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Science’s quest for the genderless society


I HAVE a South American friend who insists that a new world order is coming to fruition soon. In her utopia, women will control everything and the men will own nothing and like it.

A world where men are all slaves and must answer to the whims of all women does sound vaguely tantalising. This scenario was described in a novel published several years ago entitled The Power where a futuristic dystopia is controlled by teenage girls having a biological ability to zap men with electric currents. 

In this brave new world, young women seize the assets and means of production, assume global leadership and enslave the entire male population.

Though in the book such power is abused to torture men who step out of line, the allure of power in real life remains. So many young women reading glossy magazines who see that all-important image of the rail-thin model or celebrity in designer outfits feel dissatisfied with their reflections in the mirror. These emotions may, according to the NHS, amount to conditions such as body dysmorphia including preoccupation with parts of the anatomy one deems unacceptable. Body dysmorphia often manifests in eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa where sufferers feel ‘in control’ only when they are able to resist food.

A couple of years ago, a doctor in Michigan who specialises in treating trans people became temporarily gender dysphoric after applying too strong a dosage of oestrogen (HRT) cream. The story was reported in Pink News and the doctor lauded for highlighting the plight of those who had experienced this disorder. 

In comparing his disgust with his newly feminised body parts to the feelings of gender dysphoric females, this doctor displayed a phenomenon which few in the scientific or medical communities will admit exists – the overlap between gender dysphoria and body dysmorphia in young women professing to be born the wrong gender.

Girls who reject femininity or self identify as male or ‘non-binary’ actually have a form of body dysmorphia. Rejecting their feminine body parts, for instance by flattening their chests, shows repulsion toward the areas they feel are not fit for acceptance. The trend of ‘binding’ to produce a flat, androgynous body is dangerous, cutting off the air supply and possibly causing permanent damage, but it is encouraged as a precursor to transitioning from female to male. 

In fact, transgendered people who were born women tend to suffer from eating disorders in an ‘extremely high proportion’, according to the Duke University Health System. 

Make no mistake, a young woman who is dieting obsessively does not wish to look feminine or capable of having children. Many women who achieve their desired weight by extreme dieting cease to have periods and even grow downy hair on the face which resembles the incoming beard of a pre-pubescent man.

So is gender dysphoria essentially interchangeable with body dysmorphia? The woke people working at the NHS and gender reassignment clinics would never admit it, and would deny any correlation despite the statistics. But they are seeing more gender dysphoric young women than ever. 

According to this article, entitled ‘Why Are So Many Females Coming out as Trans/Non-Binary?’  in recent years the proportion of young women coming out as trans as opposed to men has increased dramatically. This shows a reversal from the previous trend years ago of more men wishing to become the opposite sex. But the incidence of actual transitions carried out does not show a corresponding rise for women, and that should prove many young women eventually grow out of identifying as trans, or ‘desist’ from the desire to become male. ‘Desistance’ refers to the situation where a young person who experiences gender dysphoria eventually ‘grows out of it’ and decides not to go through with a sex change.

The occurrence of desistance among youngsters supports the position that they should not be allowed to undergo irreversible operations such as mastectomy or be pumped full of hormones (including puberty blocking ‘treatments’) which they are likely later to regret. Sadly, many medical ‘experts’ don’t believe the figures cited for desistance among young people and discount them as flawed due to the looser criteria for diagnosing gender dysphoria used in the past. In other words, young boys who liked to wear dresses and would have been diagnosed as trans gendered in previous years would not so qualify today, but young girls who hate their bodies and want to mutilate their breasts would be eligible for such ‘treatments’. The reasoning goes on that a whole raft subsisted of boys who were merely ‘gay boys who may have been experimenting with different ways of expressing gender but who were never really transgender in the first place’.

Such conclusions defy common sense or any logic or human decency. This article cites the findings of one Thomas Steensma, a clinician and researcher at the Centre of Expertise on Gender Dysphoria at the VU University Medical Centre in Amsterdam. He conveniently found in a study that desistance rates were lower in older, female children than in young boys.

What such goons of the scientific community, along with our warped political classes, are now hell bent on spouting, to encourage children to sacrifice themselves to the trans gods, is evil.  

Of course it is the young women who suffer most – those confused about their sexuality and their bodies, embarrassed at having periods, and yearning to have the perceived power of men; or simply impressed by a desired aesthetic, to look like a model in the 1990s ‘heroin chic’ era. Girls with such feelings are encouraged to undergo life-changing treatments which could make it impossible to have a family in later years.

The above article concludes with a prophecy to make you shudder: ‘After all, if the gender fluidity trend continues, perhaps many people will have no unitary gender to “persist” or “desist” from.’

So that’s the real agenda – to achieve a truly genderless society, by that now familiar mantra of ‘following the science’. 

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Bridget Jones 2024
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