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Good morning Con Wom’ers, on today’s reading list we have a long read from the great, Kay Hymowitz at City Journal.

In this exceptionally important piece, discussing the impact if automation and robots in the workplace, it makes me think that soon we will look back at zero contract hours as a golden era, when humans not robots did the work. As ever, while the feminists fret about the mythical gender pay gap soon there will be an explosion in the work place, which might cost them their job (and that of their male partners). Some chilling statistics are here:

“Artificial Intelligence is set to invade just about every sector of the economy. In a widely cited 2013 study, Carl Benedikt Frey and Michael Osborne of Oxford examined 702 occupations to figure out which were most likely to be automated. They concluded that 47 percent of American workers were at high risk of being replaced by machines. The World Bank had an even higher estimate: on average, 57 percent of jobs in OECD countries could be automated over the next two decades.”


This on the battle within feminism is interesting. It asks, “How did feminism come to be so closely associated instead with abortion, lesbianism, and a kind of neo-Marxist attempt to frame women as the new proletarian class, angry and destined to seize history’s reins? How did a woman who said marriage should be abolished, comparing it to slavery, stake her claim to speak for women in general? How did “housewife” become a condescending term, indeed an insult, among feminists, while minorities claiming “intersectional” status became the cynosures of the movement?”

Finally, and I make no apology for this, for the nerds here is some commentary on the so-called greatest tax cut in history by Trump. In short – it is no such thing. There are some tax cuts here and there, but once you take into account the many ‘deductions’ the GOP intend to scrap, many in the middle-class will end up paying more. They even scrapped a deduction for families who adopt children. That’s just stupid.

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  1. For those who don’t know, something which surprised me when I found out, is that Feminism was started by a CIA agent Gloria Steinem and funded by the CIA, as a tool to fracture a united Left on University campuses.

    Not conspiracy theory this one, I’m afraid its backed by irrefutable evidence it happened. The old feminist rag ‘Miss’ was also CIA funded.

    Don’t believe me? look it up, you might just be surprised !

    • If feminism traces its history back to at least the suffragettes of 1903, it somewhat pre-dates the CIA and its forerunner the OSS.

      • The suffragettes never described themselves as feminists, although feminists like to describe suffragettes as feminists.

        • They adopted the term as a riposte to a journalist pejoratively naming them so, pronouncing it ‘suffraGettes’, with a ‘hard’ ‘G’, to show they meant to get the vote. They were the ‘Women’s Social and Political Union’.

    • It just had to be a American, didn’t it? I once heard the American political mindset described as a ‘huge, friendly dog’, but let it into your home and it will knock over and break furniture and eventually foul on your lawn.

  2. The beliefs of the sainted Pankhurst and fellow devotees resonates down through the years. They wanted a slice of the pie and certainly didn’t want their lower class sistas getting their grubby paws on any crumbs.
    So no change today, other than they now want the entire pie. That is how ‘housewife’ became an insult.

  3. Over the next decades the world will see robots designed for sex being designed and manufactured and sold.
    I wonder what the feminist view on this will be?

  4. It’s 2025, I wake to the sound of the Radio Four ‘Thought for Today’ and hear Sister Teresa May and the recently installed Arch-bishop of Canterbury, Reverend Richard Coles, deliver a Islamic prayer and utter heart-felt calls for Christians to abandon their racist, sexist, imperialist, mysoginystic, Christian faith. Sounds of old soldiers singing ‘Onward Christian Soldiers’ interspersed with rifle fire from the hastily assemble firing squad may be heard in the background.

    I turn to my feminist ‘sexbot’, who is supplied with interchangeable willy and wanny attachments, and who is also my wife, to enquire what gender it is today and what we shall be doing. HE (it’s going to be a uncomfortable night) tells me that DeLicious, who used to be John, is coming over with her husband, Storm, who used to be Agnes. They are bringing their portable womb with them and their ‘womb sitter’ – a 14-year-old boy, six foot two with a full beard, who is a recent undocumented immigrant from Iraq via Algeria, Spain, Calais, Dover, and the back of a Eddie Stobart lorry, to keep a eye on it while we ‘party’ with recently legalised heroin and ‘crack’ cocaine.

    We are expected to wife/husband swap to demonstrate to the authorities, via the ever watchful video cameras they installed in our home, that we are fully embracing the non-gender, non-homophobic, non-Islamophobic – we must stop every five minutes to recite a surat from the Koran – creed as outlined in our council’s latest circular, ‘Your Council Tax and How We Spend It’.

    I turn to my bedside table drawer, and slowly retrieve the Smith and Wesson revolver…

    • If 50 years ago, you had told me that homosexuals could marry and adopt children; that trans-genders (was it even a word then?) would receive government PR promotion; that millions of illegal immigrants would be allowed to live in this country; that Jihadis opposed to our very culture would be given council houses and that we would borrow obscene amounts of money to fund the drinks cabinets of myriads of petty officials in Brussels, I would have thought you insane.
      Hence, I view your tongue in cheek post as the way of the world to be.

        • Sci-Fi has imagined all sorts of crazy stuff. Completely impossible scenarios.

          Men would certainly marry aliens.

          But no mainstream Sci-Fi that I know of ever suggested that men would marry men and it would be seen as normal.

          It really is that insane.

  5. Laura, I love what you write most of the time but these ‘statistics’ on the future use of robots are nothing of the sort. They are wild speculations by the same sort of people who promised us an instant recession if we dared to vote for Brexit, as part or the determined campaign by economists to make gypsy crystal-ball-gazers look good.
    Robots represent an opportunity as much as a threat. They destroy the competitive advantage of people who use cheap or almost slave labour to undercut British jobs and move them abroad. If an iPhone or Lego brick of the future can be made by a machine, why on earth would you outsource it to a country like China that doesn’t respect intellectual property and on the other side of the world where shipping it back costs more than the product itself?
    Robots will bring manufacturing and jobs back to Britain, just you watch. These economic forecasters of doom are every bit as wrong as the Luddites were.

  6. Yep, AI will be the worst thing ever for employment, well since the computer, or maybe the steam engine. We will probably need fewer blacksmith’s, but those machines are going to need to be maintained, installed, and updated. It will hurt unskilled workers, if there are any left, I know of few, very few. It will also demand teaching real subjects, like math.

    Yeah, the tax cut is not that great, especially that deduction, but most will end up paying about the same, but with luck it will hurt some special interests, lobbyists, which would be a net gain. And it’s a long and winding way from passage.

    The feminist thing? I’ll sit that one out, but I do have to get more popcorn, best thing to do when you opponent attacks your enemy.

  7. Are we talking AI or complex expert systems?
    They are not the same.
    Complex expert systems can replace many jobs that require the application of knowledge but do not expect them to be creative or have original thought.
    If they appear to do so then such creation or thought is still likely a result of the programmers expertise and will be restricted by it.
    I doubt that true AI can be created through the coders expertise, it will always be a simulation.
    Our creativity and thought are products of a myriad of inputs over our lives from a range of senses and a cocktail of hormones and chemicals and the way we interact with the world. Many of our creative geniuses are borderline insane or autistic or ocd, some are psychopaths, some are manic depressives, some have experienced tragedy, some love, some hate – how do you code for that?
    Whatever intelligence we manage to create will unlikely be anything like ours.

  8. There is also the danger of slipping into a slave economy mentality where innovation is suppressed and society stagnates.

  9. For many years we had a house in a medium size town in Germany. I read a few months ago in the local paper that a s-x doll broth-l had been set up in the town and it was apparently doing better business than the real one.

    The lady that opened it was planning to open two more establishments in other towns. The dolls cost around €8000 each, she had two and she was charging €30 to €50 a go depending on the time of day for 30 min.

    Looks like everything will be automated soon……..

  10. Yep, jobs will go by the million. So what was that about us needing to import millions of qualificationless immigrants ?

  11. Funny. The feminists are complaining about s3x robots when they should be complaining about the AI taking all the white collar jobs that they took from men.

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