In case you missed hearing Laura Perrins, the only voice of reason on the BBC’s usual Leftie and politically correct line-up of Any Questions panellists last evening, you can listen here. If you prefer listening on the radio, the programme is repeated on R4 at 1.10pm today, after the 1 o’clock news.

And do give us your thoughts and reactions to the questions raised about the Tories’ ‘remainer’ traitors, immigration, Alabama and gender equality.


  1. A few months ago the eleven Tory rebels stood for election on a Manifesto that made it clear we were leaving the EU, the single market and the Customs Union.
    They duped their party and their constituents. They sold themselves to voters under false pretenses. They will collect £70K a year now for five years after having deceived everyone.

    Of the rebels, six are Barristers (yes really), two are Solicitors, what are one was a Banker and one was a Doctor and one a Businesswomen (not self made, it was Mum and dads firm).

    How representative of the people are our Remainer politicians?

    Remainers are representative of the conceited professional elite who, who have no understanding of the problems, issues and fears of ordinary Brits.

    • I agree with your summary. The fact is that not one of the 17.4 million people who voted to leave the EU is properly represented in Parliament. The situation is far worse in the House of Lords. If anyone thinks this week is the worst it can get then I’m afraid you aint seen nothing yet. Just wait until the troughers in the H of L wreak their own kind of havoc.

    • At least one has a serious alcohol problem, which gives one more reason to look forward to the Christmas Spirit working in mysterious ways.

    • Lifelong Conservatives I know, do not yet realise that they are in a violent war.
      Not really with Corbyn, he is the equivalent of Italy in the 2nd, more a bxxxxxxy nuisance.
      But with the EUSSR.

      “Chamberlain” May, and “Halifax” Hammond have to be sidelined .
      But we are then down to such as Boris, better, but not the real thing.
      JRM, again better, but too gentlemanly.

      We need a truly Conservative Thug.
      Only Farage springs to mind, for the qualities required.

      • I quite agree. I was a ‘natural’ Tory voter.
        For me the last five years have been a ‘red pill’ experience. The Left/Right argument suits the establishment perfectly.
        In truth I see the world now as the people versus the entrenched entitled Establishment. Many ordinary people have been suckered into supporting Establishment views, but there is enough of us left to fight back..

  2. I’ll answer your questions in order.
    The Tories who rebelled against the government will probably lose their seats come the next election (apart from Ken Clarke, who I think is standing down anyway). As far as them being ‘remainer traitors’, as you put it, I don’t agree with them being deselected, as Nadine Dorries called for. They’ve made their bed, now they have to be ready for their constituents to boot them out of it come the next election. Though there are many keen to focus on the Tory rebels, the focus, in my opinion, should be on Labour – there has been lots of talk about Labour’s position, or lack of it, on Brexit but this vote confirms what many already knew. Labour don’t want to leave the EU – they should at least have the backbone to say so.

    Immigration won’t be properly dealt with by any of the major parties. The Tories are fudging Brexit and FOM will continue as long as they keep us tied to the EU which could be the next 3/4/5 years – who knows. Labour believes FOM is the best thing for the country and will keep it going for as long as their enemies are weak.

    I don’t give a toss about Alabama. The Beeb and Guardian love to stick the boot into Trump at any given opportunity but I think most people are bored with it. What happens in America, for me, is none of concern. There are plenty of things to be worrying about over here without having a dig at foreign administrations.

    I’m not even going to get into gender equality. I’ve made my feelings known on these pages before.

    Merry Christmas, Laura, Kathy and TCW team. I’m sure I’ll be too drunk to post in the forthcoming month.

      • I don’t want every other party to follow the Momentum line. Disagree with the party line and you’ll be deselected. No, I’d rather democracy took its course and the good people from the constituencies of those rebels voted them out. Remember, they follow their party on many things just not this. They must be allowed to continue and time will tell on whether their constituents will be as forgiving.

  3. Thank God you were there Laura

    There were what 2 on your side the rest including all the panel and 90% of the audience had swallowed the lies that we are told we must believe (or else.)

    There were two points that really disgusted me. One was the way that the only evidence of women’s oppression here was from other countries. But this did not stop this irrelevance being used as evidence of oppression here.

    However, the most disturbing was the way at the end that the 13 year old questioner was told what to say by the chair when what she started to say seemed to be at odds with the PC narrative. She seemed to take the redirection of her thoughts very well – just like she is used to being directed to say and think “correctly” in school

  4. Well done Laura! Here are two gems:

    “The unelected elite don’t give away power and privilege easily.” {On leaving the EU.]

    “You have a duty to the people who are already here.” [On free movement of people rather than free movement of workers.]

    Re the last question from Maisie, age 13, on gender equality. I think you didn’t say all you could have said (and has been said here at TCW), but maybe that was because of her age.

    • Isabelle Oakeshott made the same point on QT . The forces supporting remain will do anything to get their way . We can only hope that they fail , they are after all , yesterdays people !

  5. Watching Issy on QT t’other neet and listening to Laura Perrins instills in me hope that decent right thinking lasses though a rarity in today’s post modern dystopia aka the UK – are not quite extinct.

    Glory hallelujah!

  6. A stimulating debate — thank you for the link, though I did take note that on matters of “gender”, not only did the to-and-fro instantly drop in quality (not your fault Laura), but both of the men were magically excluded from it.

  7. Laura on Any Questions and Isabel Oakeshott on Question Time were each (as usual) the only person on the panel who was not either wrong or boring or both.
    On AQ one of the main points about immigration was not mentioned at all. Nobody minds our fellow Europeans coming here to work. What we do mind it the huge influx of hostile and unassimilable men from Africa who cross the continent to get here, whose right to stay seems somehow derived from the time they have already spent within the EU borders.

    • I think we have to be honest often the “right” doesn’t exist in law. It is simply that we, successive Governments, do very little to police and enforce. To an extent we are tied by the EU, but we are outside “Schengen” and have comparatively easy borders to police. Frankly I have never had much expectation of Brexit with regard to immigration; as well before “free movement” early this Century, we’d proven pretty incapable of a simple and enforced immigration policy. After all, even the EU free movement of accession states could have included “transition” controls and quotas which the UK gov. eschewed.
      No face it we’ve been so concerned to be “nice” ,from at least the days of an exasperated, Enoch Powell that immigration policy has been an unenforced maybe unenforceable mess.

  8. iPlayer wont let me hear it without signing in. I never sign into anything BBC.
    Can’t you do a podcast (or something) similar to the Spectator or Spiked?

  9. What a nauseating lot the BBC presents us with. Those of us in the majority have no ability to stop this government selling us out and keeping us under continentak control. Our version of Laval is collaborating while her assistants in the HoC set the scene for capitulation.

    The only way that I express my disgust is to boycott EU produce where possible. I may have to buy spares for my car but it is quite easy to avoid EU food, except for some vegetables.Last week we had a 5 course dinner party for some guests from Switzerland. They were Swiss French, Italian and German and all were very happy with Australian and Chilean wine and Old Speckled Hen, stilton, English meat, Norwegian salmon and salads grown in London. The only exception I made was a tin of ham from Denmark, but they refused to join the EU army, so they are an exception. My wife is an ex-French citizen and buys brie and gorgonzola but I leave it to rot and it helps avoid weight gain. Sorry Laura, but Irish cheddar is off until someone tells that slimeball of a PM to stop joining in the plot with the Cretin des Alpes.

  10. Maybe instead of being continuously outnumbered on all BBC formats, commentators on the right should stop playing the game.
    Leave them to their left wing echo chamber.
    Should help to remove a few more scales from eyes.

    • I think removing any alternative narrative is the left’s long term game plan. All of them are implicitly wedded to the notion of a single party state by their actions, words and deeds.

    • What use is staying outside of the room? If you want to be part of the conversation you have to take part, even against idiot lefties and low information adult-children. Are you willing us just to give up, to surrender to the influence of Momentum like silent cattle?
      This also applies to those who see great harm in registering with the BBC. Yes, it is distasteful. But Aunty and the cyber behemoths have all your data anyway so at least take part in any debate, at least fight back. At least don’t be wet; spineless.

      • Spineless? Grow up you keyboard warrior.
        The man on the street knows nonsense when he is watching it. By appearing they help validate the BBC. Give interviews by all means, but not the BBC.

        • Keyboard Warrior? Perhaps. But at least that isn’t a chickenshit wimp who thinks the BBC is so infested with (gasp horror) *lefties* that you’re not going to play in that sandpit.
          By all means use your obviously limited energies to attack your own side instead of attacking morons on the Beeb.
          I’ll be happy being called Keyboard Warrior by you and you’ll be snug in your nest as a ‘useful idiot’, keeping the fight away from the left.

  11. The BBC needs a visit from Cromwell.

    “Begone. You have sat here too long. It is time to give way to honester men.”
    “What shall we do with this bauble? Here, take it away.”

  12. Not Q.T. but “Dateline London” last week-end.

    One contributor called Johnson and Gove “a pair of mendacious creeps. The presenter batted not an eyelid.

    A late night programme [23:35 R5L] praised to the heights two female who had voted against the Government on BREXIT.

  13. Who was that female MP who looked like she was sucking a lemon after an audience member had the temerity to criticize her?

    …I want to see if her website bathes her in worthy causes that make her feel better.

  14. You can listen here? Not unless you want to sign up to the BBCs spying on what is supposed to be a free service !

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