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The Covid testimony of Dr Peter McCullough – Part 4: Malfeasance and abusing Mother Nature


This the fourth part of an edited transcript of a recent lecture delivered by Dr Peter McCullough. You can read Part 1 here, Part 2 here and Part 3 here. This latest section of Dr McCullough’s tour de force moves on to vaccine damage, deaths and the tragic denial by governments of early treatment. 

I NEVER thought I’d say the words malfeasance and propaganda as a US citizen talking about our public servants.  

These people serve us, including the President. Okay? They serve us. And the CDC (Centres for Disease Control and Prevention) and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and the NIH (National Institutes of Health) serve us.  

They’re supposed to make sure our drugs are safe, they’re supposed to analyse the data and help us. The doctor and the patient sit above the CDC, NIH and FDA, and they sit in this circle of what’s called a fiduciary relationship, what we call shared medical decision-making.  

And in no way, shape or form should that medical circle ever be broken. And malfeasance and propaganda are the tools to break that circle that should not be broken.  

These two studies show 23 per cent of Americans hospitalised with Covid-19 have been vaccinated. Full stop. This is June. We’re not even fully into Delta, Okay? All these hospitals, all these vitriolic intensive care unit staff and other people telling you that it’s all unvaccinated.

There’s a billboard on the way up from Dallas down to Austin saying over 90 per cent of people are unvaccinated. It’s not supported by the peer-reviewed published data. 

So, by pushing mass vaccination, governments have created evolutionary pressures on the virus. The vaccine is not sufficiently safe in everyone and it doesn’t work well enough in everyone. And to make matters worse, it’s making it worse for everybody, because we’re fooling with Mother Nature.  

Once we got to October of 2020, the diversity of the viral lineages started to go down in every country once we started vaccination. We always had half a dozen to a dozen different strains. We always had alpha, beta, gamma Delta. They had different names back then, but we always had them. Okay?  

So it’s not like the vaccines cause mutation, but the vaccines produce what’s called a nonlethal evolutionary pressure. And that nonlethal evolutionary pressure is shown by this paper of Venkatakrishnan, showing that, here’s the spike protein and the target is what’s in green, light green there.  

The antibody is the big dark blob. The antibody is way bigger than the spike protein. The spike protein is only 1,200 amino acids, the antibodies are huge. And you can see there you got to have that target to hit.  

As there is antigenic change – and with Delta originally, it was seven mutations, then it was Delta Plus, now the British think there’s about 20 more different mutations – and Delta, it’s funny because the mutations are peppering around the gain of function research that was done into furin cleavage joint.  

So it’s almost like Mother Nature knows it’s wrong and says, ‘Listen, I’m going to take the starch out of this thing by mutating.’ It’s really interesting, but you can see now the antibodies no longer hit Delta. That’s the reason why. The vaccines actually probably did work with Alpha and Beta, but they no longer work with Delta.  

The Israeli ministry thinks the vaccine effectiveness of Pfizer is about 39 per cent. If a vaccine cannot last a year and have at least 50 per cent protection, it’s not viable as a vaccine. So Delta is making waves.  

Look at these diversity curves. We went from the British variant, that’s what I had back in October, we have actually started to have the pressure and look how Delta has gone from a few per cent back in May. Delta now is 99 per cent of what we’ve had.  

We’ve never had a super-dominant, hyper-dominant strain, period. This is a product of vaccination. More than 25 per cent of people vaccinated, you start messing around with Mother Nature. This is really a problem. 

So, in the messaging before I was completely banned from Twitter, which is actually a sign of high-quality scientific citation. (laughter and applause from audience) In fact, I was never on social media until my daughter convinced me to go on it. And that was like about a year ago, and it was probably the worst mistake I ever made.  

But I can tell you there’s no podcaster I can’t bring down off YouTube. I told of most of them, ‘You’re going to go on with me, be prepared to win every censorship award you can win. Because all we’re going to do is cite the data and you’re gone. We just pinpoint and they just go down.’  

I just brought down Tommy Kerrigan, a great young podcaster, he’s gone. And I told him, ‘That’s really a badge of courage.’  

But you don’t fool with Mother Nature. When I had been tweeting before I was off, I said, ‘Listen, I’m not against the vaccines, but let’s limit it maybe to nursing home workers, where there were outbreaks.’  

There were never any school outbreaks, never, Okay? There was never any credible student-to-teacher transmission – didn’t happen. The Chinese and a paper from New York showed 85 per cent of the transmission occurs in the home, Okay?  

So this idea that people were out here, that we were all transmitting it to each other just wasn’t tractable. It happened in the home.  

And so what we needed from the very beginning was early treatment for Covid-19, and I testified in the US Senate. I told America, ‘Stopping the spread of the virus is great to the best we can, but we can’t just focus on this. The masks are not treatment, Okay? We need to have an early home treatment programme. We can do it by telemedicine, reduce hospitalisations and deaths.’  

There’s only two bad outcomes with this illness: Hospitalisation and death. I think if everybody knew they were going to get a cold and they could ride it out at home, but you weren’t going to be destroyed by this in the hospital, I think you’d say, ‘Okay, I’ll get through it.’ Okay?  

Early in March of 2020, I said there are two bad outcomes for this – hospitalisation and death, and I was on these task force calls and I waited.  

And I think it was about April I asked some people, ‘Are we going to do start doing something? Are we going to open up a Covid clinic and start treating this problem?’ And the doctors were terrified.  

One doctor said, ‘You’re kidding. We’re closing down our clinics. We just got an executive order to do telemedicine. We’re not going to contaminate our clinics. We’re not going to contaminate yours.’  

And then, after another couple of weeks, I said, ‘If we don’t start treating this, our hospitals are going to fill up.’ And when I watched the fear, the sheer, unadulterated, unbridled, terrifying fear in the eyes and the voices of doctors and health care providers and administrators, I knew what was going to go on.  

I said, ‘They’re not going to treat a single person. They are terrified for the first time, of getting it themselves.’  

And you know what terrified us was the Italians. The Italians ran out of masks and ran out of Personal Protective Equipment in a few places, and they posted a list of dead Italian doctors and they hit a thousand. They put it on the internet.  

There was a young male nurse in New York who had asthma, you probably remember him. He died. They had him on CNN. And I think that scared the bejesus out of people. And then I realised: Listen, nobody’s going to treat this illness.  

And we had the President, White House Task Force, Senate, House, NIH, FDA and CDC. Not a single leader at any time said, ‘Death and hospitalisation are the two bad outcomes. Let’s get a team of doctors in here who know how to treat this. And let’s stop this from happening.’ No one framed the problem. And if you don’t frame a problem, you can never solve it. Never solve it. (applause

And I became incredibly agitated, and I was really, really hard on Trump. I know some of you guys are Trump supporters. He’s the only one that had enough power and authority to make that statement and make it happen. And if he didn’t do it, no one was going to do it and he let us down.  

And to make matters worse, he got Covid himself. And he actually got first-class treatment. The one doctor I liked was that kind of cocky doctor that Trump had. Remember that guy? He was a DO, got out there, handsome guy. He goes, ‘We’re going to give him some monoclonal antibodies. We’re going to sequence the other drugs, and we’re just going to get through it just fine.’  

I said, ‘That’s the type of doctor America needs.’ That’s the type of doctor that every single senior citizen needed – a confident doctor who’s going to get the drugs rolling fast and get our seniors through the illness.  

So President Trump got first-class treatment that was available and should be available and should have been delivered to every single American. And what happened? He didn’t say a word. He goes, ‘Listen, it saved my skin,’ and then everybody else got … went on to get slaughtered by the virus. It was awful. Early home treatment is our only chance to reduce these outcomes.  

A hospitalisation is a safety net for survival, but contemporary mortality in the Covid network – and I’m part of that network out of the Brigham Hospital – was still 38 per cent of people getting in the ICU.  

Vaccination or herd immunity is terrific, but you know natural immunity is I think ultimately what we’re after. I testified in the Texas Senate in March of 2021 and I told Texans, ‘Listen, we’re at herd immunity.’ I used the CDC equation. I said, ‘That doesn’t mean it’s over with. Herd immunity means it’s just not going to spread very far in a congregate setting, because there are enough people to be a buffer.’  

And one of the public health officials in Texas backed me up a few weeks later, and they opened up the baseball season, Rangers baseball game and the Department of Health were, like, ‘I’m going to fry McCullough on this.’  

And you know what? There weren’t any outbreaks. They looked for them. There weren’t because we had herd immunity.  

We actually do have herd immunity,  but it doesn’t mean you’re not going to have some more cases. But it’s not going to be devastating. So, vaccinated or not, the acute Covid-19 high-risk patients demand early treatment.  

I told you the vaccines don’t work and I refuse to discriminate against a vaccinated or unvaccinated person. It’s wrong, it’s wrong. (applause) And we cannot do that. We cannot do that. As horrible as it is to be discriminated against, whether you’ve chosen or not chosen the vaccine, don’t turn around and do it to somebody else.  

Don’t do it. Because that’s the slippery slope, that’s the slippery slope of division and derision. In meanness and unkindness, an injury that’s going to happen.  

And you can see it right now. You can see it right now, right? Who’s marked? Who isn’t marked? Who did this? Who did that? You can see the snarl.  

I heard some awful narrative the other day that there was a person in the hospital, a senior, and she was struggling with Covid-19 and they, of course, asked her, ‘Did you take the vaccine?’ And she goes, ‘I didn’t take the vaccine.’  

And the family member says, Well, how can I get, you know, some of these things that I want my loved one to have?’ And the nurse said, ‘Well, it’d be a lot easier if she was vaccinated. You’d probably get what you want.’ Yeah, so there’s these stories are already rolling. And, you know what, there’s perverse discrimination going on.  

So I’ll give you an example, a patient of mine got really sick with Covid-19. This Delta has been tough to treat. Anybody who’s tried to treat it, believe me, I underestimated it – it’s tough to treat, he got really sick, we got to the point where he needed a monoclonal antibody infusion.  

I sent him to the place in Dallas, which I know has it, and I know we can get it. He shows up there. And then the first thing the doctor leans over him and says, ‘Have you been vaccinated or not?’  

And I coached the patient. He goes, ‘I decline to answer.’ And the ER doctor said, ‘What do you mean?’ He goes, ‘I decline to answer.’ And then he said, ‘Okay, so what do you want?’ He said, ‘I came here for an antibody infusion.’  

The ER doctor said fine. He got the antibody infusion. So, on the way out the door he goes, ‘Hey, doc, what if I would have answered that question one way or the other? What would you have said?’  

He goes, ‘Oh, if you would have told me you are vaccinated, I would have given you remdesivir.’ Yeah! Yeah – so the discrimination goes both ways in this idiotic treatment protocol that we have for Covid-19. You can’t make this stuff up.  

So I’ve always said that early therapy has got the greatest chance of reducing hospitalisation and death. And then when you do these other things, it makes sense that low-risk things like lockdowns and wearing masks, if you have two people wearing masks and neither one has the virus, the mask can’t obviously … can’t possibly do anything right.  

So what I’ve said from the very beginning, I’ve been on the Laura Ingram TV show a bunch of times and of course, they always want to talk about masking. And I think it’s just distracting from the really important stuff that we’re talking about tonight.  

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Kathy Gyngell
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