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The hate crime state that favours every group but one


THE wins are few, but we must take them where we can get them. Police have retracted a ‘hate incident’ recorded against Cathy Kirby, a teacher from Norfolk, after she posted on social media about trans issues. Following claims by trans activists that her online comments were transphobic, the ‘non-crime hate incident’ (whatever that means) was placed on her record, despite Norfolk Police recognising that no criminal offence had been committed.

Chillingly, like something out of The Gulag Archipelago, the 57-year-old was never told which of her comments were ‘transphobic’. Ms Kirby is a self-described feminist who posts regularly on issues she perceives as threats to women’s rights by trans activism. She suspects it was a tweet about the rainbow flag and its additional white, blue and pink chevrons which triggered the activists into contacting police.

She said: ‘I made a comment on Twitter calling out the new Pride flag, saying that I didn’t particularly like the trans colours being added because I felt the original was fine as it already represented trans people.’ A legitimate point, one might think. Ms Kirby was not even aware the ‘non-crime hate incident’ had been permanently etched on her criminal record until she contacted Norfolk Police for more information about her case.

Yet even this small tactical victory is a strategic defeat: the process itself is the punishment. The very fact that police officers are conducting themselves in this manner, in full compliance with government statutes, should make every freedom-loving Briton’s blood boil. Indeed, there is something about the whole concept of hate crime legislation which is deeply disturbing.

It would be one thing if this law was applied the same way across the board, but it isn’t. Verbally abuse a Christian for his or her religious beliefs and police will watch on with a smirking grin – do the same to a Muslim and those cuffs will come out faster than you can blink. Attack a white person because of their skin colour and you’ll be applauded for your bravery and possibly even promoted – do the same to a black person and you’ll be swiftly prosecuted. Make jokes about men for their shortcomings in the office and people will laugh – make jokes about women in the same manner and you may well lose your job.

For, when they say they want to outlaw hatred against the ‘protected characteristics’ of religion, race or gender, what they really mean is some races, some religions and some genders. If you are a straight white Englishman, you can be maligned, attacked and abused for all those immutable characteristics, and the officials are more likely to join in than do anything to stop it.

It’s not about whether you actually believe that the 6ft 6in hairy bloke whose meat and two veg are swinging towards you across the female changing room is every inch a beautiful woman; the number of people who believe that is vanishingly small. No, it’s about forcing you to say you believe it in public for fear of the consequences if you don’t. Ultimately, it is about power. Just as it was in the Soviet Union, where they didn’t care if you believed the lie so long as you pretended you did. In fact, the more absurd the lie the better, as it demonstrated the individual’s total submission to the State, and its version of reality alone.

Who would have thought that in less than a generation the once free men of the West would meekly submit to such humiliation? All for the sake of an easy life.

I suspect the fallout from Stephen Lawrence’s murder did infinitely more harm than good. The BBC may produce articles about ‘the murder that changed a nation’ portraying the police (and England in general) as evil, racist bigots who can be absolved of their sins only by abasing themselves before BLM; the reality is that the officially mandated politically correct culture in both police and judiciary has inevitably led to minority groups taking full advantage of our insecurities.

Over the years this has not only resulted in huge amounts of financial corruption, but countless preventable assaults and murders, not to mention the industrial scale gang-rape and pimping out of white girls up and down the map, by (and to) men who do not live in fear of the lawman, but rather who know the lawman lives in fear of them.

As Mark Steyn is wont to say, Britain is now a country where everything is policed except crime. If one looks at the pathetic, Common Purpose creatures inhabiting the upper echelons of constabulary hierarchy, Dame Cressida Dick being an archetype, it’s enough to make one weep. The point is that these people got to the positions they’re in not by saying it how it is, but by fully backing the right-on groupthink of the past few decades. It is these who were responsible for transforming the once proud British police force into the paramilitary wing of the Guardian.

This is what happens when the anti-establishment becomes the establishment, when the counterculture becomes the culture: the roles are merely reversed. Who would have thought that supporting free speech would become a cause of social conservatives, and opposing free speech a cause of self-described liberals? Certainly no one at Woodstock.

The reality is that the civil rights movement did have legitimate concerns at the outset, as did the feminist movement, the gay rights movement, etc. But having achieved the aims of these causes a long time ago, their momentum continued regardless. Thus the civil rights movement transformed from pro-black to anti-white, the feminist movement went from pro-women to anti-men, the gay rights movement changed from pro-gay to anti-straight, and on and on and on to today’s creeping totalitarianism.

The idea of thinking of ourselves as citizens first, equal before the law with our fellow citizens, is the foundation upon which our whole civilisation has been built. But we now live in a country where the law is applied differently depending on the identity of those breaking it. A multi-tiered legal system based on a fluid hierarchy of fashionable victim groups. Decades of mass immigration has shattered a once homogeneous society and balkanised it into competing tribes who just happen to share the same landmass.

Notice how politicians and police no longer speak of a community but of separate communities. They call this ‘multi-culturalism’, where all cultures are encouraged and celebrated except the one that belongs to the native population, which is reviled.

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