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The ‘educated’ elite who are keenest to swallow Covid lies


WE ALL know the story of the emperor’s new clothes and the fact that it was a small child, rather than the courtiers and sycophants, who blurted out the truth that the emperor, in fact, was wearing nothing at all.

That story by Hans Christian Andersen was published in 1837 and now, nearly 200 years later, its message is more relevant than ever. For while politicians, scientists and supposedly learned people everywhere were ordering us into lockdowns, pushing us to take ever more vaccines and tests, to sanitise our hands at every turn and to wear masks, it was the ordinary people who saw through all this and rebelled. 

From the start my cleaners, who started a domestic services company after the hotel they had been managing was sold, realised that the wool was being pulled over our eyes, big time. Although several of their clients insisted that they wore masks and gloves when entering their homes, they knew in their bones that these measures were not only completely unnecessary but if anything, injurious to health. I told them that masks were forbidden in my home and that I would refuse entry to anybody who wore one. 

Two make-up artists I know were also convinced that we were being spun a load of lies. One of them, Kim, not only puts as much dissident stuff on Facebook and other social media as she can get away with, she also went on marches to protest against lockdowns and mask mandates.  Indeed, she has conducted a ferocious campaign against mask-wearing which she knows, as well as do most scientists if they are honest, that these paper nappies, as she calls them, offer no protection whatever against respiratory infections and are just a means of muzzling us up. 

Kim is always being sent to Facebook jail for ‘spreading misinformation’ but as soon as the ban is lifted she is back there with ever more evidence of the great harm that Covid strategies the world over have caused. 

My other make-up artist friend is convinced that vaccines caused, or at least contributed to, the death of her 19-year-old son. She risks being demonised as an anti-vaxxer but stands her ground. ‘I know what I know,’ she maintains. 

Such people, while perhaps not formally well-educated, have proved that they are independent thinkers, perfectly able to do the research and to join the dots, while the supposedly clever ones, those with fancy degrees and posh jobs, persist in following the mainstream narrative to the extent that they are now queueing up for their fifth jab and continuing to take those ridiculous PCR tests.  

I live in Oxford, which for about a thousand years has been at the forefront of philosophical and scientific inquiry. You might expect an ancient university to be questioning government policies at every turn, but no, they have slavishly adhered to all the mandates and have even introduced extra restraints of their own. I am told that Cambridge has been even more hidebound in going along with the ruinous Covid policies. It is doubtful whether these policies have saved a single life; rather the reverse, as there is increasing evidence that they have contributed to a greater than average number of deaths over the past two and a half years. But it seems that the cleverer you believe you are, the more likely you are to refuse to see or admit what is staring you in the face.  

Most doctors have, of course, been compliant, with the result that the minority who have had the courage to speak out have risked being struck off. The handful of politicians who have questioned lockdowns and vaccine mandates have met with hoots of derision from their fellow MPs. 

It is the same story in every profession and the higher up the ladder the individual is, the more he or she has attempted to make the rest of us go along with whatever nonsense Professor Neil Ferguson, Sir Chris Whitty, Sir Patrick Vallance or any other government advisers have decided to decree. Every time the country appears to be getting back to normal, another ‘variant’ is apparently discovered and the latest is that experts (whoever they may be) are warning of a ‘tripledemic’ this winter. The best advice is to take no notice of these experts. 

Lord Sumption, who attained the uppermost reaches of the judiciary, has been pretty much a lone voice of reason among his peers in speaking out against Covid directives.

Meanwhile, senior journalists, broadcasters and editors are still bullying us to get vaccinated. Such people, generally speaking, have never studied the science of vaccines and have no idea what the spike protein, an ingredient of the Covid jabs, might be doing inside the body. Nor have they bothered to find out. Instead of discovering for themselves, they are demanding that we anti-vaxxers, as they call us, are forcibly silenced while they continue to assert, against all the fast-mounting evidence, that adverse side effects from these vaccines are rare, mild and fleeting. 

As I started with the familiar tale of the emperor’s new clothes, let me finish with a Bible story, once again concerning a young child who saw the truth. Samuel was brought by his mother Hannah to assist Eli, the elderly priest of Israel, in the temple. One night, Samuel heard a voice and assumed it was Eli calling him. In fact, Eli was asleep and Samuel eventually realised it was God speaking to him directly. The scene is encapsulated in this children’s hymn: 

Hushed was the evening hymn
The temple courts were dark
The lamp was burning dim
Before the sacred Ark.
When suddenly a voice divine
Rang through the silence of the shine. 

The old man meek and mild
The priest of Israel slept.
His watch the temple child
The little Levite, kept.
And what from Eli’s sense was sealed
The Lord to Hannah’s son revealed.

The hymn finishes with the lines: 

That I may read with childlike eyes
Truths that are hidden from the wise. 

And didn’t Jesus say that out of the mouths of babes and sucklings shall come wisdom? 

The moral here is: instead of taking notice of those in positions of power who pronounce from on high, let us hearken to the ordinary people in all this, those who have no vested interests in keeping us fearful, cowed and miserable or in pushing harmful vaccines on us. They, like the child in the emperor’s clothes story, are the ones whose voices should be heard.  

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Liz Hodgkinson
Liz Hodgkinson
Liz Hodgkinson is an author and journalist.

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