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The Chronicles of Covid, or why we must kill the Great Reset Witch


A snowy scene, Narnia …  

‘We must go as quietly as we can,’ said Mr Tumnus. ‘The whole wood is full of her spies. Even some of the trees are on her side.’

Another snowy scene, a popular hillside in Somerset, January 2021 …  

It’s a Sunday and families living under lockdown are having fun near a remote car park, parents building snowmen with their children. Then a police car arrives and parks for a while. Similar scenes happen elsewhere in Britain. Why?  

Since the end of the first lockdown in March 2020, this Somerset hillside has never been busier. It has become the go-to place to find some sort of normality.  

The local hunt, for example, held a memorial gathering in one of the hill’s car parks before Christmas for a young lad killed in a car accident. They knew that such a gathering would not be allowed elsewhere.  

Why are we all being forced to live like this? Why is the constabulary now becoming such a powerful presence throughout the land? (We couldn’t summon any police when we needed them to stop an illegal rave on the same hillside years ago.)  

Is it because there is a realisation that the public is losing respect for authority and more coercion will be needed to implement the global ‘Build Back Better’ agenda?  

Maybe the penny has begun to drop that there is insufficient support for fascism, even if it is re-labelled ‘stakeholder capitalism’?  

Certainly in continental Europe there is growing resistance to Planet Lockdown, often of a violent nature. In Europe they have a better understanding of the nature of fascism, unlike in Britain where we lack historical experience of mass arrests, deportations and arbitrary shootings.  

The parallels with the 1930s are, however, becoming obvious – to the extent that the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, used his contribution to the World Economic Forum’s annual Davos meeting last month to warn the world. In his view, ‘the situation could develop in an unpredictable and uncontrolled manner’ and ‘risks a fight of all against all’. 

Meanwhile, the WEF is trying to distance itself from any accusations that its ‘Great Reset’ is a conspiracy that is ‘masking some nefarious plan for world domination’ (?!) 


But then its plans are hardly nefarious, given that the WEF is so blatant about its role in bringing together global leaders and mega-corporations to rebuild the world along ‘sustainable’ lines.  

Sadly for the WEF, its own benign belief in its motives is not shared universally. Of the 200,000-plus views of its latest YouTube video, it could muster only 1,500 ‘likes’ compared with 19,000 dislikes and openly hostile messages in the comments below. Not exactly a good indicator of widespread support. The UK government would do well to take note.  

While there might not be agreement about return to pre-Covid ways of living were it possible or whether change is necessary, neither is there any consensus on what form that change should take.  

In particular, there is increasing cynicism about an elite group of globalists lecturing us on how to collectively improve life on the planet without destroying it. It does not sit well with the public that the same billionaires who form the WEF are those who have profiteered from their misery during the pandemic.  

Mega-corporations and their supporters – politicians, financiers, non-governmental organisations, etc – also have zero credibility as eco-warriors.  

They are more closely associated in the public mind with creating problems rather than solving them. Pollution and destructive ‘business as usual’ have continued unabated under a cover story of environmentalism.  

The examples of cobalt and lithium alone reveal the empty virtue-signalling in the pious rush for the windmills and solar panels that are the basis for the WEF’s ‘Build Back Better’ campaign.  

Cobalt and lithium are widely used in electronics for energy storage, whether a solar panel or a mobile phone. Yet the way cobalt is mined (using child labour) is never discussed, nor is the damage to Chile’s Atacama desert, where lithium extraction displaces the flamingos. The billionaires have failed so far to provide viable alternatives.  

There is also nothing remotely sustainable about increasing our reliance on electricity. It would take only a coronal mass ejection – a gigantic release of plasma and magnetic field from the sun – to wipe out the National Grid, as Sir Oliver Letwin so eloquently pointed out in his March 2020 book Apocalypse How? It makes no sense that a British government continues to take us on the doomed path that WEF promotes.  

History will not judge kindly a government that abandons its people in favour of the diktats of a foreign entity. Our government needs to learn the lesson of Brexit. The British people want their independence. It is the reason we as a nation have been willing to fight wars.  

Now is the time for the Government to abandon ‘Build Back Better’, and focus instead on building back without the WEF’s fake sustainability and its ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’, which is synonymous only with yet more unemployment and misery.  

A useful first step would be for the Government to restore hope, at the very least, to the lost generation. The traumatising of the young, and their consequent despair, is one of the most distressing aspects of the mishandling of the pandemic.  

The lack of support for the most disadvantaged – white working-class boys – is nothing short of a scandal. The Government is sending a clear message that these children have no future in the technocratic world.  

This attitude toward the disadvantaged speaks to C S Lewis’s grim prophecies of the 1940s. In his novel That Hideous Strength, he blames advances in technology for the reductions in industrial and agricultural workforces, with no mention of retraining.  

Instead, ‘a large, unintelligent population is now a deadweight’. In his view ‘the masses are therefore to disappear … the human race is to become all technology’.

In 1945, George Orwell wrote a review in the Manchester Guardian of Lewis’s novel. The title of the review was ‘The Scientists Take Over’.  

He believed that Lewis’s dystopian vision was ‘realisable’ and that there could be a time when ‘the common people are to be used as slaves and vivisection subjects by the ruling caste of scientists … Man, in short, is to storm the heavens and overthrow the gods, or even become a god himself’. In effect, he was predicting transhumanism, artificial intelligence and genetic engineering.  

At some point it will become obvious in the UK if the oppression we currently face is about keeping us ‘safe’ from a virus, or about preparing us for life under the WEF ‘reset’.  

The pandemic itself is likely to fade. Covid has now replaced seasonal flu in the official statistics, thus suggesting that it is no more deadly than a flu. Cases are on the decline. With Covid gone, what will be the excuse to bully us?  

The narrative has already begun to change in the US. No sooner was it clear that Donald Trump would leave the White House, than the New York Times ran an article suggesting that coronavirus will come to resemble the common cold and be no more than a minor annoyance, and the most draconian governors in California, New York and elsewhere began to lift restrictions.  

It would seem that the pandemic had done its job: it left Trump’s economy in ruins, and provided the perfect pretext for mail-in ballots and for keeping poll watchers at bay during the election count.  

So, when can we expect a similar shift in the UK? Liberation cannot come quickly enough. We are fast turning into a nation of zombies. Nothing is working properly. People can’t think straight. They demand vaccines in the hope of a return to normality, but fail to hear the Government telling them that nothing will change. The sunny uplands continue to recede.  

We are now facing an unholy mess with a shrunken economy, no shiny new Fourth Industrial Revolution to fill the gap, and the potential for hordes of disaffected and disturbed masses to threaten us all.  

Is this what is anticipated for us? We can only hope that there is no significance in the evidence coming from one part of Somerset, where an abandoned quarry is used for training police marksmen.  

Locals tell me that the police have recently increased their use of the quarry and the barrage of shots can be heard more frequently over a wide distance. What hope is there?  

Maybe, once it has sorted itself out, the US will once again help rescue us from fascism, as it did in the 1940s. My great-grandfather certainly believed in June 1940 that the US would rise to the occasion when he wrote to my grandmother from his hotel in Liverpool before setting sail for the States.  

We were pleased to see the Americans when they did finally arrive. But more than 80 years later, perhaps such thoughts of rescue are more fiction than fact. Like Mr Tumnus, we may have to wait instead for ‘The Last Battle’ for freedom to return, and who knows when that will be?  

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Lucy Wyatt
Lucy Wyatt
Lucy Wyatt is an author based in Somerset. Her book Approaching Chaos: Could an ancient archetype save C21st civilisation? is available on Amazon. She has farming interests in the West Country and is developing a 'farm to fork' cafe outlet in a market town.

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