On May 22, 2017, Salman Abedi carried out a terrorist attack at a pop concert in Manchester, murdering 22 people.

The explosion detonated by suicide bomber Abedi tore through Manchester Arena. The victims included an eight-year-old girl, Saffie Rose Roussos, and many teenagers enjoying a night out. Around 120 other people were injured in the blast.

To mark the anniversary of this savage attack we shall not be lighting candles on the streets, nor shall we lay flowers or teddy bears. We will not do the State Approved method of remembrance.

Instead, we are posting this podcast by Mark Steyn who, after gathering his thoughts, said what needed to be said a few days later, on May 30, 2017.

In this powerful 27 minutes Mark notes the Rituals of Post-Terror Management, the State Approved response to these attacks. He also wonders why there is the public appropriation of another’s grief at losing the person they knew and loved. This person is someone we did not know and therefore we cannot possibly mourn them. There is something unseemly in pretending otherwise.


  1. It’s the awful grief vampires that just have to virtue signal. The huge fuss about flowers and candles and teddies. The facebook memes and the “Je Suis Charlie” badges. The “all too eager to be on TV” friends saying what a wonderful person some poor dismembered murder victim really was. The utter impotency of this response is sickening. Above all, the absolute refusal to countenance what the real problem is. The refusal to address the issue means practical action to deal with the issue is impossible. So let’s make a fuss about some sideshow like the internet. Above all, the absolute certainty that we’ll go through this ghastly ritual again and again and again until we finally point at the elephant in the room and scream, there’s the elephant. We’re still too polite to say so.

    We need to start saying “Je suis Charlie Martel” and mean it.

  2. Its amazing though how pictures of the 8 year old girl Saffie Rose were censored as being “too shocking”, meanwhile the pictures of the Syrian boy on the beach were so widely shared that everyone has seen them multiple times.

    The Syrian boy on the beach allowed the leftist elites to push open borders globalism on the people, whilst the pictures of the 8 year old girl did not fit that narrative. In fact, allowing people to see the reality of Manchester may have shifted public opinion completely against open borders globalism (the number 1 policy of the elites).

  3. What hypocrisy. Have the survivors of the arena bombing elected you or Mark Steyn to speak for them? I rather think not. Have they objected in any way to the commemorations and tributes in support of them? Let me give you some advice Laura, stay away from Manchester, we dont need your ‘wisdom’ here.

    • Were you actually there Sean? If not, you have no more right to speak on behalf of the survivors than I do living in my small Welsh village.

  4. Mark Steyn. A real thinker, a real conservative.

    The sad thing is that there are no real Conservatives in Government.

  5. There has always been people who enjoy living vicariously. Often this meant living out you hopes and dreams through others. In the last generation we have seen that flip and now many seek a type of fulfilment through living out the despair and grief of others.
    Maybe it is the lack of strong families and communities. Many people are lonely and have few strong friends. Modern western life has made us rich, with lives full of possessions and great experiences. But I can’t help feeling it has left us much poorer in regard to relationships, family bonds and friendships.
    That is why people outsource emotional experiences to people they only know through a TV screen.

  6. Thank you! I’ve been saying this sort of thing for 20 years, since Diana died. I mean, look at these minute silences for things like Grenfall. It’s narcissistic crap and it cheapens the ritual of national mourning for our war dead, including the (literally) million-plus soldiers who died in WWI & II. Grenfell and things like it are tragic, but they pale in comparison with what our public mourning rituals were first set up to commemorate. Rather than useless silence, I’d far rather see meaningful action being taken by the law and political system in the aftermath of a tragedy, to prevent it from happening again; or at least punish any guilty or neglectful parties.

  7. How refreshing and invigorating it is to hear truth and honesty. The more I think about this country, the more I realise how many people live in moral torpor thanks to our dishonest politicians and media.

  8. I think we now live in a society where with the help of the “Cultural Marxists” pretty much every value and standard that contributed to the integrity and cohesiveness of our society has been degraded, perverted, and shamed into the quiet corners and shadows.
    Because of this people who previously had support networks and and a sense of oneness with their neighbours now have little except the telly, material goods and fantasy to fall back on because the culture and society that once supported them is no longer there.
    I think people now have a “longing” to belong and hence the rather pathetic attempts to jump onto whatever emotional bandwagon rolls by.

    When in reality what we should really be doing is getting angry and start to claim back the standards and values that once made Britain what it once was.

  9. Well, we were told a long time ago now that the Personal is Political and visa versa. I often used to wonder what that meant even when I heard it being discussed at university.

  10. The fact everything mark says is correct is totally irrelevant to the people who caused this flooding of the west with Muslims.
    His careful use of words probably won’t stop you being prosecuted for being in possession of hate speech if this is found on your computer in five years time.

  11. I have to say that in this article both Laura and Mark Steyn have missed altogether something far more sinister which happened post the Manchester massacre.

    Manchester is a city wholly in the grip of the Fascist left, from its politicians to its media with the local rag now a shadow of what it once was in the stable of Labour supporting Trinity Mirror Group. They will brook no criticism at all, and even pointing out they didn’t tell the truth will see your comments account permanently banned.

    Left Wing Fascist ( https://www.thejc.com/news/uk-news/mps-meet-hamas-in-gaza-city-1.25730 )Tony Lloyd was in charge of the Greater Manchester Police at the time, which he turned into nothing more than a Political Correctness Enforcement Squad.

    Something different happened at Manchester though. Everyone knew it was the Muslims who had done it, just as they knew that it was the IRA who did the Arndale bomb (and some serious corruption questions about that have never been asked). This was different though.

    The Muslims are the Fascists brown eyed boys and no one was going to be allowed to cast any blame on them nor their perfect religion. So when some idiotic decided to sing the Oasis song “don’t look back in anger ” The press picked it up and ran with it.

    They actively managed the emotions people were allowed to show directed and focussed them, and even today on the anniversary they are still doing it.

    They produced the bee, symbol of Manchester. There were stickers for cars, people had it tattooed on their bodies, necklaces, wall murals, the proles went mad for it.
    If you are selling double glazing, insurance, vacuum cleaners etc, look out for these symbol, they are a mark of how gullible and easily led those people are.

    No one was allowed to show any anger nor blame any Muslims. It was an exercise in mass manipulation Hitler and his gang would have been proud of.

    And that is the biggest shame of this whole sorry story.

  12. Recreational grieving is now part of the politically correct arsenal of the intellectually bereft.

  13. I have a daughter of a similar age to Saffie Rose. Whilst I agree with the author’s point that you cannot “mourn” for someone you have never met, I was nonetheless extremely moved by her picture. How easily it could have been one of our own children who had the misfortune to go to the wrong pop concert on the wrong day.

    The choice of ‘Don’t Look Back in Anger’ as the anthem of the memorial event speaks volumes about the ‘state-approved method of grieving.’ We SHOULD be angry that successive governments have let in adherents of a religion which hates us all because we are not of their religion. We should be absolutely bloody FURIOUS!

  14. This is just another form of the two minutes of hate. The state and its propaganda arm the MSM, controlling and manipulating your emotions so that you react on cue to their string pulling.

  15. Just to add to the previous post. The bomber at Manchester was a Salafist Muslim. All the Jihadist attacks throughout Europe have been undertaken by Salafis and this evil sect of Islam is banned in 20 different Islamic countries begging the question why we have not only banned it, but why we welcome those who practice it, and offer them unquestioning protection from the native population.

    Malaysia, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Chechnya. Bosnia Herzegovina, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, to name just a few.

    Germany is looking to ban this evil sect, https://www.alaraby.co.uk/english/news/2017/1/7/german-minister-calls-for-total-ban-on-salafi-islam and is pushing the EU to do the same.

    The UK however is doing the opposite, promoting the Salafist cause and refusing to even allow any criticism of it, let alone proscribing it.

    Of course Salafism is the religious sect of the oil rich Sunni Middle East, with almost every country following it in one of its forms (Saudi Wahabism is a sub set of Salafism). Providing yet more fuel to the fire of suspicion of corruption amongst the UK political elites.

  16. Both BBC & LBC have been focusing on this terrible crime.
    from the position of the victims’ families, often with slushy music.
    I have not heard once the killer’s motives, or even name.
    OK, I did not hear both features in their entirety, but if talking about The Blitz,
    I think broadcasters would have made frequent references to Germans or Nazis.

  17. Our ruling ‘elite’ have decided to start the Grenfell Enquiry 11 months after the tragic event.
    This happens to be in the same week as the anniversary of the Manchester attack.
    Could this be intentional to give the BBC and MSM a focus not on Islamist terror?

  18. Compare and contrast with the endless attention given to Grenfel

    Of course if you look at the victims of the two tragedies this explains the differing emphasis given to each

  19. Heard about this schtick on the media this morning.

    Candles / toys / flowers / holding hands etc. Even a “choir”. In other words the standard Cultural Marxist-approved response.

    But nothing much about WHO was responsible, WHY it happened – and WHAT practical measures are being taken NOW to prevent a repeat performance.

    It is as though this outrage was some kind of natural disaster like an earthquake or volcano. Very troubling.

  20. The Manchester bombing will not be the last. More and more atrocities will happen at the hands of the religion of peace. More and more effort will be made by the establishment and the bubble dwelling media to censor or conceal the scale and the nature of what is happening.

    Our leaders seem content to allow a hostile state within a state to grow, to grow protected from any scrutiny and to silence and to denounce any of us who dare speak out about what is happening.

    Why they are doing this to us I do not understand – but since they hate us so much is it not time to see them for the enemy that they are and do something about it?

    Lighting a candle is not going to save us – voting for people who are our natural leaders – however much the elite media vilify them (and you) will change things.

    Brexit showed what we can do.

    We need to get to work and stop looking for others to do what we can already do.

  21. Just heard BBC World at One re this islamist atrocity.
    No mention of the murderers or their motives.
    Then, towards the end, without any reference to the killers or their identity,
    the supreme BBC insult to the victims
    “Since the attack there has been a report of a 300(or whatever)% increase in
    islamophobic incidents.”
    Utterly contemptible.
    Even by the BBC’s anti Western standards.

  22. Hi Mark, I am a 60 year old ex-soldier. I spent my 19th birthday in 1979 armed to the teeth (but only with 10 rounds) patrolling the Brandywell in Londonderry, a city where we couldn’t even agree on the name. We now have a peace “process” where terrorists have immunity and old soldiers pursued into their 70’s.I agree with Camille Paglia, we are now an effete society doomed to die unless we man up.

  23. The phrase that always infuriates me is: “The Prime Minister led the tributes to the victims….”
    As if the PM’s tributes are more important and newsworthy than the genuine tributes of those who actually knew the deceased.

  24. I penned these lines after the Berlin attack:

    Paris Nice and now Berlin
    A message from the Kanzlerin:
    “Our resolve, it will not wane..
    ..open borders shall remain
    Eins, zwei, drei, vier,
    Refugees still welcome here”
    Bring flowers, candles, a teddy bear
    Show the world how much you care.
    Light up buildings with the flag
    New avatars, a new hashtag,
    I’m Charlie Hebdo, Je suis Nice
    Guaranteed to bring us peace.
    Yet still jihadis laugh and sneer
    Pointless gestures Welcome here.

    Nothing has changed.

  25. Did anyone see that sorry excuse for a documentary last night on Channel 4; Manchester a Year of Hate Crime. I eventually had to switch off as my blood pressure couldn’t take it!
    I also note the fawning praise and lack of any analysis on the part of the media.

  26. I’ve just seen the front page of the “Lancashire Post” (formerly Preston’s local paper). The headline – the only words on the front page – reads “Don’t look back in anger”.

    Why not? We should be angry. Very angry.

    I didn’t buy it.

  27. Mark Steyn’s brilliant video was almost intolerable to listen to, not because of the horrifying descriptions of what those demonic grooming gangs got up to, but because of the abject failure of the “authorities” to protect those girls and all the other innocents wiped off this earth by the fanatical fringe of the ROP, tens of thousands of whom are already in our midst (and on the authorities’ radar, for what good it does us).

    I can’t help recalling a remark made by Douglas Murray when he summed up the smug, condescending insouciance of the political class who imported this wickedness with no public mandate: “Anyone who expresses outrage about these rare and atypical incidents is committing hate speech and is a racist, Islamophobic bigot. We should all instead be celebrating the magnificent diversity our new neighbours have brought us in their thousands and thousands. Of course, we’ll all just have to accept the occasional beheading and gang rape, but think of all the wonderful cuisine you can now enjoy.”

    It seems obvious to me that the media-fanned spectacle of teddybear-laden grief-fests have nothing to do with real mourning. As Steyn points out, that’s for loved ones and close friends to suffer. The correct and healthy response is outrage, and the demand that those who visited this catastrophe upon us through their mass, uncontrolled immigration policies with ZERO public endorsement or even consultation, should be called to account – not merely questioned about what they did and why, but held responsible for the entirely predictable atrocities they unleashed.

    The desire to parade one’s “solidarity-in-grief” after these hideous, near-Satanic acts of villainy and depravity is not only narcissistic and self-indulgent (“look at me, crying. See? Real tears!”). It colludes with the narcolepsy the political class would prefer to induce in us, because they wish to conceal their unspeakable guilt for bringing these horrors to our doorsteps. There are occasions, and the maleficent Manchester bombing was one such, when the decent and true response of all those not directly affected is to call for these slaughters to be avenged and for future ones to be militantly prevented. Why can’t we detain and then deport all those known to be flirting with – and possibly just one spliff away from committing – acts of jihadist murderousness?

  28. May was happy to create Stephen Lawrence day.

    She is not so keen on May 22nd as Diversity day.

  29. In the event of an Islamist attack

    Here are the steps
    1. This has nothing to do with Islam and he does not represent Islam
    2. Claim to be the religion of peace
    3. It’s blowback for the West being in the Middle East.
    4. The perpetrator was a mentally ill
    5. It was a ”lone wolf attack”.
    6. It’s just part of living in a big city
    7. Claim Christians do these things too
    8. Those who object are racist bigots.
    9. Change Facebook profile to flag of inflicted country.
    10. Light some candles, hold a vigil and go on a peace march.
    11. Claim Muslims are the real victims.
    12. Wait for the next Islamic terrorist attack to happen.
    13. Go back to 1. Repeat as needed.

  30. Diana’s death was the worst example.
    The BBC is very guilty of encouraging this needy, selfish virtue signalling.

  31. Annnnnd as if by magic there was a quite ridiculous 1 minutes silence at work today. The factory production lines were, of course, not halted.

  32. I was thinking about this feed earlier when I was listening to Farage discussing how Facebook censored comments of a right wing nature when it purported to be impartial and legislation talked about regarding what the establishment lovingly refers to as ‘hate speech.’
    While the majority of comments on this feed, and by and large, on this site question and debate, the establishment would view these comments as hateful or inciting hatred/violence. It says a lot about how society has been monitored, manipulated and controlled. I’d be interested to know whether sites such as TCW or Breitbart have been questioned about the material presented and the comments attached. I’d be very surprised if those on the left who have commented on this forum haven’t been offended and reported TCW to some busybody.
    Either way, the further ‘hate laws’ claw into every facet of opinion or debate, the more sites such as this will be probed and interrupted. For now, we must be thankful that it hasn’t gone that far….yet.

  33. Just sat through BBC Ten O’Clock news coverage & then ITV.
    Apparently something unspecified happened a year ago in Manchester.
    A load of Christians welcomed a mohammedan into their cathedral & he spoke a few platitudes about an unspecified disaster.
    Outside an overwhelmingly (95%) white crowd – not a single headscarf – were involved in some kind of memorial, presumably a mining accident.
    Then a Labour politician who is local mayor spoke about how Manchester will not be divided.
    Who by ?
    What are they not telling us ?

  34. There’s a much darker side to this than has yet been mentioned. This government and the Coalition one before it, nurtured and protected a Libyan Salafist cell in Manchester because they believed such individuals, whom they knew to be jihadists, travelled backwards and forwards to Libya on ‘family visits’, could prove useful in the planned overthrow of Gaddafi. Anyone with half a brain cell (and foreign office bods and British Intelligence operatives are generally pretty smart) would have realised that there was a very good chance that some of these individuals were likely to carry out jihadi violence in the UK as well as overseas. The conclusion I’ve come to is that the powers that be simply don’t care about this sort of blowback and its victims.

    it was exactly the same story in Syria as evidenced when a prosecution of an alleged jihadist had to be stopped because the defence could demonstrate that he had fought with a Salafist group in Syria supported by the British government.

    We should be angry at the Manchester outrage and those before and after it but that anger shouldn’t just be levelled at the individuals responsible for the carnage but also at our government’s incoherent policies that welcomes and supports jihadi violence when it’s felt it might advance foreign policy interests.

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