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TCW’s Covid Roll of Honour 2 – our readers’ nominations


WE asked readers for nominations for our end-of-year Covid Roll of Honour. We have tried to include all those sent to us and have added some honourable mentions of our own! (Our writers’ choices were published on Tuesday.)

Nominated by Penny Lawrence:

Lee Hurst – for starting a Telegram group in our local area and joining up a lot of very frightened and isolated people together. We went on to find local Stand in the Park Groups, and are now networking across the Somerset region. 

Neil Oliver – for being a calm voice in a sea of madness. For his unbending determination, unyielding faith that things will turn from dark to light if we just keep the faith. My parents are not internet-savvy but sign on each day/week to listen to Neil on GB News or on his own channels. He is bringing the generations together and uniting us all. A real hero of our time. 

Bev Turner – ‘Usforthem’ reminding us that our duty is to protect our children and grandchildren from harm, and the courage to appear on TV and defend our civil liberties in a toxic atmosphere of aggression and denial. 

James Delingpole – for his characteristic wit and charm, his podcasts where he interviews a wide range of guests and lets them tell their own stories, and brings the listener fresh perspectives and facts, not fiction. I follow James on Twitter and he has kept me sane.

Laura Dodsworth – A State of Fear was a book I shared with many people in a hope to break the spell some of my family and friends were under, and in most cases, it did the trick. An amazing book and one that took courage to bring to market in these dangerous times. 

TCW – for well-written balanced articles, allowing the reader to draw their own conclusions.

UK Column – this channel has got me through the Plandemic, through factual reporting, cutting through government propaganda, and giving truth the sunlight, it deserves. For publishing the MHRA Yellow Card Reporting Statistics. Brian, Mike, Alex and David are a great team of reporters and presenters. Well done for bringing unbiased factual reporting to our airwaves. 

Julia Hartley-Brewer – I am no fan of her vaccine promotion but if she chooses to believe it is a vaccine, then courtesy dictates I should allow her that opinion. However, she has excelled in speaking the truth on lockdowns and the failed NHS, and she is against the vaccination of children. On balance, she is fighting the good fight and deserves recognition for being one of the few in the MSM who are. 

Ivor Cummins – this man was one of the first to cut through the misinformation and bring us the facts on the ground about Covid-19. In March 2020 he made it very clear that this was not a pandemic, and the disease only seriously affected the very elderly with co-morbidities. As time went on and we realised that this was a ruse to usher in The Great Reset, Ivor kept the fact checkers at bay with his superb analysis, and technical/scientific skills. 

Right Said Fred – because they stuck their heads above the parapet in the professional arts world and told their truth to the world about the NWO regardless of how that would affect their professional careers (I will include Eric Clapton here as well).

Neil Clark – a great journalist and one who gets to the heart of the matter. Clearly a man who has insider knowledge of the machinations of parliamentary agendas.

 Bob Moran – a brilliant cartoonist, with a huge dose of empathy for his fellow man. He also stuck his head up early on and told the world that tyranny was being ushered in despite the effects it has had on his personal career, which have been quite significant. 

Nominated by Rachel Carson:

Silkie Carlo of Big Brother Watch –for her dedication not only to opposing vaccine passports and mandates but also calling out the government plans to increase surveillance and restrict protests. She is a fearless voice for civil liberties which are increasingly under threat.

Dan Astin-Gregory – for his fearless ‘Pandemic Podcast’ and his search for truth and a deeper understanding of society.

Calvin Robinson – for being one of the first to call out ‘The Great Reset’ and the Schwab agenda. He calls out tyranny for what it is and doesn’t mince his words, whilst remaining civil and articulate at all times.

Nominated by James Richardson

Remeece – the first of two young London-based musicians whose work is very much unsung, Jamaican-born ‘Remeece‘ along with his loyal band of ‘Foot Soldiers’ has been campaigning outside schools from Cornwall to Glasgow, talking to pupils and parents and handing out information leaflets. His musical talent and personality has enabled him to engage with the youngsters and there are a number of videos on social media of him being mobbed by school children and leading them along the road singing his song ‘Don’t tek di vaccine’. Remeece has faced constant hostility and harassment from the authorities and even been the subject of a hit-piece by Mail Online but has carried on fearlessly with his invaluable work. 

Here he is:

The resistance movement against the Covid tyranny has brought together some most unlikely allies and traditional tastes and prejudices have quite rightly been sidelined in the common cause. 

Nate – the second, arap artist who performs under the name ‘Nate’. His anthemic song ‘We say no’ with its powerful clear message and clever lyrics is a powerful antidote to government propaganda and has been widely shared amongst young people.

Here he is:

As well as doing their outreach work, both Remeece and Nate have been regulars at the monthly ‘Freedom’ marches in London. They are modern day Pied Pipers and, although it is impossible to quantify how many, I would argue that they have helped to prevent thousands of potential vaccine injuries and deaths amongst teenagers. What could be more important than that? Covid heroes indeed.

Nominated by Matt Colley:

Oman Khan and his website ‘Uncommon Wisdom’ has consistently debunked the narrative and shown it to be the worthless propaganda it is. He applies logic and readily available data to shine a bright light on the hugely disproportionate response worldwide and the hysterical behaviour of the Big Pharma mouthpieces. He pulls no punches in discussing the slide into totalitarianism.
A recent article of his is here. 

Nominated by Mary Curran:

Richard Walker, managing director of Iceland who has refused to go along with enforcing mask-wearing nonsense. He has his priorities right, and rightly considers that his priority is selling food.

Vernon Coleman aka The Old Man in a Chair has been warning for years, long before Covid, about how the NHS had become the marketing arm of Big Pharma. His website early in the Covid saga warned that it would lead to compulsory vaccinations and digital ID, and I found his material for campaigning very useful at that time. He has been subject to the most horrific demonising, sabotage and abuse yet has bravely carried on as a one-man show. I admire his courage in the face of this.

Vivian Evans and Debbie of Independence Daily. These ladies don’t get as much publicity as they deserve, probably because we live in an age where so many are addicted to video presentations. But they have single-handedly for seven days a week, for years on end, ploughed through all the mainstream codswallop including paywalled articles, to produce the Daily Betrayal article providing a unique and entertaining insight into all the treachery, lies, hypocrisy and motives of MSM and the powers that be.

The ID and the Daily Betrayal started off as an expose of the Brexit betrayal, and still does so admirably; plus over the past two years it has also turned the spotlight on the players in the Covid crimes against humanity. A unique contribution distinguished by its silky sarcasm.

Finally some honourable mentions of our own.

Laurence Fox for his foremost political mission of defending freedom, reclaiming values and opposing lockdown, setting up a party to do so

Francis Hoar/PJH Law for his valiant legal challenges to the child vaccination programmes and mandatory care worker vaccination

Dan Wootton for using his GB News platform to challenge and condemn government covid policy

David Kurten for fighting the fear propaganda and for freedom through his Heritage Party

Dr Tess Lawrie for her courage in fighting the vaccine roll out and for her defence of ivermectin as a treatment for Covid-19. 

Alan Miller for founding the Together Declaration against mandatory vaccine and vaccine passport and taking the fight to Parliament 

Mark Dolan for being the first out of the traps on GB News in his condemnation of the Government’s Covid policy

Dr Ros Jones for leading the medical defence of children and her indefatigable questioning of MHRA advice. You can see her TCW posts here.

Dr Sam White for following his medical conscience and refusing to betray his medical ethics.

Lucy Wilk, an NHS doctor who had the courage to question in the pages of TCW why so many of her colleagues were silent about draconian restrictive measures and why they were now collaborating in the vaccine rollout.

Will Jones, Neville Hodgkinson and Sally Beck, among the tiny number of journalists who have told the truth while so many others have disgraced their trade by knowingly propagating lies.

Update 10pm

My apologies to Kathy Nel/linuslimmy whose Covid Roll of Honour nominations I managed to miss in our pre Christmas rush and that I have just found follow.

TCW, with no attempt to flatter I would like to nominate your good selves.  As I’ve said many times, I might not have found you until earlier this year but I really dread to think what state my mind would be in by now without you!  Your writers and most of your regular commenters almost feel like personal friends now and have provided me with a wealth of knowledge I would not have found easily elsewhere.

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, a video of him (posted by one of your commenters!) had a profound affect that is not easily forgotten.  It wasn’t just what he was saying but his deep wisdom in the ways of the world and his seething anger at what is happening was almost palpable. (Dr. Zelenko originally risk-stratified patients and treated high-risk covid patients with hydroxychloroquine, zinc, and azithromycin. He has since evolved his protocols to include a quercetin protocol for low-risk patients as well as guidelines for prophylaxis. Dr. Zelenko shared the details of his protocol on March and April 2020 in open letters to the medical community and also shared updated treatment and prophylaxis protocols on August 2020. He has also published his first research paper on his treatment protocol. See the press release). 

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Kathy Gyngell
Kathy Gyngell
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