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The German politician with the strength of Margaret Thatcher


ON MONDAY, in Committee Room Ten at the House of Commons, we were treated to hearing the remarkable German MEP, Christine Anderson. She was the guest of Andrew Bridgen on an international panel he had drawn together to discuss the World Health Organization power grab and how to save our sovereignty. 

I had high expectations of this quite unusual politician who emerged as a key warrior for freedom and truth as lockdowns and vaccinations were imposed throughout Europe, and I was not disappointed. Her strength of purpose, her intelligence and vision, so apparent in her interventions in the European Parliament, were fully on display. I was left with one overriding impression: the first politician I have witnessed since Margaret Thatcher with a comparable charisma, moral strength and fearlessness.  

Christine Margarete Anderson (born 29 July 1968) has served as a Member of the European Parliament only since 2019 yet she is already a household name across the continent. Though a member of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) and not its leader, she has become its face. She is a veritable modern-day Boudicca – a fighter, a leader who inspires and brings hope.

What follows is an edited transcript of her speech.

HERE I am, a German, invited into the UK Parliament to speak to you on freedom, democracy and the rule of law. You guys are really brave. And to make matters worse, I mean, literally adding insult to injury, it’s a German that’s speaking to you in an American accent. What could go wrong, right? [laughter] Now, but all joking aside, I’m very honoured, and I’d like to thank Andrew for the opportunity to be here to speak to you. And I tried to speak to as many people as possible before the event started, because . . . because that’s what I actually consider to be my job, to represent the people.

 . . . I know it’s not easy. I know you’re being stigmatised. I know you’re being ostracised and being called names – ‘Nazis’, ‘right wing’, I know it all. But yet you are here, and for that I would like to thank you. And please keep it up, because . . . there is a lot they’re actually discussing right now and I’m telling you none of that has anything to do with freedom, democracy and the rule of law. It has nothing to do with the rule of the people, by the people, for the people. It has everything to do with the rule of the globalitarian misanthropists [for] we are on the verge of slipping into globalitarianism. That’s what this is. 

The most scary part about this is – and I never tire of stressing this  – [is] what we have been seeing the last four years now, starting in 2020 with a small pandemic that happened in every single Western democracy [was that] they were in lockstep. They literally read from the same script. ‘The vaccines are safe and effective’, ‘Build back better’, ‘No one is safe until everyone is safe’. 

What happened the last time that a lot of people read from the same script? That was in the 30s in Germany. They were in lockstep. Yes. They all read from the same script. And I’m sitting here today and I’m telling you, as a German, I contest the Nazis. I will do whatever I can to never, ever let this ever happen again. That is my vow to each and every person, to each and every human being on this planet. Because I know, I fight this and by contrast to a lot of people who think they fight it (just as in Nazi Germany in the 30s). Depict this scene – a crowd of people and every single person in it is raising their right arm and showing the Hitler salute. There’s only one person, one single man, who is not. He is holding his arms spiked across his chest. He is not going along. Today every single one of the woke left – you know, the good people, the ones on the moral high ground – they think, they are convinced, they would have been that person, that they would have been in the resistance back then. 

Well guess what? Now we know, don’t we? So I’m asking, were you one of the people that harassed others for not wearing a mask? Were you among those wanting people not to be treated in hospitals because they did not want to get an mRNA injection? Were you one of those calling the government for even more restrictions, for people who did not want to be part of a drug experiment? Were you one of those people? Well, then you would not have been in the resistance back then. But I can say for myself, I now know I would have been in the resistance back then, and I’m looking at a lot of people in this room, and I know you would have been in the resistance back then. So once again, thank you for that. We actually are the resistance. 

When I talk to a lot of people [about this], they say, ‘Well, you know, it’s . . . it’s kind of over now. It’s done.’ Well, there [are] a few things happening that actually look good. I’m pretty sure you saw that in Canada the federal judge actually ruled that invoking of the Emergencies Act was baseless, totally unfounded, and there was no emergency in terms of a national security that was in jeopardy. Furthermore that the main claim the Trudeau government made, that the economic situation was under stress. The judge found well, guess what, but that the economic situation is not what it says in the Constitution to warrant invoking an Emergency Act. 

We’ll have to see how that pans out. Trudeau is obviously going to go to the Supreme Court to try to fight that. But, once again, the economic state of your country can never be a reason to invoke an Emergency Act. Because if that were the case, then every single strike by the unions, for example, as detriment to the economy could [trigger] an Emergency Act . . . we will see where this goes. 

Then another thing in the US, a federal judge – and I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about this – ordered the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to release and publish every single one of the 7.8million free text entries in their V-safe system.’ This is a system that should raise red flags when people report, ‘Well, this happened to me after the vaccine.’ It’s kind of like raising a red flag. The problem is the way this was constructed in 2020, the checkboxes provided didn’t even list the most common of the adverse side effects. So, people went in to report something, found no checkbox. They couldn’t check any checkboxes. So if anyone wanted to actually report an adverse side effect, they had to write it in the so-called free text entry, which the CDC, of course, did not publish. Then all the studies that were done [of the responses] . . . I think they did 30, were, like, purely on the checkboxes, not the free text entry. And guess the conclusion they came to? Safe and effective. No problem. None whatsoever. 

 I had the honour to speak to Tony earlier. He is among us here. He is vaccine injured. And, from what I have been told . . . they actually believed the government: ‘No big deal, if this gets us out of the pandemic, if, you know, we get our freedom back, you know, we’ll just do it.’ And now he is severely injured and once again, I’m so terribly sorry this happened to you. I wish I would have been able to prevent this. But I wish you all the best. There are so many people around the world like Tony. 

And there’s a new study that’s just come out, that figures there’s about 17million deaths worldwide due to these despicable mRNA injections. Seventeen million people died. So what? So the pharmaceutical companies could load up billions and billions of dollars in profits. And then they’re not going to even pay for the damage they did, because the governments exempted them from it. And the number one person who was responsible for that is Ursula von der Leyen, whose husband benefited directly from these contracts. And I really hope that she will have to answer to the people, and that she will have her day in court. That’s where she belongs – in court and hopefully in jail afterwards. 

The WHO and what they’re planning is, like I said, nothing to do with democracy, freedom, the rule of law, the power of the people – none of that. And whenever I talk about that, and occasionally, believe it or not, the media does talk to me occasionally . . . they asked me, ‘You keep saying there’s a conflict of interest between the government and the governments have taken over the power from the people,’ and are accumulating it by themselves, so why should the governments voluntarily give up their power to the WHO? It doesn’t make any sense. And they think, ‘Duh, okay, no answer, yeah’? Because I’m stupid. No I’m not. And that’s the point. Why would they do that? That is a very good and legitimate question: why would they do that? 

Well, very simple, because they have figured out in the last three years that they couldn’t really impose all the restrictions they would have loved to have imposed on the people. Why? Because they are elected representatives. And they wouldn’t have to be elected again. And if they really lashed out at the people, if they really took over all of their lives, if God forbid, they had transported them off to camps, then they might not have been elected again. So that is a problem, isn’t it? Well, the solution is very simple: the WHO. The WHO would provide them with plausible deniability. Then they can say, ‘We would not have done that to you. We would not have taken away your rights. We would not have committed you to a camp. We wouldn’t have done that. It’s the WHO. There’s nothing we can do.’ 

And that is actually the very same scheme that is happening with the EU. Congratulations to you guys for the foresight to leave this hellhole. Gosh. Brilliant. And I’m actually grateful that you did that, because you proved one thing – yes, it is possible to leave this hellhole. With you leaving, the first brick was out of the wall. And there’s going to be others following, trust me. Because this place is pure hell and nothing else. It is a democracy illusion. It is a façade of democracy, which actually reminds me of a quote from the Head of State for GDR, Walter Ulbricht, he once said, ‘Well, it has to look democratic, right? But we need to have control over everything.’ And that’s exactly how the EU is actually working. 

All of you think that the WHO is a really big problem. That’s just part of the problem. Because they’re trying to push this agenda on several levels. I’m not sure if you heard about the European health data space? That’s the next initiative that’s being pushed in the EU and considering the majorities, they will get it through, obviously. The proclaimed purpose is to enable the citizens to have ready access to their health data. What? Why would I need ready access to my health data? I know what my health data is. I don’t need access to that. Like I said, that’s the proclaimed purpose. But it also says in the papers proposing this, that aside from that, aside from the citizens having ready access to their health data, I quote, ‘it will enable players in research and innovation, as well as political decision makers to use these health data in a trustworthy and safe way.’ Interesting, isn’t it? What the heck would they use my health data for, if not to control? 

Interesting in that context too is if you look at the international codes for diagnosis of the WHO, there is a code ICD Z28, and you know what that code is? They’re actually documenting the non-administering of the covid vaccine. I’m serious. ICD Z28.310 is the unvaccinated against Covid-19, a diagnosis code. So if you think they’re not going to register all of us who said, ‘No, we’re not going to do this. No, we’re not going to take that shot,’ they are. I’m very proud I’m one of the 18million Germans that are ‘purebloods’, the unvaccinated. Yes. They are registering us. And then they will have the covid vaccination certificate. They are going to track us. Trust me. 

What we’re seeing is a lot of protests going on around the world . . . we’re seeing it in Germany, the farmers’ protest in France, in the Netherlands and in Ireland. I don’t know if anything is going on here in Great Britain? Is there? People are protesting but instead of listening to the people, they do their utmost to stigmatise and label them and pretty much [treat] them outcasts of society. And what’s going on in Germany right now is – just think about this – is that the government is calling on the people to take to the streets to protest against my party [the AfD]. No farmers, no food, see? There you go. So the government is calling on the people to take to the streets to protest against my party. They are that desperate. When was the last time a government called on the people to protest for them? It was the GDR in ’89. That was in GDR, they were that desperate. 

But I’m terribly sorry, if you are protesting with and for the government, you are not protesting. And you are not in the resistance either. You are a follower. And the German word for that would be Mitläufer – and that’s actually what the people were called that enabled the Nazis to come to power back then. They are Mitläufer. Despicable, spineless Mitläufer. To wrap this up, to really see how, yeah, the situation we’re actually in, I’m going to show you this [EU] ring. And when I see this ring, the only thing I can think about is ‘a ring to rule them all’. But there’s another ring, and I’m going to show you this ring. And with this ring, I have to quote Tolkien completely. ‘One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, one ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.’ That is what is in store for us, unless we stand up and fight and actually bring these despicable globalitarian misanthropists down, because that’s what they deserve. And the people deserve, once again, to have a say in how their countries are being run. 

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Kathy Gyngell
Kathy Gyngell
Kathy is Editor of The Conservative Woman. She is @kathygyngelltcw on GETTR and is back on Twitter.

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