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The Capitol and the stifling of free speech


IT WAS certainly shocking. One of those events that you always remember where you were when you saw it on the news. The storming of Capitol Hill, that supposedly impregnable fortress, by a yelling mob. Everyone has had their pennyworth, even Douglas Murray in the Spectator, who stated categorically that it was all Donald Trump’s fault. (Oh dear – et tu, Douglas. But I’ll return to that later.)

TCW published an analysis last week from Frederick Edward which puts the blame fair and square in the Democrats’ camp. He concludes, ‘The clampdown on Americans’ basic rights will be severe, all in the name of protecting Democracy. Big Tech censorship will increase, voting reform will not be introduced, and the prospects of a Trump 2.0 attaining power through the ballot box will be suffocated.’

Tucker Carlson delivered one of his monologues via Fox News  in which he expressed his horror at the riots, but also his understanding of the despair of the ‘left-behinds’. ‘As long as people sincerely believe they can change things by voting, they stay calm. They don’t storm the Bastille . . . But the opposite is also true. If people begin to believe their democracy is fraudulent, and it’s run in secret by a small group of powerful dishonest people acting in their own interests, then God knows what could happen.’ He drew a disturbing conclusion: the leaders will take advantage of the situation to silence the people further. ‘What happened today will be used by the people taking power to justify stripping you of the rights you were born with as an American. Your right to speak without being censored; your right to assemble; to not be spied on; to make a living; to defend your family. These are the most basic and ancient freedoms we have.’

Most of the media have trotted out the official line that Trump has gone too far, deliberately started the riots, and will have to be impeached, imprisoned, even exiled. A scenario adding grist to the anti-Trump mill, and possibly destroying both him and the GOP for ever.

But Michael Snyder of The Most Important News wants answers to some troubling issues.  He argues that Trump supporters are almost always extremely peaceful, but many of those storming the Capitol were being very violent. He identifies six crucially important issues:

·         Security: he has video footage showing that police opened the barricades surrounding the Capitol, and purposely allowed protesters to storm the building.

·         Antifa: there were several videos of Antifa activists being brought into the heart of Washington by bus with an escort.

·         The Horned Shaman: the most famous ‘protester’ from the chaos was ‘the guy with the Viking horns’ – an individual who was photographed at a BLM rally in Arizona wearing the same outfit in June; at a ‘climate activism’ event in 2009; and goes by the name of Jake Angeli, on Wednesday posing as a hardcore Trump supporter.

·         Few arrests: most of the protesters were allowed to leave without being arrested.

·         Timing: just as a debate about election irregularities evidence was about to begin in Congress, the riots conveniently broke out.

·         Cui bono?: at a stroke, the activists managed to neuter the debate over the legitimacy of the election, and scuppered the Trump movement as well.

Snyder’s view is that the radical Left will go to extreme lengths in order to get what they want, that these were agents provocateurs and the whole riot was a set-up.

In Unherd, Andrew Doyle underlines this accelerating rush to silence any views which oppose those of the Left. He had appeared on TalkRadio to discuss ‘cancel culture’, streamed on YouTube. It was the last show before the entire channel was suddenly deleted for ‘violating community guidelines’. He claims it is not only the State that can suppress information now. Social media platforms are the de facto public square, and the companies that run them are arbiters of much of political discourse.

Which brings us to Catherine Austin Fitts, an American investment banker who served in the administration of George H W Bush. She resigned, having alleged large-scale instances of housing fraud. I wanted to hear her interview on YouTube, entitled ‘Planet Lockdown’ but to my dismay, as I logged on, I was informed that the video had been taken down for ‘violating community guidelines’. Fortunately I chanced on a recovery, and I can see exactly why it had to come down. You can view the video here

Ms Fitts has a dystopian view of Western democracy, analysing the motivations underlying the banking crisis of 2008, the climate change crisis, the allegations of fraud and corruption in US politics and business, and the emergence post-Covid of a global elite, hell-bent on controlling and exploiting, well, everything. This cabal of extremely rich men whom she calls ‘Mr Global’ intend to live to a great age and take over control of The People, whom they find irritating and difficult adequately to manage. There are a lot of them, and many of them are armed.

Mr Global’s solution is to harness technology which will enable transition to a system whereby, through robotics, AI and software, the Few will be able to control the Many with far fewer headaches and fear. ‘Mr Global is very afraid of the general population’. Via the afore-mentioned crises, this Few have taken over control of the money, real estate, business ownership, the freedoms defined in human rights and the US Constitution, and have succeeded in undermining the democratic process. Including stopping Trump.

In her view, the globalists could never have stopped a Trump landslide without Covid-19, which she calls the ‘magic virus’. ‘From the minute the globalists started to steal the money, we moved into a bizarre world. Official reality has moved away from reality. There is no middle of the road any more.’ The elite will be in effect a separate civilisation, protected by force (whoever has the biggest gun), hence the importance of expanding into space. The emerging pecking order will ensure that the individual accrues less and less benefit – freedom, money, travel; in effect a new form of slavery, and – oh! the irony – ‘people are going along with it. Our children and grandchildren will be enslaved, and we are willingly building and financing the prison’. They are sleepwalking in to it.

Phew . . . dystopia, or what ?

George Friedman in his 2020 book The Storm before the Calm rounds in on this conclusion, and takes us back to Douglas Murray’s Spectator piece. Friedman writes: ‘The 2020s will be one of the more difficult periods in American history . . . The Trump administration is therefore only a precursor of this period. This is not about Donald Trump, positive or negative. He can be perceived as either bold and brash, or incompetent and uncouth, but when we look beyond the details, he – and we – are simply passengers on the American roller-coaster.’

Catherine Austin Fitts does however offer a potential solution – that we should understand what is going on, and actively question everything. Rebuild the economy, challenge and resist the Bigs – Pharma, Agri, Tech, Defence – without delay. Rather like Trump aimed to do, when he took on The Swamp, and to his regret, appears to have lost. In reality, perhaps all we can do is follow Friedman’s advice. Just sit back and enjoy the ride . . .

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Janice Davis
Janice Davis
Janice Davis is a grandmother and former girls’ grammar school teacher

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