I often write and talk about how power elites have pretty much taken over all of the outlets of communication.  I’ve assigned an acronym to the main three outlets: “HAM”– for Hollywood, Academia, and the Media.

Today I want to recommend to you a major essay that focuses on a vastlly more powerful outlet of communication:  the “hidden sphere.”  The hidden sphere is basically private life, which is outside the realm of HAM.  This means the activities and exchanges that happen in your personal relationships and your private conversations.  And it is these interactions which are actually considered the biggest prize of power elites.

If you think what you say as “just one person” is not important, think again.  The entire point of political correctness is to shut you up as “just one person.”  Being “just one person” makes you extremely powerful because what you freely say to others who like you and trust you — whether a neighbour, classmate, co-worker — has the power to shatter the fragile narratives of PC elites.

In the upper right hand corner of my own blog, you can see a quote that’s been there from the beginning:

” . . . his action went beyond itself, because it illuminated its surroundings, and because of the incalculable consequences of that illumination.”

That’s from Vaclav Havel’s extraordinary essay “The Power of the Powerless.”  In it he speaks of the hidden sphere as the nucleus of freedom because it is that place in which people have one-on-one interactions that allow for the cultivation of trust and the cross pollination of ideas.  It might start very small, but as the ideas are pollinated by those who are influenced, there is a ripple effect of truth that becomes irresistible.  Here’s another excerpt:

The singular, explosive, incalculable political power of living within the truth resides in the fact that living openly within the truth has an ally, invisible to be sure, but omnipresent:  this hidden sphere.  It is from this sphere that life lived openly in the truth grows; it is to this sphere that it speaks, and in it that it finds understanding.  This is where the potential for communication exists.  But this place is hidden and therefore, from the perspective of power, very dangerous.”

Havel was an independent thinker and a lover of truth and freedom in communist Czechoslovakia.  This made him dangerous to the totalitarian regime.  Indeed, one could say he spearheaded the “Velvet Revolution” that ended communism in Czechoslovakia after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Havel then served as President of the Czech Republic.   His essay can be a bit difficult to plough through – and it’s very long — but it’s fascinating because it reveals to each of us our immense power as individuals.  Please get familiar with it, at least its basic premises.  From it we can learn how our decision to speak truth in love is an action that goes beyond itself.  It illuminates its surroundings and the consequences of that illumination are incalculable.   The Hidden Sphere is the sword that can slice through the Gordian Knot of totalitarianism.


  1. Audible but not overly loud conversations with another, in queues, are one small way in which others can be reassured that they are not the only ones who hold a particular opinion. Just be careful not to say anything that might result in one’s arrest for some sort of ‘ism’ or ‘hate crime’.

    • Already doing it, I like disecting the news bulletins piped directly into waiting rooms, out LOUD…. TO MYSELF.

      In the form of Questions….”what about…?”

      Unfortunately?! I’m fit and strong! So I don’t get many opportunities there,
      but I do go into shops 😉

        • No chance, I’m in too good a shape, S’why I rarely get the opportunity in waiting rooms…

          At least plenty of people don’t consider the old saying “….. I only have to run faster than you” 😉

  2. After a week of relentless propaganda from the establishment on the refugee crisis it has been a great comfort to know that the majority are on my side and not on the side of the MSM. If it wasn’t for lots of ordinary people taking the trouble to make their personal opinions clear on the internet I wouldn’t have that comfort – I’d probably think I must be going mad and that I was in a minority of one.

    But we cannot talk forever. Eventually there comes a time for action. Vaclav Havel knew that more than anyone.

  3. Ah, but they’ve already got it suppressed. How many private recordings, illegally made, are being used by SJW Monstering mobs?

  4. It is important to refuse to engage with the left/liberal PC person on any other terms than one’s own. Be blunt and rude if necessary. My terms or no discussion. Tell them that they have corrupted the true meanings of words and are enemies of reality.
    Be prepared to walk away and if you lose acquaintances it does not matter. There is little time left and any compromises will only embolden the liberal assault on reality and freedom.
    A wise man always picks his own ground on which to fight.

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