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Sinister threat of Blair’s vaccine apartheid


TONY Blair says the aim is that ‘vaccinated and non-vaccinated people should have different freedoms’. This is a separated society. I wonder if he understands what that means or how dangerous is the precedent?

In the UK some 40 per cent of patients hospitalised for Covid have been fully vaccinated. Symptomatic cases in the unvaccinated are falling, while symptomatic cases in the vaccinated are rising. 

Blair’s proposed vaccine ‘apartheid’ is more than a mere misreading of the scientific evidence. History should have told him that when powerful people use the language of separation bad things happen. Though we are a world apart, the most disturbing examples were found in 1930s Germany, where the front page of the Nazi newspaper Der Stürmer carried the slogan ‘The Jews are our misfortune!’ Here are some other examples:

‘This is what we do about Jews: No job. No entry. No NHS access’ 

‘It is only a matter of time before we turn on the Jews’ 

‘What are we going to do with the Jews?’ 

‘Jews Could Face Public Transport Ban’ 

‘How big a problem are the Jews?’ 

I lie. These headlines are not from Nazi Germany. They are from around the Western world over the last year with ‘anti-vaxxer’ replaced by ‘Jews’. 

That the vast majority of people who don’t trust the Covid vaccine do not oppose the use of vaccines in general matters not. The term ‘anti-vaxxer’ is designed to cast an aspersion on their rationality even though their doubts are shared by leading doctors and scientists including Dr Robert Malone, one of the inventors of mRNA vaccines. 

Both the USA’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) and the UK Yellow Card scheme show an unprecedented number of post-vaccine deaths in the case of the Covid vaccine (12,131 deaths in the US and more than 1,500 in the UK). Both systems admit to significant under-reporting. Yet government and mainstream media in the UK have referred to those who prefer not to run the risk as ‘refuseniks’. Refusenik was the term used to describe Jews who wanted to escape anti-Semitism and oppression Soviet Russia. From the 1950s synagogues were closed, Jews were imprisoned, barred from cultural life, and some were murdered.

The language of separation had long been the hallmark fascist and communist regimes. In Soviet Russia the mass murder of millions of ‘undesirables’ was going on from the 1920s. Ordinary people ensured this happened. Civil servants, doctors, lawyers, journalists, policemen, teachers and others from all walks of life. 

The Nazis went further. They needed ordinary people to carry out the Holocaust, so both government and media portrayed Jews as evil parasites, beyond contempt or pity. 

In his book 1992 Ordinary Men, Christopher R Browning explains where this can lead. He studied the operations of German Reserve Police Battalion 101 as they moved across Poland and Russia murdering tens of thousands of women and children.

The battalion’s recruits were not SS fanatics. Only a quarter were Nazi party members. Most were middle-aged men with families. Before they became professional mass-murderers they had worked as salesmen, tailors, barbers and in other normal roles.  

When their work began many were deeply troubled buy their actions. Some cried, vomited or hid, and around 20 per cent asked to be excused. But over the months that followed most came to see the killing as routine and some became sadists.

Browning notes many complex factors that turned ordinary people into killers. But overall he concluded that ‘distancing’ was the key: teaching people to think in terms of separation, a mindset of ‘them and us’. He argued that authoritarianism was vital in producing this level of indoctrination. 

He found that conformity, duty and fear of disobedience underpinned the men’s behaviour. Also that a state of war enabled them to rationalise their actions. So we need to worry when an authoritarian government and complicit media conditions people to think in terms of ‘them and us’. 

This belief can become highly charged, especially when fed by lies and fear. The excuse is usually the same: Powerful and important people need to save us and build a new world. Millions were murdered in the name of communism. The Nazis also thought they were building a better world for themselves. The end justified the means.

Every new tyranny has a new sales pitch. That’s what misleads people. A new crisis hits, and there is just enough truth for the propaganda to twist into lies. A popular new leader tells us he has the answers. The process of indoctrination has begun. Dissent is suppressed or attacked and people cheer as freedom is subverted by fear and the language of separation. 

Stigmatising millions of reasonable people as ‘anti-vaxxers’ is a dangerous trend. Those who sow division have been taught to believe it is justified by the overriding need to save humanity from the worst pandemic in history.  

It’s hard to blame them. With the advent of social media, brainwashing that once took years today is completed in days. From March 2020 the entire international mainstream media marched in lockstep. It was as if soldiers from a global coup d’etat stormed the world’s TV studios and took over the internet.

The country has been vaccinated against fact and reason. Most people have no idea that thousands of doctors around the world are using ivermectin to treat Covid and are saving lives. Few are aware that lockdown may kill more people than Covid. The UN estimates that a million children and babies have died in the third world because of lockdowns; even this has failed to stir debate. 

USA states including Florida and Texas have been open for months, with packed malls and stadiums, and negligible rates of Covid go unreported in the UK.

Fear of death was the psychological blitz that broke normal perceptions. Powerful language and imagery fed a new belief into those who trust authority. That new belief was energised until it become behaviour. People have been trained to ‘act as if they have Covid’.

Led by government and media they are learning to believe in a world of fear and separation. The vaccinated and the unvaccinated. Ordinary people are marching to the drum beat of ‘them and us’. And when they are told to, they will turn on the vaccine refuseniks. They will be acting out of duty, conformity and fear of disobedience. After all, we are at war against a deadly pandemic and they are dreaming of the ‘Great Reset’ when we will ‘own nothing and be happy’. 

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