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The divided West’s elite ‘priesthood’ is leading us along the road to Hell


ALTHOUGH typically presented as a singular entity, there are really two Wests.  

We are not referring to the gruesome Gloucester couple Fred and Rosemary, but the phenomenon of a developed, democratic culture in Europe and the Anglophone world.  

This construct is not all geographically western (it includes Australia and New Zealand), and the dividing line is blurred and contested (as in the current conflict in Ukraine).  

The identity of the West has become problematic. One reason is globalism. Architects of a ‘new world order’, as promulgated by the World Economic Forum, are not loyal to any particular heritage or homeland.  

While the Davos Set remains of occidental perspective, there is increasing influence from Asia, and the likes of Klaus Schwab and Justin Trudeau do not hide their admiration for China. The WEF asserts that the hegemonic status of the US is coming to an end. So, an emerging global polity would not be predominantly shaped by the West.  

A more immediate difficulty in defining the West is the widening schism between the establishment and ordinary citizens. Let us name them as the priesthood and parishioners.  

These priests guide society not in godliness, but in progressive ideology. Their parishioners vary in observance from ‘woke’ activism to spirited defiance. Largely though, society is as compliant to the dogma as were feudal communities to the medieval church.    

The priesthood is omnipotent, but like the Catholic Church before the Reformation, it has become less exalted in the eyes of the laity due to excessive zeal, hypocrisy and greed.   

The elitist establishment has shown its disdain for Enlightenment values by curtailing freedom of speech (with inquisitions of ‘hate’), subverting democracy (attempting to overturn the twin 2016 shocks of Brexit and Donald Trump’s election) and instituting inequality before the law (through divisive identity politics).  

The parishioners lack power and privilege, but they are well endowed with common sense. Instead of meekly listening from the pews, many are rejecting the progressive sermons. Instead of receiving the daily dose of propaganda beamed by the BBC into their living rooms, they have found counter-narrative on the internet.  

This troubles the rulers and their partners-in-censorship, who reacted to reasoned critics of the Covid vaccines like religious leaders to the heretical assertion of Galileo that Earth orbits the Sun.     

The Covid-19 debacle showed the so-called intelligentsia to be amiss in critical thinking, while ‘white van man’ readily saw absurdity in regulations such as wearing of masks while standing, but not while sitting, in a pub.  

The primary factor here was social class: Practitioners and pupils of the professional-bureaucratic strata need intellectual prowess, but more importantly their status depends on conformity to the moral narrative of the priesthood.  

Their outlook is diverted from the real to the ideal (a contrast similarly made between conservatives and communists). A Venn diagram would show a large area of overlap, comprising Remainers, Covid Puritans and virtue-signallers for Black Lives Matter and Ukraine.  

Handling of the Covid-19 pandemic (or ‘plandemic’, as cynics suggest) has caused possibly irreparable damage to trust in the Establishment.  

Public figures from medical experts to celebrities endorsed radical and draconian infringements on civil liberty for a virus no more lethal than influenza.  

A mass vaccination regime was administered with considerable coercion (including ‘no jab, no job’ in health and social care) and hubristic claims of effectiveness and safety later found to be as erroneous as the statistical models predicting a terrifying death toll.   

Gradually people realised that Covid-19 is not an unprecedented plague, and that the vaccines are of minimal value. However, while it is common to hear revisionist remarks about the futility or folly of the Covid regime, a small minority of ordinary people are awake to ulterior motives of the public health crisis of the past two years.  

The slogan ‘build back better’ is a clue to a controlled explosion of the global economy and Western culture to recreate the world to progressive design. For globalists, incremental changes are not enough: Now is the time to instil full control of population and resources.  

The ‘woke’ young were duped into promises of a liberal, multicultural Utopia, thinking that the priests of progress were concerned for the plight of refugees or the rights of transsexuals.  

The campaign against the traditional trio of faith, flag and family attracted idealistic youth, but this was not for their benefit. It was to prepare the ground for an elite-led technocracy, free from the restraints of enduring social inclination to kinship, community belonging and spirituality. The corrupted Establishment, the outcome of the long march through the institutions, is not working for the people.  

As society is atomised and national democracy overrun, the family is the last bastion of normality. It is under sustained attack, because it is the nature and nurture of progeny.  

Religious doctrine differs fundamentally from the progressive priesthood on the quantity of being: the former urge us to go forth and multiply, but the latter is steeped in eugenics.  

Depopulation is facilitated by gender politics: The feminist focus on career over child-rearing, blatant promotion of transgenderism, undermining of parental authority, and denigration of fathers and masculine sexuality.   

California recently passed a law going beyond unlimited abortion to allow an unwanted baby to be extinguished weeks after birth. Since abortion was legalised in the 1960s, a projected small number per year grew to hundreds of thousands, and the same thin end of the wedge is likely with euthanasia.  

Assisted dying is widely supported by the public, but inevitably frail older people will be prodded on to the ‘palliative care’ pathway.   

Lockdown during the Covid-19 outbreak showed the potential for more radical curbs on procreation, and conspiracy theorists have been proved right too often to dismiss outright the potential use of vaccines or microchip implants to control fertility.   

The population problem, from the perspective of the priesthood, is that millions will be unemployed due to automation, producing a multitude of ‘useless eaters’. And the Devil makes work for idle hands.   

The future for parishioners depends on them seeing their dystopian future before it is too late to change it. The writing is on the wall for the West: The social credit system and totalitarianism of the East (specifically, China) is coming, unless the people rid their parish of their treacherous priest.  

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