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Speak out for Sensible Centrism


PETER Whittle’s New Culture Forum  (NCF) has published a book entitled Fighting Back: Defending Britain and The West in the Culture War. Associated with the book’s release is a YouTube video from the NCF which features contributors talking about their ideas and essays, notably Emma Webb, Marc Sidwell and Calvin Robinson.

The NCF is a vital part of the fightback against the forces which have captured our national institutions and are now intent on changing us and our way of life irrevocably. Admirable though the NCF’s campaign is, I wonder if it really addresses the roots of the problem which lie in a political system which is completely corrupted. Any hopes conservatives might have held that an 80-seat majority in December 2019 would translate into at least ten years of a genuinely conservative government have disappeared.

Many people feel that they are not adequately represented by their MPs. How often when MPs talk about their motivation for standing for election do they say ‘to represent the views of those who elect me and to promote their interests’? They don’t. They all want to ‘make a change’ and all too often that means changes that few people want.

Real conservatives are particularly betrayed. Many Labour voters who lean to the left economically but to the right on social attitudes and immigration are likewise disgusted by the attitudes of many Labour MPs. Smaller parties are picking up some of the support which is ebbing away from the failing main parties but many erstwhile Conservative and Labour voters are simply disengaging and will more than likely abstain at the next election. 

There is also a grouping which could be called the ‘dissident right’ who are broadly characterised by the left as ‘far right’. The left does this because it has succeeded in making the description ‘far right’ synonymous with ‘Nazi’. Therefore ‘good people’ shouldn’t associate with them, and the aim of splitting support for the right is achieved.

A research report called Mind The Values Gap for ‘UK in a Changing Europe’, a group of academics and researchers,  shows that MPs are well to the left of the electorate. A snapshot from it shows the positions of MPs, party members and voters for both main parties on social values. On just about every one of them Conservative voters are well to the right of Conservative MPs. Even Labour voters are to the right of Conservative MPs on two of them. 

Those of us who may see ourselves as conservative but without a political home may be missing a trick. Should we not reject the idea that on social issues we are ‘the right’? And counter this depiction by our political adversaries conjured up to support their assertion that we are one step removed from being Nazis, an accusation they try to indelibly implant in the minds of the wider electorate? 

On the snapshot above, the grey ‘all voters’ dots show where the electorate as whole is – to the right of centre. Since this is an aggregate of the electorate’s attitudes it is by definition ‘the centre’ and the centre tends to the right. We are not ‘far right’. We are, in fact, The Centre. 

Thus MPs who are to the left of the electorate are obviously left-wing, if not ‘far left’.  Certainly all the values espoused by the woke neo-Marxists are. The left likes to label anyone who doesn’t agree with its ‘narrative’ as right-wing extremists. The reality is that it is they who are the extremists. We in The Centre generally arrive at our opinions by applying common sense so we should label ourselves the ‘Sensible Centre’, which has a pleasing assonance about it.

The idea of ‘Sensible Centrism’ has already found one significant supporter. Elon Musk recently tweeted: ‘My preference for 2024 [the US presidential election] is for someone who is sensible and centrist. I had thought that would be the Biden administration but I have been disappointed so far.’ He went on to say he would back the Florida Governor Ron DeSantis if he chose to run for President in 2024, describing him as a ‘Sensible and Centrist’ choice.

What would be Sensible and Centrist policies for a centrist British political party to adopt? Could they be:

·       Reducing both legal and illegal net migration to zero?

·       Abolishing ‘hate crime’ and ‘hate speech’?

·       Ending the failed policy of multi-culturalism.

·       Recolonising the syllabus?

·       Purging wokeness from all our institutions and public services?

·       Maintaining national sovereignty?

·       Ensuring the Armed Forces are adequately funded and equipped to defend the nation at all times?

·       Seriously reforming the NHS?

·       Reducing the size and costs of the welfare state?

·       Greatly simplifying the Tax Code? 

·       Supporting the traditional family through the tax and benefit system?

·       Restoring the death penalty for the most heinous of crimes?

There would obviously be some disagreement on the details of policy but I feel it’s broadly what the majority of ‘Sensible Centrists’ could support. Sensible Centrists could put this across in debate along the following lines:

Extremist: We need 480,000 foreign students in UK universities to keep them financially viable.

Sensible Centrist: University recruitment should be set by the UK market demand for graduates. When 47 per cent of graduates are in jobs that don’t require degrees there are too many students.

Extremist: There is a labour shortage so we need to import hundreds of thousands of working-age people every year.

Sensible Centrist: The power is with labour. Eliminate all unnecessary ‘jobs’, let the wage rate rise and do not let companies recruit cheap foreign labour.

Extremist: There are no such people as indigenous Britons.

Sensible Centrist: Yes there are. We have been here for thousands of years.

Extremist: Some women have penises; some men menstruate.

Sensible Centrist: Don’t be silly.

Extremist: Pre-pubescent children who are ‘born in the wrong body’ must be given psychological guidance, drugs and eventually surgery to correct nature’s mistake. 

Sensible Centrist: No. You are liars, drug-pushers and butchers.

Extremist: We have to ignore the high crime rate to concentrate on the real problem which is racism.

Sensible Centrist: No. We must be tough on all crime at all times.

Extremist: We need massive management organisations in every single institution to protect the feelings of minorities and to ensure no offence is committed.

Sensible Centrist: No, we don’t.

Extremist: AGW is real and there is a climate crisis. We have only a few years left to save the planet.

Sensible Centrist: There are many well-qualified scientists who don’t support the idea of AGW. We need urgently to re-examine the issue in detail and in public before we have done too much damage.

Taking such sensible centrist stands at every opportunity would put the onus on the left to prove that their ideas have any merit. They would be on the back foot and in an untenable, extremist position. 

In bringing you this proposition I must acknowledge the influence of Academic Agent and the recent reinstatee to Twitter, Carl Benjamin aka Sargon of Akkad.

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Iain Hunter
Iain Hunter
Iain Murray Hunter is a former RAF officer/fighter pilot and retired airline pilot.

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