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The Covid testimony of Dr Peter McCullough – Part 5: We’ll beat this via natural immunity


This the fifth and final part of an edited transcript of a recent lecture delivered by Dr Peter McCullough. You can read Part 1 here, Part 2 here, Part 3 here and Part 4 here. In this section, Dr McCullough focuses on natural immunity, and why we have to fight for our medical freedom  

WHO here has had Covid-19? That is awesome. That is awesome. (cheers and applause) Let me just say one thing: natural immunity is the way out of this.

Listen, if we don’t recognise natural immunity, when is this going to end? This is really important. My natural immunity card, you know, your Senate Majority Leader, Mike Shirkey, met up with me in Berrien Springs and he gave me a little yellow band, where it says ‘naturally immunised’.  

Guys, order them. Let’s have a million yellow bands and let’s wear them. He’s a good guy, let’s do it, because the bottom line is we have to demonstrate natural immunity. That’s our only way out of this. It’s the only way out of it.  

You know, there are legal letter to the CDC (Centres for Disease Control and Prevention) demanding natural immunity to be recognised. Demand it. Okay, we have to demand it. And be relentless on this.  

Listen, natural immunity, you can’t give it, you can’t receive it. There’s no credible evidence that you can get Covid-19 over and over again.  

Blaylock reviews this, and lots of cohorts have natural immunity strongly protective to date that we honestly shouldn’t have to worry about this.  

The bottom line is that when we vaccinate people, we actually cause harm. Now another large paper in the British Medical Journal shows that if we vaccinate people who are naturally immune who don’t need it, all we do is cause harm. Harm – three to four times as many safety events, including hospitalisation.  

Probably the people who are really being damaged on those red boxes I showed you are people who don’t need the vaccine. Okay? So that’s the reason why, as a Covid-recovered person, that’s the reason why I worry most about the vaccine. I worry about the fact that I’ve already had my run in with the spike protein.  

A recent paper presented by Bruce Patterson in the Rome summit showed how in people who had natural Covid 19, he found 15 months later spike protein in the monocytes.  

There must be a spike protein party in the body, and you must spend months scavenging the stuff out of here. The last thing I want in me is another run of the spike protein. I don’t need it. It’s going to cause harm.  

While we’re here, because freedom is at risk; we’re at the beginning of, I think, a dark time, it’s very dark for me personally right now, it’s just things are really going bad in the last 18 months and I can’t tell you, my wife every day asked me, ‘What’s going to be the next shoe to drop?’ You know, we are really at the end of this needle.  

Now’s the time to talk about it and to get activated in talking to as many people, and you have to try to clear their eyes – have to. Conversation by conversation.  

Medical freedom is related to social freedom, is related to economic freedom. I’ll give credit to this to Eric Clapton, he’s my new friend. He came over to my house because my wife’s a great cook.  

My wife’s from the Middle East. He came over and she made some great Arabic food and  he said he was injured by the vax. He goes, ‘I’m 76. I was kind of worried. I wanted to tour.’  

He hadn’t toured in two years. That’s how he makes his money. And he said, ‘Listen, there’s a circle of medical freedom, and if this is broken, then it’s going to break social freedom and then economic freedom.’  

So right now, we’ve got to shore up that medical circle, no matter what. I mean medical freedom to get the treatment that people need; medical freedom to demand good care in the hospital and get it and medical freedom to decide what goes in your body. Okay? (applause

It’s very, very important. No one, no one under any circumstances at all – approved, unapproved, I don’t care – no one can receive any pressure, coercion or threat of reprisal for something injected into your body that you can’t take out, period. That is the line.  

And I got so many people in the military reaching out to me right now, and they’re just absolutely in agony, I said, ‘Hold the line.’ I said, ‘If our military can’t hold the line, who can?’  

People are going nuts. If you think it’s bad now, there are rallies in England begging for ivermectin and for hydroxychloroquine.  

This just came up yesterday. Woman sues Aventis Health to force ivermectin treatment of husband. Since when do we actually have to sue hospitals to use simple, affordable, generic medicines that may help patients, of which we have some randomised trials to support?  

Do you know there have been court orders and there have been hospitals that are denying court orders. Since when? Historians will record.  

You know, the last patient I had with a big heart attack in the ICU and the family was there, we were negotiating drugs all day long. ‘Maybe we’ll use a little fentanyl, maybe we’ll use this? We’re going to use this drug or that drug.’  

I mean, we negotiate all the time. Suddenly in Covid, there’s no negotiation. None. ‘No, sorry. We’re not going to do it.’ Therapeutic nihilism. It’s in the minds of doctors, hospital administrators, nurses and others to actually cause harm.  

And this is, that thought pattern, is something you need to smell out, recognise, call and we got to extinguish. Should we take a genetic vaccine? And people ask me all the time, ‘Doctor, which ones are best? Can I just, can I just get it? Can I just get through?’  

I said, ‘How much is this going to buy you? Three months of work? Six? It doesn’t end, it’s not like one shot. If they’re going to guarantee you ten years of employment, maybe you’d take the risk, but there’s no guarantees here. You’re not guaranteed anything for taking the vaccine, right?  

Public outrage over these ineffective, unsafe forced vaccinations, we’re at a point, the vaccines don’t work well enough in everyone and they’re not safe in everyone.  

I’ve always said, ‘Listen, 168 million took the vaccines, for the vast majority of people, including my family members, nothing happened – terrific. We hope there’s some benefit.  

It is my clinical observation – just my observation, I can’t prove it – but those who took the vaccine, I think they are a little easier to treat. But that’s a consolation prize. That’s not a reason to get a vaccine.  

So there’s been censorship in scientific discourse. What we’re having right now is a public discourse of a topic of public importance. We are, by law, allowed to do this. There’s nothing unlawful about what we’re doing. And Senator Johnson, who’s one of our heroes, has been pounding mainstream media. It is lawful.  

Someone can take a manuscript demonstrating vaccine failure and post it on Twitter. It’s lawful to do that. It is unlawful, in my view, and wrong in my view, to have that censored as a point of information for people to consider.  

We’re crushing the lifeblood of medical science and it’s all in the open. December 10, Trusted News Initiative – BBC, CNN, MSNBC, Twitter, all social media said, ‘We are going to do everything to promote the vaccine, and we’re going to do everything to crush any vaccine hesitancy, including crushing early treatment and crushing anything on vaccine safety.’  

That’s the reason why we haven’t heard anything of vaccine safety. It’s in the open. Everything is wide open. There’s no trickery here.  

Rick Bright, the guy who blocked hydroxychloroquine inside the White House and starved America of hydroxychloroquine, he has joined the Rockefeller Foundation. Okay?  

Stephen Hahn, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) commissioner who put all these negative blankets on hydroxychloroquine and the other drugs, he has joined the venture capital firm, who basically is the funder of Moderna.  

The National Institutes of Health, which Francis Collins, former University of Michigan and Tony Fauci worked for, they co-own the patent for the Moderna vaccine. It’s in the wide open.  

Scott Gottlieb, former chairman of the FDA, kind of my media foe when I go on TV, is on the board of Pfizer. This is in the open, you guys.  

The conflict of interest is not the driver of this, but it is a happy by-product for those who are profiting. A blockbuster drug is considered a billion dollars a year and the pharmaceutical reps, they have to fight for these sales and they talk to doctors, what have you.  

You know, Pfizer in less than a year with the vaccine, with no reps, with no sales force, with no costs, is at £33billion for the vaccine, prepaid. You can’t beat this.  

The conflict of interest is absolutely unavoidable and it’s crushing the lifeblood of medicine, and it’s everywhere. Look, there’s so much money in this. Look at these statements. ‘Dear Dr McCullough, Federation of State Medical Boards has recently issued a statement that physician disciplinary actions, including suspension or revoking of licence.’  

I’m being filmed right now. This is my licence revocation presentation, you can see that I’ve been pinpoint with respect to the data. ‘We are particularly concerned about physicians who use their authority,’ and I have it and I won’t deny it, ‘to denigrate vaccination’.  

I’m not denigrating it, I gave you the data. I told you my family members took it. I took a vaccine two days ago. I’m not denigrating the vaccine. But, ‘at a time when the vaccines continue to demonstrate excellent effectiveness’ – which is, they don’t – ‘against severe illness, hospitalisation and death’. There’s no data for that.  

Who’s going to decide information or misinformation?’ I don’t think there’s any fairness in the courts. I tell you, I’m an expert in a lot of it … the medical literature is corrupt. The courts are corrupt. All the major aspects of government are corrupt.  

I made a presentation for the Heritage Foundation in Washington, an open meeting. Heritage Foundation gives a lot of advice to the House and Senate, NIH (National Institutes of Health) and others, and I gave basically a lot of this. And you could hear a pin drop afterwards.  

And finally, one of the former AMA (American Medical Association) presidents came out and said, ‘Dr McCullough, we have the largest biological product catastrophe in human history going on right now.  

‘We’ve had two administrations buy into it, the House and the Senate, the major media, the entire medical establishment, and no one knows how to stop it.’ 

 To me, that was a stunning admission from leaders in Washington. Some people know. People know. It’s not just us. In the last two weeks, I’ve been called privately by the Federal Reserve. I’ve been called privately by two people, pretty high up in the Vatican.  

I’ve been called and I’ve had conferences with some official leaders of other countries, like the leader of the other country, and they want to talk to me.  

Okay, I’m telling you, we are not the only ones who realise that we’re in the middle of a major biological catastrophe. And these boards, though, are going to hunt us. And the question is, how far are they going to go and how much are we going to lose? I can tell you personally, I’m willing to lose it all. (applause

And I told it, I think I was on Alex Jones, I was on Alex Jones, I was on Tucker Carlson and they go, ‘Dr McCullough, aren’t you afraid someone’s going to come after you?’ I said, ‘Bring it on, bring it on.’ (cheers and applause) And I did. And I did.  

And there are other heroes, there are other people who do understand what’s going on. We’re not alone. These people in the media are good people. They are walking a line. You don’t understand, they’re walking a line.  

They, to some degree, they do feel their lives are threatened. I’m not playing around. They’re very visible. These people are on our team. They do partially or fully understand what’s going on. Our goal is to stay alive in the media. That’s the goal.  

People say, ‘Dr McCullough, what are you trying to do?’ I said, ‘Listen, I haven’t spent a dime doing this. In fact, I’ve lost a tremendous amount of money so far. I’m doing this because I don’t know anything else I can do.  

I can’t save every person who calls me. But if I can actually help you and help others and help everybody who comes into my circle, we can get some awareness and awakening. We are going into a really bad time right now. We have very little time left to get active, I mean, really active.  

There are things going on that you can’t make up. ‘Baylor (a Texas health system) gets a restraining order against Covid-19 vaccine sceptic doc’ – ie, me. September 16. There was no hearing. There’s no order that I had to sign.  

There’s a case – but we’re not there yet, there still has to be discovery, depositions, there has to be a hearing. I’m telling you, this didn’t happen. This didn’t happen, but this was sent out and all the major media, the medical media what have you. And do you know why it was sent out? Somebody paid money or influence or power to Medscape to do this in order to signal to the media and let them think that I’m in trouble.  

So the media doesn’t have me do this. That’s what this was about. This is about the lawsuit that does exist. In fact, I filed a motion, it’s called a slap lawsuit, a strategic lawsuit against public participation. They are trying to silence me just like other dark times in history where there were people trying to shout out that something was going wrong.  

If we don’t act now, our future is this. I really believe this. Take a look at Australia. They have hardly any Covid. On some days, they’ll have one Covid death and 300 vaccine deaths.  

They’ve already rounded up a large number of 12 year-old and 13 year-old boys and girls into an auditorium. They vaccinated them, they killed two on the spot. Okay, I’m telling you this is going on.  

I’ve been to Melbourne, I’ve been to Sydney, they’re great places – they’re not great places right now. They’re shooting rubber bullets at each other.  

Now is the time that we have to get activated. This is unbelievable. Melbourne’s like San Diego. It’s a beautiful place. There’s absolutely no reason why this should be happening. If they would stop now, just stop everything. Stop the vaccine, stop the lockdowns, stop everything and just treat the one or two Covid patients they have, we’d all be back to normal, but they’re not.  

There are powerful forces in place that want this to happen. Very powerful forces. The challenge is to break it. And the only way to break these powerful forces is to just say no, you’ve got to break it. That’s how we break. It’s very, very important. (applause

So people have asked me, ‘Dr McCullough, what’s behind this?’ When I got to Tucker Carlson, at one point in time, he just started, he started raising his hands, he goes, ‘Who’s behind this, who’s behind this?’ I said, ‘Tucker, I’m just a doctor. I’m just trying to explain to you, I’m just a doctor. I’m just reporting the news here.’  

But I referred him to Peter Breggin or Nicholas Wade or Whitney Webb. There are a bunch of investigative reporters that will get behind it. This book is out. It’s 15 dollars, probably the best thing you could buy. It has a thousand references. It’s meticulous.  

It’s largely going to tell you who’s profiting for this and the web of stakeholders here and what’s driving it. I don’t think it’s the root cause. But I think it’s who’s behind a lot of what’s going on. I can tell you,everything we’re living through right now was planned. The book is called Covid-19 and the Global Predators: We are the Prey.  

So to conclude, the Covid-19 pandemic is obviously a global disaster. Its pathophysiology is complex, it’s not amenable to a single drug. Don’t bake it on a single drug. The pre-hospital phase, the time of therapeutic opportunity, we’ve got a lot more treatment we need to give.  

Hospitalisation and late treatment is inadequate. Early therapy, sequenced multi-drug approach is the way to go. Use these monoclonal antibodies until they take them away, and then you can even use hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin until they take it away and then still use the other drugs and you’ll still win.  

Covid-19 genetic vaccines: Unfavourable safety profile, not sufficiently effective, cannot be generally supportive. Do I think they’re absolutely horrible? No. Maybe somebody could benefit. I’m not completely against it.  

The Novavax is a protein vaccine that could be good in the future. There’s 27 different vaccines. It’s just that these genetic vaccines, just like the first of anything, are not working out. 

Censorship and reprisal are working to crush the freedom of speech and scientific discourse and medical progress. And I am out of gas. Thank you. 

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