Earlier this summer Justine Greening, the Secretary of State for Education and Minister for Women and Equalities, announced that gender could be legally changed without any medical diagnosis, promising publication of a consultation on her proposed Gender Recognition Act this autumn.

Her initiative has rightly been criticised, see here and here, for uncritically following the new gender ideology (pushed by various interest lobbies, some of which are state-funded) which has it that some people are born in the wrong body and we are (and should be able to be) the gender we feel ourselves to be.

Medics have already described her zeal in applying this thinking to policy as unscientific, dangerous and part of a wider social strategy.

It is a strategy that is already having a disturbing effect. As if in a self-fulfilling prophecy, dramatically rising numbers of children are coming out as transgender. Instead of viewing this as a cause for concern, Greening plans to push these ideas on even younger children. Her Children and Social Work Bill will make sex education, along with ‘personal, social and health education’, compulsory in all primary schools in Britain. It might sound relatively innocuous, but the Women and Equalities Committee which advises Greening says, in paragraph 361 of a recent report, that this means teaching ‘trans issues’.

Further, some of the trans activist groups who have influenced this report may be doing the teaching. The Gender Identity Research and Education Society (GIRES) is a transgender (TG) support charity that offers training to schools, police, law firms and health professionals. Their lessons, for children as young as three, are designed to be read out loud by a teacher. One such is about a penguin ‘whose gender identity as a girl was not immediately understood by her family; they thought she was a boy’.

For seven-year-olds they have a story about Peter, whose parent ‘has transitioned to live as a woman’, and for 11-year-olds there are lesson plan debates on ‘the Gender Question’ in which ‘one pupil could be given the task of defending the decision to operate on the infant to create a female appearance and to raise the child as a girl’.

Another trans advocate group, Gendered Intelligence, advises the Women and Equalities Committee. Their booklet for 16-year-olds explains that ‘A woman is still a woman, even if she enjoys getting blow jobs. A man is still a man, even if he likes getting penetrated vaginally. How you have sex need not affect your identity’.

It beggars belief that Justine Greening or any member of the Women and Equality Committee think such a casually crude discussion of sex, for trans people or otherwise, is appropriate.

GIRES has also produced an e-learning module, funded by the NHS, for teachers and health professionals. It gives as an example a little girl called Masie who says she is a boy. Trainees are given no option to ask why. Masie’s belief is automatically to be accepted with name, clothing and pronoun changes in a process known in the USA as ‘social transitioning’  to reinforce this belief through peer groups, parents and school.

Children’s brains are vulnerable and suggestible, which is exactly why law courts are so cautious before children are asked to testify on this matter. From around the age of three children both mimic adults and trust their authority. Children also follow the group’s behaviour. They cannot fully understand cause, effect or consequences. It is frightening that the Department for Education has so little understanding of children’s development stages.

It should know that children as old as six use ‘magical thinking’, form false concepts and perceive fantasy as reality, Father Christmas being the prime example.

It should know too about the neuroplasticity of the brain as it develops. This is the scientific term to explain the process by which our brains experience lasting change in response to environment, a process which continues into and through teenage life. By the time Masie approaches her teens, ‘social transitioning’ may well have hardwired her brain. She will ‘know’ she is really a boy and be desperate to avoid puberty.

Some believe the ‘social transitioning’ process builds in a need for each new stage of transition, as the fear of being trapped in the wrong body grows – firstly with puberty blockers, then with cross-sex hormones and finally with surgery.

It is no surprise, then, that kids are ‘coming out’ in clusters where schools promote the trans agenda, and that therapists are seeing patterns of ‘social contagion‘ in ‘sudden onset gender dysphoria’ where teenagers binge on Tumblr, Reddit or YouTube. TV may well have had an impact, too, with several clinicians noting how children claimed the BBC documentary Transgender Kids ‘made me realise’.

From school to gender clinic, a pipeline is under construction and medical treatment is changing too. Until recently, most therapists in the USA took a cautious approach to children with the condition described by medics as gender dysphoria.
The view was that by looking at deeper problems patients could be helped to accept their own bodies, and that the evidence showed most such children grew out of their feelings.
But after years of lobbying by trans activists in the US, a frightening new orthodoxy has taken over which decrees that children as young as three know their internal gender identity but which, at the same time, fails to acknowledge that ‘transitioning’ can lead to depression and even suicide later on.

Many leading health professionals in America are now advocating this new approach, ‘gender affirmation’, which unquestioningly accepts a child’s claim they are in the wrong body. Some therapists are even introducing this idea to children who may not have thought of it.

Further, in an act of inverted logic, nine states in the US have banned therapy aimed at changing the ‘sexual orientation’ of minors . If a five-year-old girl feels she is a boy it may be illegal for a therapist to question this, and some have been sacked for doing so.

This legal, medical and political lock-out of dissent in the US is covering up serious problems. Firstly the entire premise is false. Long-standing research into identical twins shows the ‘wrong body’ concept simply has no basis in science Transsexuality Among Twins: Identity Concordance, Transition, Rearing, and Orientation.

Secondly there is the question of the increasing numbers who realise that changing their gender was not the answer and now want to de-transition. There are also reports of botched surgery, and some are left unable to achieve orgasm. The risks of hormone treatment, too, are dangerously under-researched, while many patients simply don’t understand the reality of gender transition. This consent form from a UK transgender clinic tells you all you need to know about the world of unknowns that they are signing up to.

Thirdly, up to 75 per cent of children with gender dysphoria can have pre-existing mental disorders such as anxiety, anorexia, depression or autism. Some feel they were misled by therapists who ignored these underlying issues, using transition as a cure. Many remain depressed and suicidal after surgery. Also disturbing is the rise in young girls coming out as transgender, given the high levels of body disorders among this group.

Finally, the internet is a source of dangerous advice too. Some sites advise on how to bind your chest, and then there are the internet chat rooms, described as cult-like, where confused youngsters are encouraged to hate their bodies.

No wonder some medics in Europe remain cautious and others in America believe there is a better way.

Doctors at Britain’s leading children’s gender clinic are also increasingly concerned about early intervention, as is Dr James Barrett of the Charing Cross clinic. Thankfully, the NHS still prioritises psychotherapy for children with gender dysphoria. Doctors at the Tavistock Clinic, too, remain cautious about physical intervention, and emphasise that ‘most prepubescent children with gender dysphoria will have a different outcome in adulthood’.

Yet parents are being given a misleading choice of suicide or transition for their children. UK trans activists, often with no medical qualifications, are pressing ahead. Professionals in both public and private sectors are under huge pressure to accept their trans agenda. Most recently reported is a ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ drawn up by a working group of health professional and trans lobbyists, to take effect next month in the UK, which will effectively prevent a therapist from exploring any reasons underlying a referring patient.

Politicians hungry for the youth vote or keen to be seen as ‘social justice warriors’ need no persuasion. Greening’s Children and Social Work Act is going through Parliament, so it may not be long before ‘wrong body’ theories with little more scientific evidence than creationism are taught to every child in the country.

There is time still. Justine Greening must wake up and look at Australia, which saw a spike in confused and depressed children after state schools introduced this agenda. Dr John Whitehall of West Sydney University called it a ‘massive intrusion into the minds and bodies of children . . . It’s a collective madness. There, parents led a petition and funding was withdrawn.

Here, an apparently irresistible force of politicians and activists is on the march, determined to turn a medical condition into learned behaviour and teach it to every child in the country. Vulnerable and lonely youngsters caught up in Britain’s mental health crisis risk seeing gender transition as the answer. Unable to give truly informed consent, many will embark on a life of hormone treatment, surgery and untold difficulties. Some may be happy with their new identity. But others will have been sacrificed for a political ideology; never be able to reclaim the bodies that they could have learned to be happy with, while all our children will be forced to live the lie that you can choose your gender.


  1. As the American College of Pediatricians states: This is institutionalised child abuse.
    This also tax-payers’ money used to finance this institutionalised child abuse and it will be tax-payers’ money used later to fund the compensation.

    • Spot on. I think that this is also the only form of mental illness that is corrected by surgery, now that we’ve pretty much stopped lobotomies (although looking at some politicians…).

    • Cultural Marxism…

      A communist inspired political movement intended to undermine and destroy capitalism and Western civilisation by promoting socially destructive policies, unreason, contradictions and irrationality through the pursuit of illogical and undesirable causes..

    • Exactly.
      Before c30 years ago there were a handful of cases of transgenderism known
      to the public (e.g. Roberta Cowell), and men who enjoyed dressing up as women
      were accepted in certain circles. They were probably often heterosexual who got their
      kicks out of feminine attire.
      I’ve encountered, as bar staff, two transexuals.
      Both were to be treated as women despite having broad shoulders, big hands,
      deep voices & masculine complexions.
      To be frank, only when we see actually what the groin area looks like, plus, more importantly, the internal organs can we decide on a person’s gender in such cases.
      There is also the matter of genetical inheritance.
      Anyone under 18 who thinks they are in the wrong body is probably subject to
      evil influences & should be taken in to care, ideally fostered by a heterosexual couple.
      Over 18, they can mutilate their bodies if they wish, but not at public expense.

  2. “perceive fantasy as reality, Father Christmas being the prime example.”
    Keep up CW. It’s now “Parent B of the Winter Festival”. 😉

    • Funny how they only use the non specific term “extremism”.
      The public are left to assume it’s muslim extremism, but a copy
      of the Daily Mail or hostility to the Fourth Reich could just as well be
      included in this category.

  3. Not for the first time, one has to ask whether Justine Greening has any idea of what she is doing? Was all this stuff in the Manifesto, or has there been some focus group session which showed that the way to win the argument with Corbyn was to focus of trans-gender issues?
    I am very grateful my children are now too old to have this sort of rubbish thrown at them in school, but deeply depressed that others are being brow-beaten with this uber-PC guff. Amazed the NHS has the money to fund this garbage.

    • I’m not much of a map reader.
      I rely totally on my female partner.
      just as in WW2, Caribbean volunteers to the RAF were considered the best
      route planners & bomb aimers.

  4. This is a vitally important article, Simon. Thank you for writing it. Are you going to send it to the Department for Education?

  5. This reminds me of the satanic abuse panic of the 80s. Families and lives were destroyed by therapists and social workers who ‘knew’ with absolute authority that it existed. And yet in the following decades their theories were thoroughly discredited – without, of course, the publicity that accompanied their rise.

  6. Very important article which lays bare the fact that Greening has not a clue about what she has unleashed. In fact is she a Conservative or a kind of Blairite clone in disguise.

    • I think we could ask that question of the whole cabinet at the moment. I just wish someone would edit the Wikipedia page for the Conservative party and change the leaning to ‘Left of Centre’ because it’s true !

    • Not just Greening…May placed here for a reason…as with all her Cabinet appointees…

      Have a look at “The Quiet Revolution rolls forward”…there’s a numbered list part way through which summarises the plan if you are in hurry…

      This is only the start…

      Have a look a few of the articles on


      To see the culture of the industry…and the YouTube Tween channel etc etc

      Why are May, Rudd, Merkel etc allowing this deliberate corruption of young minds?

      I suspect medication of a whole generation is the plan…money talks…

      Have a look at the key objectives of UN Agenda 21 on


      Apart from “minor issues” like

      “An end to national Parliaments
      An end to western democracy etc…” we have
      “The restructuring of the family unit and increasing limitations on mobility and individual opportunity…
      Continuous monitoring and surveillance of the population”…

      You can also see how May and Rudd are assisting with the continuous surveillance of the population…Rudd pretending encryption is a serious problem etc…see

      “Britain to criminalise reading online extremist content “… but not where it is likely to cause mental health issues…

  7. I think it’s only fair to point out that the GIRES literature is/was intended for use after psychological involvement at the gender clinic has determined that they are transgendered.

    The NHS rightly takes a cautious approach to this as most children who do identify as trans do not go on to be trans in later life.

    The idea of the GIRES input is to help other people understand what is happening and to deal with it in a way where everyone gets along.

    It is my opinion that a balance needs to be struck and that the medical side of this has it about right.

    There are those it would appear who want to deny that this condition even exists and that it is some kind of a fantasy, well I have news for you. It’s a recognised condition all over the world (save a few barbaric countries in the Middle East). If you want to persist in using derogatory language against those with this condition, instead of fighting the Fascists using them as a tool, then you’ve lost the argument before you’ve even begun, because you will rightly be labelled as a ‘bigot’ and your views right or wrong will not be given any credence at all.

    There is an argument to be made against this stupid liberal claptrap, and it lies in statistic and in medical evidence and opinion not in denial and name calling. You cannot cite medical evidence on one hand whilst denying a diagnosis which you don’t like!

  8. Does anyone really need to be told that this is wrong ? It amazes me just how far civilisation has slumped that articles need to be written and arguments made against such rational rot.

  9. When I was a boy I had three sisters and my parents remember me saying “I want to be a girl. I want to be a girl”. Happily they knew that i was a child and probably had not made a considered decision on the matter and just ignored it.

    Children are naive, easily led and impressionable and I would never allow and teacher to start putting this scientifically illiterate guff in to my children’s minds.and if they did I would have my hands around their throat.

    • Right through to university, they will feed your children with guff every day.

      The British education system has been completely politicised especially by the Blairites.
      Lefties and Commies rule, and they all want clearing out.

      • Universities have always been filled with Left-leaning staff. The problem now is that universities are full of young, naive,mediocre students who in the past would have just got a job or vocational training, but are now exposed to these people en mass, and then head straight to the polling station.

        A university education should only be for genuinely educationally gifted. Everyone else needs to be diverted to getting the skills and knowledge needed and valued in the jobs market.

    • Unfortunately there is no such easy way out of the grip of the octopus.

      Teachers will start putting this guff into your children’s minds, and if you put your hands round the teacher’s throat you will be in jail and there is no telling what they will then do with your children.

  10. This is the sort of madness you get when the professional/managerial class becomes unchained from the constraints of wider society and through metastasis becomes a parasite class.

    Since all decisions affecting professionals are made by other professionals, all of whom have a vested interest in increasing the technocratic elite’s hold over society, there are no countervailing or restraining mechanisms at work. There is a constant need to find new lodes to mine, new ‘problems’ that somehow the masses, with their inferior morals and powers of perception, overlook.

    Perhaps the ultimate indicator of parasitism is if the number of professionals ‘dealing with’ a ‘problem’ or its consequences exceeds the number of people suffering from the ‘problem’. Is it not possible that this situation exists with gender issues?

    • It’s a pity no one ever reads James Burnham these days. The managerial elite move effortlessly between the public and private sectors, and across borders. Amibitious academics swan around on the international lecture circuit, lending a spurious credence to the kind of bilge Justine Greening is so obligingly implementing.

      Even Michael Gove, whom I like and respect, was powerless to stop legislation obliging the DfE to force schools to implement Article 12 of the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child, which requires schools to consult children on decisions that affect them. Not that the DfE had any problem with Article 12–they don’t actually have to teach kids.

  11. Flaketime, those are reasonable views. However you are just flat wrong regarding Gires lesson
    plans. They are designed for a class of children and there is no mention of use only for children already in treatment. Please direct me to evidence to the contrary that i could have missed.

    • You’ve missed what I was trying to say because I perhaps didn’t make it clear enough.

      When a child is diagnosed by health professionals the whole class is given the lesson plan to help them understand what is happening and why. It is not just given to those in treatment.

      So far as I’m aware the intention of GIRES was for the lesson plan to be used in this way and not for every class of children even if there was no trans diagnosed children in the school.

      Of course there would be nothing to stop the Fascist Left from doing this, but that so far as I can tell was never the intention of GIRES.

      • I did misunderstand your point. I am sure gires mean well and GD kids and adults need all the support available.

        But the article was making the point that given the explicit nature of the literature, given a growing mental health crisis, internet influence and the massive vulnerability of childrens brain development, etc, this will have the effect of making a difficult situation worse and evidence srrongly suggests it is.

        Please see Australian example, where bullying prevention etc was the pretext for forcing hard line TG ideology on kids. It is actually quite shocking. I would like to hear you thoughts on what you find as it seems to fit your description of ‘fascist left’.

        A light touch approach is needed here.

  12. Also, no derogatory language directed at those with GD or who are TG. This is categorised as a medical condition by most leading medical authorities, the WHO still categorizes it as a disorder, which will rightly change next year. I dont tnink i or any senible person denies GD or TG.

    Those struggling with GD or TG feelings need all the support possible. The point is you do not achieve this by forcing unsubstantiated ideas on all chilren. Plesse see article links.

    • Don’t worry, the Age Tax which Chancellor Hammond is keen on will finish off the ‘Conservatives’ and give us Marxism instead..

  13. Cultural Marxism..

    A communist inspired political movement intended to undermine and destroy capitalism and Western civilisation by promoting socially destructive policies, unreason, contradictions and irrationality through the pursuit of illogical and undesirable causes.

  14. Reverend David Robertson on his website “the wee flea” posted an open letter to Justine Greening a few months ago. It is an excellent letter and addressed so many concerns about this issue. I sent a copy of the letter with my letter to Justine Greening a couple of months ago. I received an obviously standard reply informing me about how the Government is so concerned with making trans people “happy” with total disregard for the rest of society and the mental well being of our children.
    I would ask every person who reads this site to write and send a copy of the letter. This needs a huge ground swell of public opinion and if necessary civil disobedience as with the poll tax riots that stopped the Conservatives in their tracks. This is nothing less than fighting for our future as a nation because if they have their way the voters of the next generation will have lost the plot and be totally malleable.
    We must ask the question “What is the difference between an anorexic and gender dysphoria”? Both are conditions where the mind is saying something different to the reality of the body. A child can tell you they are a giraffe – it would not make it true.

    • ” I sent a copy of the letter with my letter to Justine Greening a couple
      of months ago. I received an obviously standard reply informing me
      about how the Government is so concerned with making trans people
      “happy” with total disregard for the rest of society and the mental well
      being of our children.
      I would ask every person who reads this site
      to write and send a copy of the letter. This needs a huge ground swell
      of public opinion and if necessary civil disobedience as with the poll
      tax riots that stopped the Conservatives in their tracks. This is
      nothing less than fighting for our future as a nation because if they
      have their way the voters of the next generation will have lost the plot
      and be totally malleable.”

      If you really want to make a point send your letter to your MP with some specific questions in it and ask them to forward it to the minister for a response. That generally triggers a more considered answer. Letters direct to ministers tend just to get the standard form reply and the minister often doesn’t even see them.

  15. In related news last week, my 14 year-old (school year 10), daughter said: ‘Year eight are getting really annoying now. Lots of them are cutting themselves and stuff’. Her ‘lots’ probably isn’t that many, but it’s significantly more than her year and she is convinced much of it is contagion i.e. some are doing that simply because a nearby peer is doing that. Self-harm is essentially fashionable in year 8 now.

    It’s only a tiny hop from there to agreeing about the inevitable reification of TG, and that this quite casual, incompetent step into madness does need to be stopped.

    • Self-cutting was the craze four years ago when one of my daughters was in Year 8. I have every reason to believe that it has ballooned since then; her school now hands out bandages at reception for girls who have cut themselves, not because there is anything to be ashamed or worried about but because some of the other girls might find the sight a little distressing.

      I think ‘lots’ is probably an understatement; my hunch is that it is a widespread scandal which is being very cleverly swept under the carpet by teachers. When I challenged staff as to the extent of the problem, they were very evasive. Talking to other parents, I realised that each parent is made to believe that their child is the only one doing it.

      I also pointed out to staff that they didn’t have a leg to stand on when trying to stop it – after all, they are the ones who promote the whole idea that ‘it is your body and it is up to you what you do with it.’

      • Oh my God, girls at that age are insufferable. I can guarantee they are cutting themselves to win victim points in competition with each other. The teachers know better than to interfere, lest the girls go all ‘Crucible’ on them and start accusing them of witchcraft.

  16. I do not see the problem here; if our left wing friends want to cut their kids dicks off I say more power to ’em. Less problems for my own children down the line I reckon. CHOP! CHOP! CHOP!

    • They are trying to warp the minds of all our children. This is all tied in with the compulsory sex education for primary schools which is GRAPHIC. No child is going to be left with a childhood and will be groomed ready for the p?verts.
      Your child will be forced to accept that Jane is actually John or they will be disciplined. They will be forced into an unreal world where there is no truth.

    • It would be if we had a conservative government and not a Blair clone. Unfortunately this is a worldwide problem and the UN is complicit in this. Our Government vote with the liberals every time at the UN. Australia have been fighting the “Safe Schools” scheme – which is supposedly anti bullying but is actually graphic s?x ed.
      Dr Judith Reismann is a good read on this and actually persuaded the Croation Govt not to accept this stuff.

  17. Many parents are feeling intimidated by the p.c. lobby and are afraid to speak up. Can they not form an association which would have more clout than lone voices? I think this is desperately needed, and soon, if a whole generation of children are not going to be not simply brainwashed but damaged mentally and physically by this sick ideology. I am truly sympathetic towards all who have transgender feelings, but am so angry at those activists who are pushing it on to those who otherwise would never have thought about it.

    • You need to request information about what is being taught in PSHE. At the moment you can withdraw your child but these new discussions suggest that it should be compulsory in primary school. It is all on the pretext of “safeguarding” but it is a ploy for more liberal sex ed at a younger age. Have a look at Educate not Indoctrinate on the Internet. The booklet “Too much, too soon” is good.

    • It depends what you mean by ‘democracy’. Like ‘freedom’ , ‘democracy’ is a word used a lot and abused a lot more.

      Our present system of ‘democracy’ consists of presenting voters with a limited number (with FPTP effectively just two) packages of policies and the ‘leaders’ who are to implement them. The link between what people want and the means of expressing, let alone implementing, these desires is very weak indeed. The solution would be both constitutional (direct democracy on a broadly Swiss pattern) and a much shorter leash to keep professionals from venturing into fantasy-land (e.g. by turning the funding of education upside-down, with the only funding from the state being ‘vouchers’ for parents to pay for their kids’ schooling).

      As for the great trans madness:
      The fount of this insanity is academe and the leading lights of the MSM and certain professions – it is a top-down not bottom-up phenomenon. It isn’t dustmen, clerks, lollipop ladies, shop workers and builders who are pushing the transgender (or any other gender) agenda, it is high-level fruitcakes.

  18. You have to remember that Justine Greening has declared herself as a lesbian. There is very little chance of her opposing the sexual deviancy agenda.

    • Interesting that Mrs May appointed Greening and also Nick Gibb, another homosexual, as Schools Minister. The chances of both Ministers in charge of education being homosexual is statistically four thousand to one, at 1.6% of the population. More concerning than their personal practices is that they are both advocates of homosexuality.

      • There’s a profound difference here–I’ve know Nick for a long time without ever suspecting he was gay, and he has never done anything in office to push a gay agenda. And he’s had the courage to put his career on the line by fighting the progressive agenda that was conquering all before it.

  19. I have still seen nothing that persuades me to believe that it is possible to be born into the “wrong” body. You are what you are born with, and born as. Have you ever heard of a lion being born into the body of a gazelle? Or a potato seed growing into a rose?

    It is said that there is no such thing as bad weather; only inappropriate clothing. I would borrow that analogy and suggest there is no such thing as being in the wrong body; only adhering to an inappropriate mindset.

    Envying and wanting to emulate the lifestyle, fashions, mannerisms and advantages of the opposite sex may well be a temptation, even an emotional desire that is hard to resist; but that does not mean that you can magically make yourself into that opposite sex. You cannot meddle with your chromosomes and change them. Girls cannot grow testicles, or boys a womb.

    All that anyone can do is to ape the tertiary characteristics of the opposite sex (length of hair, clothing, typical toys, typical lifestyle); or, to some extent, and with the help of artificial aids, change the secondary characteristics (males can be induced to increase their breast size; females can be induced to grow greater muscle mass or facial hair). But the primary characteristics (the ability of males to generate sperm and insert it into the female, and the female ownership of eggs and the ability to grow them into a new life) will remain impossible to transfer. You cannot gain the primary characteristics of the opposite sex; you can only lose the primary characteristics of your own.

    This is why I cannot envisage what would need, in all seriousness, to be asked of and explained to any child wanting to “change sex”. It would have to go way beyond merely letting a boy wear a dress or a girl join the boxing team. We are talking about stopping a boy functioning as a male, but ensuring that he understands he can never function properly as a female either; he will never be a mother, but could lose his ability ever to be a father. Similarly do transitioning girls understand that they will never grow into a functioning man, so they will never be a father; but they could lose their ability to be a mother?

    Sacrificing the precious gifts you already have, perhaps permanently, in the blind pursuit of what you desire but can never fully obtain, is dangerous folly; and certainly not to be held out as a cosy option for young children.

    • I think the real purpose is to deny the reality of the body. You can self identify without any drugs or surgery. You ARE because you say you are. This completely denies that there is an understandable truth and cuts society adrift from truth, therefore we cannot identify truth from lies.
      It is of course false, but on what basis do we identify this if we accept the Government’s decision to let people identify themselves. Society needs to make the identification – like the midwife at birth who pronounces “it’s a boy” or “it’s a girl”. We are already having NHS told not to refer to breastfeeding as it may upset trans people. Only women have wombs and can breastfeed – once we relinquish this reality we accept that a man can give birth. This is where 2 mummies and 2 daddies from Cameron’s SameSex marriage has led us.

  20. In thirty years time, the trannyism fad will have died away, and any persisting trannies with functioning lives will be looked upon – politely – as eccentrics, and the botched surgeries, suicides, and lifelong depression will be seen as tragedies from a less enlightened age that need not concern anyone.

    We’ll be fine.

    • No went we will not! They are seeking to change the thinking of children. They will confuse so many children that they will think they are trans. They will be damaged and society will be damaged. In fact the sexualisation programme of children in schools but them at risk from predators and this confusion will only increase this.

      • I really do think common sense and chromosomal reality will prevail, though not until after a huge number of suicides of post-transition trannies shows people that trannyism doesn’t work. Eventually, we’ll look back upon trannyism with an ‘OMG total tranny cringe’.

        • They they don’t need to transition – in fact it is impossible for a man to become a woman or woman a man. The control is that you are who you say you are – it is a denial of reality that we are all being forced to comply with. In New York they have imposed a 25000 dollar fine for misgendering someone. In Canada the Government has passed a law stating that parents will have their children taken away from them if they do not go along with their child’s trans identity. We now have children in school who are having to go along with the ideas of one child who claims to be the opposite sex and you will be disciplined for calling them the wrong name.

  21. How on earth can a person feel they are of the wrong gender. How would they know what anyone else feels like inside and therefore what it feels to be the other sex?.

    I know what I feel lo ike ‘inside’ and as I am a man assume this is what a man feels like. However I have no notion what any other man feels like let a lo ne what a woman feels like.

    All sounds like nonsense to me.

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