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The Covid testimony of Dr Peter McCullough – Part 3: How they cooked the books


This the third part of an edited transcript of a recent lecture delivered by Dr Peter McCullough. You can read Part 1 here and Part 2 here. Today’s section starts with his explanation of the sleight of hand by which the Pfizer vaccine won FDA approval before going on to discuss the implications of vaccine’s limited efficacy.

PFIZER was not approved. And this meeting that happened on August 23rd, it was Pfizer, it was the FDA [but] there was no academic advisory board and no independent presenters – [it was] a closed meeting. And they looked at the data. And what happened . . . probably will go down as one of the greatest regulatory sleights of hand, regulatory malfeasance of all time. Pfizer got a continuation of the Emergency Use Authorisation, not approval. BioNTech – it was a shared intellectual property product – BioNTech got split off and said, ‘Oh, they have a separate product that’s a legally distinct product. It may be medicinally distinct.’ BioNTech gets conditional approval, but it doesn’t exist yet in the United States, it gets a draft package insert, which is very scant, with a lot of post-marketing obligations for myocarditis information that basically says, ‘We don’t know if this is safe in pregnancy at all.’ And what came out of that meeting was a talking point that Pfizer was approved. That went all the way up to the President of the United States. Pfizer was approved

That triggered an entire wave of vaccine mandates for a product that was thought to be approved when it really wasn’t. And the person who signed the letter to BioNTech Comirnaty – the product that doesn’t exist yet, that got conditional approval – Dr Gruber, within a week resigns from the FDA.

I’m telling you, anybody can tell that something is deeply wrong in the regulatory environment in the United States . . . These sequences of events will go down in history as American lives were lost. There’s been a failure of these vaccines to do what they’re supposed to do. When they came out of clinical trials, I was testifying in the US Senate on November 19th and I’ll never forget, I was a lead witness, and our final question was, ‘Doctors, do you have any question regarding the Covid-19 vaccines?’ All I knew on November 19th of 2020 was that the vaccines [was] by press release – and I think it was Pfizer first – that they had 90 per cent vaccine efficacy. But the rates of Covid-19 in both placebo and vaccine groups were less than 1 per cent. 

How could that be? I mean, November, we were stoking, we had, you know, I think our laboratory rates went 5 per cent, 10 per cent, 15 per cent, you know, there was a lot of Covid in November and there was a ton in December. How could they have done trials where people’s rates of Covid-19 were less than 1 per cent? That’s what we knew from the press release. So I will never forget, I was recovering from Covid myself. I had this smothering N95 mask, I was on the Senate floor and I literally just sat there and I said nothing. And Harvey Risch next to me and George Fareed next to me – nothing, not a statement. I’m so glad I didn’t say anything because things, as they played out, what we saw in the clinical trials was the following: that there [were] very few hospitalisations and deaths, but there was no benefit at all. There were a few cases of Bell’s palsy, but there weren’t any of these horrific vaccine deaths or these horrific strokes or myocarditis, what have you. They looked pretty clean out of clinical trials. 

So people would ask me, ‘What do you think about the vaccines?’ I’d say, ‘Well, I don’t have a choice. The patients can take them if they want to.’ So I didn’t recommend them or not recommend them. And 70 per cent of my practice – I practise non-invasive cardiology and internal medicine, I maintain my boards in both, as long as I can maintain my board in both – took the vaccine. 70 per cent took the vaccine. People in my family took the vaccine. They did it patriotically. Some of them – remember, there were no mandates back then. No mandates. And people were actually waiting for the vaccine. What’s happened? Well, it turns out that with the legacy data in this recent paper by MMWR, that the vaccine efficacy held up. Moderna turns out to be at 120 days post vaccine, 92 per cent vaccine efficacy. Pfizer 77 per cent. And Janssen 68 per cent – that’s Johnson & Johnson. Now these aren’t randomised data, but they try to calculate using fair statistics in a population. This is the first data, by the way, that the CDC has released with respect to differential vaccine efficacy. Right? So is one better? 

Remember, they keep telling you, ‘Just take a shot.’ You say, ‘Well, which one should I take?’ ‘Well, just take any one.’ Oh, come on, we’re Americans. We like to make choices, right? So this is your first official . . . so you see, you’d think they’d come out on the news at least and tell you this, right? But this . . . so it looks pretty good. But there’s no safety data in this manuscript, and I can tell you, look at the numbers 15, 17, 14. Look at the denominators. Wait a minute. You’ve had 168million people take the vaccines. You know, these are pretty scant data. And in the text of it, there are six major limitations. 

Number four, take a look at it. ‘The vaccine efficacy estimates were adjusted for relative potential confounders.’ And by the way, the outcome on the previous side was hospitalisations, but ‘residual confounding is possible’. Let me tell you a residual confounder. You know what determines who gets hospitalised or who doesn’t get hospitalised in United States? If they got early treatment. That’s what makes a difference. Not, not a vaccine. [applause] So take a look at these papers. Every single paper that makes a claim on a vaccine prevents hospitalisation and death. Your next question is, ‘Who received early treatment and who didn’t?’ ‘Oh, we didn’t think of that. Sorry.’ Give me the next paper, because it’s not legit. And look at fifth, ‘Product specific vaccine efficacy by variant, including the Delta variant, was not evaluated.’ 

Well, let me tell you what, the Delta is brand new. We have what’s called legacy data, and then we have Delta. And right now we’re 99 per cent Delta and everything, everything you saw in that slide is obsolete. And the failure of the vaccines, and truth revealed, happened a few months ago in July. This was a British naval vessel. 3,700 fully vaccinated sailors go out, they go in the Mediterranean, they stop at, I think the island of Crete, sailors had a little fun, before you know it, there’s a breakout on the boat – note sailors, no girls – on the boat, breakout, Delta, and they’re passing it to each other. Right in line with this, there was a Houston wedding, a fully vaccinated wedding – you guys have been involved in these family things, right, where you can’t go to a wedding unless you’re vaccinated? – well terrific, they all went to the wedding vaccinated and sure enough, there was an outbreak of Delta. There was a private flight, Democratic lawmakers fly from Texas to Washington. They get Delta, and Kamala Harris has to scramble to the Walter Reed to get tested and what have you. 

In fact, Farinholt at Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, studied the Houston wedding, and he proved that the fully vaccinated can actually acquire and carry and pass to other people Delta. Farinholt proved that. Our CDC director came on TV and told Americans that towards the end of July, saying, ‘Listen, the vaccines can’t stop Delta,’ she said it herself. And in fact, the CDC has told us this. Barnstable County in Massachusetts, here’s an outbreak, people in congregate settings. The light blue is the fully vaccinated? What’s the problem here? The fully vaccinated are more of the Covid contagion than the unvaccinated? This is the CDC telling us this. This isn’t me. This isn’t my opinion. This is the CDC telling us this. Mayo Clinic in Boston, a company [unclear], they have over a million sequenced samples. They had great data from Rochester County, Minnesota, 25,000 individuals. They calculate vaccine efficacy. But look at July as Delta shades in, Moderna is holding up at 76 per cent vaccine efficacy, Pfizer’s at 42 per cent vaccine efficacy. OK?

Pfizer is 30 micrograms of messenger RNA, Moderna is 100 micrograms of messenger RNA. They’re very different products. Our CDC and FDA has not presented that to America, that they’re very different products. We don’t know about Johnson & Johnson, but the differential choice of the products has also been something that has been whitewashed by our agency. ‘Just take a vaccine, take any vaccine. Just get vaxed.’ ‘Well, no. Wait a minute. They are different products.’ Israel, which is probably giving us the best forecast of what we’re going to be like, is telling the story. And you don’t have to be a University of Michigan epidemiologist to figure this out, you guys. Fully vaccinated patients with Covid-19: 86 per cent. Population fully vaccinated, 84.4 per cent. It’s superimposable. The vaccine, Pfizer, 30 micrograms, has completely and totally failed. [applause] We’ve just got to call it. Just call it. You can’t sugar-coat it. You can’t sugar-coat this. This is complete and total failure. Israel’s post-vaccination curve in their country is bigger than their pre-vaccination curve. If you had asked the question, would Israel have been better off not to vaccinate a single person? Answer: yes, from an epidemiology perspective, yes. It is a complete and total failure. What are they doing in Israel? Doubling down. Boosters. They’ve got 11million people in the country. They’ve already boosterised two million people. Guess what? They already have papers published – there’s one from Haifa, Israel – published, already showing booster failures.

I’ve already had one in my clinic. I didn’t realise this until two weekends ago. Two of my Webexing, smart engineer-type people who work on the computer at home have avoided Covid-19, faithfully got Pfizer number one, faithfully Pfizer number two – do you know that earlier this year you could just show up at CVS and Walgreens and get another one and they’d give it to you? What, wait a minute. This is strict regulatory approval. This is Emergency Use Authorisation. You just don’t get a booster for the hell of it. Yeah, you do. Believe it or not, you didn’t need to wait for approvals of boosters on September 17th. People can just do it on their own and CVS and Walgreens and these vaccine centres don’t care. It’s like, the more the merrier. I’ve never seen anything like this in my life. These are supposed to be regulated products. How in the world . . . they’re supposed to be keeping track of lot numbers and there’s vaccine cards that are going to dictate the rest of your life and they’re just, for the hell of it, they’re going to give you another shot if you want it? This is unbelievable.

So, they announced to me when I saw them in the office, they go, ‘We already got our boosters.’  I said, ‘Boy, that’s pretty prompt.’ I didn’t say anything, you know, people have their own choice. And sure enough about two weeks later, ‘Oh, I’ve got Covid and my husband’s got Covid.’ And she got Covid, and she’s fully boosterised, so she would have fit that the boosters are not holding because it’s Delta and the vaccines have not been adjusted to cover Delta, which is the most mutated form of the variant. 

But the CDC knew about vaccine failures even back on May 25th, where at that time, through community departments of public health, they didn’t have all the cases, but they reported 10,262 cases to the CDC as fully vaccinated Americans who had broken through. 10 per cent were known to be hospitalised and 2 per cent died. I’ll tell you, that’s not good. That’s May 25th. What did the CDC do in response to that? The CDC said, ‘We’re not tracking these failures any more.’ They went on to say, in their website, ‘If you’ve been vaccinated, don’t get any more testing.’ Hospitals followed and said, ‘You know what, if you’ve been vaccinated, we’re not going to test you before your heart cath or your . . . but if you’re unvaccinated, we’re going to test you.’ Some of you are shaking your heads, right? 

Then the CDC went even further and said, ‘You know what, the cycle thresholds on the PCR test, if you’ve been vaccinated, we’re only going to count ones where cycle thresholds are low, less than 25, because, you know, we don’t want to get false positive from the vaccine. However, if you’ve been unvaccinated, we’ll take it, anything you want to give us.’ Yeah. So the CDC made some decisions on May 25th of what’s called biased asymmetric reporting. This fabricated the books. It cooked the books to make the vaccine failures look small and make the problem starting May 25th forward look like it was going to be a crisis of the unvaccinated. And we started to hear talking points like, ‘Oh my gosh, the hospitals are filling up and they’re all unvaccinated,’ and people would kind of say ‘unvaccinated’ with kind of a snarl. I’d see that, you know, and if people would hear the reports.

I took a drive from Dallas down to Austin, and I was actually on Alex Jones, anybody watch Alex Jones? [applause] I am not a hardcore right wing guy. My wife says, ‘Don’t go on with him. Don’t go on’, because, you know, Alex Jones, he’s like, ‘Get your guns, get your ammo. They’re coming for us.’ And so I went down there with fear and trepidation. I said, ‘Alex, you know, I’m just a doctor. I just, you know, I’m happy to go on.’ I said, ‘but I don’t have any guns or ammo and . . . and I’m just, you know, I don’t have a red cap or anything.’ And his producers say, ‘Alex, Alex, no stunts, no stunts for Dr McCullough, just . . .’ And so Alex was really good. If you’ve ever seen the video, he was just . . . and it turns out he’s a really smart guy.  He had . . . he has, like, 20 stacks of paper in front of him. He keeps that studio at like 58 degrees, I said, ‘You’ve got to be kidding me?’ But apparently, he burns off all this energy as he gets wired up. And I said, ‘Alex, do you read all this stuff?’ He goes, ‘Yeah, I read all of it.’ I said, ‘You got to be kidding me.’ He’s a smart guy. And he, basically, he does what he calls stunts. I don’t know if you saw him when he ate a whole packet of ivermectin, you know, he does stunts. [laughter from audience] Alex does stunts to kind of, I guess that’s what they do in media. But for me, it was no stunts. We went over the data and I told him, I said, ‘Listen, this is all set up to be a crisis of the unvaccinated by intentional asymmetric reporting.’

And everybody bought off on this. But the CDC continues to tell us it’s not. The CDC on July 26 had again, you know, sporadically reported – this isn’t the universe of cases – they had 6,587 fatal or hospitalised cases. And look at this, 19 per cent of them died. These basically came in through hospitals who voluntarily reported to the CDC. A 19 per cent mortality rate in those hospitalised fully-vaccinated is a problem. And anybody who tries to tell you, ‘Oh if you get . . . at least a consolation prize of being vaccinated, is that you have a little easier ride with Covid’, so, wait a minute, this doesn’t look like it’s an easier ride, okay? The CDC, as of August 23rd, told us who’s dying and who’s dying and who’s being hospitalised is people over 65. So we’re back to the seniors. Covid-19 has always been about the seniors, so why in the world has the dialogue for the last nine months been on the children? This is a crisis of the seniors and our seniors have paid the price. Some of them, the ultimate price . . .

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