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Rob Slane’s 2016: The global elite’s big stumble


One of my favourite quotes of the 21st century is this gem from George W Bush’s Senior Adviser and Deputy Chief of Staff, Karl Rove:

“We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality – judiciously, as you will – we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors…and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.”

When I say a favourite, I am by no means endorsing it. Quite the opposite. I like it because it so wonderfully encapsulates the arrogance of the Globalists, and what they have been up to for the last couple of decades or so. They have indeed been “creating” their own reality, and they have done so in ways that ordinary people hardly have a chance of working out what they are up to. By the time we start to catch on, they have already moved on with their crazed dialectic, and are busy creating their next new reality.

Of course, these realities are just lies. Could be the idea that a certain tinpot dictator was in reality so powerful and possessed such an arsenal of non-existent weapons that our very survival was at stake. Could be the idea that another tinpot dictator was about to slaughter masses of innocents and so we must do something about him. Could be the idea that you don’t need a “wife” in a marriage. Could be the idea that men can morph into women. Could be the idea that the Wahhabis that have infiltrated and terrorised Syria for the last five years are “moderate.”

But the problem with telling lies on these monstrous levels is that eventually more and more people will catch on to what you’re up to. They might not all agree on all the things I have mentioned above, and they might not catch up at the same time, but you go on piling lie upon lie, deception upon deception, year after year, and slowly but surely there will be an increasing unease and deep suspicion that something is up.

And when that happens, the vacuum that has been created by those who should be telling the truth – government – and those who should be holding them to account when they don’t – the media – will be filled by others. Some will come from the Left, others from the Right, if indeed those terms still have any meaning. Some of those attempting to fill the vacuum will be charlatans, ready to pump out anything to get attention. Others will be sincere people, desperately concerned about what is happening, and attempting to do all they can to get the truth past the cultural gatekeepers to anyone who will hear it.

And as the elites and their Global Pravda Network continue to create their own realities, and as both truthtellers and faketellers fill the vacuum they have left, the man in the street can be forgiven for wondering what on earth is going on. Have we taken leave of our senses? What is true and what is fake? I can no longer tell!

2016 was the year when all this started to come to a head. It was the year when the parallel universe created by the cabal of globalist, elitist, neo-Trotskyists, was revealed as never before, with three major issues exposing them like never before.

The first was of course Brexit. Let’s call it the First Blast of the Trumpet Against the Monstrous Regiment of Globalist Elites. They just didn’t see it coming. Didn’t plan for it because it couldn’t happen. Could it?

The Second Blast of the Trumpet Against the Monstrous Regiment was of course the defeat of the most corrupt presidential candidate in US history. If Brexit was a storm, this was a hurricane.

And the Third Blast was the recent defeat of “moderate” fanatics in Eastern Aleppo – the ones that have been armed and funded by a cabal of “moderate” Islamists, including Sultan Erdogan of Turkey and the House of Saud, and backed by the US, France and Britain, with the sole purpose of destroying yet another sovereign state.

A triple blow to the Global Elites. Of course they recognised their chastening, being ‘umble sorts, and gracefully slunk off into obscurity to raise their families and tend their gardens. Oh no, that wasn’t them, was it? Actually, what they did was to double-down, triple-down – no make that centupled-down – on their War on Reality.

Those claims of Brexit being purely about bigotry, hatred and stupidity are now beginning to look rather quaint. We’ve moved on since then and new realities are being created almost on a daily basis. Only recently, Ben Bradshaw, who is apparently an MP, stood up in the House of Commons and claimed that the Brexit vote was probably down to Russian hackers. Nobody laughed at him. Get that, bigoted, hateful Leave voter. You didn’t vote the way you did because you have legitimate reasons for loathing that great monstrous bureaucratic experiment called the EU, you did it because the Russian President put you up to it.

Of course returning from the bizarre universe inhabited by the likes of Mr Bradshaw and his chums, the reality was that that Russian President happened to be one of the few major world politicians who didn’t interfere. Frau Merkel did. And so too did that chap who came across the Atlantic to scold us for thinking about voting against the elites, and then threatened to make us go to the back of the queue like naughty schoolchildren. Since his intervention, undoubtedly, had the opposite effect to the one intended, we can only conclude he must be a Russian agent.

And with the election of Donald Trump in America, after catching their breath and taking time-out with the crayons and playdoh, they went into overdrive and have now managed to lose their collective marbles. Russian hackers here, Russian hackers there, Russian hackers everywhere. They’re interfering with our election. It’s proven. The CIA says so. And given their track record of not lying us into war, and of not running an institutionalised torture programme, and of not interfering in the elections and statehood of other countries since the 1950s, well you’ve just got to believe them.

Except those of us who like a little bit of proof with our pudding are still waiting for what used to be called “evidence.” Quaint old concept, I grant you, but some of us still like the idea. Hot air and insinuations are really no substitute, and presumably the FBI and the Department of National Intelligence would agree, since both have refused to back the CIA’s claims. Could it be because, as these ex-CIA analysts and the former UK ambassador to Uzbekistan, Craig Murray, convincingly insist, it was an inside job and not a hack?

But no matter, the die is cast, the new reality has been created, and there are now literally millions who believe insinuation to be fact, and they have somehow forgotten that the substance of the DNC hack was to show that the DNC was subverting the US election process.

And so as we approach the end of this most tumultuous of years, everything that threatens the globalist project is now labelled Fake News. Tread carefully folks. Question the motives of the neo-Trotskyist regime changers in Syria, or the trustworthiness of the CIA, and you could find yourself labelled a Russian agent before you can say Alexander Solzhenitsyn.

The funniest example of the “exposure of Fake News” turned out itself to be 2016’s prime instance of “Fake News.” In November, the Washington Post ran an article where they referenced a group of “anonymous experts” called PropOrNot, who had gathered a list of 200 websites that were “disseminating Russian propaganda.” Reading through their list is a somewhat hilarious exercise, especially as it includes (irony alert) ex-KGB agents such as former congressman, Ron Paul; the Catholic libertarian Lew Rockwell; former US Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy under Ronald Reagan, Paul Craig Roberts; David Stockman, Director of the Office of Management and Budget again under Ronald Reagan; and one of the few remaining proper journalists in the US, Robert Parry.

I read these chaps regularly. I like a lot of what they write, even though I might disagree with some of what they say. They are dissidents. They question things that the Globalists don’t want questioned, and they give a perspective on things than the Globalist Pravda Network tries to hide. I’m very thankful for their websites. Yet according to the Global Pravda Network, we shouldn’t be reading them. They’re dangerous. They’re fake. Blah, blah, blah.

And so as we come to the close of 2016, in one sense I am quite fearful. The Globalist Elites have had a massive three-fold shock, and it has gone to their head. They are angry and they’re not going to let this go. Right now they’re trying to engineer a coup against Donald Trump, and they’re hitting back with every trick in their Alinsky-inspired book of creating new realities. They’re just not going to make it their New Year’s resolution to “forget about our little project to run the world through any means possible,” but on the contrary, they are about to crank up the dial on their Fake News amplifier to Ear Splitting. Expect to see increasing calls for censorship in 2017. Expect to be softened up by the Globalist Elites and their Global Pravda Network to accept their realities, and to agree to the censorship of dissenting voices. All for your sake and your security of course.

Yet I’m not going to leave it on that cheerless note. The Global Elites do not run the world. Jesus Christ does, and he sits at the right hand of God, sovereignly judging the nations. The events of 2016 were not the result of cosmic lotto. They were the result of the King of kings ordering things after the counsel of his own will to give the perpetrators of the War on Reality the shock of their lives.

And try what they will in 2017, he’ll still be there on his throne.

(Image: U.S. Embassy London)

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Rob Slane
Rob Slane
Rob is married to Alina, and they live with their six children in Salisbury. He blogs regularly at

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