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TCW Mission Statement: We lead the fight for social conservatism


“To have a right to do a thing is not at all the same as to be right in doing it.”

GK Chesterton (from A Short History of England)

Within two years of its inception, The Conservative Woman has become the foremost voice of social conservatism in Britain.

Far from being the enemy of progress, we believe the restoration of socially conservative values – those of faith, family and flag – makes us its friend.

As Andrew Cadman will argue later this week, the dominant liberal orthodoxies of the last 40 years are bankrupt. Their legacy – an atomised, fractured, unhealthy and ill educated society – leaves us ill equipped to deal with today’s massive social, economic and technological challenges. Rebuilding social bonds and re-affirming responsible relationships, which are the essence of a socially cohesive, yet independent society, was never more vital if these challenges are not to overwhelm us.

Never was social conservatism’s counter-culture agenda more needed.

It is needed to expose, as Paul T Horgan has done on this site, how illiberal ‘Marxist’ thinking and practice has infected and corrupted liberal thinking. How it has pervaded the political sphere and how feminism has become it chief henchman – or should that be henchperson?

Later this week you can read Paul’s analysis of feminist-driven “democide” – where feminists explicitly champion “one section of society to conduct a war of extermination upon another” – and of how devastating the consequences have been for intellectual freedom as well as for hounded, blameless traditional men.

This never-ending feminist cultural revolution has extended its grip beyond the state sector and seems bent on destroying not just the private sector but manhood itself.

It is heartbreaking and bewildering to acknowledge that it is women who are leading this charge, women who’ve become Marx’s most avid recruits in his mission to destroy the family – women who once were counted on to defend it.

I say bewildering but given our education system perhaps not so. If anything has been institutionalised in our society, it is legally enforceable political correctness and a ‘Robespierrian’ terror of trespassing into the territory of what used to be deemed rational moral judgment.

As Chris McGovern has so brilliantly illustrated in his blogs for TCW these past two years our education system is more about the transmission of propaganda than of independent knowledge and thought with consequent dire results.

And as children are taken ever earlier into the State’s education embrace and parental responsibilities and influence marginalised, the more susceptible they are to this type of brainwashing – the less able to exercise their own judgment.

No wonder we find ourselves in a Britain that is dumb and dumber – less skilled, less literate and numerate yet ever more complaints oriented and rights obsessed. Commonsense, humanity and decency have been overtaken by mindless positive discrimination, equality imposition, bullying and self-identifying virtue signalling.

No wonder children are vulnerable in the internet minefield in which these confused messages play out and from which adults fail to protect them. No wonder it is boys who ‘succeed’ least in this over-feminised education arena.

We set up TCW to throw a spotlight on all this. Our mission is to challenge the studied blindness of the political classes and their determined denial of these root causes of contemporary social malaise.

Whether it be the challenge of welfare dependency, loneliness, mental ill health and child neglect or lack of productivity and international competitiveness, social conservative values are the route forwards.

This is why key to our mission is ‘taking on’ the BBC. Thanks to its licence fee monopoly, the BBC is still the dominant cultural force, or gatekeeper in modern parlance. Today its digital services reach 38 million people a year worldwide – many of whom live here in the UK.

It is still rated as Britain’s top source of news and its global audience is growing – currently a wasted advantage for Britain.

Its increasingly orthodox (all paying homage to multiculturalism /diversity /equality /gender neutrality) editorial teams have turned the BBC’s raison d’être into being chief promotor and  endorser of these mores, rather doing what it should be really be doing – challenging and questioning them while remaining the guardian of the best of British culture, tradition and belief.

Yet as David Keighley has observed and illustrated over the past two years, the BBC long ago dropped any notion of editorial standards or impartiality in favour of its own overt Marxist/feminist /libertarian agenda. It unashamedly backs the corporate and bureaucratic EU state; it is unashamedly pro-cannabis legalisation; it uncritically promotes the latest victim claims while blinding itself to ongoing injustice towards men and to the women of minority communities. Its obsession with gender parity and diversity has left us its audience struggling to comprehend incompetent and unintelligible presenters and ever lower standards of reporting.

If there is one thing the BBC can be relied on to do today it is to desecrate the English language. And this, as Orwell has been quoted on many times before, does nothing to encourage clear thinking.

The two years of TCW’s existence have witnessed another disturbing trend – denial of ‘binary gender’. This latest weapon in the culture wars is no longer a laughing matter. This may prove the latest insanity to work its way into the law soon if ousted former Cabinet minister Maria Miller gets her way. Rejecting the ludicrous transgender claim that you are the gender you want to be or think you are can already label you a bigot.

Feminists like Germaine Greer, who find the denial of their sex an equality step too far, would do well to remember it is they who opened the door to this madness.  It is surely an inevitable  logical follow on from denying the biological uniqueness of motherhood and asserting that parent gender parity and gender substitution is equally OK.

Were meeting of the demands of this modern rights culture to lead to increase in the sum total of human happiness we might hold off our critique. Recent years have proved the reverse to be the case.  Children in England are amongst the unhappiest in the world – that is the finding whoever measures it – UNICEF or the Church of England – a finding that has now been repeated for some time. Feminism and its playmates, diversity and equality,  have made men, women and children miserable in equal part.

Happiness depends on reversing these trends. That means more adult responsibility and, yes, self-denial. From government it demands a clear commitment to marriage and motherhood as the foundation of family life. Women in the west have won their battles. Now they must turn their attention to those they have hurt most – children and men.

We call for this unashamedly.  The positive and extensive response to the analysis and opinion aired on this site over the last two years has made us optimistic not pessimistic. We are now attracting 200,000 readers a month – a staggering figure for an independent site run by volunteers and compelling evidence that the corrosive sway of cultural marxism has provoked a guerrilla army of resistance fighters.

We know too that one of our most effective weapons is satire. Po-faced, self-important virtue signallers need to be taken down a peg or two. So if you want to bring a smile to your face at the lunacies of the New Liberal Order, look out for Nick Booth’s and Laura Perrins’s lighter but no less lethal touch.

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Edited by Kathy Gyngell

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