TCW’s Laura Perrins – one extraordinary woman

Laura Perrins entered my radar at the same time as she did many people’s. It was when she hit the headlines as the stay-at-home mother who mauled Nick Clegg, then Deputy PM, on his live LBC radio show.

She called in furious that she – and all her fellow full-time mums – were to be excluded from the government’s new childcare handouts. She'd given up her profession as a barrister to care for her children and felt betrayed.  Her head on attack left him confounded and stumbling. So outside his imagination (and echo chamber) was the idea that any woman would or could be saying or feeling what Laura said that all he could do was patronisingly repeat that she was eligible for his (nursery) childcare help. She could have a few hours off to go to the nail salon, he might as well have said. He betrayed himself for the closed-minded ideologue he is.

It was a moment that changed things – certainly in terms of public consciousness and, who knows, maybe politically.

To my delight it transpired that Laura was an active member of Mothers at Home Matter, a campaigning organisation I had set up years before (as Full Time Mothers), when my own children were tiny and I too I had given up work to care for them. I was back in touch with them helping with media and promotion. Fighting for full-time motherhood and family tax reform was not easy,  especially from a social conservative stance, as I had found to my cost. Yet here suddenly was a woman who was not to be deflected, not to be put off, and not to be shut up, who would walk towards the fire (a phrase Laura taught me later).

Laura and I met, so did our minds and the rest (The Conservative Woman) is history. She inspired me with a whole new confidence about our ‘cause’ and but for Laura . . .

In the four years since, Laura has put the liberal-Left on public notice, not just on family matters but on the feminism and Leftism that underlies the state's interventionist and authoritarian social policies. She has become the voice of social conservatism in Britain today and a publicly known face. The ConWom’s growing rapidly growing readership (up by a third from this time last year) is a testament to her and to the demand for her counter-cultural rebuttal of modern social orthodoxies. Politicians should wake up and take note.

Swimming against the PC tide takes courage and energy. Countering contemporary cultural norms puts you ‘up against it’ daily. Laura takes on this challenge and from that most counter-cultural position of all – the stay-at-home mum. She has a unique capacity to expose and make fun of the hypocrisies that abound and tell it direct  – as she has on many occasions to the economic liberals on their need for social conservatism.

Given her chutzpah, it is no wonder that not even the BBC can resist her, if only in the hope of ‘downing’ the woman who managed to shut up Owen Jones on air with a ‘just get off your outrage train, Owen’.

It was timely and right that her native country of Ireland should be the first to recognise her achievement in shifting the tectonic plates of political discussion. Last week a profile of her in The described the one extraordinary woman she is. You can read it here. It is more than deserved.

Kathy Gyngell

  • Phil R

    I might need to start reading the Independent

    • TheRightToArmBears

      I would suggest only under guidance from TCW.

    • Shazza

      Don’t – it’s not going to do your blood pressure any good.

      • Unless you suffer from low blood pressure, then it may do you some good.

    • Simon Platt

      That’s the Irish Independent. (Which might be equally bad, for all I know.)

      • Sean Toddington

        It’s not very interesting unless you actually live in Ireland.

        • Royinsouthwest

          So what? A lot of what gets published in Britain is of little interest to people outside London and the southeast.

    • It’s worth looking at the Irish news periodically, you get a different “take” on this country and learn what others are thinking.

      • Groan

        And I’d add Northern Ireland in particular. Still part of the UK and largely ignored. Yet some very stimulating stuff from a society still in a level of turmoil.

        • Royinsouthwest

          How much interest does our obsessively London-centric media show in anyone living outside the M25?

  • Alfred Burke

    At sixty two years of age I have v. few heroes: Laura P is one of them.

  • paul parmenter

    Where is Nick Clegg now? Sometimes all it takes is a well-aimed stone to expose a posturing Goliath who is really nothing but a big bag of wind.

    • Alan Llandrindod Wells

      Clegg’s relation got him a job in the City.
      That corrupt, cesspit, made Clegg, and others, wealthy.

      • Alan Llandrindod Wells

        He probably got his bonuses for a prompt lift, or an impeccably, clean, toilet.

  • Uusikaupunki

    I have much admiration for Laura Perrins – but, wasn’t it a tad unfair for her to engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed man?

  • Jonathan Tedd

    Never ever give up, keep going, stay on the bridge – sword in hand!

  • Shazza

    I believe that there are not too many women in politics that could fill the late, great Margaret Thatcher’s shoes.

    Laura Perrins is one.

    Your country desperately needs you – have you thought about standing for Parliament?

    • Politically__Incorrect

      Parliament has become a swamp of cowardly, deceitful, traitors and PC autonatons. That’s no place for Laura Perrins.

      • Alan Llandrindod Wells

        Major, and Cameron, stuffed the House with Blairite, Wasters, pretending to be Conservatives.

      • Shazza

        She will not flounder in that swamp – she is fearless.

        We need here there.

        • Politically__Incorrect

          I agree she wouldn’t flounder. It’s just that Parliament has become so disreputable it is not the best place for broadcasting the message of social conservatism. Politics should be about the people of the nation and those people are simply too disillusioned with Parliament to pay any attention to it. In my view it’s better to spread the message at grass roots level first. Politicians will then get interested because of the votes (as they did over the EU referendum).

          • Shazza

            Until we get honest MPs who are fearless and not corrupt to speak out publicly in the HoC nothing, and I repeat, nothing will happen to halt the disastrous downward slide of this rapidly declining country into an Islamic Venezuela.

            BTW the latest poll in the MailOnSunday has Labour with an eight point lead over our faux Conservatives who have, as their leader and our PM the most useless Appeaser Theresa who sadly has proved to be such a big disappointment.

            Let that sink in.

          • Politically__Incorrect

            We do have one or two decent MPs. Jacob Rees Mogg comes to mind. Unfortunately they are vastly outnumbered by the all the detritus and therefore have little or no influence. Nigel Farage managed to persuade Cameron to hold an EU referendum without his party having a single MP. Those who exercise real influence are not always those at the levers of power or constrained by party whips.

    • She would be better to write a book or blog as she is.

      Standing for parliament will only work if she has a lot of money or accepted into a party that could fund her. Thankfully (and finally) she has recognised that the Conservative Party is no longer conservative the forest shouldn’t be touched with a bargepole.

    • Tethys

      Which one?

  • If Laura Perrins hasn’t already started, I think she should write a book on being a conservative woman. She will struggle to get a publisher, and Waterstones will not stock it up in attractive piles at shop entrances but I think if pitched right could do well.

    • Groan

      I do so agree. I think generally conservatives should be clearer what they are for and how their ideas benefit people. In a sense the importance of family and nurturance should be a doddle because the evidence for this is so overwhelming. This is so evident in the hunt for fostering, adoption, male role models, abuse risk assessment in fact most of the actual sets of policies there to deal with the fallout of “broken Britain”. Yet simultaneously governments pursue “equality” policies that are shown to undermine that which their services try to repair or replace. A contradiction ripe for exploration.
      Though I don’t agree with some of her always I think she and TCW do and can add immeasurably to public debate.

    • Labour_is_bunk

      I was in London at the end of September, and Waterstones in Piccadilly had plenty of gay stuff on prominent public display, so like you I’m not optimistic.

  • I’m really glad that Laura Perrins is campaigning for the stay-at home mother, they certainly need more support to change the perception of many that they are just too lazy to work.

    Thirty years ago, my wife was accused by a Child Social Worker for neglecting our children by not going to out work because we said that we could not afford the cost of our daughter going on a school trip to Austria (actually our daughter didn’t want to go especially as they were learning French at school).
    I imagine that this situation still exists. It seems unimportant that my wife was at home when our girls came home from school, that they had proper home cooked food (not ready meals or take-away). Maybe that’s why they are not obese!
    Our younger daughter had a similar reaction from other mothers when she gave up work to care for our grandson, even though we could have fetched him from school and provided a proper meal. Her view was that it is mother’s job; you shouldn’t have children if you don’t want to look after them.
    The cause of mothers being real mothers is one that is well worth pursuing.

    • PutinCooksSocks

      Do you write a blog?

      If not, I think you should. You have a lot to say that is worth hearing.

      • I have one, I write a bit occasionally, usually when something annoys me in the news. But these days, it’s very irregular, partly due to the ups and downs in my health. As I put in its header when I started back in 2010 “Thoughts from an active pensioner who is now somewhat past his Biblical “Use-by date””. I’m now that much further past that date!

  • Ed McA

    Just love Laura so I’m surprised of her strong belief in the church!

  • UmUmUmUmUmUm

    I’m in awe of her. Her strength and wisdom. And dare I say it, I think she’s very beautiful too!

    • Laura Perrins

      Thank you. I shall print this out and stick on my fridge for those rainy days.

  • PutinCooksSocks

    Perhaps the BBC or the Guardian will recognise Laura in one of their many “Most powerful/inspiring Women in Britain” articles?

    Or maybe not!

  • Yes! A brave, pioneer of a woman who deserves some serious recognition and praise. Keep up the great work!

  • David

    All I can say, somewhat lamely given her courage, ability and growing list of achievements, is “well done Laura, and keep up the excellent work”. Oh and “thank you”.

  • Bosanova

    To Kathy, Laura, CW and her writers:
    Chapeau. You are a welcome breath of fresh air. May CW continue to go from strength to strength.

  • Mike Fowle

    Full of admiration for Laura, Kathy and other contributors. The darkness seems to be gathering around, but there are some beacons of light.

  • Alaric the Vis

    Well said. I have huge respect for Laura and all the fine writers on this site.

  • Right_herbert

    Thank you, thank you, thank you all at Conwom.

  • Labour_is_bunk

    That’s a relief – the first few lines read like an obituary. That’s my only criticism of the piece, otherwise – beautifully put.
    Perhaps we should be ashamed that one of the standard-bearers for social conservatism in England isn’t English, and there aren’t too many of these sticking their heads above the parapet.

    • Tethys

      Perhaps TCW be mindful of this if soon railing against EU migration?

      • PutinCooksSocks

        Laura will still be able to write and publicise her views wherever she is. It’s called the world wide web for a reason. You can see it wherever you are.

        And you can’t censor it. You can’t no “platform it”

  • Laura Perrins

    Thank you all for your kind comments below.
    I now suffer from the sin of pride.

  • PutinCooksSocks

    GrrlPower writes….

    Laura Perrins epitomises the kind of kick-ass, strong, go-getting generation of women that are taking over the world.

    She leaves the arguments of the 1970s throwbacks in the dust. Instead of moaning about how oppressed she is, she shreds her opponents in live debates, refusing to be silenced by the morons who repeat the same tired old mantras. They try to hold her back, but they can’t.

    Get used to it.

    Err…hang on…

  • Andy

    Same old female greed and entitlement masquerading as ‘Conservatism’.