and egging on the losing side until they wipe each other out. Islam is in dire danger of winning unopposed at present-so we Jews and Christians need to link and fight together.

  12. “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”

    Well, thats the left totally and utterly fudged, then. They live in the biggest glass houses of all and chuck the biggest stones.

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