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Rob Slane: Who’s the Daddy? The Mummy, of course


I’m thinking of suing my old school for misleading me during what they called ‘sex education’ lessons. Although it is many decades back, I distinctly recall them telling me that the way babies were made was when a sperm, provided by the male, fertilises the egg, provided by the female. They assured me that the one providing the sperm is known as the father, whilst the one providing the egg is known as the mother.

So imagine my surprise when I read a piece in the Telegraph that has cast doubt on the accuracy of those so-called biological truths. The article was about a person called ‘Joy’, who despite having XY chromosomes, has apparently become a female, and has just become the first transgender minister in the Methodist Church. The article informed us that Joy has been married to Ruth, who has XX chromosomes, for 24 years during which time they had two children.

But this bit was the rebuke to my sex education teachers:
‘The mother of two from Canterbury, Kent, says she first knew she was different aged just five, and didn’t fit in with everyone else.’
Did you get that? Did you understand what you just read? The mother of two it was referring to was not Ruth, the mother of the two children, but Joy – the one whose sperm went into the creation of the two children. The sex education I received as an 11-year-old had led me to believe that this made Joy their father, but thanks be to the Telegraph, I now know that Joy is their mother. In which case, Who’s the Daddy?

The fact of Joy’s fathering of the children cannot be easily erased, though, can it? It is a historical fact that the children were fathered by someone, and according to the article, that someone was Joy. But since the article describes Joy as the mother of the two children, it seems that we are being asked to believe that Joy is both the children’s father and their mother. Did you know of that possibility? Did your sex education teachers tell you that? Or are you beginning to wonder whether the dictionary definition of insanity is in need of an update?

I’m reluctant to say it, given my loathing for the anti-Christian, Bolshevik-inspired project known as sex education, but I think my teachers got this one right. Sperm really does come from the male. The male really is the father. A child’s father really cannot also be its mother. Joy cannot therefore be the children’s mother, for the simple reason that Joy is the children’s father. And even if the Telegraph tries to convince you otherwise, my advice is don’t you believe them. It isn’t true. It’s what’s called a lie.

Now, I fully understand that there are some who are objectively male who do not believe that they are so, and that there are some who are objectively female who do not think they are so. But if the body is objectively one thing, yet the head says it feels something else, where exactly should we locate the problem? Is it really in the objective reality of the body? Or might it just be in the subjective beliefs in the head? This is not a hard question, as we shall see if we step out of the muddy waters of the trans agenda for a moment or two, and set the whole issue in another context.

If a being who is objectively human insists that they do not feel human, but more a giraffe, where would you say the problem lies? With their body? Or in their head? That’s not a trick question. They are objectively human, and therefore if their opinions about themselves are a bit giraffish, it’s very clear that the problem must be with their opinions and not their humanity. It would therefore be the height of cruelty, would it not, to inject them with chemicals and hormones and surgically mutilate them to try to make them more giraffish, rather than helping them come to terms with what they actually are, which is human.

Likewise with transgenderism. We are told that it is terribly cruel to deny people the right to change their gender. It’s hate and all that. The opposite is true. There is nothing loving about indulging people in their attempts to bend objective reality to their subjective ideas about themselves. On the contrary, treating what is a spiritual, emotional and mental problem with hormones and bodily mutilation is not exactly a loving thing to do.

Moving on to the bigger picture, why has this come about? First and foremost, because we have by and large abandoned the concept of transcendent truth. And the more we have done so, the more we have replaced it with its opposite, which is internalised ‘truth’, where the individual is the creator of his or her own reality, regardless of whether it accords with what is objectively true. So we now have the potential for a million ‘truths’. Be a girl. Be a boy. Be a woman. Be a man. Be a bee. Or a duck. Or a paperclip, if you like. Who are you to tell me I can’t be whatever I feel like, hater?

Secondly, as a society we no longer know what true masculinity and femininity actually look like, and we don’t want to be what we think they are. For example, a YouGov survey last year found that only 2 per cent of 16-24-year-old males actually define themselves as ‘totally masculine’. The reason for this astonishing statistic is this: Firstly, many men have bought into the stereotypical hard-man image of masculinity as portrayed in the media and films, but because most of them aren’t like that, they end up feeling that they are not actually very masculine. Even more importantly, masculinity in general has been so demonised and ridiculed by feminism and the media that many young men have come to feel that there is some sort of shame and stigma attached to it.

These twin follies – the replacing of transcendent truth with subjective feelings, and a warped view of what is and isn’t masculine and feminine – are the basic reasons why, for the first time in history, thousands of people across the world are having a crisis of identity over who or – even more crucially – what they actually are. Unfortunately, most of them are just pawns in a much larger game being played by cultural revolutionaries whose goals have nothing to do with helping such people live fulfilling lives, but rather the demonic aim of destroying the very idea of human identity that has existed throughout history.

We urgently need to return to transcendent truth. We urgently need to rediscover true masculinity and true femininity. Anything less will not just result in absurdities such as the idea that a person can be both a father and a mother. No, the game is much larger and it is nothing less than the question of what it actually means to be human that is at stake.

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Rob Slane
Rob Slane
Rob is married to Alina, and they live with their six children in Salisbury. He blogs regularly at

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