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‘Stop Asian Hate’ – a whole new category in the Injustice Olympics


ANTI-Asian ‘hate’: it’s everywhere. Or at least, that is what we are being gaslighted into believing.

According to the media, the release of the China Virus has resulted in anti-Asian pogroms, with ever-to-blame Whitey the instigator. Nary a chicken chow mein can be seen by an indigenous European or white American without a resultant apoplexy of rage.

(Although this may have some basis in fact; when stuck in a Northampton hotel in February 2020 I overheard someone asking the receptionist if there were any restaurants nearby. ‘There’s a Chinese takeaway not far,’ the receptionist replied. ‘You have to be f*****g joking,’ came the response.)

Always looking for a good excuse to raise racial tensions further and to create a new cleavage in the social fabric, the race-baiting industry has been promoting ‘Stop Asian Hate’. This message has been touted by the usual media and tech companies after a loser in the state of Georgia went on a killing spree. He killed eight people, in total, six of whom were Asian women. Inconveniently for the narrative of this being a racially motivated attack, he also killed a white man, a white woman and put a Hispanic man into intensive care.

As the FBI – then again, who exactly would trust them? – have said, the murderer was a lame ‘sex addict’ who wanted to remove temptation from his vicinity. Race was not a motive.

Given that Georgia still has the death penalty, it seems he may soon be fully relieved of such earthly temptations. Ultimate judgement awaits.

Such information, nevertheless, is not enough for the standard anti-white bandwagon to be rolled out once more, with the usual suspects simply desperate to portray white people as evil incarnate.

The BBC has recently been asking the brave question ‘What is it like to be an Asian woman in the US?’ Coming straight after what many were falsely promoting as an anti-Asian attack, the suggestion of rampant, murderous ‘whiteness’ is clear.

My guess – of what is like to be ‘Asian’ (they surely mean ‘East Asian’) in America – is that it is rather good, all things considered. According to data from 2015, Asian Americans have the longest life expectancy of any ethnic group in the United States (87.1 years versus 78.9 years for White Americans). The median annual household income for Asian Americans is $23,000 higher than that of White Americans. They are also far more likely to graduate from university. Such outcomes hardly sound like the results of widespread oppression, if you were to ask me.

Perhaps they are the victims of more crime than other groups. Denis Prager, writing elsewhere, convincingly pulls apart claims (which were, of course, reported without question) that Asian Americans are the victims of a surge of anti-Asian crime. As he notes, the report notes that ‘anti-Asian incidents’ rose from 49 in 2019 to 122 in 2020. He continues:

‘So, the entire edifice of hate against Asian Americans is predicated on an alleged increase of 73 incidents . . . Given that there are about 330million Americans, and assuming a different American was responsible for each of the 122 anti-Asian incidents, that would mean that 1 in every 2,704,918 Americans committed an anti-Asian incident. And “incident” includes perceived slights.’

More galling for the Blame Whitey Brigade are the statistics of who in America, precisely, are disproportionately carrying out anti-Asian attacks. I’ll give you a clue: it isn’t white people. Predictably, when crimes are committed by those not deficient in melanin, the race of the perpetrator is usually discreetly avoided.

Still, those who desire to destroy Western societies through pitting racial groups against each other in a giant Hunger Games-style experiment can’t let such opportunities go to waste. Joe Robinette Biden – the aptly middle-named puppet of a president – met ‘community leaders’ in the wake of the Georgia shooting and, knowingly echoing the ‘White Silence Is Violence’ line, declared that ‘our silence is complicity’.

Naturally, silence is selectively applied in some cases. When there is an apparently racially motivated attack on whites in the United States, it is ignored. Take the recent killing of ten white Americans in Colorado. Although the usual suspects were clamouring to blame ‘white people’ at first, upon finding that the arrested man’s name was Ahmad Al Aliwi Al-Issa, desire to blame an entire ethnic group dried up more quickly than you can say ‘unprincipled race-baiting gobs***es’.

But the genie is out of the bottle. Venturing on to any virtue-signalling – sorry, I mean social media – platform, people of Asian descent are displaying their victimhood status. Apparently even using a more easily pronounced name in your newly adopted homeland is a sign of the omnipresent, omnipotent White Supremacy.

Strangely, when I lived in China, I did not feel that adopting a Chinese name was a sign of Han Supremacy. Then again, I forgot the cardinal rule that only Caucasians can be raycist.

It seems a whole new ‘minority’ is to have its day in the sun. Having been versed in the narrative of ever-present victimhood, and moreover, the moral superiority that is bestowed upon those claiming the status of victim, a new category in the Injustice Olympics has been opened.

Ignore the fact that 60 per cent of the world’s population is ‘Asian’ – a distinctly large minority, indeed. Then again, the term ‘Asian’ is perhaps one of the most widely-abused monikers in recent history, at least when it relates to events in Rotherham, Rochdale and elsewhere.

In contrast to the prevailing narrative, I posit that it is white people who, in fact, constitute an increasingly attacked minority. Given world demographic trends, Caucasians being a global minority is not some ‘alt-right talking point’, but simple statement of fact: even ‘literally a Communist’ Ash Sarkar would agree on this point.

Moreover, it won’t be news to anyone that Caucasians are the sole race permitted to be attacked in the modern world. Western history is constantly denigrated and the achievements of our civilisation mocked – these assaults often, infuriatingly, funded by the taxpayer. We’ve even arrived at the point where US Senators openly refuse to appoint White House nominees because they are white.

Nevertheless, allow me to put some awkward facts before the Warriors of Woke: Europe, and its offshoots in North America and Australasia, constitute the most welcoming and tolerant societies the world has ever created. Imperfect as they are, they nevertheless constitute the best places for ‘minorities’ to exist peacefully. That is partly why so many have moved here: people vote with their feet.

In fact, Western populations have been almost silent in the rapid mass migration of foreign populations into their countries, permanently  changing their demographic future. In history, such changes have taken place only as the result of warfare. Westerners’ meek acceptance is a fact which is greeted with further accusations of our inherent racism.

Inconveniently for the narrative being pushed, as anyone with even a vague knowledge of Asian countries knows, such cultures are often, by the fluffy-headed standards of the West, very ‘intolerant’. Ask any Chinese, Japanese or Korean person about the possibility of a white person becoming ‘Chinese’, ‘Japanese’ or ‘Korean’ and they will think you mad. The camps in Xinjiang add another dimension to Chinese perspectives on ‘diversity’.

It is much easier to attack a group who will never say ‘enough’ and who will allow themselves to be insulted endlessly lest they be called a nasty word.

If Western populations are guilty of anything at all, it is of being far too tolerant of such evil, pernicious nonsense. 

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Frederick Edward
Frederick Edward
Frederick Edward is from the Midlands. You can see his Substack here.'

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