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Sir Chatty, Lady Veronica, Catherine and me


The creator of Sir Charles ‘Chatty’ Chatterton, John Ellwood, is interviewed by the TCW editor.


When and why did you start writing for TCW?  Were you always a satirist?

I became aware of TCW in 2019 and was delighted to read enlightening articles. My first contribution, in January 2021, was inspired after watching the excellent Mike Leigh film Topsy Turvy which portrayed the circumstances surrounding the production of The Mikado. The operetta includes The List Song and I thought that was a perfect vehicle to pillory those involved with the Covid-19 scam. W S Gilbert would have been greatly inspired by recent events.

What’s your background: student rebel, geek, student newspaper editor or just a swot? What subject did you read, what was your first job?

When I was an undergraduate (International Relations) at the LSE, there was widespread student unrest. I was a rebel in that I thought the demonstrations were a waste of time. On leaving, I made a half-hearted attempt to join the Foreign Office but, regrettably, joined the National Westminster Bank as a graduate trainee. I escaped after four soul-destroying years and my subsequent jobs led me to start a presentation skills training business with a friend in 1993. We have been fortunate to train groups in a variety of private and public organisations in the UK, Europe and further afield.

Have you always written and if so, what?

My work as a trainer required creativity in course design and content. I wrote hundreds of short scripts for my trainees to recite. The scripts allowed me to experiment with humour and satire.

I have three or four books on Kindle and collaborated with my brother in publishing Steam Dreams, the world’s first illustrated trainspotting novel!

From my early teens, when the Telegraph was a decent paper, I was an avid reader of Michael Wharton’s Peter Simple column. At that time British humour was inspiring through the talents of Peter Cook, Monty Python, Tony Hancock, Peter Sellers, etc; quite a contrast with today’s crude, woke dross.

When did you knowingly become a conservative with a small c? Would you call yourself a social conservative?

I come from a part of Lancashire that had a comparatively large English Catholic population. They were proud of their culture and respectful of what their forefathers had achieved. Socialism was regarded with suspicion. I recall that my parish priest was a big fan of General Franco.

‘I hadn’t a shoe to my foot. As to a stocking, I didn’t know such a thing by name. I passed the day in a ditch, and the night in a pigsty. That’s the way I spent my tenth birthday. Not that a ditch was new to me, for I was born in a ditch.’ (Josiah Bounderby, Hard Times)

For me, that wasn’t quite true, but financial struggles were more than compensated for by close family ties and a supportive community.

Big government will inevitably become evil and must be resisted.

What was your reaction to lockdown and mass vaccination?

The propaganda was such that, for a couple of days, I was concerned that the virus was a serious health hazard, but the experience of those who caught the bug on the Diamond Princess and reassurance from the excellent Ivor Cummings and others gave me a clearer understanding of the potential risks. I ignored the lockdown restrictions, I am jab-free and I have never worn a mask.

There were numerous red flags waving in the faces of those who bothered to investigate the circumstances surrounding the emergency authorisation of the mRNA vaccines. Sadly, intelligent friends and family were deceived by ‘the science’, the bought media and feeble-minded politicians.

‘You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows’ (Bob Dylan) and you didn’t need to be an economist or sociologist to know that lockdowns and furloughs would be economically and socially disastrous.

In 1755 Benjamin Franklin wrote ‘They who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety’. I agree.

Has mass acceptance of the new authoritarianism and wokery taken you by surprise?

Yes, I’m surprised and disappointed. I did not believe any British government could be so corrupt and duplicitous. I did not believe so many people would blindly follow orders. 

Millions have outsourced responsibility for their mental and physical health to the deified NHS and predatory Big Pharma. They will carry a lump of coal in their pocket if Sage says it will ward off the flu.

The rapid surrender of institutions to wokeism has been surprising. The lack of a serious reaction by religious leaders and this treacherous Conservative Party has been particularly disappointing.

Can we win the war against our new masters? What do we have to do? 

The consequences of the New World Order are becoming increasingly evident, largely through the efforts of the editors, writers and commenters of TCW and others. I hope this will cause like-minded individuals to organise a serious political response. Net Zero and the fake climate crisis is the weapon of choice of the parasite clan and the hill to die on.

When did Sir Charles ‘Chatty’ Chatterton, MP for Greater Tittleham, realise that he needed to publish his letters to his constituents, his insider record of the deconstruction of Britain, as a memoir for posterity? 

Sir Charles’s father, Horacio, wrote to his constituents only once. That was at the time of the Cuban missile crisis when he urged everyone to protect themselves from nuclear fallout by hiding under a desk. 

A couple of years ago, Chatty realised that the current crisis is far worse, as the enemy is unseen and insidious. He hopes that by publishing his correspondence it will act as a warning to current and future generations. He does not wish to impose on his constituents but he believes it is his duty to inform them of the shenanigans in Whitehall engineered by the brood of vipers, the unscrupulous, wretched scapegraces that infest the place.

With the first volume of ‘Dear Friends’ now published; as with the diaries of Alan Clark do we anticipate further volumes?

‘May you live in interesting times’ can be taken as a curse or a blessing. We certainly live in interesting times. The globalist parasites will need to become more blatant with their designs in the years to come and that is likely to encourage me to do what little I can to highlight their evil intent.

Will Sir Chatty be standing at the next election? 

I understand that Sir Charles is doing a lot of soul-searching at the moment. He has considered resigning the whip to start a new political party. He toyed with the name Tittleham Independent Tories, but discounted that for the obvious reason that he wished to distance himself from the current Tory Party. He is now mulling over ‘the British Independents’ Magnificent Party’. He feels that ‘Vote for the Bimps’ has a certain ring to it.

God willing, he currently intends to represent Tittleham for at least seven more years before handing over to his grandson, Ivanhoe.

John Ellwood’s book My Dear Friends (paperback) is available here.

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Kathy Gyngell
Kathy Gyngell
Kathy is Editor of The Conservative Woman. She is @kathygyngelltcw on GETTR and is back on Twitter.

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