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Take this chance to limit immigration or watch the abolition of our country


NOT long after the Brexit vote I was having a drink with a friend. We got on to the subject of the vast immigration levels that are altering so many aspects of life in England.

‘They’ll have to do something about it now,’ he said, referring to result of the EU referendum.

‘No, they won’t,’ I replied. I said ‘they’ – meaning the Conservative Party – would not do a damn thing about it, except employ more spads and PR staff to reframe the issue via their outriders in the mass media. Phrases such as ‘crackdown’ and ‘Australian-style points system’ would be bandied about but nothing at all would change, in fact levels would most likely increase. He bridled. I then offered to bet him a comparatively large sum that in five years the situation would be no better or, indeed, worse. A moment passed. Shrewdly, he declined the wager.

Here we are six years later and the problem is as out of control as it ever was. When I offered my wager in 2016 total net immigration was 248,000 a year, more than the entire population of Wolverhampton. In 2020, four years later, it was running at 313,000, a rise of 26 per cent: so much for the Tory Party’s claim of ‘taking back control’. Numbers then dropped a little as the West put itself under martial law for Covid. I suppose something good had to come out of that episode. The most recent figures, for the year to June 2021, has net immigration at 239,000.

Then there are asylum-seekers and refugees. I was awed by the magnificent obsequies for the Queen last month, but I could not help reflecting that even with all this show of tradition, pomp and power, that Great Britain and her Navy is powerless in the face of thousands of illegal immigrants invading the country on a daily basis via dinghies in the Channel. The thought gave me what used to be known as a queer feeling.

Between 2015 and 2020 the average yearly number of refugees directly resettled in the UK was 4,500. In the past year it was 240,000, more than 57 times higher.

In case anyone wants to believe the left-liberal trope that these people are mainly helpless, old or women suffering persecution, the majority of asylum seekers are males aged between 18-29. Women form a tiny percentage, as the government’s own figures show. Most of the top ten countries from which these young men emigrate from are racked with internecine armed conflict and hard-line Islamic sectarianism. In the cases of Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria, their countries have also been torn apart by the disastrous wars of neo-con globalists, an epic foreign policy disaster for which the West will pay for ever. Thanks, Tony Blair. The rate of granting asylum permits is high.

The Channel people-smuggling racket has really taken off – with the collaboration of our Border Force, who refused to carry out the government’s order to turn boats back, and the increasingly woke RNLI. In 2018 the number of Channel illegal immigrants was just 299. Even that number made news and the then prime minister Boris Johnson vowed to ‘turn them back’. Well, you know how it is when politicians and the civil service put their collective effort towards stopping something: the number of Channel illegal immigrants since January this year is 36,564, a 12,000 per cent rise, and at every step of the way the Conservative Party has vowed to stop it. 

Most of this army of interlopers have already been rejected for asylum in Europe and 98 per cent have destroyed their passports so they have no known country of origin to be sent back to. The cost of keeping them is about £5 million per day – and you’re paying.

Indeed, should any potential illegal immigrant who is kicking round Calais waiting for a people-smuggling boat decide to consult the British government’s website, they will see the list of benefits available under the handy phrase: ‘What you’ll get’.

It explains that if you get asylum you’ll be given somewhere to live and £40.85p a week for each person in your family. But the site sternly adds that if you’re not granted asylum you will get, er, somewhere to live and £40.85p a week for each person in your family. 

Along with forty quid a week for each family member some migrant accommodation also provides on-site nurses, dentists (a great help in a society where seeing an NHS dentist is becoming a thing of the past), ‘migrant help advisers’, wifi and ‘worship rooms’.

As the above stats indicate, the cumulative effect of these figures and their implications are huge. They are also, for the most part not spoken about in the ‘quality media’. For example, week in week out in the British news cycle the public is told that the National Health Service is teetering on the brink of disaster and that general practice is close to collapse. However, the public is not told that since 2010 there have been almost 7million new GP registrations by migrants in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Since 2017 there have been 3.1million migrant registrations, yet there are 1,343 fewer doctors. We are always being told that natural resources such as water are scarce, though curiously enough this is never mentioned when the left preach mass immigration.

How can this suicidal policy be reversed? It helps to know how we arrived here. After the Labour governments of 1997-2010 threw open the borders, the Tory Party, the CBI and the Institute of Directors fell straight into a trap designed for it by the decaf Trotskyites of the Blair-Brown sofa cabinets: a never-ending supply of near slave labour for a catchpenny economy of low-to-zero skills with virtually zero wage inflation in the medium and long term. Choked services and infrastructure? Sod the public. The collapse of the NHS? Sod the public. Sky high rents due to massive influx? Sod the public. Money being sent out of the country? Sod the public. Your neighbourhood changed irrevocably without your consultation? Sod the public.

For their part, Labour looked on lovingly: the gaming of demographics for electoral advantage and the destruction of English culture and its status as a nation state was and is always their aim – they are a left-wing, internationalist party after all (they will continue the project when and if the Tories lose the next election). The Conservatives were doing the socialists’ work for them, and sawing through their own support in the process. That flagrantly dishonest period covering the Downing Street tenures of Blair, Brown and Cameron exploded deafeningly on June 23, 2016, and didn’t they all – Tory money-grubbers and Labour EU nuts (who never raised a word about the wage stagnation visited on the British working classes by massive immigration from the EU) – howl!

For all the above reasons, reducing immigration to manageable levels will be very difficult, by which I mean the majority of MPs and ministers have little interest in doing it and many are actively in favour of it. There is evidently a great deal of money in it, particularly in immigration law and services. 

The mass media is dominated by left-liberal groupthink that recoils in horror from anyone or anything that criticises high levels of immigration, so do not expect a grown-up or honest conversation from that quarter, even if some of the new arrivals are terrorists. 

The new Home Secretary, Suella Braverman, is said to be on a collision course with Liz Truss over immigration. The PM is readying herself to junk the empty promises on immigration made since the Brexit revolution. 

If Braverman is not to go the way of her predecessor Priti Patel and become mired in failure after a lot of big talk, she must realise that the civil service, saturated in neo-Marxist thinking, is her enemy and take steps to stop it advertising Britain as a most attractive destination for migrants; she must kick back against the drive for ‘temporary’ low-skilled visas, making them highly specific; she must realise that Britain is no longer in the EU, and is therefore within its rights vigorously to protect its borders; she must haul in the Border Force and if necessary abolish it and add its jobs to the Royal Navy’s work roster. If all else fails, she must send the Army down to Dover and Dungeness.

In all likelihood there is now a fairly short period in which to act before an incoming Labour government of left-wing lawyers and ‘human rights’ activists go full pelt to normalise mass, uncontrolled, unsustainable immigration as a tool to abolish the country as we know it.

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Robert James
Robert James
Robert James is a national newspaper journalist.

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