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The Indoctrinators, Part 2: Klaus Schwab


This is the second in our series about four well-known men whose purposeful social engineering over the years has undermined national democracies and economies, and created fertile ground for the final realisation of their post democracy dream of a global socialist/fascist world, controlled by supranational organisations such as the United Nations (UN), the World Health Organisation (WHO) and of course, themselves. They are George Soros (the subject of yesterday’s article which you can read here), Klaus Schwab (today), Bill Gates and David Attenborough.

OF THE four Indoctrinators, Klaus Schwab is most deserving of the title ‘New Nazi’. In 1971, he founded the World Economic Forum (WEF), an organisation partly responsible for creating the current Orwellian dystopia. Climate change dogma has always been its driving force, ‘pandemic preparedness’ its second tenet. Operating across 190 countries, the WEF has proved successful in engineering Schwab’s megalomaniac constructs.  

Since its founding, the WEF has been interfering with global events. It has ensured influence by co-opting men and women from the highest echelons of governments, wealthy NGOs, supranational organisations and even royalty into its membership. All share its hubristic ‘we know best’ desire for control, wealth and dominance. Many of these collaborators are also Schwab’s funders. George Soros’s Open Society Foundations (OFS) and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation are both WEF ‘partners’. 

Pharmaceutical companies such as AstraZeneca and Pfizer, financial institutions including Credit Suisse, Dow Jones, London Stock Exchange Group, Mastercard, HSBC and Bank of China, as well as energy multinationals like ExxonMobil and Siemens Energy are ‘partners’ as well. So too are AI and green tech companies, and manufacturers such as Hyundai, Wellcome Trust, Walmart, Dell, L’Oreal, Microsoft and Heineken. Others on the list include media giants such as the New York Times and Time magazine, Tiktok, owned by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change.

The current board of trustees includes such dubious figures as former US Vice-President and climate change propagandist Al Gore, Canada’s deputy prime minister Chrystia Freeland, the president of the European Central Bank, Christine Lagarde, and the cellist Yo-Yo Ma. Other board members are Kristalina Georgieva, MD of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the bosses of companies like Nestle, Siemens, BlackRock and Accenture, the director-general of the World Trade Organisation, and Queen Rania of Jordan, a country known for harbouring Islamist terrorists. Money buys a lot of influence, and there are few politicians willing to cross this gaggle.

The WEF has several subsidiaries. With his wife Hilde, Schwab established the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship in 1988 to focus on ‘climate change’ and ‘pandemics’. Six years later, he founded the Forum of Young Global Leaders, which Business Week has described as ‘the most exclusive private social network in the world’. The list of members and former members is startling.

Notable members include former prime ministers Jacinda Ardern and Sanna Marin, entrepreneur Elon Musk, actor Leonardo DiCaprio, the Queen of Morocco, the King of Bhutan and Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin. A selection committee chooses new members annually. In its infancy, this was chaired by Queen Rania and consisted of media giants like James Murdoch and the chairman of the Daily Mail Group, Lord Rothermere.

In 2011, Schwab founded the Global Shapers Community. Members are encouraged to run for local government, ensuring that Schwab’s nefarious Fourth Industrial Revolution takes root. Like OSF, the Global Shapers Community targets young people and has 456 hubs in 150 countries. The WEF website features Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaking lovingly about this billionaire megalomaniac club.

In lockstep with the other Indoctrinators, Schwab and his organisations use ‘climate change’ as an excuse to wield global control, indifferent to the suffering this inflicts. In 2016, Schwab gave a boost to his global agenda with the publication of his now infamous book, ‘The Fourth Industrial Revolution’. This unhinged fantasy is rooted in a nasty hybrid of global socialism and fascism, based on green tyranny and artificial intelligence, controlled through one government. Guaranteed to usher in a post-industrial New Dark Age, his plans reward only his fellow Indoctrinators, an elite class and their favoured few. 

Schwab has many willing collaborators within the British establishment. That most useful of idiots Matt Hancock, one of the chief villains responsible for destroying our country in the name of Covid-19, sycophantically tweeted a photo of Schwab and himself at Davos in 2018. Tory voters really need to ask themselves why they still support a Party intent on delivering Schwab’s horrifying revolutionary agenda. King Charles is Schwab’s dangerously naive acolyte and WEF devotee. Shortly after damaging, authoritarian lockdowns were enforced on Britain, Charles (then Prince of Wales) launched a new ‘global initiative’, The Great Reset, unveiling it at Davos and inexcusably using his Clarence House website to market and promote it. From then on every world leader, not least Boris Johnson, parroted the concept at every opportunity. 

The sinister Great Reset promotes UN Agenda 2030 and the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Those who have saved for decades into their pensions can expect them to be ‘cracked open’ to fund green mania. If they are not stopped, the Indoctrinators and Charles will have us shivering in the dark in our homes, living on food made from insects while blessing the Great Reset.

Schwab is very successful at implementing his ruinous vision. A malignant tactic of the WEF is to infiltrate and influence governments and institutions. A priority for the WEF is to establish ‘inclusive cities’, a euphemism for climate change lockdowns. 

Another WEF tentacle, the Global Future Council, has a presence in many influential organisations, including Oxford City Council, responsible for implementing a dictatorial version of an ‘inclusive city’. Bewildered citizens of Oxford need look no further for an explanation than the Low Carbon Hub. Responsible for this authoritarian lockdown, the Hub works in tangent with the local council, the government’s ‘Build Back Better’ strategy, and WEF acolytes, like Oxford University lecturer Dr Hussam Hussein, who served as a fellow of the WEF’s Global Future Council on ‘Cities of Tomorrow’. 

Like his fellow Indoctrinators, Schwab is disturbingly obsessed with climate change. The global authoritarian responses to Covid-19 certainly proved a convenient blueprint for the fulfilment of the shared goals between the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the Great Reset, and the implementation of the UN Agenda 2030. Schwab is a fervent promoter of the latter, sitting on the panel of the UN subsidiary, the Department of Economic and Social Affairs, which operates as a prime propagandist for the Agenda.

Schwab made good use of Covid-19 hysteria, calling it the worst ‘public health crisis in recent history’, and didn’t hide the fact the virus presented the perfect opportunity to indulge his infatuation. With Gates, he praised lockdowns because they lowered CO2 emissions, and chillingly admonished countries which cast aside their climate change policies to cope with self-inflicted lockdown damage. Perhaps he ignored these economic and social calamities because the origin of this venal social engineering is the Chinese Communist Party, a supporter of Agenda 2030. Schwab is also not above slavishly praising its leader, Xi Jinping. Given that that China is one of the heaviest polluters of the planet, it’s certainly incongruous that Schwab is such a fan of the regime there. 

The WEF is a family business too, with daughter Nicole a Founding Director of the Forum of Young Global Leaders and a powerful influencer. How alarming then that she appears to have little grasp on reality. Her latest crusade is to impose Agenda 2030 onto the Sahel, a region currently being ripped apart by Islamist jihadists. Nicole wants companies to invest up to $43billion into a region beset with war and terror because the sun shines strongly there. Haven’t the people of the Sahel suffered enough without having to endure the green fantasies of the Schwab family?

Her brother Olivier is not immune to such lunacy either. Head of Technology at the WEF, responsible for the Forum’s Institutional Communities, and previously in charge of its Beijing office, he epitomises the Schwab’s family’s cruelty. Both Schwab and his son support the Ukrainian regime while agitating for sanctions against Russia, harming the Western poor. Olivier’s latest tirade blames Italy’s energy crisis on the country’s reliance on Russian gas, offering the ‘solution’ of unaffordable green energy to a people already struggling with an obliterated economy. 

Wife Hilde’s niche is her Crystal Awards, given in the ‘spirit of Davos’, a heinous thought to contemplate. The reward is given to the elite for their role in espousing WEF propaganda. Winners this year include the actor Idris Elba, an eager useful idiot who promotes Agenda 2030.

Thanks to Schwab, his WEF and his elitist saboteurs, bastions of democracy and freedom are disintegrating into authoritarian states. These enemies of the people are dominated by the Indoctrinators, who use the threat of climate change and pandemics to manipulate and control. One of them, Bill Gates, has a particular penchant for pandemic ‘remedies’, and he is our next subject.

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Karen Harradine
Karen Harradine
Karen is an anthropologist and freelance journalist. She writes on anti-Semitism, Israel and spirituality. She is @KarenH777on Twitter.

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