TCW Editors: Big-mouth Bob Geldof sails away with our Remoaner of the Year award

Brexit gave us a different class of snob, so observed Bryan Appleyard in The Spectator last week. Never a truer word said.

Ever since the (stunning for us, and shocking for others) Brexit vote, the losers have busied themselves treating the winning half with pity and, more often, with disdain. This  is the latest rendition of the British class system at work:

‘Suddenly it was OK to believe that there was something fundamentally wrong with people worse off than you. Snobbery was respectable again; a dangerous development’. Indeed it is.

What better way to describe  the petulant, arrogant and angry behaviour of the new Remoaner class?

Appleyard’s new Remoaner class is one and the same as the ‘post-democratic’ liberal elite that John O’Sullivan identifies in the same edition of The Spectator.

O'Sullivan  defines this elite by its use of non-accountable institutions to exclude important issues from the political agenda and its habit of overturning majority decisions. The repeated Irish referenda on the Lisbon Treaty is a classic example.

The current cases challenging Brexit before the courts are the most recent examples. Once again we see disgruntled - or threatened - powerful elites using non-accountable institutions in their attempt to overturn majority decisions.

But who, since Brexit, are the guilty men and women of the Remoaner class? Who are the 'activists' who have most vocally defended its interests?

Before Christmas we invited you submit your nominations for our ‘Remoaner of the Year’ award.

Several of you said that there were simply too many contenders. You could run it each month and easily find three new candidates each and every time.

Others, including John Thomas, thought the clear winner had to be the ‘Brussels Broadcasting Corporation’ (aka the Brazenly Biased Corp, aka the BRINO - British in Name Only - Broadcasting Corp): 'They can, and have", he said, "blame ANYTHING (and everything) onto the referendum result, and still, all these months later, they're still hard at it'.

However we were looking for the pithiest case made in favour of any one individual's nomination.

On that basis our first runner up is:

Ian Walker who recommended, ‘the outpourings of three remoaners: Nick Cohen, Alex Massie and Matthew Parris (if you have a bucket handy) who between them have provided us with the best examples of the ‘Remoaner Delusion Mindset’ to be found in print:

Cohen for the sheer tenacity of his opposition to evidence, 

Massie for the most bigoted attacks on 'bigots' (eg people who don't agree with him) are worthy candidates, but it had to be Matthew Parris for his "I'm ashamed to be British” comment, which he then followed up with his "losing faith in democracy", a quite stunning position for an ex-Parliamentarian to hold’.

Our second runner up is Politically__Incorrect, for whom Gina Miller stood out from the many potential candidates:

‘Gina Miller tells us that she is not trying to overturn the Brexit vote but is just trying to make sure that Parliament follows the "proper" process. Yes Gina, people are really passionate about process. Nothing gets the blood coursing through our veins like a bit of process and protocol. So Ms Miller gets my vote, not just for trying to trash the democratic process and scupper Brexit, but also for not having the courage or the honesty to admit it. ’ 

But our TCW bottle of champagne goes to Bik Byro, who harboured no doubts at all about his nomination and whose winning entry came in at a neat 96 words:

It absolutely has to be Bob Geldof. Firstly, for the supreme entertainment of him chasing down the Thames beside a flotilla led by Nigel Farage while being hosed with water from Brexit Fishermen, all the while swearing and making ‘V’ signs in protest. Then for his towering intellectual input to the (by-election) campaign in Richmond Park to which his main contribution was chanting "Zac is Cr*p”.  And finally for pontificating that "half the EU is desperately unhappy, It doesn't function ...(and is)  ignoring the wishes of European citizens" ... Or as he put it more succinctly: “Most people think I’m a complete tw*t" .

A sentiment we heartily endorse. Since Mr Geldof obligingly said this of himself we’ve chosen to forgive an expletive normally we would have deleted!

So congratulations to Bik Byro and the runners up, Ian Walker and Politically_Incorrect, and many thanks to all those who submitted their nominations for Remoaner in Chief. Competition remains intense.

(Image: Garry Knight)

The Conservative Woman

  • choccycobnobs

    Since I didn’t win any bubbly, can I have a trigger warning, a safe space and a good blub? Or will I just make do with a job in academia?

    Well done to the winners.

  • The Sage

    I think the ghastly Anna Soubry should also have a commendation – especially for blubbing at the result. Let’s hope the good people of Broxstowe have sense to get shot of her.

    • Coastliner

      Surely they must – those pathetic histrionics by a grown woman (and MP to boot) after the referendum were some of the most embarrassing scenes I have ever had the misfortune to witness.

  • Colkitto03

    We’ll done to all three! Great choices

  • Bert

    I nominate Will Straw CBE.
    Red prince nepotee who headed a dismal, flawed and failed campaign and yet received a gong.

    • TheRightToArmBears

      Anyone who accepts a gong these days has kissed the devil’s ring, and is willing to let us know they are against us.

      • Mike Donnellan

        Slight modification which I hope you won’t mind: “kissed the devil’s ring piece”.

      • John C

        Kissed the nether regions.

  • TheRightToArmBears

    Aren’t we all lucky that these egregious people congregate away from us normal folk?
    Just imagine being cooped up in a train compartment from Plymouth to Aberdeen with Parris, Soubry or Toynbee, or any of them.

    • Forlorn Hope

      No need for the Dignitas ads, any sentient being would have thrown themselves off the train just outside Plymouth.

  • geordieboy

    In the film Rogue One they managed to re- program an Empire Drone is there any way we can do that with the Three Remoaners.

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    And the Questions will be published next Winterval Season, along with the name of the winners, if any.

    • weirdvisions


    • John C

      You forgot to say ‘literally’.

      • Friend John! You appear to have literally missed the “literally” which literally appears in my Book title!

        Or does that – literally – not count?

        • John C

          It literally doesn’t, because literally always you stick another literally at the end of the literally last sentence, literally.

  • PianoWireSolutions

    I am stunned that the pink prince remoaner didn’t get a mention….yes, our cross dressing, cross man, Eddie ‘the tranny’ Izzard, without whom, undecided Brexit voters may have voted remain.
    Cheers Eddie.

    • Little Black Censored

      “…Brexit voters may have voted remain.”
      But they didn’t. You mean “might”.

      • PianoWireSolutions

        I did, thanks for the correction, now edited

  • Vera

    So pleased that I’m not the only one who finds Parris despicable beyond words.

    • launcher

      I was blind to Parris’ vile character for years, I am ashamed at my failure to recognise his wickedness.

    • The Git at the Gobshites Rest

      The complete dipstick vile obnoxious bellicosity of Parris has been maturing for decades like a fine Bordeaux claret!

      • Snoffle Gronch

        His toxicity has increased, more like an old scorpion.

      • John C

        Please, I love claret!
        More like the spittle of a Komodo dragon (look it up, if you don’t know what I mean).

  • launcher

    I cancelled my Times subscription (decades old, first print then digital) because of Parris; the disgusting fascist makes my flesh crawl. I called the subs department to cancel and was asked why? I said it was because Parris is a c**t, I was asked to moderate my language and apologised to the call centre bod. The exchange probably saved me from customer retention badgering though 🙂

    • gammosiuwong

      I recently cancelled my Times subscription too and have been badgered as you suggested. I’ve even had a mere boy try and lecture me about the good of feminism – still don’t know how I restrained myself! Maybe because they always start with…”this call is being recorded”….for whose protection I ask? Now I know.

      • John C

        So? Let then record you being rude.

    • John C

      I never had a subscription, but I also stopped reading it because of that revolting bigot.

    • Reborn

      Parris is a nasty piece of work.
      I love the Spectator, but Parris’ hatred of the UK & its non privileged classes
      (ie 90%) is palpable in his regular column.

  • Thats_news

    And I dare say that those who know him personally have even stronger opinions of him.

    • Mojo

      We new him when he lived near Tenterden in Kent. I don’t know if he still resides there but by gosh everyone avoided him like the plague!!!! Loud mouthed, rude and unbelievably arrogant.

      • Coastliner

        Unbelieveably is right – what on earth does such a totally talentless, thick oxygen – thief like that have to be arrogant about?

      • John C

        Was that also because of the pong?

  • Hampsteadpinko

    Let me, please: Geldof is a c*^t.

    • Kathy Gyngell

      After this one lapse on our part all expletives will continue to be deleted – even those in cunningly abbreviated or truncated form! Our motto for 2017 continues to be that adage and old fashioned homily – ‘manners making man’!

      • Hampsteadpinko

        You’re absolutely right, KG!
        But the man is a horrible loud-mouthed hypocrite whose opinions are half-formed and wrong, and he is the very epitome of rude and ungracious .

  • weirdvisions

    Good choice! Geldof’s sneering behaviour towards honest, Brexit supporting fishermen who know what real hard work is and watched helplessly as the EU destroyed their livelihoods, was beyond disgusting.

  • ratcatcher11

    Is this the same Geldof whose agent was busy touting him around to give after dinner speeches for a price of course? Not sure how many takers, so we might see him in a dole queue looking for a job, then we might not.

    • Snoffle Gronch

      His views are particularly sought on “how to look after vulnerable family members”.

      • Latimer Alder

        Rumour has it that his lecture on ‘Soaps I Have Avoided’ is an unforgettable olfactory sensation.

        • Scronker

          I recommend his latest tome, “Geldof’s Guide To Grooming”.

    • Politically__Incorrect

      I’m sure they could find him a job as a gargoyle

    • Inoff the Red

      Is this the same Bob Geldoff that has put millions into dodgy film schemes to avoid tax?
      His name appears on the list of members of numerous schemes? The accounts of his many and varied business interest also make interesting reading, a nest of limited companies, LLPs and off shore companies, well worth a search (free) on Companies house web site.

  • john lord

    I wish you Brits would stop being nasty to Sir Bob, he might get upset and come back to live with us Irish.

    • David

      We’d bribe you to take him back !

      • What makes you think we have enough money to tempt them?

        Send him to Brussels! They should both be very happy together.

        • David

          Done !

    • John C

      Tough. You sent him to us, now take the POS back.

  • Odo Saunders

    I have always found Sir Bob to be an oafish bore. Brussels can keep him!

    • I actually bought “The Best of the Boomtown Rats” in about 1993. It wasn’t very good. Rat Trap, I Hate Mondays and She’s So Twentieth Century were the only songs I could be bothered listening to.

  • Snoffle Gronch

    Spare a thought for the claims of that ludicrous beardy old wuss, Dr Rowan Williams, sometime Archbishop of Canterbury, who echoed the odious Matthew Parris’s attack on democracy.

    2016 was really a vintage year for plonkers.

  • “Ever since the (stunning for us, and shocking for others) Brexit vote”

    “Bloody marvellous” would be my description! I wasn’t even as hammered on New Year’s Eve as I was on June 24th!

  • John C

    Hang on, is Appleyard a leaver or remainer? Because his scribblings in the ST are almost always gob-smacking in their ignorance and stupidity. Like a rather slow-witted 15-year old.

    • derek

      Sorry John C, slow-witted is just soo 1950’s, speshul is the correct term.

  • mikerophone

    It’s funny how the Remoaners are suddenly all for Parliamentary sovereignty. After 40 years of saying that the EU is sovereign over our laws etc. , now we have to go through Parliament to implement the result of the Referendum. Hypocrites !

  • fitzfitz

    ( Wendi`s new east euro near teen amour : ) .

  • Bik Byro

    Happy new year everybody. I’m delighted to win ! And I admit that Bob had some tough competition particularly from Anna Soubry, Eddie Izzard, Matthew Parris, Gina Miller and Rowan Williams (and U. T. Cobley etc) all of whom were within a photo-finish.

    If the bottle of champagne is a literal rather than a figurative one, then I’d rather make a donation to Families Need Fathers. I know it’s a little ironic as this is a Conservative ‘Woman’ board, but I’ve noticed from many comments on these boards that it is a concern which touches many of the people who visit this site, both male and female.

    In the biggest irony of all, one of the most vocal advocates for Families Need Fathers is … wait for it .. Bob Geldof !

    So maybe he’s not a complete [expletive] after all. Except when he’s swearing at fishermen and looking like an embarrassment at Richmond Park. Pull yourself together, Bob!

  • Reborn

    Please, let’s not all forget.
    The Irish may have been easy to bully.
    But other nations have had their referendums challenged & overturned
    by the supra national EU.
    Exactly who runs the EU is hard to fathom, though obviously “Brussels” is
    just a euphemism (no pun intended) for Berlin.
    However, we know who benefits.
    The mega rich persons with no national roots or loyalties.
    Miseducated people who think the EU is about international comity are
    simply standard bearers who families & regimes who are rich & powerful beyond
    our comprehension.
    Their wealthy bag carriers include Blair & Clegg.
    Which brings us to Geldorf.
    This ugly, foul mouthed, lousy popster – with one cruddy hit to his credit, – has no
    obvious talent or even charm. However, he is rich, vulgar, loud & generally
    Until we regain our freedom from foreign rule, we must not relax the pressure on
    the politicians who we (over) pay to represent our interests.
    Not the interests of the Saudis, the CIA, George Soros, the Free Masons, the Fourth Reich,
    the Bilderbergs, or whoever it is that runs the vile EU.