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RFK Jr interviewed, Part 1: The environmentalist who questioned vaccine safety


FOR me, the most authentic, interesting and inspiring politician of our times is without doubt Robert F Kennedy Jr. His ‘truth seeking’ has been regardless of the consequences for him and his career. His principle has taken him down a difficult and unorthodox path of confrontation with the establishment and, inevitably, to being censored, demonised and marginalised, the treatment typically meted out to dissenters, not least by his party of ‘birth’ so to speak, the Democrats.

I only recently came across an hour-long interview with him, sent to me by a TCW reader, conducted by Oracle Films in August 2022.  This was well before he announced his campaign for the 2024 United States presidential election in April.  I found it so compelling that I decided to get it transcribed to publish as a series of edited extracts to capture his personal story, how he came to challenge Big Pharma on vaccine safety years ago, and how this knowledge of the corrupted US medical establishment positioned his scepticism on the Covid ‘pandemic’ from the start. In this section he explains how his extraordinary career began.

I’M AN environmental attorney and advocate for 40 years. I ran the biggest water protection group in the world, which I founded, Waterkeeper Alliance, for about 35 years, which is 350 separate Waterkeeper groups in 46 countries, each one with a patrol boat patrolling a local river or water, and suing polluters. So our primary – we were a law enforcement group – our primary tool is litigation. We use all the tools of advocacy – when Martin Luther King said, ‘Agitation, legislation, litigation, and ultimately innovation.’ 

And in 2005, I was suing coal burning power plants for discharging mercury. At that time, the FDA had published a report that showed that every freshwater fish in America had dangerous levels of mercury in its flesh, and one out of every six American women had mercury levels in their cord blood that were sufficient to impose at least one permanent IQ loss on their children or unborn children. And we began suing. 

I had, by the end of 2005, about 40 cases against coal burning power plants and cement kilns, which were the primary source of aquatic mercury. And during that period, I began getting approached by mothers of children who had intellectual disabilities. And these mothers believe that mercury in vaccines had been the source of their children’s injuries. It was not an issue that I wanted to be involved in – I really wanted to protect water and work on energy policy. One of these mothers came to my house in 2005, a psychologist called Sarah Bridges. She had a son, Porter Bridges, who had gotten a mercury vaccine as a baby. He at that point was exceeding all his milestones in language, social interactions, physical co-ordination. And following that injection, he had a fever, a high fever or seizures, and over the next three months became severely autistic. He lost his speech. And at the age of 18 . . . he was non-verbal, non-toilet trained. 

She had received $20million in a judgement from the vaccine court recognising that he got autism from a vaccine. She didn’t want the same thing to happen to other children. She came to my house with a pile of scientific studies about 18 inches deep. And she put them on my front porch, and she said, ‘I’m not going to leave here until you read these.’ And I began paging through the abstracts. I’m very accustomed to reading science. Part of my job as an attorney on virtually all my cases involved some scientific controversy. So I’m very comfortable reading science. I know how to read it critically. And as I went through the abstracts of these studies, it became clear to me that the orthodoxy is that what we were being told by the medical public health regulators and by the pharmaceutical industry about the safety of vaccines, was not supported by science. In fact, just the opposite was true. There was a giant delta between what the published peer-reviewed science was saying and what the public was being told. And I began calling the regulators. I knew most of them. I had access to them. I talked to people during this period like Tony Fauci, Francis Collins. Marie McCormick, who was the head of the National Academy of Science, what they called the Institute of Medicine at that time; Kathleen Stratton who was the chief staffer at the National Academy of Science. And it became clear to me during those conversations that the key people in public health had either not read the science or that, in some cases, they were lying about it. They were deliberately deceiving the public about vaccine safety. 

And that was the beginning of my kind of getting sucked into the vortex of this kind of advocacy that has, you know, as will I say, wrecked my career and disrupted my life. And this . . . it wasn’t a good career choice.

I published in 2005 an article for Rolling Stone magazine and Salon in which I published transcripts of a secret meeting between health regulators and pharmaceutical industry executives in which they recognised that vaccines were causing the autism epidemic. And they had a two-day discussion about how to hide that from the American people. Somebody recorded that meeting . . .

 And we now have the transcripts of this secret meeting that they did in Simpsonwood, Georgia, in the year 2000. And it’s the most horrifying thing that you can read, Joe. They’re scientists, they’re from the government, who are saying . . . who are reading reports and saying, ‘This is undeniable. There is no way we can ever deny this. I’m not going to give this to my children. But now let’s hide this from the American people.’ And it’s, you know, it is that clear. And this is what I write about. It’s this language that I write about in the Rolling Stone piece and the Salon piece that, you know, is so shocking, where we have the guys who are supposed to be protecting Americans’ health, who are actually conspiring to keep this stuff in the vaccines. 

I believe most of the people didn’t know they were being recorded . . . I immediately began experiencing censorship and, you know, this tremendous force of the medical cartel, but also all of these other agencies and these allied industries, including the mainstream media and ultimately the social media that became deeply enmeshed in this censorship project. And today, you know, that has reached an apex where, you know, people who are severely injured by vaccines are not allowed to talk about it on social media or on mainstream media. Widespread injuries that are very, very clearly documented, by their own surveillance systems, by their own clinical trials, are hidden from the public. 

Or [when] doctors find alternative treatments for Covid that don’t require vaccinations are published, they’re delicensed, they’re censored – not just by social media and mainstream media, but they’re attacked at every level. The medical licensing boards delicense them. The medical journals are involved – deeply, deeply involved – in the censorship, and all of the major institutions in our democracy we’ve erected over time to protect children from greedy, rapacious industry have now been compromised and subverted by that industry and its allies in the media and the social media and in the public health agencies, which are captured agencies, and in the intelligence and military agencies too – which have these very, very deep, deep alignments with the pharmaceutical companies. 

You can watch the full interview here.

In the next extracts, Kennedy turns to the ‘amping up’ of the project to obliterate democracy that was Covid. 

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Kathy Gyngell
Kathy Gyngell
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