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The Davos dictators: How WEF clones control us under cover of Covid 


‘DAVOS Man’ is a useful catch-all term to describe the recently emerged globalist ideologue – whether a politician or a captain of industry – associated with belief in a New World Order and encompassing a strange fusion of ‘progressive’ social and environmental views with faith in unbridled capitalism.   

The phrase is usually thought to be the creation of American political scientist Samuel P Huntington in 2004. This was long before German economist Klaus Schwab – founder of the World Economic Forum, based in Davos, Switzerland – became well known. 

Huntington is most famous for his thesis on the clash of civilisations, seen as an answer to Francis Fukuyama’s now discredited ‘end of history’ prognosis of the early 1990s and the projected happy ending for liberal democracy.   

Yet Huntington’s popularisation of ‘Davos Man’ might have far deeper significance and longer-term relevance in the age of Covid totalitarianism.  

What he could not have foreseen was how thoroughly Davos Man would transformfrom a simple rich guy bent on becoming even richer into being part of a brutally effective global policy force with fully-formed objectives and strategies.  

Davos Man went from merely riding to the bank on the wave of globalisation to creating a new order based on a new philosophy called globalism.   

Moreover, Huntington could not have known that Davos Man would seemingly engineer a ‘pandemic’ to further the aims of the WEF and to transition the world to this new global system.    

Davos Man has been a useful generic descriptor for the emergence of the globally-focused 21st century economic man.  But it now has a more specific, more sinister, more political application in the age of Covid and the emergence of Great Reset/New Normal thinking and advocacy.  Let us say that Davos man meets The Manchurian Candidate.  There is even a program with a name to advance the connection.  

An American analyst, Michael Lord, asks the critical question of the pandemic:  How is it that more than 190 governments ended up dealing with it in almost exactly the same manner, with lockdowns, mask mandates, and vaccination cards now being commonplace everywhere?  

He says: ‘The answer may lie in the WEF’s Young Global Leaders school, which was established and managed by Schwab and that many of today’s prominent political and business leaders passed through on their way to the top.’ Also see this. 

Lord has drawn heavily on the German journalist and author Ernst Wolff, who has taken a deep dive into the various networking organisations linked to the WEF.  

The alumni of Young Global Leaders (initially known as Global Leaders for Tomorrow from its inception in 1992 until 2004) are an interesting bunch.   

They include corporates, politicians, media moguls and the like, strategically positioned at the high points of global power, and all of them believing in a new world order.  They have been called ‘Klaus Schwab’s School for Covid Dictators’.   

Wolff notes that we have had very few global leaders in recent decades with strong personalities and of independent minds. They are chosen by the WEF, he argues, ‘for their compliance’.  

Just because Klaus looks and sounds farcically like one of the actors playing Ernst Stavro Blofeld, the leader of the evil Spectre organisation in the James Bond novels, doesn’t mean he isn’t real or dangerous.   

If there is a Great Reset on, there must be a back story.  There is. And in it, Young Global Leaders have been paramount and – that word again – strategic.    

How are some of the WEF’s more famous alumni handling the Covid pandemia?  Take a look at the list.  

Former German Chancellor Angela Merkel; forker British premier Sir Tony ‘you are stupid if unvaccinated’ Blair; his successor Gordon Brown; Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand premier, international Leftist darling and Zero Covid nutter. 

Greg Hunt, Australia’s retiring Health Minister, vaccination obsessive and fierce advocate of the climate change scam; the Boy Wonder Justin Trudeau; Emanuel ‘I-want-to-piss-off-the-unvaccinated’ Macron. 

Gavin Newsome, governor of California; Peter Buttigieg, US transportation secretary; media heir Lachlan Murdoch; Facebook mogul Mark Zuckerberg; Sebastian Kurz ,former Chancellor of Austria. 

Google co-founder Sergei Brin; Jean-Claude Juncker, formerly head of the European Commission; Bill Gates; Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock, which controls around nine trillion dollars of investment funds globally. Then there were the four health ministers of Germany.    

Is anyone spotting a pattern here?    

Individually, the politicians on the list have done much to embed Covid totalitarianism in all of its ghastly forms.  Just compare their names with the worst of pandemic policy excesses, and the alignment is impressive.   

Collectively, they have reinforced one another’s Covid fascism internationally and kept the momentum going in the face of reams of evidence that their policies were disastrous.   

They act as a team, perhaps an example of Schelling points – named after the strategist and game theorist Thomas Schelling, where there is ‘co-operation without communication’.   

There seems to be far more in play than mere ‘convergent opportunism’, to use covid ‘vaccine’ sceptic scientist Mike Yeadon’s term.  

The political representatives of Klaus’s Covid Kids have:  

  • Been associated with the worst excesses of Covid totalitarianism and government overreach.  
  • Lingered the longest on the fear-driven Covid narrative, at a time when many freedom-inclined governments are now calling a halt to the madness, or indicating their intent to do so.   
  • Had the sharpest Covid pandemic rhetoric.  
  • Been the strongest and most spiteful bullies of their own people, and, in particular, ‘normalising the persecution’ of their Covid dissidents. 
  • Stood out for their unshakeable commitment to the Covid State narrative.  

Anyone living through the current tyranny in Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Austria, California, France or Canada knows what it is like to be ruled by an alumnus of the Schwab school of globalist totalitarianism.   

Citizens in these countries will no doubt agree with anti-vaccine campaigner Joseph Mercola, who has argued that pandemics are believed by the Covid Class to be tool of social control.    

Add Big Tech to the mix, responsible during Covid for the greatest acts of censorship and the most systematic, calculated and strategic silencing of dissent since the Nazis burned the books.   

Google, aka Goolag, and Facebook, have led the charge in the ‘fact-checking’ of suspect thought and advocacy by the voices of empirical evidence and scientific method.   

Then there are Big Tech’s ‘co-ordinated smears’, as Dr Sam Bailey of New Zealand calls them.  All very helpful to the globalist totalitarian cause.  The Covid Pandemia literally could not have been implemented without Big Tech and its toys.  Think QR codes and contact tracing.  It could not have happened a mere decade ago.    

Then there are the corporate media, so wedded to the Covid globalist agenda.  And the think-tanks. In addition, we have the supranational bodies and the global investment behemoths.

Yes, it is quite the international posse.  A posse that embraces Schwab’s genius idea of fusing (not simply aligning) the commercial and the political in a brand-new, all-encompassing force with global reach and transformative ambitions.  The so-called global public-private partnership.    

The New World Order, like Rome, wasn’t built in a day.  The World Health Organisation was ushered in with the strong support of the Rockefeller Brothers in 1948.  The Club of Rome appeared in 1968.  The Trilateral Commission was founded in 1973, two years after the WEF.   

The Brundtland Report on ‘Our Common Future’ surfaced in 1987.  The Rio Earth Summit was held in 1992, the same year the WEF’s initial iteration of the Young Global Leaders commenced.   

Nor do the YGL alumni just sit around and attend a few junkets/seminars.  Not only have they shaped the global response to Covid in the ways noted above.  Through governance, connectivity, funded projects and pervasive influence, they advance their causes – in particular the technocratic agenda.   

This includes global digital ID, digital currency, smart surveillance, ramped up action on climate change, perennial and ubiquitous vaccines as the default global health solution, more and stronger supranational government, global public-private partnerships as the model for problem-solving at scale (or GloboCap, to use C J Hopkins’s apt term), endless pandemic planning, and predictive policing deployed to crush troublemakers.  See Dirk Helbing, writing in 2017 (or BCE, Before the Covid Era). See also CJ Hopkins

Ernst Wolff’s core question as to why 190 countries all moved the same way in response to a virus has a creepy explanation, and it has much to do with the WEF’s Young Global Leaders Program.   

It has been a double whammy by the WEF and its supranational body cronies – use a pandemic to trigger the Great Reset/New World Order, and ensure you have the personnel in place, across governments and all of their acolyte institutions, to bring it about.  

Updated: 11.40pm 23rd Feb 2022

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Paul Collits
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