The Editors

Kathy Gyngell

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Kathy is co-editor of The Conservative Woman. A graduate of Cambridge and Oxford she had a career in TV current affairs before quitting in favour of full time motherhood. Home with two infants horrified by the devaluation of motherhood and indifference to babies’ needs she founded Full Time Mothers, to lobby on behalf of stay at home mothers and the single earner couple families.

Later, with David Keighley, she started up Minotaur Media Tracking (the precursor to News-Watch) to monitor BBC bias – specifically their EU output.

In 2006-7 she chaired the Addictions Working Group of the Conservative Party’s Social Justice Policy Reviews: Breakdown Britain (2006) and Breakthrough Britain (2007) subsequently publishing two critiques of drug policy: The Phoney War on Drugs (2009) and Breaking the Habit (2011) at The Centre for Policy Studies where she is a research fellow.

She has written for the Daily Mail, The Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph, The Times and the Evening Standard and appeared on BBC and Sky News and BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour, PM, the World at One and the Today programme.

She is a trustee of the drugs prevention charity Cannabis and Skunk Sense.

Laura Perrins

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Laura is co-editor of The Conservative Woman. She was born and raised in Dublin. She is a graduate in law from University College Dublin and Cambridge. She is a former barrister who practised at the criminal bar before taking a break from her career to care for her family.

She has written for The Telegraph, the Daily Mail, Conservative Home and the Catholic Herald.

She has appeared on the BBC TV’s Question Time, Newsnight and the Daily Politics and Sky News’s paper review, ITV Daybreak and for Radio 4, on Any Questions; World at One; Bringing up Britain; Woman’s Hour; and You and Yours.

She appeared in the Sunday Times News Review and took part and debated in the BBC 100 Women ‘Half the World Speaks’ event at Broadcasting House.