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RFK Jr interviewed, Part 3: Resisting the medical cartel


FOR me, the most authentic, interesting and inspiring politician of our times is without doubt Robert F Kennedy Jr. His ‘truth seeking’ has been regardless of the consequences for him and his career. His principle has taken him down a difficult and unorthodox path of confrontation with the establishment and, inevitably, to being censored, demonised and marginalised, the treatment typically meted out to dissenters, not least by his party of ‘birth’, so to speak, the Democrats.

What follows is the third and final set of edited extracts from an hour-long interview with him conducted by Oracle Films over a year ago in which he discusses how those who are alive to the risks of the Covid ‘vaccines’ can fight back against the official narrative. You can read Part 1 here and Part 2 here. 

THE irony is that the people who are benefiting are mainly the social media titans, they’re the biggest [beneficiaries of a] just pure financial shift in wealth. Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Ellison, Sergey Brin from Google. And then the media titans like Bloomberg and Disney, the people who are censoring criticism of lockdown are profiteering on the lockdown. They are literally, you know, gorging themselves on the corpses of the obliterated middle class. And anybody who criticises the policies that are making them rich is evicted from the public square. The regulatory technocrats whose power is exploding because there’s people like Tony Fauci are clear beneficiaries. And then the intelligence agencies, whose power is dramatically increasing, are also beneficiaries. And the big financial houses which are engineering this great reset of the financial system, which has avoided a big death chasm that was coming their way and given them a cover up to just print money and cover up all the mistakes that they’ve made. And, you know, and the promises they can no longer keep to the elderly, to the poor, about taking care of them.

I’m listed as part of the ‘Disinformation Dozen’, but the one problem that they have is they can’t point to any statement that I’ve made that is actually factually incorrect. The term ‘disinformation’ is just a euphemism for anything that departs from government . . . official government proclamations or, you know, pharmaceutical industry profiteering and profit ambitions. It has nothing to do whether it’s factually correct or not. It’s a mechanism for crushing dissent.

‘Follow the science’ means ‘follow the narrative’, it doesn’t actually mean follow the science. There’s no such thing as consensus science anyway, you know? I mean, every case I’ve ever had there’s scientists on both sides, on the corporate polluter side and on the pharmaceutical side and on the plaintiff side. When I was part of the trail team in the Monsanto case, and Monsanto showed up with, you know, with leading scientists from Harvard and from Stanford, and, you know, they told their side of the story that Monsanto’s herbicide glyphosate does not cause non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. They made a very convincing case. But our scientists, who were also from Harvard and Stanford, looked at the exact same data and . . . and came up with the exact opposite conclusion. And the jury heard both sides and they were able to look at cross-examination of both sides and explore that science on a granular level. And they came to believe that we were right, and the official scientists weren’t. 

In science, there is no consensus. There’s just warring hypotheses, and there’s arguments, and it’s healthy. That’s why good medicine is always about consultation. As you know, you always ask for a second opinion. If it’s a serious diagnosis or prognosis, you want a second opinion. You want other doctors collaborating and talking with each other. None of that happened here. All the doctors who were in charge of managing this pandemic, Bergson, Redfield and Fauci, none of them ever treated a Covid patient. They just were dictating policies. They were clamping down, totalitarian controls. And the frontline doctors who were actually battling to save patients’ lives and were experimenting with different therapies – and some of them that were extraordinarily effective – and when they tried to talk about it, they were silenced. 

If you want to know what Tony Fauci should have done with all of his friendships with Mark Zuckerberg and the Silicon Valley titans, he should have created a communications grid that connected all of the 11million frontline doctors around the world, so that doctors who were treating patients in Bangladesh or Tanzania or Greenland or Iceland or Norway or Germany, could say, ‘Hey, here’s a treatment I just tried and it’s working like a miracle,’ and a way to process all that information and to distil it and to craft, create protocols that reflect the latest knowledge from 11million people around the globe about what works to keep people out of hospitals. That should have been the primary outcome of all research. How do we keep people from being hospitalised? Because if you don’t have overcrowding hospitals, you don’t have a pandemic. 

All of the science on ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine shows that if they were used early in combination with other drugs, they could have eliminated 80 per cent of hospitalisations, there would have been no pandemic. We would have all been like China, where we have a treatable, manageable illness that affects people over 70. We protect them, we give them the finest treatment, and we isolate them so they’re not spreading disease and they don’t get it spread to them quickly. And then we let Covid run through the population, which it’s going to do anyway. With children, there’s zero deaths. In the Lancet study that tried to find any deaths in America, they couldn’t find a single death in a healthy child from Covid. Oh, and if those children get Covid, they don’t have a risk, and now they have herd immunity for life. They don’t have to keep taking vaccines every year and subjecting themselves . . . and they protect the elderly because they have herd immunity. And that’s what we want. You know, we want what we had with measles and chickenpox, which is a disease that comes back seasonally every couple of years, which it’s going to do, like the flu . . . We knew how to save people’s lives from Covid, we didn’t have to lose all these people. Eighty per cent of the people did not need to die.

The institutions that are controlled by the medical cartel are political institutions, are parliamentary institutions, the elected politicians, the captured regulatory officials, the newspapers, the social media, the entire medical systems, the hospitals, the medical journals – all of these institutions that were erected essentially to protect, ultimately, to protect vulnerable children from a greedy, rapacious industry – they’ve all been undermined and subverted. We have the courts – we think – we still may have access opportunities for accessing the courts. But the other thing we have is the streets. We need to be out on the streets, and we need to be converting each Thirty-three per cent of the people understand what’s happening. And their job is to wake up all the people who are asleep. The good news is that the conversion rates all favour us enormously . . . The people who believe in medical freedom are not converting, by and large, to the fear side. And, you know, we need to wake those people up. We need to persuade them that they need to love their liberties more than they fear a germ. We need to persuade them that they’re being manipulated, and that they’ve given up their freedoms and that they need to fight to get them back. And the way we do that is everybody on our side needs to be resisting, resisting, resisting every day. Each one of us needs to commit three civil disobediences a day. What does that mean? It means talking to somebody, telling them, handing them a folder or a card that has, you know, the lists of symptoms and has the problems with these vaccines. Or going to a . . . to businesses that have [‘no entry without mask’] signs on the door and saying, ‘I’m not going to patronise you and I’m going to tell my friends not to patronise you’. And then going in and doing that.

The way that propaganda works is through repetition. If people hear the same message three or four or five times, they believe it, even if it’s completely implausible. And we need to counterbalance that with messages from our side. If a mother who is taking her children for a walk, she gets cards from three different people saying, you know, ‘Don’t vaccinate those people without knowing . . . these children without knowing the truth. Here is the risk from myocarditis. Here’s the risk from thrombosis and pericarditis. Here’s what the clinical trials said. Here’s what happened to Maddie de Garay, the little girl who’s paralysed for life, one of the 11,00 people in the clinical trial. A huge, huge effect.’ The mothers need to know that. And, you know, the more people who tell them about it, the more of them who are going to come over to our side. And we need, you know, we need people to come out on to the street. And we’re seeing that, we’re seeing the growth, you know, in the countries that are really clamped down, like Australia. We’re seeing people taking back their governments on the street, and we all need to be doing that.

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