A book called “Date-onomics: How Dating Became a Lopsided Numbers Game” by Jon Birger was recently reviewed in The Guardian.

The book tackles the issue of the rise in female graduates in Western nations, who are struggling to meet and marry like-minded men with a similar education.

Birger argues very convincingly that this difficulty is due to the fact that many more women than men attend university, and an unintended consequence is that “if an educated woman wants to form a long-term partnership with a man of similar education, the numbers are stacked against her”.

Birger highlights research which shows that female graduates want to date and marry men with similar educational backgrounds, and this, he says, is creating a situation “whereby women are competing for a small pool of men, and this gives way too much leverage to those college-educated men. It encourages those men to be overly choosy and to delay settling down.”

An interesting interview with a lady named Cat, a recent female graduate, who Birger also interviewed, featured in the Guardian article. Cat spoke of her circle of female friends and said “only one of them has a boyfriend and [the others are] all really attractive, fun girls, clever, educated, and can’t find a boyfriend”. Cat wondered if dating apps such as Tinder may be to blame as it creates a situation “where everyone’s thinking there’s something better around the corner”. Birger argues that for girls like Cat, “maybe because there is more choice of girls than there ever was…it’s more difficult to find a guy because the pool is smaller.”

Usually most discussions, debates, and articles on the issue of unmarried female graduates tends to focus on African American women; Birger’s book deals with mainly Caucasian women in Western nations like the USA and the UK. To date, I have not seen any such articles about the marriage crisis in Indian, Muslim, or Jewish communities in Western countries – and perhaps it’s because those communities tend to be more socially conservative despite the fact that they may vote for leftist, liberal political parties – this issue appears to be a problem suffered by mainly white, black, and biracial women.

Oprah Winfrey highlighted research which showed that up to 70 per cent of black American female graduates are unmarried, and I wouldn’t be too surprised if the rates for black British women are similar.

In terms of black American women, Oprah argued that part of the problem was the fact that black women prefer to marry black men. However, the high rates of incarceration for black men, and the fact that black women disproportionately outperform black men educationally, mean that the numbers are stacked against them, and more of them should embrace interracial dating.

Rather interestingly, Birger suggests that more women should follow the example of black American women and marry men who are blue collar workers and working class. He says: “I predict that we will see more pairings [of] college-educated women and working-class guys. I refer to these as mixed-collar marriages. You see it much more in the African American community, where the gender disparity in college education is more extreme – you certainly see more educated women married to working-class guys.”

Birger’s advice to marry and date blue collar working class men is interesting given that radical third wave feminists have done so much to harm the prospects of working class men, and routinely support policies that damage the employment opportunities of working class men, such as mass immigration.

Feminists tend to support corporatist policies like open borders, the feminisation of the educational system, and the European Union. Sovereignty and the supremacy of the nation state are good for blue collar and working class men. Corporatism and European Union-style bureaucracy don’t really affect the small pool of male graduates, but are extremely harmful to blue collar working class men.

Plumbers, electricians, and engineers can earn good salaries. However, mass immigration drives down their wages and also make it difficult for entrepreneurial blue collar workers to set up and run successful small businesses.

Mass immigration affects the prospects of blue collar working class men much more than male graduates.  However, not enough women have woken up to the fact that the promoters of radical third wave feminism who champion open borders tend to be privileged upper middle class, leftist, and fairly well connected and well off women who are disconnected from the challenges faced by most women.

Spectator editor Fraser Nelson has pointed out that while marriage rates are dropping off for working class and middle class, rates of marriage are actually increasing for the upper middle class, who also tend to marry those with similar financial prospects.

I’m surprised that the Guardian reviewed the book as it is a strong promoter, and supporter, of the radical feminist and metropolitan liberal agenda.

A number of the structural problems female graduates are facing in the marriage market are due to the corrosive effect of radical third wave feminism, and so-called cultural marxism/relativism. The feminists peddled the notion that women could have it all, but the real world is far more challenging and complex.

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  1. Why would a well educated intelligent decent man want to get hooked up with a well educated woman? He almost certainly realises that from a financial perspective he is issuing a blank cheque for the woman to take him to the cleaners. From any other perspective in the misery that is modrn society he will be giving license to the woman to trample over him. No from a male perspective it makes far more sense to play the field a while younger and finally settle down with a less feminist inclined woman of a slightly lower educational standard who doesn’t have such a negative view of men!

    • I do think it’s important not to generalise in these matters – there are educated, socially conservative women out there who want to make a happy, lifelong marriage a priority! As Laura Perrins said in an article the other day, socially conservative men need to see them as allies and potential mates. I think this website alone is proof that not all university educated women are Guardian reading, misandrist harpies.

      • Yes generalisations can be misleading. However they are a useful guide. Most well educated women have an exaggerated sense of their own importance and an enourmous feminist chip on their shouder for absolutely no reason at all. The sad thing is, is that they are just as much a menace to themselves as to anybody else!

      • It is hard to see conservative women for what they are, you will get lumped in to the same way as the rest, or they will be at home or friends. But do explain how to spot one, as most men are put of by marriage anyways

        • Intelligent, conservative women like my daughter are choosing not to go to university: degrees are for the mob now….a degree does not mean ‘educated’ any longer.

          • Good on her. She should focus on finding a good man and starting a family, that’s time consuming enough and somewhat time bounded. Studies and careers can come later, when she has time on her hands.

      • Unfortunately, when you approach 30, the women in your peer group catch “baby rabies” and all pass themselves off as reasonable. Sorting the wheat from the chaff becomes very difficult.

        The horrifying thought is that if women can pass themselves off as reasonable at age 29, they actually KNOW how unreasonable they were being before and after and knew how to change it but didn’t.

  2. Perhaps its just that intelligent men can’t be bothered with entitled bolshie women with a superiority complex because they have a degree in “female studies” or some such.

    • Yep, and we should also remember that women’s or gender studies is not a true academic discipline; it’s a feminist indoctrination process.

      • When in a joking mood, I often use that excellent site ‘university of bums on seats’ to knock up a degree or two for friends. I had thought that since Robert Gordon Institute rescinded their honorary degree to Mr Donald Trump, I should send him an equally esteemed degree. Perhaps the UBS degree in ‘practical tea making and biscuit procurement’.

        Although you state that women’s studies is not a true academic discipline, it is however a malevolent cult. The feminazis infest universities and persecute males; they feminize school education; they de-motivate boys. They infest: local authorities; the Civil Service; they skew our justice system and alter our leisure activities (scouts, women only gym, swimming, library sessions).

        The only opposition to them seems to be Sharia law.

        • Gender Studies is becoming a require class for numerous degrees.

          Also, I would honestly wonder if sharia law is indeed in opposition.

          • I would describe some mentally ill women describing her rape fantasy to me against my will as sexual assault, not gender studies.

        • How do you get on such degrees? With three “A” levels in writing stuff. How good do these “A” levels need to be? As low as the university needs to get £9000 a year out of gullible girls for a low-cost course. Then these girls will never pay the loan back.

  3. There is nothing in the marriage contract nowadays that benefits men! It doesn’t guarantee them anything but lays them open to all sorts of accusations and legal actions from their spouses. Much better for men to stay single as sex is so much more easily available. ( And doesn’t the easy availability of sex just piss the femminazis off).

    • True. You can buy good quality weekly sex for just £3000 a year outside London. That’s a lot cheaper than marriage. Find a foreign hooker that likes you and is tempted by having a British boyfriend and she’ll be all over you, until her visa runs out.

  4. Look at it from a male perspective.

    Marriage is basically a coin to flip, with ‘lose everything you ever worked for and see your kids every other weekend under supervision’ printed on one side. Marriage has very little in it for men any more.

    As another poster says, men may fare better with a woman lower down the economic scale who just might show a little more loyalty, and have more time available away from being Superwoman at the office to properly raise his children.

    Just sayin’.

    • Exactly, marrying a women lower down the socio economic scale is a great strategy. If you marry a career women she will often put herself and her career first and this is not good for a relationship or for a marriage and children. These are kinds of marriages that we see break up the most.

      Women who are grateful for you working and providing for the family, and who are happy to raise your kids and take care of you…that is what every man wants.

      • Depends what you value. I think finding a partner that views socio economic status as the utter crap it is, is probably a good step. The university educated girlfriends I’ve had, and even male friends, who were all dyed in the wool left wingers were far more obsessed with class and their perceived place in that whole circus all whilst railing at Toffs and Tories.

        Could any of their egos have survived the destruction of class warfare? Fish don’t know its wet.

        I switched off, found a woman that recognised reality from melodrama, and haven’t looked back.

      • It doesn’t work. My ex was allegedly a “traditional type” – really it meant she just wanted to laze around while I did all the work. women pick and mix between feminism and traditionalism as it suits. In fact this is worse – women that don’t work will take half of everything but have contributed nothing. At least the career girl has contributed something to your assets when you break up. She probably won’t want the kids hanging around all the time either.

        Don’t marry. Get into a relationship and refuse to marry. That way a man can retain some leverage in the relationship, and keep it on track. You keep what you think you deserve to keep if it ends.

  5. MGTOW (men going their own way) is also a factor…

    Too much risk in dating for many young men as they worry about being falsely accused of rape; no input into having a child & then no joy in the family courts; being on the wrong end financially of a break-up etc.

    • Modern day men in MGTOW worry most about the mindset of modern women. They worry that they are brainwashed and inherently do not have good intentions and will given the opportunity and given enough time do them wrong. They see so many real world examples that it makes them extremely fearful and many avoid women as a result. The only way women could reverse this would be if they let their greed take a backseat and started treating men better and demanding fairness for them. I see someone like Lauren Southern on youtube and a few others are reacting against the bad behaviour of women against men. We are seeing the straws in the wind.

    • It’s not only that the divorce courts abuse men so badly, it’s the high likelihood that it’s going to happen. Most recent Govt stats that I’ve seen put divorce rates at 42% in the UK.

      Add to that, 70% of divorces are initiated by women (12% by men, the remainder mutual).

      Why any man would get married these days is beyond me.

      To enter into a contract with such a high failure rate, where the other party terminates at nearly seven times the rate that men do and in which separation will rape you financially every time, seems like complete madness.

      • Men that have indirect experience of divorce through seeing their parents get divorced tend not to marry. Men whose parents stayed together tend to give it a go. We are running very low on men that have parents that stayed together.

          • Well I did use the word “tend”. I’m just going by the divorce rate graph that shows a gradual disinclination to get married from the moment no-fault divorce was introduce. This is the opposite of what you might expect – more people divorced means more people free to marry two or more times. In reality it seems those who divorce rarely marry again, and the kids of those that divorce rarely marry.

            Anyway, well done you for wising up without having to make your own mistakes first,

          • So your parents, friends , colleagues and girlfriend hasn’t pressured or shame or even made you feel guilty for not ‘ doing the right thing ‘have they also ridiculed you about your sexuality ((gay) it usually happens at that age from what I have heard )

          • Nope and none of my friends are married either. My father actually warned me to never marry and quite frankly been called gay nowdays in not a insult.

      • That does not even count women who pre-eject the father from the child’s life by unwed motherhood, where they get all of the cash and prizes of divorce, yet the man doesn’t even have the tiny bit of protection Marriage 2.0 still provides.
        By my estimate, some 65 to 80% of children in America now spend at least part of their growing years without a father, who has been deliberately disenfranchised and alienated from them by their mother. And for most that do not, their father has been disabled as a father by a feminist wife who uses withdrawal of intimacy and threat of divorce to manipulate and dominate him.
        The dystopia our women have created is so astounding that few dare mention it, and even fewer are willing to expose its true dimensions.
        Worst of all, nearly all women insist upon the privilege to impose this dystopia, and vote only for governments that support and extend it. Harming men and abusing children is now the default position of most women, and the determined policy of our government.

    • MGTOW is really a symptom of what has been going on since no-fault divorce in 1971. The internet has allowed the existing sea of men that have had enough of western women to semi-organise around these websites.

  6. Men can’t be bothered with self important man hating tree hugging, whale saving, cocous eating Guardian reading lefty harpies. Sad but so very true!

  7. Very interesting article. Before I settled down I dated several women with a higher level of formal education than myself but I found them to be exhausting to keep happy, completely self-obsessed, ultra emotional and incapable of simple practical tasks.
    As far as I can tell, formal education seems to come at the expense of other life skills, especially things which require common sense like changing a fuse and by the time these women left education, I had been working for around eight years, having started at 16, so I was in a very different place to them despite being a similar age. That is before one gets to the snobbery…

      • And how many female engineers do you ever come across? Nah they are all outreach workers and community diversity co-ordinators!

        • A few actually. But then, I’m an engineer!
          I would suggest that male outreach workers (I’ve met 2) are just as useless as the female ones. I would, in fact, challenge the idea that anyone holding a degree in such subjects is educated. They’ve spent x years at what purports to be a University, but given they are no f#cking use to anyone, what’s the point?

          • They help people to consider enter the industry and do events for uni’s and work place etc…, just like a career or admin adviser

          • I bumped into a young lady waxing lyrical about the Bimota front suspension ath the NEC motorcycle show. I simply asked ‘are you an engineering student’? The (obvious) reply was ‘yes’, so I directed her to the Ariel stand to see their leading link front forks; She was well excited, she is going to go far because she loves her subject. Good on her.

          • My mate has a girlfriend like that. She’s full on tomboy really. No kids and not interested in marriage. She just lives for fast cars.

      • I wanted to date a female garbage bin collector but I couldn’t find one. The work is hideously dominated by men.

  8. A quite shameful level of bitterness in these comments. Marriage and relationships are about more than the letter of the law, and frankly it seems a sad person who considers their legal options before marrying someone they (presumably/hopefully) love.

    • …which is fine until you are stood on the curb outside what was once your house, wondering which friend can put you up on the sofa, all at the flick of the pen of some (usually female) family court judge.

      The presumption that men should blindly wander into a game with very, very loaded dice to satisfy quite female notions of romantic love is a cruel one.

      Men do not exist for women’s sake.

      • Don’t be sexist; male family court judges are just as biased towards female plaintiffs as female ones are.

        • That’s true; they are indeed just as biased. But if RandsWrath’s own bitter personal experience led him to draw the conclusion he did, I think we can in all compassion allow him the error.

          • Thankfully not my experience – I got the benefit of that of a few friends though. More often than not, it was my place they came to stay at. My house was like a bloody mens refuge through much of the noughties…

            Dismiss my opinion as ‘bitterness’ all you want. If you like, you can even regard that as an argument.

      • Yes, I well remember walking past the houses on my street, seeing all the happy families playing in their warmly lit conservatories. I used to have a home like that once.

        Now I’ve gone from all that back 34 years to the point I was at when I was age 27. Do you think I’ll be telling my sons that marriage is the way to go? I wandered blindly into it, but my sons won’t. That’s two more that won’t be renting a morning suit for the big day.

    • But if you are a man you have to consider all the ramifications before marrying. It is totally different for women who don’t have to think in such terms as the law invariably finds in their favour!

      • Exactly, and since the advent of no-fault divorce she can get out of that marriage on a whim, which they so regularly do, thus teaching their offspring that marriage is worth nothing.

    • It is understandable what you are saying but when you see people on the street homeless and all their security (family to home and finance) destroyed, it is going to make you shocked and reconsider.

    • The level of bitterness implies a level of experience in the matter. To say that is shameful… well I can’t say it’s not, but the question is on to whom the shame is to be ascribed to… the men whom, as you say, did not consider their legal options, or the women who did not return the love of the man they agreed to marry?

      And I notice you added “presumably/hopefully” so you probably can understand full well that your statement itself is on shaky ground.

        • Normally I’d say that “most people” are single because they haven’t married yet, not because they have suffered a divorce. But I suppose…

          • or the changed dynamics of relationships have eroded trust, which the problems of previous ones you take to every new relationship, hence perpetuating this (what I would call new culture, might even explain the rise of mental illness)

    • Ah, but it’s one thing for a man to love a woman, but is he sure that the woman at age 30 that married him, did so out of love?

      Or was he duped into falling for someone that only wanted him for his sperm, his salary and social respectability because the alarm went of on her biological alarm clock?

      Increasingly this is the reality. Women leaving it too late then marrying “Mr Random”

    • Shameful?

      Men should be ashamed for giving voice to what they see around them?
      Women blowing up their marriages and walking away with cash and prizes whilst their former husbands are left destitute?
      The hoards of broken and damaged children that result?
      The host of social pathologies all this births?

      The only people who should be ashamed are the feminists and the women who are too scared to speak out against them. Now that’s shameful.

  9. Many “Female Graduates” are just a pain in the ass. As a blue collar worker who (I am told) looks like a “professional” it is quite amusing as there was a real sense of no-chance when they found out I did not have a proper job title. The same went for my brother, who was dumped by a “graduate” because of his lack of ambition because he had taken a crap job rather than be on the dole.

    • I can tell you I’m a graduate, but if you are an engineering graduate you have exactly the same problem. They are all holding out for doctors, lawyers and architects on the basis now having a BA in media studies. They are all demonstrably stupid and totally lacking in self-awareness.

  10. As it is Christmas I am prepared to ofer my advice for free and not charge my usual fee of a very large whisky. Anyway as I was saying to all the female graduates out there. When it comes to men, if you would just shut your cake holes for once and cut out all the feminist tripe you will do just fine.

    • That reminds me of a quote I came across a few weeks ago, attributed to a not-entirely-reputable Thai lady. Something along the lines of: “All a woman needs in order to be adored by the men around her is to know when to shut up.” 🙂

      • Interesting. My Thai girlfriend astonishes me by being perfectly happy to be silent for hours on end. If she gets snappy and I tell her “That’s not really acceptable” then she’s calmed down in 5 minutes. I don’t know any British women that are skilled like that. Talk about nothing continuously, complain if you’ve got nothing to say back, if they get in a strop it will be over nothing and last till the next morning.

      • Surely a good rejoinder indicates a level of intelligence. The discourse between the then Prince of Wales and Lily langtry being a case in point:
        P.o.W. ” I could build a battleship for what I’ve spent on you”
        L.L. ” for what you have spent in me, you could float it”.

        As for Thai ladies, I have known quite a few Western males succumb to their demure charms only to find that when girlfriend becomes wife, she empties his accounts and sells the property and any business. No welfare system in Thailand, so they have to maximize their opportunities.

        • Nah, you don’t know any such thing. You’re read some stories about sex tourists in Thailand that claimed they got cheated by some hooker but actually they themselves had just lost interest and moved on to someone new. I hear those stories all the time too. Problem these guys have is that once you realise how charming they are, you realise the first one you went with might not be the best one – and there’s an ocean of opportunity out there. Divorce rates of Thai/British couples are half that of British/British couples, which considering that most of these relationships have big age differences and may well have been introduced through sex tourism isn’t at all bad.

          Intelligence is over-rated in a relationship. I’ve got an IQ of 137. I’d wait a lifetime to find a woman that could match that. And for what? Does raising kids or choosing a house require outstanding levels of IQ equally matched on both sides? My parents both have a high IQ, but they rarely discuss literature or even politics (they don’t see eye to eye on politics so it would just end in a row). They mostly gossip, talk about TV, what they are going to do today. Same stuff everyone talks about.

          You’ve been reading too many women’s magazines. Animals throughout the animal kingdom do a much better job of relationships and they are so stupid they can’t even talk. Conclusion? You don’t need to talk or be intelligent to have a perfectly good relationship.

  11. How would feminists react if compulsory 2 years national service was re-introduced? this time for all genders? Would they feel empowered? Just asking.

    • I don’t know but I would like it as long as some good education came with it.
      It could even be 5 years of selective service if it came with some college education or some professional one.
      Now, since women are being allowed in combat roles, there’s already a talk of including women in selective service along with men.
      Feminist women aren’t liking it.

  12. You should also consider the professionally qualified / degree-educated single men who are emigrating, whereas generally the single women are not. Whilst single men are immigrating, they are not usually as well educated, skewing the ‘single & educated’ ratios even more.

    • So we are going to get a country full of highly educated female feminists and ill educated lady hating Islamic gentlemen. Hmmm a marriage made in hell.

  13. I married an uneducated girl. Hardworking, practical, pretty, sexy, brilliant mother and relatively uncomplicated. Sorry feminist grads, you’ve evolved into unmarriable harridans.

    • Those feminist women have their priorities backwards. I rather a poor but nice girl than a rich abusive one, they seem to have this priority reversed.

    • My wife is great, the main topic of debate in our house this week is what type of roast potatoes are we having with Chistmas dinner – of course she is not a graduate unlike her miserable graduate teacher sister who dumped her husband because he did not fullfill an random set of demands. [we are going for the mayan gold potatoes, par boiled then in duck fat with added butter]

  14. There are many factors that are causing a growing section of men to avoid marriage or serious long term relationships.
    One of the main ones is the horrendously biased legal system. As a man you lose half of your stuff, no matter how badly the women has behaved during the marriage (no fault divorce) or how little she has contributed. Furthermore, if you have children unless the women is on drugs she is guaranteed to get custody and can then in Europe at least can simply stop the father from ever seeing the kid again out of spite.

    I think modern day feminism definitely does cause many men to question whether they want to get involved with women who have been through a western education.
    A lot of these women with University degrees in Sociology or Feminist studies or English literature are seriously over rating themselves. They over rate themselves based on having a degree when its not a big deal any longer, when 40% plus of young people now are going to University. Many men (myself included) steered well clear of British women for example, purely because of the feminist brainwashing most have swallowed plus the biased legal system. If you want a hard working women with good values who is moral and conservative socially, you are going to struggle to find that in any British women, really really struggle.

    I think the modern day feminists who are now inventing some kind of college rape culture in the USA which is non existent, are really now harming themselves more than anyone. In the USA at least you need to get verbal consent before a sexual act and then throughout the sexual act, otherwise she can cry rape. Oh and if she is drunk at the time and regrets it the following day she can also cry rape. No wonder so many other sections of men are now avoiding women all together, they are even avoiding having sexual relationships with them for the fear of bumping into the 1 in 100 or 1 in 300 who will invent a rape case against and ruin their lives. This has now spread to Universities in the UK, in which normal boys are being told they have to undergo rape awareness and consent training- as if they are all potential rapists.

    This is a cultural Marxist project to divide the sexes, destroy the family and maximise the female workforce. It has been stunningly successful. Feminism is the most successful mass brainwashing and manipulation of people ever. Its a stunning success for those with the objectives: DESTROY THE FAMILY, DIVIDE THE SEXES & MAXIMISE THE FEMALE WORKFORCE.

    I see MGTOW is growing online and in the youtube communities and this is the mans reaction to rigged game which portrays them as the evil oppressor and women as always being the victims. They are opting out of relationships all together and women who have swallowed the government sponsored feminist propaganda have created this mess…this is going to generations to fix. Its taken two generations to create.
    I completely understand the MGTOW’s out there, its one of the logical reactions to what has happened to women in the West. The other is simply to find a women from Eastern Europe who has not been brainwashed and ruined. Most men are choosing now between these two options- MGTOW and opting out all together or simply going abroad and avoiding Western women.

    • Technically wasn’t the marxist doctrine intended to maximize the workforce so that the government could further draw resources from their workers? Are gender studies professionals actually considered productive resource generators?

      • No. There is no single “Marxist doctrine,” and if there was it wouldn’t come anywhere near what you’re describing, which fits corporate capitalism much more closely.

        I swear to god, the next time I encounter someone on the internet who has actually read The Communist Manifesto (wherein Marx talks about how screwed the average male worker is ‘thanks’ to the displacement of physical strength to the machine) and even just the initial volume of Das Kapital, will be the first time.

          • Through there economic output in to the economy thereby decreasing the real wage of the whole labor force through this.

          • But my point is that they are not actually producing anything, are they actually adding any value to the economy?

            I mean I understand the idea that more people in the workforce will drive real wages down, that’s basic, but if the added workforce is not adding any value to what’s being produced, is that really helpful to the country?

            I mean, if I have a company with five men, two of them making sandwiches and two of them selling sandwiches, and one of them buying supplies to make more sandwiches, their wages are going to come from the profit made by the two men selling the sandwiches, after the cost of the supplies to buy the sandwiches. If that same company has five men and five women, all the men doing the same jobs, but the women all being in “human resources” making certain the men aren’t hurting each others feelings while working and ensuring that this company now meets the quota of 50/50 gender diversity(without needing to tell any of the women to make sandwiches)… well how can you say that the company is making more profit?

          • It does so on a macroeconomic level as you see, most of the gdp is from consumptions(69-70 percent) so women mostly work in retail or low level industries whereby they still fuel the economy by consuming more than men and having more debt. If it wasn’t for women this wouldn’t work.

          • Wouldn’t that mean that our economy at the moment is built on women spending the money they get from men? If women can’t find men to get money from, as this article suggests, that could lead to an economic collapse! No wonder there’s a concern about this, I think I understand now.

          • Yes, without relationship – you don;t buy an expensive house (but still need more house as people live separately ) and spend as your peers do, a man is more likely to live within some means so this is a half true look at every variable and you will start to see that trend

          • Women use their nurturing tendencies to become teachers and healthcare professionals, thus freeing up men to move into more directly productive roles.

          • But wouldn’t men need greater educations in order to become more productive members of society? If women are taking up the education(which this article takes as a given), then women becoming teachers are in fact restricting men from assuming more directly productive roles. Or our education system is failing to produce effective members of society. Or both happening at once to varying degrees.

          • Because Bonce doesn’t understand Marx’s theory on political economy, I suppose. It’s impossible to credit him with actually having read Marx. As for his reference to “cultural Marxism,” that is a fundamentally anti-Semitic, far right conspiracy meme that wants to peddle every project of the political left, from raising the minimum wage to campaign finance reform as some sort of attack on white Western values. If you go to the web’s most visited site regarding the intellectual fraud that is “cultural Marxism,” you’ll probably be impressed at how incredibly racist it is. They actually misspell a word in the title. Take a look:

            destoryculturalmarxism [dot] blogspot [dot] com

            In addition, if you’re interested, a vigorous refutation of the entire, silly idea shows up in any search under the article title,

            “Cultural Marxism, Cultural Conservatism and the Frankfurt School: Making Sense of Nonsense”


          • Go and read some Gramsci or Rudi Dustchke.

            In Britain the entire political elite was infiltrated. If the Russians wanted to infiltrate the UK right up to the top of British Intelligence using the Cambridge spy ring do you think they stopped there? How did they infiltrate Cambridge university in the first place?

            Read Orwell’s “Keep the Aspidistra Flying” and his description of how the Russian revolution had excited an entire generation of university students to socialist action.

            You have a lot to learn. The Russians did whatever they could to subvert nuclear armed Britain and turn it to either communism or just disarray. Chancers are they are still doing it – maybe it suits the new regime as much as it suited the old. The reds are not under your bed – but they are everywhere else. But give it another 30 years and the last will be dead and gone.

  15. This article misses the point I’m afraid.

    Women evolved over millions of years to bear and raise children, and to make homes

    When they deviate from this natural evolutionary pathway they become unattractive to males.

    Just as a man who watches soap operas and talks about celebrity gossip is unattractive to most women. Careerist women lack qualities attractive to men who naturally seek a mate too bear and raise his children

    • It is hard wired through many many thousands of years of evolution.
      Men do not select a women based on their careers. We select them based on their looks, fertility and ability to raise our offspring.
      Women select men based on their perceived ability to provide for their offspring.

      The Feminists like to deny this. If you made these views known on TV or Radio or as a public figure, you would face a massive backlash. You now face a massive backlash for stating the truth. The truth is the truth.

      • Actually men barely select women, and when they do they seem to fancy cheap women (thin women have a lower metabolic rate) and socially powerful women and youth (more reproductive years).
        Men have a much broader definition of pretty than women and don’t need to select for fertility since infertility selects itself out and it’s not like humans are monogamous. 1/3 of children aren’t of their legal fathers, which means they are of other men who probably didn’t fathered all of his children too. Everyone wants genetic diversity of their offspring gene poll.

    • “Just as a man who watches soap operas and talks about celebrity gossip is unattractive to most women.”

      Not just women. . . And as I read that sentence for some odd reason I immediately thought of David Cameron.

    • Look, if you like women who aspire to be family matriarchs, I wouldn’t disagree with you; nor would I consider that in any way inferior to a working woman. I suspect that most women find being a full-time mother rather more satisfying and fulfilling than doing some hum-drum routine job.

      But please, don’t try justifying it with speculative pseudo-science about evolution.People do it an awful lot these days — I don’t know why, but it’s almost always bollocks.

      • The idea that science is being used an awful lot these days simply is a sign that we do not have some other way to explain the natural state of things.

      • It’s hardly psuedo science to come to the conclusion that the most natural state of human women is to become pregnant at an early age and then keep on popping out kids until the menopause. To be stuck around the camp fire looking after a large brood, most of which will die young, and with one permanently clamped to the breast. Such women were entirely dependent on men bringing home the bacon and the daily bread. For most of human history, indeed most of primate history, this has been the case.

        Only recently have women been freed from the need to produce and care for 10 kids in the hope that two would survive to look after them in old age. Only recently have women been freed from reliance on their male partners. It is a massive revolution in human behaviour. Female careers and feminism are really just a symptom of modern women struggling to find their way in a world where they seem to have less value than they did, and motherhood is less necessary than it was.

        It is women that are struggling to adjust to the modern environment, not men.

        • Yes, it’s pseudo science; also known as speculation. You’re welcome to your opinion, but don’t try to justify it with some burbling about evolution. It doesn’t add weight to your argument. It just makes you look like you don’t know what you’re talking about.

          • Nah. It’s you who don’t know what you are talking about. Humans need to remain in touch with their primate selves, otherwise they end up going nuts. This is well known in psychology. 25% of women are on anti-depressants. They aren’t living as they were meant to live. They are driving themselves insane. Maybe they can’t live as they were meant to live anymore. Maybe they will always be unhappy.

            We have fundamental needs as humans programmed into the part of our brain near the spine. You can think to yourself “I’m a teapot” you can even act like one. Doesn’t change the fact that you still need to eat and drink to survive, and a lot more besides.

            Scientists have already done a lot of research on all this. Do some reading on testosterone in women, as an example. Scientists already know how we work. It’s not getting into the mainstream because the feminazi influenced MSM is suppressing it “for your own good” (well theirs actually).

          • I take it the resort to ad hominems mean you appreciate you have lost the argument but aren’t man enough to admit.

            And to think, earlier you were the one defining what was “manly”. You joker.

    • Exactly.

      But much more than that, their move away from their natural tendencies has made them appear insane to men largely because they ARE insane. Their thought processes no longer match with their underlying desires and needs. They flip constantly between their feminist inspired beliefs and their natural needs, without knowing why and without having any control over them. Thus 25% of them end up on anti-depressants.

      You don’t get this alarming insanity endemic insanity with non-Western women. Women outside the west seem pretty straightforward.

  16. The ‘govt’ aspires to transgender us all in our beds, probably by the use of ‘smart meters’.
    I am not too keen on the idea.

  17. Who wants to play a version of Russian Roulette with 5 of the 6 bullets in the chamber being live rounds. Well, that is marriage for a man these days. An awful lot of women are so prideful and materialistic and have had so many, many sexual hook-ups that they are totally unsuitable for marriage. Whatever happened to sweet, gentle, honest, humble, modest, moral and feminine women?

  18. Meanwhile, no one gives a damn about what men might want. They are already finding out; we no longer desire to play your games. It’s all rigged against men.

    • Perhaps. But it does sound rather wussy to sit around whining about it. Real men just get on with making something of themselves. If you can’t get ahead in employment, start your own business, where you’re top dog and can make the rules as you want.

      • Yes and no. Some 25 years ago, the US government awarded contracts slanted towards women owned businesses. The same diversity is being felt in the UK. So much so, that I know of one engineering firm, winner of various awards, that has a nominal female chair but is actually owned by two males with subordinate directorships.

          • Broadly speaking I would agree with you. However, it is not just government contracts where your hideous life sapping form occurs. Rosalind Brewer CEO of Sam’s Club (a warehouse division of Walmart) aims to discriminate against white males. In Norway, they have what is called ‘golden skirts’ directors because the law requires that a percentage of the board has to be diverse. Thus, this creeping PC infests everything and reduces men’s options regardless of their level of wussiness or realness.

          • Indeed, government quotas are annoying, but relatively rare, since they alienate all the voters who don’t qualify.

            I can’t imagine why Sam’s Club aims to discriminate specifically against white men, but doubtless, they have their reasons. I discriminate against young people, because they’re gobby little shitesters who think being expected to break into a sweat is a breach of their human rights, and imagine they have a god-given right to pull a sickie whenever they’ve got a hangover.

            But it’s true that every problem creates an opportunity. So don’t sit around complaining. Complaining never change anything. Do something about it!

      • It sounds rather wussy to sit around whining about it?

        I’m just checking here, but are you claiming the author of this article is sounding wussy?

      • I didn’t sit around whining about it. I got myself a non-western girlfriend, let her know I’m never going to marry her, and I’m happier for it.

        This thread just happens to be a place where I can do my bit to “set the (western) world straight”. Who knows, maybe it will benefit my two sons?

      • Apparently “real men” are not entitled an opinion expressed in the public arena. Your solutions sound masculine, but this wussy business sounds much like the dismissive traditional conservative woman, her pandering mangina lapdog male, and all feminists.

  19. I know some women don’t like to hear this but men aren’t attracted to the same things as women so degrees and jobs don’t mean much either way to the average man who is more interested in good looks and youth, it’s probably biology where women are attracted to status and men are attracted to fit, fertile women even though that’s not a very PC thing to say.

    So while the women are limiting themselves to other college/university educated men and don’t want to settle men don’t see it as an issue, plus if a women thinks they’re getting a bad deal by “Dating down” there’s probably going to be animosity in the relationship.

    • To continue with your astute point, men are far less likely to want to take on the risks of marriage in a society that often punishes them severely in divorce by marrying a woman of 35 rather than a woman of 23. Women have been told men don’t have the right to see younger women as far, far more attractive, so they’re unable to see how much less likely they are to marry after postponing marriage and children for the sake of establishing a career first.

      Women also seem baffled if not enraged by the idea that men, especially young men who have any choices at all, do not want to marry a woman who already has a child.

      A goodly number of non-feminist and anti-feminist women have recently begun advising women to marry early, have children, then go on to uninterrupted careers. You really cannot have it all. To think so, which is to think that consequences don’t apply to you, is the height of foolishness and self-indulgence. Most things, especially major life decisions, have very significant tradeoffs.

      • Indeed they do they do have tradeoffs, now they are complaining men are being overly choosy, it seem if they do something about this would ruin there ideology( help graduate men)

        • Speaking of men being choosy, I was amused by the last Pew Research poll that defined men as marriageable if they were employed full-time whereas a woman merely had to be breathing to be considered marriageable. She could also be obese and have three children by three different men. Still marriageable. Well, “marriageable,” at least according to Pew.

          • that is cos women have the base as a traditional women and the choice to work, I don’t need a man and am independent is for show. The man is still the provider and protector ( but we will see those will not be the values we hold soon). As in finance there is no free lunch (well unless your a women)

          • “Speaking of men being choosy, I was amused by the last Pew Research poll that defined men as marriageable if they were employed full-time whereas a woman merely had to be breathing to be considered marriageable. ”

            True. Its not a pre-requisite though. 🙂

          • Of course not. All the dating advice I’ve ever gotten as a man was to lower my standards and enjoy what I’m capable of achieving.

            Which is why I’m enjoying being single.

          • As are many more men (enjoying being single) this is what the article is so piss’d about men have to many to choose from and are still not marrying, lol

          • You only need to look at the popularity of very old, very overweight and very ugly women on escort review sites to realise that for every woman there are multiple men that are interested. Given that information it is quite astonishing that so many women “can’t find a man”. Clearly they aren’t looking in the right place.

    • Are men that bothered by good likes per se? I know plenty of guys that just say “she has nice boobs” and that’s as high as the bar ever needs to be! After that it’s a question of whether the girl just drives them crazy or not.

      Modern women do seem to believe that just having the letters BA after their name should put them on some sort of higher plane of desirability. I don’t know why. It is just yet more evidence of how out of whack female thought processes are relative to the underlying primate desires that relationships are REALLY based on.

  20. The funniest quote in the article is “men are overly choosy and delay settling down”. Only if men did what women did make-a-list (wish-list) then you would call it choosy, it just show how society has always been pandering for women (time line they want to get married) and now we see a disparity, as men want other things when you want kids. WOMEN are the choosy ones…oops wasn’t supposed to say that 🙂

    • In the end British women are still doing the “Pride and Prejudice” hypergamy thing, but their understanding of men, themselves and relationships is so far out of whack it can never work. That’s why 25% of them end up on anti-depressants.

      South East Asian women understand themselves, understand men and are in tune with themselves and with their men, consequently their relationships are uncomplicated and sane. They don’t need anti-depressants.

  21. Women date from there base upper-ward, men have no standards, dating would be even better if men where truly picky and did the same as women

  22. “….blue collar working class men.
    ….Plumbers, electricians, and engineers can earn good salaries”.

    So, ten qualifications from ONC to MSc and I had to wear a suit. As a retired engineer I feel that I have been discriminated against for not being allowed to wear a blue collar with matching boiler-suit. Where is my compo?

    • You should look at the cover of this book it will make you laugh ( surprised why he is running away and not to the women)
      ah ha !!
      its the stepford dolls !

  23. Birger highlights research which shows that female graduates want to
    date and marry men with similar educational backgrounds, and this, he says, is creating a situation “whereby women are competing for a small pool of men, and this gives way too much leverage to those college-educated men. It encourages those men to be overly choosy and to delay settling down.”

    And why shouldn’t women compete for a small or smaller pool of men? Men who wanted families often had to settle for the best available woman rather than a woman they truly wanted. Why is men having more choice somehow a bad thing? Why shouldn’t those men be “overly choosy”? Why shouldn’t those men “delay settling down”?

    An interesting interview with a lady named Cat, a recent female graduate, who Birger also interviewed, featured in the Guardian article. Cat spoke of her circle of female friends and said “only one of them has a boyfriend and [the others are] all really attractive, fun girls, clever, educated, and can’t find a boyfriend”

    Hmm. I’d be interested, not in what “Cat” has to say about her girlfriends, but what young men have to say about them. Are they “really attractive, fun girls, clever, [and] educated”?? I’m betting, not so much.

    Do any of the men posting here actually know any women who are really attractive, fun, clever, and educated but who just somehow cannot find boyfriends? Or is it far more likely they’re not all that sensational in combination with being far too picky?

    Dating is always a sellers market (so to speak) for attractive, fun women. Color me skeptical.

    • Actually I know a lot of women who are really attractive, fun, clever, well educated women with good careers who cannot find boyfriends.

      None of which can identify me as a male, let alone as potential dating material. They tend to think of me more as one would furniture. Probably because I’m not attractive or fun or have as good a career as they do.

      Oh well. Not my problem.

      • Let’s try it this way:

        “really attractive, fun, clever, well educated women with good careers”

        Those women make up a tiny fraction of the dating market among women candidates looking for boyfriends.

        Let’s apply a version of Drake’s Equation to the matter, where

        RA = % of women who are “really attractive”
        F = % of women who are “fun”
        C = % of women who are “clever”
        WE = % of women who are “well educated”
        GC = % of women who have “good careers”

        Top Quality Girlfriends = RA * F * C * WE * GC

        Now, assigning values to each of the five variables, we get

        RA = % of women who are “really attractive” = 0.20

        F = % of women who are “fun” = 0.25

        C = % of women who are “clever” = 0.30

        WE = % of women who are “well educated” = 0.25

        GC = % of women who have “good careers” = 0.15

        Multiplying, we get

        0,20 * 0.25 * 0.30 * 0.25 * 0.33 = 0.0012375

        In short, a little over 1 in 1000 women meet all five criteria.

        What you’re telling me is, that the most attractive women, that one most attractive women out of every thousand women, cannot find herself a boyfriend.

        Like I said: Color me skeptical. No offence.


        edit: You can tinker with the variables a bit, and be more generous in arriving at the various fractions, but unless you find most women “really attractive” you aren’t going to get much more than 1 in 100. You’d still be claiming that the single most attractive woman out of every one hundred women still can’t find a boyfriend. If true, the human race will die out in short order.

          • I came up with it a decade ago when I was in a small town wondering why I wasn’t meeting too many women I liked. Let’s call it “Schirmer’s Equation” after the German economist and philosopher Blair Mershon Schirmer.

            It’s based on Frank Drake’s attempt to solve the Fermi Paradox (the “where are all the aliens?” question) by figuring out how many alien civilizations there might be in especially our Milky Way galaxy. This % is the average rate of star formation in our galaxy, that % is the fraction of existing stars that have planetary systems, and so on. I think wikipedia has a good writeup of Drake’s Equation.

          • When I saw you apply Drake’s Equation to mating I thought ‘how long’ before you have to explain that. Haha novel but inadvertently I think you might have found a missing quotient, the Feminism factor. If a civilisation is old enough to pursue space exploration then it is old enough for it’s Feminism factor to be high. The higher the Feminism the lower the birthrate until it crashes hence civilisations never achieve the level of space exploration required before they implode, not from warfare but lack of desire or mating. I always thought one or other factors would always amount to zero and negate the entire equation but here I think you present for the first time the very real and most probable explanation for the lack of derived events. Well done!

        • I need to dispel that skepticism for you then.

          First of all, could you tell me where you are getting those values you are assigning? Why do you think more women are ‘clever’ than they are ‘fun’?

          What you have to do is reduce your criteria for what meets those values, as such raising the value. And none of that will mean she can find a boyfriend at all. So what if she’s the most attractive, fun, clever, well educated and richest woman out of a thousand, she’s still not going to find a man who who meets her criteria of one out of twenty billion men.

          As such, what I’m actually trying to tell you is that it really doesn’t matter what the woman is like, if she prices herself out of the market and refuses to lower her standards to something a human can actually approach, then she’s not going to find a mate.

          • You make some reasonable points, and it’s true that essential attributes such as “sanity” are omitted from the equation, but in turn we might agree that in practice there’s substantial overlap between “fun” and “sane.”


            “So what if she’s the most attractive, fun, clever, well educated and richest woman out of a thousand,…”

            “So what”? Hey, if that woman can’t find a boyfriend, no men are looking for girlfriends! Furthermore, the issue of her own selectivity wasn’t relevant to the original matter, so I’m comfortable omitting it. (But, yes, I agree that if she’s waiting for a handsome, 23 year old Bill Gates who has somehow already made his first billion, then being one woman in a thousand won’t do her much good.)

          • Also you have to realize all those attributes are purely subjective. A man with lower standards will see higher values in those attributes. Given that the list of attributes was provided by a woman talking about her girlfriends, I don’t really think she’s going to be judging her girlfriends that harshly. What she, and her girlfriends, are going to be doing is judging potential boyfriends very harshly.

            And wasn’t the whole article about women being too selective and needing to lower their standards? Without coming out and saying it of course, but the statements like “black women only are looking for black men to date”(Thus, and this is US statistics so somebody correct for countries, adding at 0.1 multiplier to their measure) and suggesting that women look more towards “mixed collar” relationships with the men being working class(yet still supporting their higher educated and theoretically higher earning wives) rather than equally educated and higher paid men, imply to me that the issue of the womens own selectiveness being the crux of the issue that was danced around without being addressed. Probably because it’s not diplomatic to tell a woman… well the same thing you would tell a man.

    • the quote “really attractive, fun girls, clever, [and] educated” is what she is looking for but better then her is most ways, now that is a catch

      • Yeah, The hypergamy thing makes them look for someone better. The feminism thing makes them treat “better” as equal, thus damaging the guy that was better in their own eyes. How does a girl make a guy that was better than she was her equal? By tearing him down a peg or two, that’s how. Western women doomed to destroy their own relationships.

    • I’m in the top 1% for “smart” so I don’t even bother looking for women to match. It’s not relevant anyway. I like a girl that’s astute and sharp, but her education is irrelevant. In what way is education relevant to a human relationship? How do the other primates manage without it? Too many women with an education think it should buy them a better relationship. We’re not much interested. We need to find you attractive enough to snog without retching first, after that we need to know you aren’t a pain in the butt.

      I’ve rarely found any British women to be fun. British women tend to believe that if the go clubbing then they are fun by definition. They are not – they are relying on other people around them to be fun in the hope that nobody will notice they don’t themselves have a fun personality. Asian, South American, Spanish and Italian women are often genuinely fun. Sadly, with British women you tend to find out just how shallow they are after just a few weeks. A blame fathers – far too indulgent. British girls can do no wrong in dad’s eyes so the bar is set very low. No need, therefore, to develop a worthwhile persona at an early stage. My first girlfriend was nice – but not that much fun, too quiet. But she got taken off the marriage market PDQ anyway, because guys know a good deal when they see one. So many British women are on the shelf because they just don’t bring any kind of value to a guy, and they aren’t brought up to – feminism and indulgent fathers focus girls on other goals.

  24. Men don’t have to marry, they don’t have to go out with any particular woman and they don’t have to subject themselves to shaming harridans who think they know how society should be run.

    • Actually, they think their arts degree is inherently SUPERIOR to an engineering degree. I’ve known no end of these dimwits that actually believe they are smarter than me, simply because they studied Shakespeare and can quote a few lines. They’ve usually got a rude awakening coming.

      • In a way it is,
        you see an art degree shows that you are wealthy enough to waste time and money on an art degree.
        Its less gold-digging and more strip-mining.

        • No. It means you are the kind of selfish indulged little brat that has no intention of paying your loan back. Either daddy will or the job you are going to get pays so low you will never be required to pay it back.

      • If a woman can’t quote Shakespeare intelligently and in context, and isn’t versed in at least one of physics, mathematics, or neuroscience, we won’t be talking for long. Why settle?

  25. “Birger’s advice to marry and date blue collar working class men is interesting given that radical third wave feminists have done so much to harm the prospects of working class men, and routinely support policies that damage the employment opportunities of working class men, such as mass immigration.”

    Hmm. Something about reaping and sowing springs to mind.

    “I’m surprised that the Guardian reviewed the book as it is a strong promoter, and supporter, of the radical feminist and metropolitan liberal agenda.”

    Anything that has a chance to bash men – especially white, blue or white collar ones, lower middle or middle class, whether it be tangentially or full on frontal assault-wise, never let it be said that the Grauniad ever allows any low hanging fruit to go unpicked. 🙂

    • You don’t want the women to be blamed, you will hurt their emotions of being inadequate and then you start a debate, men take it on the chin an do what they want, you can push them/shame them now if they don’t take their half

      • British women are like Socialist Workers Party. They’ve both moved a long way from mainstream opinion but they blame mainstream opinion for not wanting them.

        • It is worse then that if it is trending then jump on the bandwagon so it’s right, you can’t blame men because they have a different timeline, that is why women are getting angry – less likely to get what they want at there time

      • Are we as selective? It’s made up. If a reasonably hot chick supplies us with regular sex and isn’t a pain in the butt we are usually to lazy to kick her out and replace her with someone better. We know which side our bread is buttered.

        Human evolution is determined by females, which is why men are getting taller at a ridiculous rate. If men were determining human evolution by being fussier, women wouldn’t need breast implants, make-up and cosmetic surgery.

        Men are really not that fussy. We will put up with a high degree of BS from women. If relationships aren’t happening it is because women are being way too choosy. I blame Hollywood for setting the bar at Brad Pitt (notice that women will go see a movie just because their heart-throb is in it – do straight men ever do such a thing?) and big cities and the internet for giving the impression that if they keep trying there’s a Brad Pitt just for them. You don’t get this BS in small towns.

        • “I blame Hollywood for setting the bar at Brad Pitt (notice that women will go see a movie just because their heart-throb is in it – do straight men ever do such a thing?)”

          It is something that has always got me thinking. Most women l know will do this, the times l have had to watch a film/programme because my partner ” fancies” the male star, even though you both know it is something you don’t want to watch.
          I thought we men were supposed to be the more visually excitable of the sexes?

          • It’s the ultimate alpha male fantasy for them. They’ve been doing it since Rudolph Valentino. No real man can match up to the perfect fantasy specimen they see in movies. It has exactly the same impact on them as watching too much porn does for men – eventually reality just isn’t good enough.

  26. There are thousands of under-educated men and I only hear of it being mentioned as a problem when it makes dating tough for women.

    I hope this strikes others as f****d up? It can’t just be me.

      • The rate of suicide is roughly X4 higher for men than women. Men are disengaging with society across the west and Japan, with more of Asia to follow.

        I can only assume that if the problems that led to young men and boys leaving – and being rejected from – education were properly addressed, we’d see a sharp decline in both phenomena.

        • I don’t honestly think we would. Young men and boys are leaving, and/or being actively rejected from, education because it has become increasingly hostile towards them. I hardly think that placing young men in a hostile environment where they have it hammered into them that they are responsible for original sin and need to die to make the world a more tolerable place is going to reduce their rate of suicide.

          Besides, I still don’t see what you think is f****d up about it. I mean honestly, you seem to be addressing this as if a mans life or even just his education and career is more important than the feelings of a woman. Time and time again we have seen that reality does not work that way. So the important thing is not that men are being funneled from school to jail, what’s important is that a woman can’t find the ideal man she wants to enjoy for a little while and then cast aside like the refuse she knows him to be.

          • Spare me your bitter sarcasm. Hostile universities is one, and only one, of the problems that I SAID need to be addressed.

            A Hostile educaion system from the moment boys enter the system is another, so is a lack of male role models, ditto a general empathy gap which widens as they get older.

            Sarcasm detected, but there’s more to this than a diploma at the end. A sense of worth and accomplishment is part of it. If these young men have self confidence and self esteem it’ll mean more to them than a minor in Plant Cell Biology. It could start in school, though. It should start there.

            I’m no dewy-eyed utopianist, but I’d be happy with any positive improvement.

            Now, do we actually disagree on anything, or do you just make sarcastic responses instead of asserting your own opinion directly to the comment section?

          • Okay, I may have been laying it on a little heavy, but sarcasm doesn’t always come across in text form. And my initial reply to you was done in earnest, it simply did not get the response I expected.

            Sarcasm aside, when I said education, I meant the whole system. When we have groups pushing for 9 year old boys to take responsiblity for rape culture, it’s clearly not just the universities that are hostile, and while most children make it through public schooling, it’s clear that the majority of boys even at that young an age are not engaging and certainly not finding any success there. Their rejection from universities is more obvious, but we are both in agreement that it is hardly the only matter to be dealt with.

            It may go further back than that(and it certainly goes further forward with hostile work environments and other legal issues). You say that it should start in school, and there, without the sarcasm, I partially disagree with you. The family unit is breaking down and there is a huge, and growing, number of single mother families. While laws can be made to change the practices in schools making them the logical place to start, I believe that to make a proper reform it must be embraced by the society and as such should in fact start in the home, allowing schools to follow. No one can dictate empathy, it can only be encouraged or discouraged. At the moment it is being discouraged, and even this article is a sign of that lack of empathy. What I said showing an utter disregard bordering on contempt for the male perspective may have been sarcasm, but I can’t believe that the actual authoress of this article was being sarcastic in hers.

            Now I actually had a fair bit more to say, but I regressed back into sarcasm, so to spare you it, I will end here for now.

  27. If you google “Why do black women hate black men” you will learn pretty quickly that black women in America DON’T prefer black men. In fact they detest them. It’s outright war. There is a huge gulf in attitudes between black women and black men. Black women are far more likely to buy into European culture then black men. Black men are still very tribal. Plenty of YouTube videos on this very subject worth watching – but beware because those black girls make some very racist comments about black guys!

    It was never enough for degree educated women to have a degree educated boyfriend. A knew a lot of girls that worked for the BBC and they had NO interest in dating degree educated engineers. So you need to have the RIGHT education – an education in the arts. The conclusion I came to is that these women had set the bar way too high, making their choice of partner extremely narrow. None of them were all that anyway.

    I do agree with the comment about Tinder suggesting there was always someone better round the corner. This was obvious with women even 30 years ago. The fact that women indulge in rampant hypergamy and the fact that we all live in large towns and cities with an apparently inexhaustible supply of new people to try out leads women to mistakenly believe they can keep trying new models forever. The merry-go-round only stops when they realise that they are facing becoming barren and the crows-feet have appeared. You don’t get this nonsense in small towns where everyone went to the same school. In the small town where I grew up the girls are already desperate for fresh meat by the time they reach 18, having tried all the local lads by then.

    • The fact that women indulge in rampant hypergamy…

      While I’ve observed this too, I have to add that men of my acquaintance are regularly on the lookout for better. The wondering whether “is this the best I can do?” and “should I accept what I have or try to find a smarter, prettier, more engaging girlfriend” is routine stuff.

      If there’s a difference in this regard between the sexes, I’m not sure I can identify it. Based on the difference in rates with which men and women file for divorce perhaps the difference manifests itself in early middle age, where menopause is a brighter line for women than it is for men and the spur to move on might therefore be greater….

      • On the lookout for something better, maybe. But doing anything about it? Nah. Men can’t be bothered usually. Half the guys I know only care about boobs. As long as the woman has them and lets the guy touch them, she’s sorted.

        Still, I’m an engineer and hang out only with engineers. We don’t faff about.

    • While suitably amusing as a video… I’m not entirely sure what the reason you are trying to get across is. Could you please expand on your thoughts?

      • I thought it would be obvious. Male students at Oxford are clearly far too busy performing a capella to have any time for the ladies. What did you think I meant?

        • Actually, that was my first though… but then I wondered exactly how many were actually performing a capella with that level of talent in order to put a sizable dent in women’s dating prospects. I will have to study the statistics further.

  28. Typical, the damages of feminism only become relevant to women when it rebounds and causes them some measure of dissatisfaction. If the unicorns don’t appear on time, and the great feminist godhead in the sky fails to deliver on the have it all plan….then they complain.
    Never mind that the century+ war the female rebellion has waged on men, has caused great harm to men, abused our children and is destroying our civilization.
    The real problem is that feminist women can’t be feminist and also trap some schlub in the dystopian hell of Marriage 2.0. If the could just fix that, why then feminism would be back on track. They need more deluded men to man up, marry a harpy, and be the wiling submissive in a femdom marriage.
    We suppose the hope is that they can then have their 1.2 children, evict the man, alienate his children from him, hop back on the carousel, extort his wages, and gather in all the feminist state cash and prizes associated with divorce.
    Note the other typical feminist dodge…its radical third wave feminism that is the problem.
    No darling, it is all of feminism from the very roots of it, to each and every aspect of it, in every age of it. It is the 98% of western women who are feminists that are the problem, not the smaller percent who are white, liberal and wealthy.
    Get this brat. We do not care if feminism harms women. You created it, deal with it. We care that it harms men, abuses children and destroys the civilization men built for the benefit of our women and children. We offer rebellious women no compassion, mercy or concern for the harms your rebellion brings to you. And we will not recue you from any of it, not by marring you, not by giving you children, and not by protecting you from harm.
    You are on your own now.

    • They need more deluded men to man up, marry a harpy, and be the wiling submissive in a femdom marriage.

      This reminds me of the inane spate of articles by feminist columnists claiming that men doing the washing up and laundry leads to more and better sex. (Turns out, of course, that it doesn’t.)

      This followed on the high heels of decades of fraudulent studies purporting to show that among married couples women did the bulk of the work related to family support and family life, ignoring the longer hours men average on the job, men’s willingness to forgo job satisfaction for a bigger paycheck the better to help their families with, men’s longer commutes, men’s tendency to take on more dangerous work, and that men do far more home maintenance, auto repair, and so forth than do women. All of that ends up written out of the equation and, guess what? Even discounting the difference in hours put in ditch-digging versus hours put in taking children to the neighborhood park, married men put in a little more in terms of family hours than do married women.

      Have to say, I’m impressed at how quickly men seem to be understanding the game is rigged against them now that men’s issues have begun to break through the wall of censorship and indifference in the media.

      No darling, it is all of feminism from the very roots of it, to each and every aspect of it, in every age of it.

      All too true. The following quote is from the first women’s rights conference in the United States, in 1848. It issued a “Declaration of Sentiments” which showed us that even for nascent feminists the feminist victim complex and its essential accompaniment, the broad demonization of men had already begun 167 years ago. They wrote:

      “The history of mankind is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations on the part of man toward woman, having in direct object the establishment of an absolute tyranny over her.”

      The hatred was palpable even then.

      • Sure. Modern feminism is a SYMPTOM of how modern women have become since infant mortality dropped and they ended up with time on their hands. It started with the lazy good-for-nothing women in the upper classes and seeped right down to the underclass over time as the welfare state paid out cash bonuses for being feckless and fecund to the unworthy.

        “Feminism” is just a word to politicise and justify a self-centred attitude of mind for indulged women that really can do exactly what they please with never any comeback or negative consequences. For women, the safety net is always there – at least as long as broader society is capable of holding it there.

    • Marriage 2.0 is cohabitation it will be ruined soon too, the 98 percent of harpies are not going to see the problem coming….. as history always repeats itself (Rome)

  29. Over-educated and under-educated at the same time. Takes some doing to put together a society and in that, an education system which promotes such ends – but we did it. (Exits stage left, shaking head…)

    • Half of all women now going to uni. Wow they must have got so much more intelligent in the last 30 years! Or maybe the £9000 incentive for the universities was just too big a temptation to resist and for that kind of money they’d offer degree courses to cats and dogs (and pass them too)

  30. Young men are starting clue in to the reality that is feminist ideology: divorce rape, false rape accusations, hell a man can’t even sit beside a kid on an airplane without being suspected of being a pedophile. Even if a man has a child the women can..and statistically is likely to.. use those very same kids to extort money from him after filing divorce, while alienating him at the same time.
    Men know there is a gun in the room that only women can use. The state provides both the gun and the incentive to women and women only… you’ll have to forgive young men for not wanting to get divorce raped like their fathers or uncles or brothers.

  31. Reproductive rights for men. Paper abortions whatever you want to call it. I have seen so many men in my life who’ve had to drop out and gets jobs to start paying child support for children they don’t want.. That’s the big difference IMO.

  32. Objectification goes both ways. When you treat men as feminist generated caricatures, and not as the human beings which they actually are, they tend to respond negatively. It’s good that men are less likely to have to settle for someone that treats them badly and makes their lives miserable, just to fit in.

  33. Thank you, a female author, for voicing concern for working class men and openly criticizing feminism and the women who refuse to wake up to it.

  34. Birger is an obvious fool. He is lost in world that no longer exists. Men in both Britain and US are increasingly disinterested in marriage.
    Feminsts have largely destroyed men’s interest in marriage
    and because buffoons like LIza Mundy advocate marriage should be a wife dictatorship, more men view the idea of becoming a husband as repulsive.

    Therefore, Birger is wrong. It simply wont matter what strategy women adopt. Getting married is increasingly going to become difficult.

  35. I’m becoming more concerned that this place has become a refuge for aggrieved men and insecure education-haters.

    What is going on? There are men and women basically posting how they hate women who are educated, or independent minded. How does this connect to Conservatism, where the poster girl us surely the highly educated, extremely driven Margaret Thatcher.

    As I have said again and again, legitimate respect for the family and the well-being of children should not be hijacked by those with agendas to blame everyone else, or religious enthusiasts who want to twist every problem around to being caused by a lack of Christianity.

    • You understand very little of todays social dynamics between the sexes. The problem is not educated women. The problem is educated women today are educated in leftist theories. The left has no values for things that make healthy family life. So when you educate women with that, they turn out to be unsuitable partners.

      • Never met one of them. I know people who think it’s nonsense, but nobody who says it causes all today’s problems, unlike those who do say lack of it is the cause.

    • Margaret Thatcher was also anti-feminist. So she’d probably be one of those annoyed women posting along with the aggrieved men how much she hates women being indoctrinated into the idea of “rape culture” and conditions a victimhood complex. I like to think she’d call for educational reforms were she, or someone like her, to come back into power… and were she or some one like her to have held power, that this situation would never have gotten so bad.

      The problem isn’t that women are highly educated, extremely driven, or independent minded. The problem is the reverse, that the higher education now seems to reduce drive and independence of thought, that it leads to women who can’t look after their own life responsibly because they can’t accept that their actions actually have reprocussions that men do not fully mitigate with through their own sacrifice.

      The above article is about how women made the choice to become more highly educated than men, and over many years did everything in their power to get their way, and now are upset that there are fewer men more highly educated than them and that they object to the prospect that they might need to lower their standards, blaming the idea on men being “too choosy”(IE unable to fully mitigate what they now find to have been a poor choice in the past) rather than this being the logical result of their own actions.

  36. Uhm can we have a man writethis from mens point of view?

    Feminization of the education system has been good for working class men? That must be a UK phenomenon because here in the US boys are fallung off a cliff because of it.

    Also the writer needs to look into hypergamy and see how that effects this.

    Also why do all these articles only point out the difficulties women face? Its not like college educated men are sitting around sifting through a list of women we can date and marry. Mens prospects are just as bleak. Its because womens expectations of us are so outworldly that most of us will never fulfill what women want. And if so we happen to fulfill the laundry list of requirements, nothung is atopping the woman from saying i change my mind and now im taking half your stuff.

    • This is a women’s website, if you want a similar article written by for man… um… actually I can’t think of one, might need to do some more searching. At the very least not look on ConservativeWomen.uk

      Personally, I find it quite refreshing they can at least admit that feminism is hurting women. Finding some one to agree with is always heartening. I don’t like anything hurting women either. There are just some things before my time that I couldn’t stop.

      • Yes, I do know it’s a woman’s website. But speaking from one side only helps no one. Do you really think women won’t benefit from a mans point of view?

        • It’s not a question of benefit. If benefit was the only goal, they would go to websites devoted to male perspectives(Honest, I’m trying to come up with one, all I’m thinking of is female-centric or an effort towards gender-neutral, somebody help?). It’s about what they wish to see.

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